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Have you used the Apple Watch, or are you just imagining what it would be like?
You missed the point of the comparison. Soulless or ugly, whatever suits your fancy is a valid criticism of the Apple Watch, but form follows function and Apple Watch is more of a wearable computer and less of a traditional watch. IOW, there's no good reason for the display of a wearable computer to be round, just as there is no good reason for a TV screen to be round.
They hide the flat tire extremely well in those deliberate product shots.
I'm just waiting for the "but but but this Rolex works at the bottom of the ocean" crowd to suddenly change their tune and gush about quad-core CPUs and 46mm displays and beautiful bands. Because Android.
Who in their right mind refers to a "flagship" watch? "Flagship" is the new "bespoke"
Black Chrome Milanese loop.
Absolutely heinous.
"Siri, give us a hint."
Literally true. I sat through the credits for the last Saints Row game and it scrolled for like 10 minutes solid. There was even a list of every baby born during production.
The return of 16GBgate!
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