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Oh look!!! Apple left a gap open! Hey Samsung, here's you're chance to swoop in and fill it for the 23 people in the world who want this.
Apple does well when it reinvents something. But in music, Apple has recently allowed streaming music services to reinvent one of Apple's bread and butter businesses. Apple was then late to incorporate radio and Shazam into their platforms--a nice touch--but not ground breaking today. I think simply making Beats Music cheaper and adding it to the iTunes brand will not reinvent streaming music, any more than Beats already did. Why is reinvention important here? Because...
Welcome, new iPhone owners.
 You can't "gate" anything from Samsung. Fandroids love them too much. Because specs. And benchmarks.
 "Apple is rushing to market""Apple took too long to make a phablet" Both of these troll memes cannot be simultaneously true.
But page views is how certain authors measure their self esteem.
Where there's smoke, there's forum trolling.
So many sapphire manufacturing experts in this forum thread! If only GTAT hired you guys, they'd be in business.
My found the problem: you're using OS X 10.10.0 Never do that.
Made in USA.
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