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Now open for business: the Gene Munster Product Evaluation Labs.
Interesting. This thread separates the casual Apple "critics" from the committed anti-Apple forum trolls. Critics: Apple does some things right sometimes. Trolls: Must fight all positive perceptions of Apple.
 I red somewhere that they blue it up. 
Samsung users are cool and popular. iPhone users are losers, or as certain forums trolls spell it: "loosers"Or at least in the fantasy world of Samsung's marketing. Remember this horrible ad, where Samsung tries clumsily to portray its users as cool and popular, only to come across as laughably obvious and forced?  Yes. Watch it. Soak it in. You know I speak the truth.
Also cool.
Something the copyists can never copy: classy ads.
Did somebody just post an ad for a monitor? Could be considered spam...
Yes. According to analysts, Samsung has overtaken Apple in the all-important measure (/s) of "marketshare." Yet Sammy is highly obsessed with "defeating" Apple again.Looks like Samsung has a bad case of Apple-envy.
They do make smaller screen phones, they simply choose to spec and market those as low-end products. Artificially equating premiumness with larger size. You can tell which trolls have bought into this conditioning pretty easily. (Hint: they automatically equate premiumness with large screens)
Irony: Samsung makes those screens too.
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