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Posting bullshit and lies on MR:Weasel words like citing "common knowledge."
Trolls use personal anecdotes like "Most of my friends are Apple Fans and none of them has an Apple Watch, so Apple must be loosing [sic]."
I know, right? How hard was that?
The A7 is so horrible because it was last year's best iOS processor. I guess rapid obsolescence is the price you pay for Apple's steady cadence of hardware updates. No complaints here, just an observation. The A7 is fine, even if iPad mini won't do split screen.
You have say "Hey Siri" right after activating the display. If you say it after a delay, it won't work.As for other issues, I've not had any issues with notifications, but I've have weird intermittent issues with maps not working (even though it work perfectly on my iPhone), and watch apps that are "stuck" during updating until I reboot the watch. But these are typical 1.0 software problems. I had the original iPhone and upgraded to every iPhone OS since 1.0, and it's no...
Because Tizen and Android Wear are winning.
BREAKING: "Research note obtained by AppleInsider"
Let's talk about how this dooms Apple.
Watching him defend Android...so transparent.
1) Got any photos of the new packaging? Is it the rounded plastic box they normally put iPods Nanos and Touch models in, something cheaper?2) I think Shuffles and Nanos don't come with chargers either. Just the USB cord.4) I find it fascinating that you have these expectations. For example, iPads still have their sleep wake buttons on top, and their volume buttons to the right (instead of the left) side of the screen. Because form follows function, and Apple had a...
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