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You didn't read the article did you? Because it's not an editorial piece. It's just an update on the case.
Think of the children!
"The rest of us meant" meant people who didn't want to become programmers or geeks to use a computer. Apple products were never especially cheap or discounted the way PCs were. It was not about rich vs poor, but IT professionals vs moms and kids. Programmers vs the artsy, creative types.
 It's easy to tell when a celebrity loves a product and when just they're paid to promote it:They aren't tweeting about how much they love their Apple products from their Samsung Galaxy or their Microsoft Surface. Or being the "blah blah blah" spokesman for Apple products while personally using a HTC One. It's the other way around. Celebs love their Apple products, even when they are paid to promote something else.
So no celebrity likes Apple products, and are only seen with one because they are shallow and because Apple paid them to?
Are you implying that giving celebrities a free Apple Watch and focusing on products are mutually exclusive activities at Apple? Or can Apple do both? Historically, haven't they?
Last chance for stability before 10.11.0 ruins it again. And thus the yearly cycle of beta testing begins anew.
He's just jealous his repeated request for a free Apple Watch Edition went ignored.
For a minute I was worried you thought Amazon needed competition. /s
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