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Jony couldn't stand him, so it's probably for the best. I'm sure Scott's contributions were great during his time at Apple, but that was in service of giving Steve Jobs the input he needed to function as the ultimate tastemaker. Tim wants to cultivate a strong, diverse team that collaborates well. And I'm inclined to agree with him. Apple can't do that with a single iconoclast with a big ego running around.
Broadway humor
Broadway musical huh? Who knew???
Why is it the wrong message?
I'm sure Apple is selective about who gets a prerelease watch as well.
It isn't. But financial success is a welcome side-effect of what they do to change the world.
While his critics make noise noise noise in the forums, hoping it will dent the universe. Sadly, it won't even make a dent in this forum.
That's certainly how many of Apple's suppliers work. The GTAT business model was to sell sapphire to Apple an its competitors because there would be an inevitable rush from Samsung and others to slap sapphire screens on their next phones after Apple does it. GTAT would have the facilities to do it cheaply and at scale needed for mass production, and they'd be one of the leading suppliers because they also had the technology to make those large boules. Alas, they did not.
Oh no! A custom device! iFixit will give this a zero! /s
Apple seems pretty confident in the implementation of its watch to hand it out as gifts to famous people, because if it was buggy or had issues, that could potentially backfire. Of course, The Usual Suspects will twist this into various "concerns" because they don't like change. Watch for their posts below.
New Posts  All Forums: