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MacBook Airs start at $899. All that notebooky stuff included. Because it's a notebook. If you don't want to touch the screen, you don't want a tablet.
What, you mean they didn't sell them like that?
 Resembles the old CRT-based eMac:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EMac
I thought they sweated the details. It feels better than it looks, or sounds in the descriptions. I heard "cloth" but it feels like it's something else. Hopefully something very durable over time.
I'm referring to power-optimization. The average video lights up most of the pixels most of the time (there's rarely a totally unlit pixel). Unlike viewing "dark themed" static web pages (like Ars Technica), which has been optimized for reducing the number of lit pixels (and therefore power consumption) on OLED phones.
Yes, I believe that if Apple wasn't holding OLED to a higher standard for image quality, color accuracy, thinness, power optimization, and longevity, all without compromise, they'd have shoved it into an iPhone years ago.
Yeah, of course I was playing with expectations. I'm only semi-convinced because Ming says it will happen. MR "reports" aren't evidence enough for me, otherwise. But I believe Apple is design focused enough to find a way to keep their existing bright UIs. Many of the activities we do on a smartphone, like web browsing and watch videos aren't "OLED optimized." And letting that dictate things like UI design feels backward, like letting the tail wag the dog. I'm plenty happy...
Uh oh. Let the Androidification of iOS begin. You will like the new dark theme! Black is your new favorite color! /s
Keep praising Apple, folks. It will cause you-know-who to post something defensive, like how much Google loves Christmas too.
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