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Did you forget the /s?
That guy has an absolutely biased perspective. Microsoft .net = the pinnacle of software development? Silverlight the choice for cross-platform? Bitch, please. Microsoft is fighting to stay relevant outside of enterprise coding.It must suck to realize that despite how "superior" the Windows Phone 8 development languages and SDK are, all the notable mobile app developers have learned Obj-C (maybe even put up with it) to get published on iOS. It's gotta burn.He's also not...
Nintendo is pretty sure portable 3D screens are the future. Pretty sure.
23 megapixels. I hope it is true. It won't stop the trolls who will post cheap shots about FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, and Dre.
That blows 4K out of the water, if it refers to a real unreleased product.
I'm pretty sure the Xcode 4 example you have compiles in NeXT Project Builder circa 1989. It's about damn time Apple moved Mac OS X programming into the 2010s.
MFi requires controller manufacturers to use a single Apple-approved supplier for button switches and analog sticks. This raises the BOM.
No analog sticks for $99?
All.The.People.You.Know.With.Android.Phones...All of them?All of them.OK. I need no other proof. You win.
Not THE most pathetic.
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