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Apple should fix (insert pet peeve here).
Sweet! We're still in the early days of 4K, but the Blackmagic Studio looks pretty good if it is a complete 4K capture solution (with lens, & ProRes encoder, and 10" monitor) for $2995. I think the pricing of the Sony a7s was $1700, but you still need an external 4K encoder, which is around $2000.
I'd like to buy physical goods with my phone and my fingerprint, and maybe a password. In other words, just like how I buy digital goods.
 In his defense, he's never used an iOS. Or a mouse. He's an analyst.
Even I would agree with his statement. I've consistently said Apple isn't trying to be all things to all people, nor should they. Most people would be very happy with Apple products, but there are plenty of valid reasons to choose something else. It's based on need and personal priorities. No company can be 100% of the market. And I laugh at people who claim that Apple ever was 100% of any market only to see that percentage decline ever since Android; that's a completely...
Self-serving manipulation by Comcast. Just like when Microsoft wants to brag about Windows' marketshare, they call the Mac a "rounding error," but when Microsoft needed to defend itself against allegations of abusing monopoly power (back in 1998-2001, when there was serious discussion about breaking up MSFT), it cited the Mac as evidence that there was "competition."
More anal-ing from anal-ysts. Why doesn't Apple bring back the eMate 300 while we're at it?
Crap. There's already a long line for that.
Don't worry, there are plenty of logical fallacies that can be applied to insuring that Android wins every time.
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