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Are we now talking about ghosts?
Just me? Why doesn't everyone post links instead of (gasp) comments in the comments section?
I love how power users are criticizing this machine for not being MacBook Pro enough in one way or another. It's like they can't see the bigger picture.
Yup. I've read earnest libertarian writings that advocate a free-market solution to ending discrimination, but they woefully assume that all economic actors behave out of pure economic self-interest, which is an idealization. In reality people discriminate for all sorts of irrational reasons, including religious prejudice, racial prejudice, etc. We don't have a color-blind egalitarian society.
 No, re-read it. He posted a rant about "States' freedoms". In this context, "Move to another state" = "GTFO out of my state if you don't like being discriminated against."
Yup, that's what I intended to point out, but I wanted him/her (JDW) to own up to it.Increasing "States' freedoms" is nothing more than a "dog whistle call" to hard-right supporters of racism and discrimination. Like Rand Paul's quote, it's (politically correct) double-speak for expressing institutionalized discrimination. Very few people today crowing about "States' freedoms" are espousing Anti-Federalism. Most are religious conservatives seeking to use government (at the...
The lightning to HDMI adapter has a redundant lightning connector so I can charge my iPad or iPhone while it outputs a video signal to HDMI. Same for the lightning-to-VGA adapter. If Apple had put two or more USB-C connectors, which one would be used to charge the MacBook? Either? Or Both? Should the MacBook charge faster if power is fed into more than one USB-C connector? Apple's single universal connector makes things easier, like a single-button mouse.
You seem obsessed with VAG.
 I didn't ask him (or her) what gave States the right to make laws. I asked him how giving States more freedom to abolish more individual freedoms was consistent with his (or her) otherwise libertarian-sounding rant.
 You wave libertarian slogans but you don't take their positions.Why would you support more State "freedom to decide"? By that, you mean give the State freedom to make more State laws. A libertarian would argue that there are too many laws, because laws (at any level of government) reduce individual freedom. (Libertarians would also say laws are not necessary to grant freedoms because freedom is a right you have in the absence of law, therefore laws can only take away...
New Posts  All Forums: