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Correct. Our job is to admire the Emperor's New Clothes, not point out that he's not wearing anything.
Like it all you want. Hell, get a Zune tattoo to show us how much you like it.
I predict the rise of Wearable-Batteries-with-Apple-Watch-MagSafe dongles in 3,2,1...
Maybe call it the MacBook Air Pro? /s
 When it meant a cheap "win."
Where'd you guys get that clip art of a bag of money? That's so Looney Tunes.
 True, my tongue was in his mama's cheek. (Drops the mic, walks away)
Calling all haters...
Snowden: "Look! The NSA is spying!"Chinese Government: "we must protect the Chinese people from the NSA!"Privacy Advocates: "...said the pot to the kettle"Chinese Government: "but but but Edward Snowdensaid the NSA is spying!"
It's a joke, sheesh.
New Posts  All Forums: