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If it ships with an A8 or better processor, you can believe Apple is working on that in a future update. It's all about the content.
A small price to pay to keep your iPhone, iPad and Mac from having to plug into your TV, because AirPlay.
Wouldn't Android users just assume this is normal behavior for their cheap iPhone knock-off?
It's ammunition against Apple in the forum wars.
I recommend buying a Samsung with a protruding camera. Because it's only wrong when Apple does it.
Tim Cook and the Apple of DOOM.
Any word on whether it will have IGZO and Skylake?
Free healthcare beds for all.
Ironic that during the 1990s, the tech press and pundits and analysts were telling Apple to (1) license Mac OS and (2) divest its hardware business. They believed the cure-all for Apple's woes was to copy Microsoft's formula for success: it's all about the software. In fact, NeXT found success doing just that when they sold their hardware business to Canon and ported NeXTStep and WebObjects to other platforms.It seems that when Steve Jobs returned to Apple, he must have...
Shhhh! The tech websites might hear you!
New Posts  All Forums: