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So are the hyper-saturated colors from OLEDs on "flagship" phones.
Now they're playing Apple's game.
Soon graduating to "Beleaguered."
Yes. As in.
On sale Wednesday, delivery by Friday, doomed by next Monday.
Aaron Sorkin's fan fiction about the live of the real Steve Jobs.
Thank you for registering your doubt with the Department of I Don't Give A Rats Ass. Your opinion doesn't change anything.
He always puts the "Apple is always wrong" spin on things. Witness the intellectual dishonesty at work here as he twists the meaning of "Apple would present itself as different" to mean Apple can't do bag searches like every other "rich employer." He can't seriously be implying that "Think Different" = tolerate or condone theft by employees. Nor does being a "rich employer" mean Apple should permit theft and absorb the losses. It's just dishonest naysaying without thinking...
Fins and chrome? Or miles of quilted soft Corinthian leather hides? Stick-on vinyl wood grain dash appliqu├ęs?
New Posts  All Forums: