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Chew on this -- and understand that this is a theory: Apple, which obviously has a long-term road map on when they want to release their products, fully intended on releasing a white iPhone 4 in mid-2010 with the black version. After experiencing MAJOR delays in getting this done, they perhaps had an "oh crap" moment when they realized that it would set back not only their plans for the white iPhone 4 but ALSO the iPhone 5. The timeline as it has happened: June 2008 -...
Wow. You actually took the time to reply and post this little quibble over THREE INCHES?
I have an iPhone 3G that's been used as an iPod touch since January. I have a Samsung Messager (that IS the "correct" spelling, according to Cricket) that is a huge POS. I'm ready to jump back into a new iPhone, but it has to... ...be on Sprint's WiMAX 4G network. (for a few reasons I won't get into) ...have AT LEAST a 4" screen. ...have a dual-core processor. Otherwise there's a Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch with my name on it. BTW, it's good to be back,...
I think it was a big mistake to end after two of these. They had an opportunity to pick up momentum and they threw it away for the "I'm a PC ad." Microsoft is so dumb.
My only suggestion would be to keep it white letters on black. The grey background looks washed out, almost like a mistake at the printer.
Dear Mr. Colley, Thank you for your comments on my article. Let me compliment you on the breadth of your vocabulary and excellent use of adjectives. I also appreciate you printing your name after your signature as it was a little difficult to read. One suggestion: You may want to back off slightly on the use of all caps. I've heard that it often comes across as shouting. Best Wishes, Richard
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it was an okay commercial. Remember, this is the first of many. It's just an intro to the two and I think Microsoft may have something here. I'm really looking forward to seeing more. Think about this: Maybe the ad wasn't supposed to be very "funny", but instead just get people talking. It worked.
I honestly haven't read much of anything from this thread, but I want to throw this out there: If Bristol Palin's pregnancy should remain a "private" matter, why even issue a news release about it? I understand the blogosphere was speculating that the youngest child may be Brisol's, but here's how I'd handle everything: 1. Before the VP announcement, stick a ring on Bristol's finger and buy a ticket for her fiance' to join her. 2. When the blogosphere starts claiming...
I honestly had the biggest problem with the staging. Some of the images they're putting on screen during speeches are HORRENDOUS. From a video production standpoint, I cringe everytime the speaker gets to the lecturn, the closeup shot comes up with a nice burgundy background, then all of a sudden WHOOSH! Sky blue. Awful.
Seinfeld: "Hey Bill. What's the deal with Windows Vista? Everybody's saying it's an awful thing, yada yada." Gates: "Actually Jerry, our research has shown that far more people are happy with Vista than upset. And for those that have been upset, we've released updates to address their concerns." Seinfeld: "So you've made Vista a master of it's own domain? Well whatdya know!" Gates: "You know, Jerry, you need to move on past your TV series days." Seinfeld: "Right. ...
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