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He's well-connected.
Possibly. But officers of the company are authorized to speak for the company. Officers obviously don't have to clear everything with legal, such as when they speak extemporaneously in shareholder Q&As, press interviews, etc.
About time Sharp got serious. We got IGZO addicts waiting for their next dose of IGZO.
Smell that? It's FEAR.
Keep telling yourself Bitcoin is safe from manipulation. Consensus is easy if the majority of miners are owned by a few with the resources to keep in the mining game. Then they will control the future of Bitcoin.
So that would make him Ice4 ???
At some point in his life, Steve accepted Lisa as his daughter. Of course real change is possible.
That's ok. A lot of people here will also never buy any watch they can't set and wind themselves every day as they fantasize about someday handing it down to their grandchildren as precious heirlooms.
The post I responded to, as well as my response were strictly discussing the Tesla's fake "grille," which is really more of a dark plastic cover shaped to look like a traditional, functional grille. We aren't criticizing functioning grilles used on other cars, got it?
You mean you don't know? Let's ask Foxconn, see if they know which parts Apple "manufactures".But of course, you are missing my original point. I'll simplify: Apple put there name on it, and Apple supports it, so in the end, Apple gets all the praise and all the blame, period. It's called being consistent. Trolls aren't consistent. They shift arguments to score a "win" in debate. One of the most subtle ways they do this is to praise Samsung (or some other major component...
New Posts  All Forums: