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IGZO or bust!
Has Apple ever broken from its own tradition? /s
 The irrational exuberance of Wall Street does not make Apple a one-trick pony. Apple was successful and profitable before the iPhone, before the iPad. In fact:  I'm going to let that sink in. This idea that Apple is a "one-trick pony" got old a long time ago. It's the new "Apple is doomed." If you're tired of hearing that, then I suggest you discontinue posting FUD about Apple's doom.
I agree. Use the Mac Pro.I did some global illumination calculations in a 3D package, and it lit up all the cores like a Christmas tree, and still took several hours to finish. Also, FCPX will use the cores & GPU during edits and transitions requiring rendering, as well as transcoding. The Mac Pro is the right tool for those jobs, and then some.
Apple doesn't reduce prices ahead of the announcement of a new model. They drop prices the day the new model is announced. Not "in anticipation of" as one poster put it, in their attempt to conflate unrelated (future) events into a cause and effect narrative.
Al Franken to lead the pitchfork party to Cupertino.
This is the beginning of the doomed.
I enjoy reading the vigorous declarations of giving Samsung the benefit of a doubt from the same people who regularly post doubt about Apple's success. You know who you are, and why you're here.
 I know, right? "iPhone is Apple's one hit wonder" is the new "Apple is doomed" narrative. As if Apple wasn't profitable before 2007. And Apple not releasing Watch numbers only "proves" what they already believe. Funny how that works. Funny how they lack the self awareness to see it.
Aw... Can't tell the difference between you and what you say being called "stupid"? Because there is a subtle difference, trust me. People who get emotionally entangled in their own opinions cannot tell the difference, and take criticism of their opinions as criticisms of them personally.But if you're complaining about a "condescending attitude," well, frankly, grow a thicker skin. This is the internet. The big league, not training camp, to use a baseball analogy. If you...
New Posts  All Forums: