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The real heading is: why would Google care about making Android Wear work with a tiny, dying platform like iOS? Aren't the trolls always bragging that Android like some huge lead in worldwide marketshare? Like billions and billions of activations per day?
As a counterpoint, people keep complaining Apple is a one trick pony (iPhone).
Ooo...that's sure to bring him out to play! 
 It looks like a $50 Timex.
I don't think he's used the Apple Watch either. The Apple Watch digital crown moves very easily, unlike the crown on some watches. I have a crown and rotating bezel on my traditional "aviator" watch: both are stiff to turn. The bezel is also a slide rule. Funny thing is, with "Hey Siri" enabled, it's easier to (hands free) ask Siri to do whatever math you would normally use the slide rule for, including logarithms. You can also simply ask Siri for the current time in...
Can't wait for Adobe to glom VP10 for the next version of Flash.
I wonder if this means Samsung and LG will get into making movies and TV series for their own channels?
Agreed I immediately got why the digital crown worked better when they showed it. Plus it doubles as an input button. The rotating bezel can only act as a kind of knob. Incidentally I had imagined a touch-based bezel on a (round) Apple Watch, like the iPod Classic's touch-based click wheel. The digital crown works better, and it isn't limited to having a bezel or round watch face.
Before Apple announced the digital crown on the Apple Watch last September, I pictured a rotating bezel as one possible input solution. Glad to see someone try it. I'm surprised they didn't call it "S-Bezel"
I think "bait-n-switch" refers to GTAT stock. They replaced GTAT, the (self-claimed) world leader in large scale sapphire production with a bankrupt company that couldn't produce working boules for their largest customer.
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