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If anything, Kuo implies that demand is higher than what Apple (is predicted to) ship, and as a corollary, there's no inventory of unsold watches lying around somewhere; pretty much every watch they make gets shipped directly to a paying customer.I found the Watch immediately useful. Notifications, navigation aid, Siri, remote control for Apple TV and iPhone playback, and the activity coach. Love Glances. Great battery life under normal usage. It's a winner. It's not a...
That's interesting. I find the activity notifications & tracking useful. It will be interesting to see what the results are of this study.
The whining is incredible. -100Mhz i5 not specs enough No Broadwell No Skyunicorn Retina display is too many pixels M290 not 1337 enough I hate U2 There is a Cancel Order button. Please use it, get satisfaction. For the rest of you trolls who didn't order one: what are you complaining about? Still whining about U2gate?
But but but people buy Smart TVs and use them as dumb TVs when the built-in functionality is obsolete. /s
I just got mine last week after weeks of waiting, and boy is it sweet! You don't know what you're missing. There's never been a smartwatch like Apple WATCH. Don't listen to any of the naysayers who bitch about how nobody needs a smartwatch or how Apple has abandoned their values because they gave free gold WATCH Editions to celebrities and rockstars. Or the old curmudgeons who feel the need to defend their precious Old World mechanical watches. Don't even listen to the...
What are you going to do with Skylake that can't be done with Haswell?
What are you going to do with Skylake that can't be done with Haswell?
The letter X? There's little info on the M290 mobile core, but the desktop 290 GPU is a slightly de-tuned 290X. According to this site, the performance loss is minimal; the 290 and 290X share a lot in common. I assume a similar difference exists between M290 and M290X.http://www.techradar.com/us/reviews/pc-mac/pc-components/graphics-cards/amd-radeon-r9-290-1196709/review
Buy a Smart TV this year, and it's obsolete when Skylake comes out. Buy a dumb TV and it's still good.
New Posts  All Forums: