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Sure, why not. A $50 million fine is now due.
I think you meant to reply to someone else. Re-read what I was responding to.
If he was, you'd declare it obvious promotion, and therefore a meaningless gesture.
Fitbit shills masquerading as concerned Apple fanboys. "I'm a big Apple fanboy but honestly, my new fitbit is sooooo awesome you guys. Let me tell about all its features..." Please.
He means watches aren't a new thing; they have a history which has implications for any future watches created.
As a Mountain Lion user, I'm just kicking back with my popcorn.
Why would a big "Apple fanboy" find it "unfortunate" that other people would find different reasons to buy an Apple watch? ARE YOUR REASONS THE ONLY VALID ONES? Or are you just shilling for Fitbit?Yeah, I thought so.
 Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait.Did anyone think to share this fact with GTAT when they "assumed all the risks"?
They'd better hurry up before Kim Jong Un dies of gluttony.
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