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My found the problem: you're using OS X 10.10.0 Never do that.
Made in USA.
TLS. Non technical writers were volved.
They'll support HealthKit only if their customers want it? I think they've got it backwards. Why would I buy a new Fitbit if it doesn't support HealthKit? Any customers obviously don't find it a problem.
A chief philosophical difference between eastern and western worldviews is that eastern cultures value collective good over the individual ("collectivism"), whereas western cultures prioritize the rights and freedom of the individual over society ("classic liberalism"). The goals you applaud the CCP for are aligned with the philosophy of collectivism. In western societies, which value individual rights and liberty, the efforts by the CCP to persecute individuals or...
I thought the "news" articles about a promotion deal at MacMall for AI readers was accomplishing that already!
Beats By Dre.
That's what they mean by "ads free": the ads are free!
Well, it's the "S" model of the iPad Air, isn't it?
In surprised Apple is not being investigated for that, if for no reason other than, because
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