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Friendly reminder: do not respond to the Best Buy blue shirt guy.
See? Was it so damn hard to sneak a desk ruler into a factory in China to measure the new Goophone 5.5-inch shell?
Exactly my thoughts on the topic.
The important thing is to make it sound official and like multiple sources by calling it "a new report."
I can see the new Samsung commercial now, touting Knox. Starring some ditzy blond as the iPhone user and some hip, fresh cool guy as the Samsung guy. Where have I seen that before, hmm? (Open on three people riding a ski lift...)
I think I understand the psychological drivers.The list of elite desktop PC specs frequently used in forum signatures probably gave it away LOL! It's worn like a badge of honor.For notebooks it feels like spec-to-price ratio matters to them. Getting the biggest bang for the buck makes them feel smart and savvy.For phones and tablets it seems like customization and choice of hardware vendor matters over user experience. Some also don't like the walled garden even if the...
Nothing screams 5.5 inch screen like same power adapter. /s
19 more NFC rumors to go before Sept 9.
True. Most of Anandtech regulars and forum denizens are old school PC guys, BYOPC fans, and benchmark and spec worshippers. To them, Macs represent over-priced closed boxes that favor "form over function."
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