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He runs a Fortune 100 tech company.I'm just kidding. No, he doesn't.
Some of you can't wait for this product to fail.
Nonsense...competitors will make their watch face bezel thinner, the screen larger, then fandroids will call the Apple Watch stale for still being so small, then Woz will say Apple was three years late.
Like the 11" MBA killed the 17" MBP. /s
"KGI analyst," formerly "well-connected analyst," formerly "noted analyst"
You have to flag the post to get their attention.
The NeXT cube has come a long way.
If you don't follow instructions on opting out, the iMessage system will still think you are in. Even then, those customers can contact Apple to get the issue resolved. It's only "negligence" if Apple refuses to help. If taking too long to fix problems is your definition of "negligence" then Microsoft is getting off way too easy for the hundreds of unfixed bugs in their applications over the years.
Do it, Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: