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Genius Bar. Go. We'll wait.
Apple Music 1.0
You mean the iMac? Yeah, it's now rocking a 5K Retina Display in aluminum instead of a 15" CRT in translucent plastic.
AppleInsider headline: "Apple Music is half empty!!!"
No, if you want one-dimensional rehash informed solely by the people who hated Jobs and Apple critics, check out Alex Gibney's biographical documentary of Jobs. It's a complete hatchet job. It should be coming to Netflix in the next year or so. It's not even remotely fair.
The real Woz knows that. He was close to Jobs, and Jobs regarded him highly. Frequently, movies have to combine characters and people to make the dramatic threads in the screenplay manageable for a 1.5-to-2-hour movie. I wouldn't be surprised if Sorkin gave that line of dialog to Woz not because it is remotely accurate for Woz, but he needed a character to challenge Jobs at that point in the story.
To be Woz, Rogan needs to talk faster and and and nerdier.
No specs sheet is complete without:S-Pay featuring LoopPayS-SoundS-Super AMOLED+ AMAZES-TIZENS-Touch fingerprint readerQi wireless chargingThat other wireless charging I can't rememberUSB 1-8,A-ZS-PenS-EraserS-Camera with Gesture control and eye trackingS-Power Saver modes 1,2,3S-VoiceS-Bloatware placeholder slots 1-20 (contact Samsung volume sales to bid, use offer code: APLINSDR23 for discount)
a tribute to Scott Forstall?
A7, 802.11ac, and a better camera--say the one from the iPhone 5S would be a nice upgrade. PS, just noticed the iPod Touch page on Apple's website is still touting ITunes Radio. Maybe a website upgrade is also in order.
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