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Not the same. One says 1905-2015, while the other says Touch ID.
Jony is not a replacement for Steve. Nobody is.
Suggestion: put Shane Cole on mute for the entire podcast.
It should be noted the Fudan University logo runs Android
BREAKING: Apple has still not acquired Tesla and continues to not acquire them.
BREAKING!!! The non-existent 17" MBPr continues to still not exist.
Welcome to the Apple Store, IBM. Seriously.
Google always wins by offering shit for free. Always wins. Always.
I would also like to participate in the anti-Apple rhetoric. "Cmon Apple, be more like Google!" Yeah! That was fun!
I'm kind of curious as to why a non-existent feature that Apple never promised in the iMac 5K Retina (target display mode) is mentioned as "still not available" in an article about MacBook Pro. There are lots of non-existent things that Apple has never promised, such as the fabled Apple television or a standalone 5K display or 4K movies in the iTunes Store. How does it make sense to report on non-existent features still not existing?
New Posts  All Forums: