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 This is called "moving the goalposts."Broken screen repairs are very common, and not just on iPhones. Having unbreakable glass is not a "gimmick." It's called addressing the most common reason to repair iPhones.
Lipophobic coating.
I think the credits at the end listed Industrial Light & Magic, but I can't be sure since I can't read Chinese. (They could have been state secrets for all I know.)
But...will it blend?
Are we still on Super AMOLED? I thought by now we were on Super-Duper-Duper AMOLED now with more specs.
I will remember that the next time I need to keep a baby entertained with Rio. (No I won't)
Easy fix: Just toggle Leak State Secrets to OFF in iOS 7, under General Settings.
The term "delay" vs "on schedule" is a relative term. Relative to what the original schedule was, and outside Apple nobody knows Apple's schedule. From what I can tell, either AppleInsider or Kuo is spinning this as a "delay" in the context of the "industry consensus" about a September manufacture date. But for all we know, that was an erroneous guess to begin with. A rumor repeated can easily turn into "consensus" on the web.
Apple's plans change all the time.
This is only going to drive more people to internet radio. Or piracy. What do music companies have to lose? Are they losing sales over 90-second previews?
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