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I made that up. An observation from the way people handle rumors/hearsay on these forums.
 Who says USPTO won't accept drunken submissions scrawled on bar napkins?
 5. Forum trolls post "Apple should innovate, not litigate."
Apple's been in business longer. And they've come a long way from selling 8-bit computers.
 It's word soup, selected for maximum click traffic.
The unknown is the canvas upon which we paint our biases and beliefs. It's not a reflection of truth, it's a reflection of us.
It was because of Dr. Dre and "what his music represents."drblank predicted this would happen. Katie Cotton was just the beginning. Even Woz left Apple because he knew Dr. Dre would join Apple 29 years later.
I like how fighting Hachette was "good for customers" and caving to Hachette is now "good for customers." This is spin.
The use of an intuitive, fluidly responsive multitouch UI designed to be used without a stylus. This revolutionized all smartphones. Competitors had to copy it or see their marketshare decline. Blackberry and Nokia still picking up the pieces of their former businesses. Palm already died. Windows Mobile saw their marketshare collapse.
The guy in the video was claiming it was sapphire but then later says "if it's sapphire." He doesn't know and yet he has it in his hand... Too bad he's a YouTuber and not a scientist. I suppose it doesn't matter what the hell it is as long as it is that shatterproof and durable, right? Assuming it really is the front iPhone 6 panel.
New Posts  All Forums: