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Eventually, most failed attempts to argue against the validity of a patent turn into claims that "well, but the patent system is screwed up" which is always based on wishful thinking about how the patent system "should" work: make it easier to copy Apple's IP. The quicker they realize their bias, the quicker we can all go home.
It is BS. A 5s would still be under Apple's standard one year warranty. He could get it replaced free of charge. But of course, concern trolls don't know that. Particularly if they are just making it up.
Because people who want phablets disagree with you, noisily. And they speak for everyone.
Extrapolating from this data, consumer interest in the iPhone 11 should exceed 100%. Maybe Apple should skip 6 through 10.
I believe the troll meme is that "Apple never really invented anything." So why would they start innovating now?
Because AI has a romance with Kuo.
That sounds like a terrific idea. CDs aren't DRM'd anyway, so it's not like Amazon is making the music less secure than the CD they're delivering.I'm fully invested in the iTunes ecosystem, and I personally don't miss the lack of physical media. In fact, I like the iCloud storage and access to my music anytime.
Internet safely!
I'm saying giving the HMS Titanic a complete and awesome makeover while it is sinking will not stop it from sinking.
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