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Very dangerous: they might notice three edges of the Galaxy Note Edge are not covered with screen and do something about it. Then what will Apple do?
There are no fines, but (read between the lines) there is an exclusivity clause in member contracts. That is how I read the original TechCrunch report.
I was gonna say it was the truck from D.W. Griffith's Birth of a Nation.
The #1 smartphone maker sure has an inferiority complex and massive envy issues for the #2. It's supposed to be the other way around.
What?! That's crazy talk. Haven't you seen GTAT's sparkling website? This is how they describe themselves:  And, listen to how they describe their sapphire manufacturing experience:  Yeah!They're advanced.They're innovative.They're proven.They're leaders in high-purity sapphire. Which begs the question: if they're leaders in sapphire manufacturing, why are they exiting that business altogether?
Fear over what Apple would say.
If Apple ever really sells the iRing, Samsung and Microsoft will not be far behind with Galaxy S-Ring and Lumia Ring R890.
Vinyl records are also making a comeback. Betamax can't be far behind.
CurrentC should be renamed Lacking PrivaC.
New Posts  All Forums: