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That's not relevant to me. I don't think dogs or bears or elephants or dolphins look at human diversity and decide to treat groups of humans with one shade of skin differently than those of a different shade. We're just humans to them. Why can't we be humans to each other?
Han shot first. I mean seriously.
I don't see color. 100% Homo Sapiens
 Tech website? OMG, I haven't laughed so hard in days. It's a curated RSS feed of other websites' content, only attached to a dozen Google Ads in the margins. (Ironically, if it really was an RSS feed, it would contain fewer spelling, formatting, and grammar mistakes, and be more timely) And…"IT staff"? What staff?
Isn't it so obvious that a 5.5" iPhone 6 is coming? /s
Meh, not a selling point for me. I'm not a slave to MS-Office any more.
I remember seeing a YouTube video of a 100 year old woman who loves with her iPad because its bright screen and large fonts made it possible for her to read books and even write poetry. And it was the first computer she had ever owned, and she was using it like she had always known how to. There are also two-year olds who know how to use an iPad. The way Apple uses the touch screen isn't to be cool or to be a novelty. It's part of a larger effort to simplify human-computer...
At first, I thought the Apple Remote (the one that ships with AppleTV and worked with older Macs' FrontRow software) was simple to the point of being abstruse. After using it on the AppleTV, I can say that it works well, even if the functions triggered by the four compass direction buttons are not always obvious. The advantage it has over the remotes with 78 buttons (like the Blu-Ray remote for the Sony PS3) is that you don't have to hunt around in the dark to see what...
Double-tap the home key on the keyboard (top left corner).
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