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 Maybe it's for the best. Otherwise, he's probably a danger to himself and others. 
DED's head exploded.
 It's the same rumor bouncing around the echo chamber of the Internet, appearing to come from different unrelated sources when in fact, it's just the same story repeated over and over. And once again, they can't mention Ming-chi Kuo without talking about how wowed they are by his track record LOL. Anyone actually got the hard numbers?
A waffle with a kerf in it?
I'm not sure how they calculate megapixels from rays. My understanding is that post processing of the light field data (rays) yield the final image, but that better algorithms can improve the image. Rays aren't pixels; they are used to "synthesize" the pixels that are rendered on the target image plane. It's sort of like a holographic film: cutting the film in half doesn't delete half the recreated hologram; it only makes the existing hologram less detailed.
At $1700, it had better be awesome because it's priced outside of "impulse buy" range for most people. I like the tech, but I still think its gimmicky. However, I think it would be a spectacular fit for iPhones, since the light field data requires a screen and processor to come alive.
And yet this is perfectly normal behavior for large companies. Try again.
Well, One Infinite Loop was too darned suspicious.
40GB? And it still won't unseat the king of PC-land: USB 3!
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