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 I'm sure the 1946 ENIAC, full of user-servicable vacuum tubes and wires, gave iFixit a DIY-repair orgasm.
 Adding free music to your private playlist is not the same thing as handing your private playlist to a government or advertisers.
 Why is that requirement an issue? I've normally got my iPhone connected to in my car's USB port for audio system integration. So now I get "Hey Siri" for free. Not that pressing the steering wheel button to activate Siri was inconvenient before.
Armchair business experts, Android fans, and forum contrarians.
Which font would that be? Helvetica?
drblank just quit the forums. again.
If only the Fandroids would practice such restraint in the forums...
Yeah, or something.
Do they still work on iOS 7 or do the new updates require iOS 8?
Add this to the list of reason to upgrade to iOS 8.1.
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