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I don't shop at either Walmart nor Best Buy for reasons that have nothing to do with socioeconomic status. Sounds like you have some kind of wealth-esteem issues. Apple products aren't for snobs or the rich. That's an old, worn out tech meme, but it still surfaces now and then in the forums.
Ah yes, the "limited supply" rumor. Helps to ease the pain of Apple's success.
But it's like this every year.
I saw AppleCare on the store page, yes, along with accessories like the cases. If you already preordered your iPhone, you can still add AppleCare later.
By Sunday, we should get the usual concern trolls telling us based on the speed of slipping availability dates and a big dose of bullshit inference that demand must be lower than for the iPhone 5. Just you wait. Happens every year.
9/19, bitches. Apple Store App. Same time next year for the Apple Watch preorders. Stay classy.
Welcome to Apple, Fandroids. Here's your phablet. Apple made it just for you.
 But they didn't copy the crown from the apple watch. They'll spread photoshopped LOL@APPLE photos showing watches from the 19th Century with crowns and claim they got the idea from "prior art". But we all know how Samsung solves its "crisis in design": by being a "leader in following trends." Are you starting to see how Samsung and their forum lackeys operate?
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