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Aw... Can't tell the difference between you and what you say being called "stupid"? Because there is a subtle difference, trust me. People who get emotionally entangled in their own opinions cannot tell the difference, and take criticism of their opinions as criticisms of them personally.But if you're complaining about a "condescending attitude," well, frankly, grow a thicker skin. This is the internet. The big league, not training camp, to use a baseball analogy. If you...
It's the blue pill.
I can smell "over promise, under deliver" all over this cardboard VR solution. It has the novelty of a DIY Viewmaster. At least it's highly recyclable.
Just like 3D was.
 Our job? Then the pay is lousy.   So why did you call it ironic? Where's the irony in Steve Jobs dying?
It's not ironic because he wasn't saying he would personally outlive "these people". You just took it to mean that.
 Heh, his argument amounts to "but don't you think that... ???" (which is basically proof by "I think it so, therefore it is.") There was another story about Old World, heritage watchmakers who are trying to carve out a profitable niche stuffing tiny fitness monitors into their mechanical time pieces. The idea itself strikes me as odd, like some steampunk tech from an alternate universe. Swiss gears circa 1843 sharing space with modern Chinese microchips and source code....
So I've seen the documentary of Steve Jobs discussed in the podcast. I was at the first screening at SXSW, and I was expecting it to be a good documentary. The director, Alex Gibney, made some terrific award-winning docs that I would recommend, and still do. His other bodies of work stand on their own merits.   Gibney makes documentaries that shed light on a not-well understood topic, like the mark-to-market accounting and shell company practices that lead to the demise...
IOW, another Blackberry, Palm Treo, Moto Q, Samsung Blackjack clone.Andy Rubin had no idea what Apple was about to unveil...
Xbox green.
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