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There, there. We all know Tim Cook is a very bad man who deserves nothing but spite and scorn. Feel better?
*Snort* Context.Because Apple doesn't license their OS to other hardware makers. And Apple doesn't sell its own parts to car makers.
Some of you majored in wishful thinking instead of economics.
I think iCloud is still evolving and I'll just wait until it's "ready." But I agree with the Stephen's critique over ease of use. As for making the service easier = "unlimited" storage, it's not clear Apple should do that. Users are acclimated to paying for finite storage in physical media (hard drives, memory cards, etc). Users are acclimated to the fuss of managing those devices (I.e., having to unmount volumes before removing them, managing file systems, etc). It...
5. Apple is making a LiDAR-based roof-mounted device that will drive your car for you.
You'll want to upgrade every 2 years or else sales will drop and Apple is doomed.
And yet Google and Tesla get nothing but love and adoration for doing R&D on cars.
This is why Apple innovates behind closed doors.
OMG Apple can't afford $900 million, they'd better stop spending so much on R&D and stop competing with Tesla/Google¬°
CurrenC is the future¬°
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