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 It reminds me of when Apple switched from the iPod 30-pin Dock connector to the new Lightning connector. Boy was there "concern" and gnashing of teeth. But the Apple users got over it, and nobody whines about it now. You'd think the writers for AI would have some perspective from recent history. Most of the complaining is from people who resist change, but once the "new way" becomes normal, they'll fight to keep that status quo. (They finally stopped complaining about the...
 Yes, you do have one foot in "the future" (MacBook Retina) and one foot in the past (Sony Compact Camera).  Who uses a compact camera any more? I thought the smartphones had all but decimated their sales. In any case, your editorial is specific to your choices. I would, in your position, take those photos on an iPhone just because it's more convenient and the iPhone actually takes better photos than my old compact camera, a Nikon Coolpix (which the iPhone replaced)....
Then find a website that isn't talking about the things you don't like. Don't tell the rest of us what we can and cannot talk about.
I'm also unimpressed by the clarity of addressable reflective display technology. Yes, I have a Kindle Paper, and it requires an LED front light to get the best contrast, unless you are reading under a bright, direct light source. Otherwise it is medium to low contrast: darker gray against lighter gray.If you want to drive pixels at the density and refresh rate that Apple Watch and Android Wear seem to require, it has to be OLED or LCD.
I do. That is an actually original approach to smartwatches, which is far better than their lets-shrink-an-Android-phone approach. (How well it works is an unanswered question at the moment, and requires an implementation.) And that is all Tim Cook said he wanted from Samsung: for them to compete with their own ideas. If Samsung wins using their own ideas, they can have all the credit. And consumers will have meaningful choices, instead of: Genuine Apple product, Apple...
That occurred to me as well, when I was brainstorming ways to control a watch. The bezel on my traditional watches don't control the watch, but they do rotate. It could be used as a scroll wheel controller but if you want to scroll quickly and freely, you would do what Apple eventually did on the iPod: make the wheel a circular touch sensor. In other words, the bezel would be a non rotating touch sensor.
Jony Ive said that watch makers already solved the user interface problem over a hundred years ago. Other smartwatch makers, in their rush to strap a crippled, shrunken Android phone on your wrist, overlooked the most obvious solution. Perhaps that's what you were mistaking for innovation to impress your great-grandparents. But hey, I hope you enjoy your Samsung nerd braclet: according to their advertisements, if you go to Aspen with one, all the cuties will swoon over you.
I can't wait! Ugh, not til May. Stupid Space Gray popularity...
Expect the horse and buggy crowd to show up here soon.
I like how the original iOS 8.2 version used in the Watch is fluid, or at least in the watches in the store that I used. Odd that 8.2 runs less smoothly on the iPhone 4S, which is thought to have a similar A5 chip. Maybe Apple wrung some extra performance out of the S1 version of the A5.
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