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More like the DMV vs the restaurant.
Googling is how he pretends to know-it-all. That's why most of his posts are just links he fished up on Google.
Replace "Microsoft" with "Google" and "Hololens" with "Glass" and "Surface" with "Chomebook" you've got 2013 all over again. Apple is still doomed, only now the iPhone is selling even better than ever. The rest of your post is just the troll meme omnibus.
Microsoft is hoping that millennials will save its bacon long term by virtue of simply not having those experience, but it's hard to picture anyone liking Windows for any reason whatsoever. My Windows 8 PC at work still acts up. It's slow. It's saddled with antivirus software. Ctrl-Alt-Del sometimes doesn't work requiring a cold restart. The registry gets corrupted. Network issues (such as offline servers) cause apps to hang. Beneath Modern UI is the same old creaky OS...
Glad to see the trolls don't have a valid point to make. They never do.
We watched Microsoft's mobile business crumble before our eyes since 2007. I think it's clear how it happened, but the answer has several complex moving parts.The short sound bite answer is they failed to achieve critical mass for their mobile platform. Platforms are like nuclear reactors: once the chain reaction starts, it will fuel itself, requiring little or less external energy to sustain. For platforms, there's a customer-demand/product-offering feedback loop that...
Just flag his posts. You all know whom I am referring to.
Don't forget to include AppleInsider in your conspiracy theories! /s
It's not self serving; it serves Google's paying customers, and that is not you and I.
Has it occurred to these clowns that mobile sites take longer to display because it has to load advertisements? I know I know, the whole point of this solution isn't to eliminate Googles business model, but to limit its unwanted side effects on the user experience.
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