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 LOL. Dissociative trolling disorder.
For Blendtec, yes.
What's stupid is the obviously fake video timeline in the bending video. Not to mention that it is obviously a deliberate attempt to bend it, as opposed to the result of normal use. The reported amount of bending in real world use cases was very slight compared to what the edited video shows.
That's kind of the point of the forums, isn't it?It should be a TV show called So You Think You're Smarter Than An Apple CEO.
Serious question: what purpose to Apple would it serve for them to release this information publicly? Think hard about this question: what do they have to gain by telling us? Answer: nothing. We want to know because we all want to play armchair CEO. Everyone in these forums thinks they can second guess Tim Cook and the other Apple senior management.You know what Tim Cook might say about releasing such detailed product plans publicly? It's free product segment research for...
If you need the Internet's permission to appreciate owning and using an iPhone 6 Plus, you should probably stop reading the Internet and go enjoy your iPhone 6 Plus. That's what most Apple users are doing; they're not on forums seeking someone to agree with their point of view.
Hope? You can do better: tell Apple!https://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html
I like the iPhone 6 (4.7"), but I agree that it's awkward to hold and use single handed, which is how I've been using iPhones since 2007. I find the 4" iPhone 5 just the right size, perhaps no larger than 4.3". I find myself using the new Reachability feature quite a bit, and it works well, except everytime I invoke it, I am reminded that my phone's screen is too large. I hold my iPhone 6 the same way I learned to hold the 5. I don't grip it tightly like the photo in...
Whether an iPhone 6 owners experiences this issue under normal use (and how they feel about it) is between them and Apple, Inc, and the phone is covered under warranty. As a third party to this, you are not owed anything. If you want to buy one and break it for your amusement, go right ahead.
Not so hard to understand. I wrote a Swift program to emulate the process:if (phone.brand == "Apple") {println("not recommend")} else {println("recommend")}
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