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Yes, I just said it was a cynical view. I didn't mean to infer you were trolling.
If it ends in .0.0, you say "uh-oh!" As in "nine-point-uh-oh!"
GTAT's sapphire was not all it was cracked-up to be.
What is Foxconn then?
Good job, T-Mobile.
Admit it. Most of you complainers wouldn't settle for 32GB. You would all buy more. This isn't about what YOU want to buy. Telling Apple what it should sell is about enjoying the smell of your own farts. Welcome to the fart party. Now. Deep breaths....
"No no no! Don't you understand? The Toyota Yaris is too small for me means so it's too small for everyone, and Toyota should stop making them. Also, Apple should stop making phones smaller than 5.5 inches because I personally think its the right size."
RED ALERT!Raise the FRET LEVEL to: handwringingBe more like Samsung! Bad Apple. Very bad Apple!
By far, the most annoying ads are the ones that auto-open the App Store and display some game they want you buy, as if I'm going to reward that behavior by doing what they want. This still sometimes happens on AppleInsider. And no, don't tell me it was fixed in iOS8, because it still happens. While I'm aware AI has nothing to do with producing these ads, them serving it up is nonetheless part of my mobile web surfing experience, and if Neil wants to pat himself on the back...
The Pope will arrive at the Apple Store early and wait in line for an iPhone 6s. What color should he get?
New Posts  All Forums: