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Didn't realize AMD was still a threat. Perhaps they'll be distracted by AMD and miss the ARM coming after them.
Or that Duracell said to Starbucks: "we got this idea to increase adoption of our power mats, and you get to offer your customers a new service."Assume Apple doesn't share its secrets with ANYONE.
Perhaps it was Duracell's plan all along. And it's not a bad plan.
I'm hoping iPhone 6 has integrated Android, Tizen, NFC, KFC, PVC, TLC, DVD, BPA, DED, and every other kitchen sink feature built in, so I can impress my friends. Wait, did I say iPhone 6? I meant Samsung Galaxy S6: Now with more more.
You forgot the iMac fan who keeps complaining about Apple's "unhealthy obsession with thinness" and lack of front facing USB ports and SD card slots.
 Reality doesn't have an infinite resolution either.
 You are correct. Encoding is independent of storage format. The BDMV spec gives no guarantee on quality whatsoever. Anyone who reads Blu-Ray movie reviews on Amazon, will see plenty of disappointing studio releases on Blu-Ray. I expect anyone who professes to care about "optimum video and sound quality" would know that. Now Sony is marketing "Mastered in 4K" Blu-Ray discs that are nothing more than regular HD, which begs the question: if Blu-Ray was already "optimum" why...
Oh you did not just go there. Are you prepared to face what you've unleashed? Better check the definition of infinite before answering in the affirmative... (Now is your chance to backpedal and save face)
Better not leave any of those gadgets at home then.
Capt. Picard: "Computer, seal off all ventilation shafts on decks 10 through 12."
New Posts  All Forums: