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 +5: Insightful. Surely you've read Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point?http://gladwell.com/the-tipping-point/
Teens don't care about fashion. Have you seen the way they dress? And burying their face in a phone screen is their way of saying "go away don't talk to me" And trying saying "horology" to a teen and see what reaction you get.   Caution: these people are the future.
Apple rarely talks about the brands of components used in their products. Intel, nvidia, and AMD being the notable exceptions.
I agree that not being first is a consequence of their development strategy, but I am not convinced it has ever been a "weakness" in terms of affecting their bottom line, only the attitudes of certain demographics.Apple takes arrows from those who value being first to market, but they seem to recover that when they finally "catch up" in that regard.
I think there's evidence that Apple spends two (or three) years between start to finish on each phone, based on comments made by Jony Ive and others.
Maybe it should play a sound file "ow! have you put on weight?" when flexed.
That's how I understood it. Even though the new phones are oversized for single hand use, Apple is going after the monster screen Android phones like the Galaxy with a vengeance, particularly in markets dominated by monster screen phones.
Sales clerks don't get to suggest anything to me; they do as they're told. Those are my terms of sale.
It has kaiburr crystals.
I find it amusing that some people desperately want you to believe something they read about on the Internet, but is not something they have experienced.
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