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It's probably a reflection of how a vertically integrated hardware maker prioritized things. But yes, with aftermarket SSDs a popular upgrade option for older MacBooks, Minis, and iMacs, this is welcome news.
I've heard it's pretty good. I'm sure the people who are outliers will complain mightily.
The first four words of this headline was "How to save Apple Music..." Should've gone with that doom headline. You'll get click traffic out of curiosity and outrage.
Hopefully, Apple will start slacking off in other markets, so competitors can catch up. /s
Cue the complaints about every pet peeve about iTunes not being fixed. Doomed.
PED posted a clip from Judge Jacobs' dissenting opinion in this ruling. Worth a read. AI should include it, lest they appear partial to the ruling on the issue.
Yeah, I don't lose any sleep over synthetic benchmarks that I don't care about in the first place. It's always been about user experience for me. To borrow a gaming analogy, would you rather play a shitty, annoying game that runs at 60fps or a far better game that runs at 30fps?
It wouldn't be radio if the DJs and bumpers didn't play over half the song LOL
Didn't see you complain when Tidal was doing it.http://m.billboard.com/entry/view/id/120543It's only wrong when Apple does it. And yes, they "ask" play this game.
1. Competition against Apple is good2. Competition from Apple is badCan't have it both ways.
New Posts  All Forums: