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First rule of fight club is: you don't talk about what Apple may be doing in your paranoid, egocentric fantasies.
OK, but to totally nitpick, you can be a founder AND be fired by your board of directors, once you give up controlling interest in the company you founded.
Tesla has a long way to go before it has its own cult of fans. Elon Musk, OTOH has an instant and irrational cult of personality around him: people who slavishly label him "a real life Tony Stark."You might say the same of Steve Jobs, but Apple, Inc. has a legitimate cult of fans: ordinary users who line up for the next big thing, and these are separate from those who quote Steve as a disciple.
I enjoy the podcasts. LVM makes a good host between Neil's excitability and Mikey's laid back temperament. It keeps thingy lively. Topics and talk are always interesting. Mikey: speak closer to the mic. It will help pick up those bass tones in your voice.
The specifics on what Google does when it tracks you. Worth reading, if you are not familiar with the specifics. And yes, search and advertising are connected to you, even if you never sign in. http://www.usnews.com/opinion/articles/2013/05/10/15-ways-google-monitors-you
Somebody can't stand to hear Google's name spoken negatively. Must come to their defense in forums. The world's biggest web advertiser is touched by such loyalty. It will be rewarded with the Spin Doctor Medal of Honor.
Is that what the article is about? Snowden?
 "Competitors"??? What's Tesla selling that competes with Apple?
The point is to challenge outdated prejudices about phone cameras.
This guy talks way too much smack about a company that isn't even selling anything that competes with Tesla, and won't for at least 4-5 years. Something has him frazzled.
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