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Replace the word "agenda" with "opinion" and "push" with "share".FTFY
Is this a global warming question?
Andy "I guess we're not gonna be shipping that phone now" Rubin.FTFY
Ah yes, the "Apple started out with 100% marketshare" meme. Ask Microsoft, Palm, Nokia, Ericsson, and Blackberry: Apple started from zero marketshare and took it away from them. Nice try.
It already exists. Stephen Hawking uses the technology to communicate.
Right because nothing is better than watching 3D movies on a screen that appears to have only about 5-inches of depth from the screen plane.
I don't think this 3D display tech and Air Gestures are going to be much more than gimmicks. I mean, was it ever on Maynard Um's radar?
Oh DED. If you write just one more Samsung article today, they will send you a bouquet of flowers and a gift certificate to a local steakhouse.
And Peter Bright is happy with his Windows 8.1
Analysts are better at hindsight than foresight. Maybe they should stick to that and stare at their own asses all day.
New Posts  All Forums: