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First time I think I've heard low Android adoption numbers spun positively!
So much for trying to "barge" into the wearable computing market.
It is my observation that forum contrarians simply oppose whatever you say that happens to push their buttons on a particular thread, and over time, their body of posts winds up contradicting itself, sort of like the "continuity errors" that creep into long-running canons like Star Trek.GatorGuy claims he's not a Samsung fan, so I conclude that the times he appears to "defend" Samsung is really just a reaction to people beating on Samsung, and if that is indeed his...
You misunderstand me. You seem to infer that I don't think the iPhone 5.5" is real, but that's something you invented in your own mind. You seem to think opinions and "who's right and wrong" are all that matter, but I do not care about that. Opinions are worthless. I care about what I know and what I don't know. I care about facts and non-facts.Your argument is: "[this part photo makes it] so obvious the 5.5 is coming."The unproven assertion behind it is: this part is from...
They stopped paying royalties as per licensing agreement without going to court first? Can we just do that whenever we feel like it?
The barges were definitely a weird idea. If it was intended for retail space, it was too remote and had the obvious drawback of only being accessible to coastal cities, had it worked out.I lived with a borrowed Glass Explorer for a 24-hrs, and it was definitely geeky-neat, but I couldn't see giving up my iPhone for this, as despite the beat application being written for it, I couldn't see mom and dad or non-geeks wanting it.Probably for the same reason they forgave Amazon:...
http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/ad-day-apple-feels-love-macbook-air-joyful-stickers-spot-159034Now where's your proof that it it wasn't?
For all we know, the parts shown could be for a future iPad or parts that were produced for an in-house prototype. It might even be from a 5.5" iPhone. There's nothing in the part that says what size the screen will be. You might as well take a picture of a USB plug and claim its from a new keyboard that's going to be 18.5" long.
Celebration time!
I understand that a multi-year contract exists, so that would still be in effect for HP. And remember: HP used to sell iPods.
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