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So much praise in these reviews. But don't worry: Consumer Reports can be counted on to troll the iPhone 6 reviews.
He doesn't reply. He does drops a load of crap in every forum thread and walks away.
DED should next turn his editorial attention to the nervous mocking by forum trolls.
 I didn't botch nothing.
 Um, who? Never heard of them.
That's cool. Apple clearly knew what they were doing when they caved to the (Asian market-led) fetish for big screen phones.
It just means VirnetX and Apple gets a new trial. But it's a start.
U2gate is the kind of weak sauce troll attack I expect from the next Samsung or PayPal attack ad.
The Internet forums are breeding grounds for self-accredited Steve experts, armchair CEOs, and engineers with a degree in Opinionology from the University of FullOfThemselves.
New Posts  All Forums: