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Not sure why Lenovo is growing so fast. Anyone know why?
You can get a 3-axis motorized stabilizer gimbal for the iPhone for about half the price.
They did it to see what the iPhone could do, which is a valid question and one that deserves to be answered. Before you get too defensive about it, remember that not too long ago, people asked the same question about DSLR filmmaking: "what's the quality compared to bigger, more expensive digital cinema cameras?" That question was answered by some intrepid filmmakers on a Canon 5D a few years back. Now we take DSLR filmmaking for granted. It's no longer a "they did it to...
Right. The fact that other filmmakers have gotten good results from the iPhone contradicts his conclusion that the iPhone is "not up to snuff" because he couldn't do it. Tangerine was shot on the iPhone 5s.(NSFW Trailer)There are a few night time and darker indoor shots that are very useable in this trailer. As far focus goes: is anything out of focus?
Also, filmmaking is still a skill. It is not "blame your camera for not being up to snuff if you didn't light the scene properly." You gotta light your subject properly regardless of whether you're shooting with 35mm, RED, DSLR, or iPhone.
Not sure if you have tried the DasKeyboard, but it's reputed to be like the Selectric, and they sell a proper Mac layout.http://www.pcworld.com/article/251792/the_daskeyboard_brings_back_the_feel_of_an_ibm_selectric.html
He may be going for clicks, but iPhone and DSLR filmmakers still advise that you shoot with proper lighting. You don't need a pro gaffer, just basically throw enough light on your subject, and if applicable, the scene. It's a case of "know your equipment and know what it's capable of" before you shoot. Unless you intend to shoot your subject surreptitiously.The idea that a camera should just "deal with it or not up to snuff" is not the art of filmmaking.
I would like to see some more comparisons, and not pixel peeping but low light shooting, moving handheld shots, etc.
Still using a Bose SoundDock. Not the best sounding thing in the world, but convenient and it charges my phone, and no wireless woes to deal with.
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