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It's Apple's problem. I sympathize, but you can't really force Samsung to do anything. Xiaomi and GooPhone are also rip off artists. As long as they're chasing Apple, Apple is doing something right.
Nope. Bendgate was a manufactured controversy by the Android Mafia. Did they raise a stink when it was proven that the HTC One m8 was even easier to bend? Nope, not a peep. Their silence was deafening, and ludicrously biased. All "*gates" stick to Apple, but roll off the back of Android device manufacturers. It's troll rule #1.
It's hard not to see that the whole design direction and feature choices as a mimic of the current iPhone 6. The usual reductionists will ignore everything else and pick out some easily winnable differences like "radiused curves," but the whole package together is much more like the iPhone 6 than the Galaxy phones before it, even if not an exact copy. I don't know if it's a sign of intellectual dishonesty. The old LOL@APPLE pics were outright intellectualy dishonest. The...
Then why do you care if Apple doesn't sell a 32GB iPhone 6? What's it to you?
Android watches:More than 10 total=victory!Less than 10 total=disappointing.0 total=failure
 That's right. Just make sure when Samsung puts battery saving mode into their products, you spin it as clever innovation. Samsung certainly does.
Apple products suck. They have two-year old specs and are just mass marketed to sheep who don't run Linux or know how to root an Android phone. /s
And the protruding camera bump. But hey, it's only wrong when Apple does it.
Why? Are you in the market for a 32GB iPhone 6?
Currently selling has nothing to do with it. Technology that has been on the market for 365 days becomes obsolete. For example, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are now both obsolete. /s
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