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Uh-oh. Mac mini refresh complainers will have to find something else to complain about.
But but but Steve Ballmer said it has no keyboard so how are they gonna do email on the iPhone???
See, @Tallest Skil? Samsung is winnnnnnning. Every smartphone company should be comparing themselves to Sammy in their advertising, and not the number two company, Apple. Weird, right? It's almost as if Apple was number one and everyone wanted to beat Apple. But analysts say Apple is number two...hmmmm.
Please.Nobody claimed ATV was Steve cracking it. AppleTV pre-dates the appearance of that quote in Isaacson's biography by several years. Everyone assumed at the time it was a reference to a rumor that Apple was planning to sell a TV.
Don't care if access to these services require a cable subscription. The cable companies fighting tooth and nail to keep their local monopolies.
The important thing is that exploits are only a "real concern" on Apple platforms and that Google is above criticism. As long as we agree on that, the forums will run smoothly.
You mean that people don't admit it.
The analysts constantly tell us Samsung is winnnnnnnnning. But from their anti-iPhone ads, you'd think Samsung has a Microsoft-sized inferiority complex.
Why does everyone keeps comparing themselves to the NUMBER TWO smartphone maker? I mean Samsung, Microsoft... don't they know that you're supposed to position your product against the market leader?
The store return policy still applies.
New Posts  All Forums: