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That depends on how narrowly you define "watch."If by "watch" you mean a wrist-worn device that can display the current time, then yes, Microsoft sells a watch.
I personally think he's earnest, but naive.
Time is running out for those last minute rumors. Don't be shy. Rumors can be as ridiculous as possible.
 Not sure why you say that. The title simply says "BlackBerry spends $425M on secure iOS solutions provider Good Technology". I don't care if there's editorializing in the article or forums.
If true, the trolls will be required to start hate these guys, the way they hate on Siri.They're going to replace Michael Fassbender's head digitally with a CG Steve Jobs, like they did for Paul Walker in Furious 7.
I read through Gibney's interviews from a variety of sources and he professed to know nothing about Steve Jobs before making the documentary. So basically, he's regurgitating stories and anecdotes that reflect negatively on Jobs because he thought nobody knew about these things. Gibney thought he had another exposé style winner on his hands. I encourage anyone who doubts my claim to see the film for themselves.
Microsoft has some competition!
Yes I recall the review. I chose the Logitech for the price, aesthetics, and thin and light design. But it wasn't particularly well made. The magnetic hinge on the keyboard eventually failed--the hinge had a few pins which slid out and the hinge was no longer attached the keyboard. The keyboard still works, but I have to carry it separately. I can't recommend it, but for anyone who uses an iPad for work, it's invaluable.I was just commenting that I didn't think it was fair...
It will have IGZO. It will be magical.
Santa will give you:1. A lump of coal2. Some pocket lint3. A fossilized specimen of dung from a triceratops4. A broken TV remote control for a 1979 Magnavox TV5. A ball of cat hair6. A tablet running Android 2.47. An Asus power ring
New Posts  All Forums: