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Megapixels. It's all about them megapixels.
Because Internet.
Still waiting for IDC to be right. about. anything.   IDC predicts Windows Phone will top Apple's iOS in market share by 2015
Who's discouraging Pebble? Don't conflate "bashing" with "discouraging."
Best Buy. Who shops there anymore?
I don't think they did. This watch is for the Android/Linux/Slashdot crowd.
Rampancy. She wasn't supposed to be in service that long.
So I understood that by migrating your MobileMe account, it would become your iCloud.com account/Apple ID. For example, if you were XYZ@me.com you would become XYZ@icloud.com. After migrating, you have one account with two aliases (three, if you migrated from .mac). Your XYZ@me.com would still work for all purchases AND--this part isn't explained very clearly--you can use it as an alias for XYZ@icloud.com. In other words, you could use your old MobileMe account name as...
Didn't they send out emails telling you to migrate your MobileMe account? Hell, I was able to migrate from .mac to MobileMe all the way forward to iCloud.com.
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