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If I were in school today, I'd rather have a MacBook Air.
It's payback for the US government banning certain Chinese network router brands from government purchase, for the same alleged reason.
I dunno... "Beats" me.
Everyone: Please. If I may have your attention please.   Remain calm. Do not panic.   Both companies have issued statements saying that the forum wars will go on as previously scheduled. Do not rescind any planned troll memes or displays of faux concern for Apple's competitiveness. We will continue the tribal brand wars as normal. As the Brits say, "Keep Calm and Troll On."   Thank you, The Management
Exciting. A circle of dirt!
I don't know why Sprint and its dead-end CDMA-based network are still around. But I'm glad to see Hesse go.
C'mon. It's a textbook concern troll post. "I love Apple but..."
Who is making you to upgrade every two years? You. So stop it. Don't blame Apple.
Consumers want a faster horse
Clickbait: it's where journalism is headed.
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