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You're confusing what you think the iPhone is about with how Apple communicates to the world about the iPhone. And maybe I didn't make my point clearer, so let me rephrase my earlier statement: when has Apple made the iPhone all about its technical specs? Apple itself releases very few actual technical specs, and never without context of user benefit. For example, the clock speed of the processor isn't something Apple puts in the iPhone's spec sheet. The only thing we get...
Sog35 doesn't count. I have stated before I don't want a larger screen, but I'm buying the iPhone 6 because I want a new iPhone, and I want to use Apple Pay and Apple Watch. If the iPhone 6 was also available in a 4.0-inch size, then that's the one I would buy. But it is not, so I ordered the smallest screen available. Don't confuse that with wanting a larger screen size, as sog35 does.
I am surprised that accepting a complementary U2 album isn't written in to the iTunes Store terms of service. You know, that long legal form we all clicked "I agree" to.
If the iPhone is merely the sum of its specs. This is the reductionist philosophy that years of commodity PC parts and "intel inside" have infected the tech world with. I'm not impressed.
Really? You think it was spread out evenly over a 24 hour day?It was probably more like 2-3 million preorder requests at exactly 12:01am PDT.
Samsung does anyway. They imagine that by talking smack about Apple, they'll endear themselves to Android users. But not all Android users hate Apple; just the ones who troll on tech sites.
Bigger than bigger.
I don't agree. The Asian markets--particularly China--are where smartphone growth is at. It was a shrewd move on Tim's part. While the phablet craze does not suit my tastes or needs, I believe that by caving to the Asian market, Apple is eliminating the biggest and most obvious criticism of the iPhone from that market: screen size.This is business. Look at Buick, a shitty brand that sells rebadged Chevys, but when GM went bankrupt and closed down Oldsmobile, Pontiac,...
When in the history of the iPhone was it ever about specs?
Well Apple did cave to the Asian market fetish for big phablets.
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