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I dunno. Amazon's not really known for hardware. They're best known for leaving "Amazon" branded shipping boxes at your door, which then get stolen by neighbors or passers by. Grrr...
Same difference? A proximity alert doesn't care what your attitude is towards the target, right?
Doubt it.
That's a pretty sweet deal, if it includes a new battery and outer casing.
Maybe it was a lesson learned from the Browett fiasco. I'm sure others at Apple were thinking "WTF?" when Cook hired him.
I just think the picture looks funny with "try again" at the bottom.
"Slide to unlock me"?
Sometimes. Except when the entire posted story is one word: "Developing..."
Sooo...other than making it complimentary, it's the same functionality that I have now in iOS 6 with the Shazam app, except without the performance penalty and invisible fonts of iOS 7? What am I missing out on???
And google would miss capturing all that raw data from you. I prefer to use apps.
New Posts  All Forums: