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in so little time. Interesting how the fans on either side of this debate are taking this so seriously and are unwilling to debate reasonably. Some questions to throw out there that defend this HP tablet. Haven't there been tablets that have run Windows products before(I am asking the question because I don't know)? If so, why haven't these tablets sold well previously and what is different about this tablet that would make it sell better than previous models, if...
Sounds like sort of a mixed bag. Sounds like there is a lot right here but a lot missing as well. Those that must have a msft product will buy this others will go with iPhone or android. Doesn't sound compelling so don't think many will switch because of this. Maybe if msft took some of their 500 million dollar advertising campaign and spent on actual development, the phone software could compete more readily and they wouldn't have to advertise the heck out of the...
I looked up the number of authorized shares for Apple and the last I could find was that Apple is authorized for 1.8 billion shares. Presently, there are over 900 million shares outstanding. So as a correction for my previous post, there are enough shares for a 3 for 2 split but not for a 2 to 1 split of Apple stock. Neal
Apple increases the number of authorized shares available. I don't think they even have enough for a 3 for 2 split at this time if I am not mistaken. You will know when Apple will do a split when they go to shareholders and ask for an increase in the number of authorized shares available. The new shares will be either for a stock split or as an inducement to get SJ to stay Neal
Hit the nail on the head with this. This is confirmation from MSFT that the Mac platform can't be ignored, especially in the consumer space. Given how much Ballmer has tried to ignore Apple and its products, it is a tremendous turnaround in philosophy for MSFT. Neal
Doesn't matter if you think of the ipad as a computer or not. As a shareholder, what matters to me is that every device that Apple makes is selling well and most of them, in record numbers for margins that other manufacturers aren't seeing. And that is the reason the share price is over $300 right now. I think people are losing the forest for the trees here. Neal
Will security be an issue on this new phone? I don't know and probably no one else does either but is this a concern, especially since this is MSFT, or is this not an issue right now? Anyone care to speculate? Neal
Different things are needed by different groups. Consumers will want a nice browsing experience as well as easy switching between functions on the phone. Businesses will need specific apps for their own business and will need the ability to write those apps for themselves easily enough. I haven't seen anything on how well the phone really works in the hands of consumers/business. I don't trust the media to be fair, one way or the other, about how the phones really...
I think there are some who treat the platform wars like religious differences. Their ideas have to be right so everybody else, no matter what the evidence, is wrong. Pretty silly whether you are an Apple nut or a Msft nut. Ignoring the best tools for the job without good reason comes at a price. If people have an Android device and have a good number of apps purchased, it may not make sense to try to go with an iPad if the android tablet does what you want it to do. To...
The big appeal for this device is that it is not an Apple iPad. Everybody is trying to be first to market with something that is not an iPad to appeal to the anti Apple crowd. Neal
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