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I actually feel quite the opposite to you. I refuse to buy anything samsung because of their issues with Apple. There are plenty of adequate choices with products similar to those that Samsung make that you don't cut off your nose to spite your face.    There have been many people who buy products just because they are not Apple products. You are part of a sizable club. As long as what you buy fits your needs, that is what is most important. Occasionally, I would see...
I think the California trial was a real kick in the pants to Samsung and its reputation and they may be trying to save face and a couple of bucks in their negotiations. But you may be right. Some of the articles about Samsung being a real mean corporate player may mean that they have to be really taken down a peg or two to really negotiate. I thought the California verdict may have done that. But maybe not.
If people are being honest with themselves, there is no question that Samsung copied Apple with regards to phones and tablets. Also being honest, Samsung is a high quality parts/chip supplier that Apple is having trouble finding a replacement for and may be partially responsible for some if the issues with ramping up production for some of Apple's present line of products.   Trying to look at this objectively, it would seem that a settlement could be in the best...
Does it really matter what the executives say about rival products? Especially if they appear uninformed about what they are talking about. Cook called the surface compromised and confusing. Does it really matter he says? To me, it would matter more how the product helps its users, consumer and enterprise, do the things they want them to do. The iPad has proven itself to be a very helpful device on both fronts and that is the reason why it has been successful. If users...
The data from Verizon and now ATT show how silly the past arguments have been about dropping iPhone subsidies by the carriers. I don't think anyone would want to chance losing the iPhone subscribers. But I am sure that won't stop some blogger somewhere to bring this argument up again and for some in the financial press to run with the story.
What I found most interesting is that while I didn't know Steve Jobs and never met him, when his death was announced, I felt like I had lost a friend and someone that I had actually known for a long time.
As an Apple shareholder, I am happy with 5 million sold over the first weekend. From the initial reaction of the share price, I guess not all investors feel that way. What artificial number did Apple fall short of? Or maybe a reaction trying to shake loose some shares at a little bit of a discount? Or buy the rumor, sell the news?   No matter what, this looks, to me, like a good start for the new phone.   Neal
Logan,   If I am remembering correctly, the cost of labor for putting the iPhone together is either in the high single digits to low double digits in dollar terms so I don't think the actual cost is all that high. I think that is why Apple is funding most of the wage increases that the Chinese workers at FoxCon are getting. Even if wages went up a fair amount more from here, if the numbers I am remembering are correct, then it wouldn't significantly affect Apple's bottom...
I see the iPod touch as an important part of the Apple lineup. I see it mostly used by kids in the lower grades before they get a phone. By becoming familiar with Apple products, it may make them more likely to buy a phone or other device from Apple, especially if they have a decent amount invested in the iTunes ecosystem.
It may also depend on what happens in this trial. If Apple wins, no matter if Samsung appeals, it may lead to Google/Motorola and the other phone manufacturers settling with Apple or having Google change things so that they don't infringe. As always, time will tell.
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