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 This is only a rumor, attributed to ifoapplestore.com. For all we know, they made it up. Echo sites are re-reporting it as "news" and by the time AppleInsider hears about it (they're usually the last to, since they're feed scrapers), they've erased any doubt and presented it as fact. But the one thing you cannot say is that Apple issued a press release about this.
Your personal confirmation bias is so interesting. Please tell us more. /s
The US jury system is based on the idea that fairness can be consciously chosen, despite whatever internal biases a person has. Are you accusing American jurors of (1.) conscious disregard for court instructions to be fair, (2.) unconscious influence of bias on their conscious effort to be fair, and/or (3.) insinuating that American jurors are less fair than jurors in other countries? Please clarify.
The British accent in their advertisements sold me.
Imagine the horror if she's caught owning any Apple products. An iPod? Mistrial!
Uh-oh. I expect Samsung to file a motion for mistrial over this revelation by the jurors. /s
 Toilet. electronic toilet.
I'm waiting for AI to write a "feature" comparing the actual prediction accuracy of its favorite "analyst" instead of just asserting how "well-connected" he is. There's still a lot of guesswork on Ming-chi Kuo's part to turn supply chain whispers into a meaningful predictor of future products.
If the schools still show educational videos on Betamax, then perhaps they won't mind using Windows RT.
Nonsense. The beauty of the Microsoft era of computing was that if technology didn't work, it was the users' fault: you should have known better, you should have been trained to know where features were hidden in Office Ribbon, why did you make these Windows registry changes, why did you install these programs in the wrong order therefore replacing new DLLs with old DLLs, didn't you know when you uninstall programs you're supposed to leave DLLs installed even though the...
New Posts  All Forums: