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started copying the iPhones?
MEMO TO 69 MILLION iPhone 6 users who don't give a rats ass.
"Let's be honest here."
What it needs is a halitosis effect sensor and a kitchen sink sensor. Oh you think I'm joking, but Samsung would do it. They would.
But but but the savings! Android tablets for $39! SD cards = infinite storage! Android 4.2 is not that old! Students need customization! You can't educate without it!
It's only a silly obsession when Apple makes a thin phone.
9 cores. C'mon Sammy, you can do it.
All gigahertz's are the same, so why not buy from the lowest bidder? It's not like any of these public school victims have a future. /s
USB-C is the new IGZO: it is magical and can do everything and it's automatically cool because it's not Thunderbolt. I call it "fourth time's a charm."
March - iOS 8.2 released June - iOS 9 beta released Sept - iOS 9.0 released October - iOS 9.0.1 released October 2 - iOS 9.0.2 released
New Posts  All Forums: