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Literally true. I sat through the credits for the last Saints Row game and it scrolled for like 10 minutes solid. There was even a list of every baby born during production.
The return of 16GBgate!
That was epic lame. RGB to RGBY color space? How does that even work? Full yellow lights up 2/3rds of the sub-pixels on an RGB display, and human vision can't tell the difference. What does an extra Y channel gain? Technology for the sake of specs.
Yes, but you won't have to deal with the shame of using a phone with "2 year old specs" like so many Android users fear.
I do, and I'm reasonable!
The 5c really is a nice phone.
Digitimes is moving up in the world of rumor mongering. They're now "more reliable"
"But but but we don't know what Apple is doing with your information" is FUD. Why don't you defend Apple against FUD?
Perfect. That's one less reason to use Android Wear.
My home thermostats have always been located in high traffic hallways, because rooms tend to be along the outer walls of the home, and the thermostat is centrally located away from the outer walls. So Nest would light up anytime someone walked past it to the bathroom. How innovative. /s
New Posts  All Forums: