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I hear you. That's why I cut off my Android-loving friends. Gives them time to rethink their mistake.
Stephen Sinofsky escaped before things got this awkward on stage.
They got jealous of all the attention and geek adulation Google's X labs received for beta and concept projects that aren't productized. I think Microsoft wanted a piece of that action.
How's the future? Who wins the World Cup in 2015?
What happens after the first year?
Ironically, the second part is what Michael Dell actually did with Dell.
At least you admitted they were/are following. This is a big step forward for you. We're proud of you!
The litmus test for "it's free (as in beer)" is if Microsoft removes Windows Genuine Advantage and all the activation restrictions that goes with it.
But 1000000 x 0 = 0
I'm making fun of the fact that Samsung was so quick to say "64-bit mobile CPU? Me too!!!" the same day Apple dropped the mic.
New Posts  All Forums: