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Logan,   If I am remembering correctly, the cost of labor for putting the iPhone together is either in the high single digits to low double digits in dollar terms so I don't think the actual cost is all that high. I think that is why Apple is funding most of the wage increases that the Chinese workers at FoxCon are getting. Even if wages went up a fair amount more from here, if the numbers I am remembering are correct, then it wouldn't significantly affect Apple's bottom...
I see the iPod touch as an important part of the Apple lineup. I see it mostly used by kids in the lower grades before they get a phone. By becoming familiar with Apple products, it may make them more likely to buy a phone or other device from Apple, especially if they have a decent amount invested in the iTunes ecosystem.
It may also depend on what happens in this trial. If Apple wins, no matter if Samsung appeals, it may lead to Google/Motorola and the other phone manufacturers settling with Apple or having Google change things so that they don't infringe. As always, time will tell.
The numbers presented for the trial, I believe, are for the infringing products only. There are probably other phone sales of products that don't infringe but I will bet they are much lower priced feature phones instead of smart phones.
I think these numbers probably explain the 2.5 billion that Apple is asking for in this suit. 2.5 billion would probably be the likely profit that Samaung made on the sales of the infringing devices in the US. Is this a case where the damages may be trebled if Apple wins? Maybe, if Apple wins, they can do a worldwide deal with Samsung on the patents/trademarks associated with this case and a lot of these lawsuits can be put to rest.
Personally, I would miss the optical drive. I watch the movies on my iMac. I upgraded my iMac at the end of last year so this is not a problem for me. My wife's iMac is due for replacement this year and I can't remember the last time she used the DVD player so for her, if it didn't have an optical drive, it would be ok. For me, I would probably get an external optical drive if the iMac did not have the option of a built in drive when it comes time to replace my present...
Are there any of Apple's suppliers whose stock price hasn't had a big run up that are still good values to invest in?
Very funny stuff.   Maybe Apple can play it as part of their closing arguments
The first argument was that Samsung didn't copy Apple. From the chart, any reasonable person who disagrees with that statement is not being honest and should not be taken seriously. The next argument is that Apple shouldn't be allowed to patent rectangles with rounded edges. As your chart points out, Apple is more than just protecting a rectangle with rounded edges.   The real question for Samsung and this trial is whether Apple's patents are valid and did Samsung copy...
If someone writes a term paper after doing a ton of research and someone else gets a hold of the paper and writes a paper based on what the original person wrote, I think most would see it is plagiarism and who is in the right and who is in the wrong. To me, it appears that Samsung got a hold of Apple's work and copied it. Now, it also doesn't matter if they just copied one part of the paper or not, it would still be wrong and considered plagiarism. To me, if Samsung has...
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