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Apple to hire Kayne West to take the mic away from Taylor Swift next time.
"Analyst says Apple preparing new iPhone 6S as Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 looms"
Creepy prediction. The solution to any problem in life is a product, sold by Amazon.
So Apple invented gaming headsets now? /s
The "but but but you need at least 2GB of RAM" trolls would have you believe computers just weren't capable of running on anything less. How ever did Apple and NeXT manage to sell workstations and servers with only megabytes of RAM?
Haha! Now who's the copycat! Haha! Oh wait, that would mean I would have to admit Samsung was copying Apple before...must rewrite history.
Display case... And that's kind of the problem. Look but don't touch. The Apple Store is normally a place to get your hands on and use Apple products. But not the watch. Yes, I did the try-on appointment the watches are locked into a demo mode. I understand why, but it limits your exposure to the software until you actually buy one, and that sucks because to use one is to fall in love with it.In contrast, my first time in the Apple Store was in 2007 the day the iPhone...
Designed by Fisher-Price. The same people who designed Windows XP's default desktop theme.
That fine, as long as the Chinese want what Americans want from Apple.
It's not that simple. And I'll thank you not to push that narrative because the trolls and hater sites will be spinning that heavily.Negotiations is a complex chess game, and Apple doesn't sacrifice a chess piece unless it buys them something more valuable. In this case, winning over Taylor Swift and other noisy holdouts will if nothing strengthen the Apple Music service. Tidal has already failed, Spotify is losing money, and Apple has one chance to get it right. They can...
New Posts  All Forums: