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So you're saying these cheap-ass Android tablets are secure-it-yourself hardware? Shouldn't be a problem for experienced techies who read Slashdot, know their way around the Darknets, and can hack into their own Linux-based LAN servers. In other words: Not recommended for ordinary people. Got it.
No, but Apple will be paid in the currency of Android trolls: activation statistics.
She would make a great Steve Jobs. You're just trying to oppress women. /s
Was it experimental?I thought I had read that GTAT originally manufactured large sapphire furnaces, but it's original business model was to sell furnaces. Apple wanted someone to supply sapphire, so the deal was for GTAT to use those same furnaces to produce said sapphire.
Maps provides directions and points of interest. It is not perfect, but no mapping solution is. For my in-town navigation needs, it works. And I wouldn't dismiss flyover as "shovelware." I used it to find a restaurant on the side a large building in the middle of a mall parking lot that had many store fronts on three sides. The restaurant was on the side facing away from the street. Flyover's 3D mode lets me rotate the scene and find the restaurant as opposed to...
"Bait and switch"? It's more like "cracked boules."
Tip for naysayers and haters: you'd get more attack value out of mentioning Ping instead of Maps, because Maps works pretty well. (Of course I wouldn't expect you android users to know that)
So, just an observation: this phrase frequently precedes criticism or naysaying, so much on these forums that it has lost all meaning and has become something of a joke. Just an observation.
I'm holding out for 17" running Mac OS X /s
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