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The strong sales of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus would appear to back your conclusion up, but as an iPhone 6 user, I have found it is definitely unwieldy to use single-handedly. I would chose the 5s form factor if it was feature complete with the current gen iPhone 6.
BMW should stop selling the 3-series as it has been replaced by the larger 5- and humongous 7-series. /s
Citation needed.
Like I said, it takes one to know one, and once again, you demonstrate that you know nothing about the filthy rich.
The only childish behavior I see is name calling like "Crapwatch."I saw a tanned, well-dressed person park his white Mercedes SLS AMG gull-wing sports car in front of the Apple Store at The Domain in North Austin, and walk in. I assume you know what the SLS AMG is. So much for your sweeping generalizations about "won't ever see them around popular stores like Apple's."
LOL. That bicycle doesn't go backwards if you back pedal. The wealthy pay for quality, not quantity.
It takes one to know one, and brlawyer knows nothing about how the filthy rich use their time.
To someone who doesn't understand bespoke consumer products that excuse might fly, but forcing consumers to cobble together a 4K solution as a DIY electronics experiment amidst a compatibility minefield is not how it should work.
I have no trouble plugging Apple USB-A cables into MacBook Pro USB ports, because the USB logo always faces "up". But once you start plugging generic black USB-A cables into sideways USB ports on the back of various PCs, not to mention USB hubs which are mounted "flipped" for some no goddamned reason other than laziness of the engineers, the success rate of plugging in USB-A cables correctly on the first try drops to 50%, or less. Along with user happiness. As far as user...
Kind of like how HD was originally 1080p, but cable and satellite providers complained about the bandwidth required and the industry redefined HD as 720p and created "Full HD" to describe 1080p.Or how 4G was originally the name for LTE before telecoms started marketing 3G HSPA as "4G" and to prevent confusion, created "4G LTE" to describe 4G based on LTE.
New Posts  All Forums: