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Does anyone know what other companies pay to license this patent? It will be interesting to see what the actual cost is. It may be that Apple gets a better deal than what Samsung was hoping for, since it is a frand patent.
Lots of very valid, reasonable opinions about how MSFT is going about this and about the product itself. No matter what, at least at this time, it has had the intended effect. Lots of chatter on the street. As much as some may like or dislike the product as we know it right now, we are all still talking about it. That is a positive for MSFT. The question is whether the buzz will continue. Some of this will depend on when more information is forthcoming from MSFT.   I...
Is it that Apple doesn't care or are there other reasons behind the way Apple is upgrading its desktop line? I am going to guess that there are other reasons for this that are just not obvious. I bought a new iMac at the end of last year and it works well for me and should be enough machine for me for at least the next several years. I am also going to guess that most Mac buyers these days feel the same. I also understand that the lack of upgrades, especially on the pro...
I think Samsung is feeling a little left out these days. Nokia has the inside track with Microsoft. Motorola has the inside track with Google(but who knows if they will be able to put it to good use).  Samsung is looking for something to call their own.
I know this was put out by Apple and will put Apple in the best light possible, but it would seem that Greenpeace, besides being wrong on this issue of cloud computing, should look at the total carbon footprint for a company http://www.apple.com/environment/ I wonder what computers they use at Greenpeace and I wonder if they vet all their venders for energy efficiency, among other things. Neal
According to this piece by All Things D http://allthingsd.com/20120417/green...D_yahoo_ticker
I am not sure how they are able to tease out, except for where server farms are located, what energy goes into what product. My guess is that Greenpeace came out with this now and any improvement in any of the future numbers for any of the companies they will try to take credit for. From my vantage point, Greenpeace doesn't have much credibility. Neal
Interesting thoughts. I wonder if this news story was planted by the carriers, specifically AT&T, to see how the public will react. I was just reading tonight that half of all iPhone sales are upgrades. The iPhone satisfaction rate is very high with most users wanting to stay with an iPhone from articles that I have read over the past year. If one carrier does make it more difficult to upgrade, my guess is that people will walk to another carrier when they can, as long as...
Interesting move by AT&T. It would seem to me this move is meant to try to draw the Android users away from the other carriers, although I am sure they will take any iPhone defectors with this campaign as well.
This is nice news for Apple shareholders. It will be interesting to see if they give actual numbers sold/ordered over the weekend. It will also be interesting to see what the general public says about the new iPad when it actually gets into their hands.
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