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The fans of imitators always say stuff like that. Hey: enjoy the flattery all the copyists bestow on the leader they imitate. Personally I'm glad they chose to brand their version just like Apple's. No need to be jealous.
I'm waiting for PayPal to introduce PayPalPay.
Meh.1. Samsung Pay was never going to be made available on other Android phones, and2. If Android Pay takes off, Samsung will just support it and Samsung Pay, because "two of everything" is the normal Samsung Galaxy experience.
The IC that prevents overcharging is in the charger, not the watch.
 Wow nobody got the play on words. ...car is the ultimate mobile device Do you get it??? No? What is another word for car? Automobile. What are the origins of this word?  "Oooooh now I get it." A car is a mobile device because it can move you from point A to point B. He doesn't mean a car is a mobile device in the sense you can put it in your back pocket and carry it around. He means it's mobile in the sense that it can move.
As if Cornell hadn't heard, if they support Apple Pay, the tokenization scheme used would guard their customer's payment data from abuse even IF it was leaked or stolen from the POS terminal.   You'd think supporting Apple Pay FIRST would improve their overall security, but nooooooo. Cornell is making up some straw man diversion. Pathetic.
 Whoa! Hold the phone, Joe! Did Cornell just say that Target's current POS terminals are STILL NOT secure? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!
Yeah, I thought they were trying to sell something. Turns out that's exactly the case. Say... these geniuses should hack the Samsung Galaxy S6, to see if it can be charged faster by applying voltage across some of the pins in the micro-USB socket, instead of slow inductive charging.
By the same flawgic, the government not releasing classified information about so-called "Area 51" is "even more evidence" they're hiding alien bodies and crashed saucers there.
The new troll meme:Apple hasn't produced anything new since Steve died.Apple's new Watch isn't selling because Apple isn't releasing numbers.
New Posts  All Forums: