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Why don't you just build your own PC and crow about how much better it is?The only reason people troll here about "but but but competition is good" on this site is because they want to get on their soapbox and to tell Apple that it should be copying the competition. In this case, you are pushing the idea that Apple should join "the competition" in playing the low margin game.That's because you just compared Apple's unit pricing on desktop computers to a high volume, low...
I find it ironic that Apple is frequently accused of form over function, yet so many Android trolls get a hard on for stupid, niche novelties like the S6 Edge.
No. What's cool is leaving your phone in your pocket or purse or a completely different room in your home, completely out of your line of sight, and glancing at your wrist for notifications. I mean, how often is your phone lying edge-on when you get notifications, just so you can ooo-and-ahh at the novel edge display?
My guess is Apple's 4K solution will be called AppleTV Retina, and use H.265.
Apple is so doomed, it's already dead. The media just hasn't picked up the story yet. Apple, Inc 1976-2015. May you rest in eternal doom.
Lessons in successfully trolling:1. When it's something nice, you name the OEM of the component, i.e., it's Samsung's A8 chip or LG's LCD panel2. When it's a defective part, the actual component maker (nvidia, Seagate) disappears behind Apple's name.Follow these simple rules so you'll never accidentally judge Apple on a level playing field.
You know...they could get away with that, if they did it. The courts work so slowly, that it would be 2022 before Apple would see a dime in damages from Samsung calling their next phone an iPhone. And the whole time, Sammy fans will be defending Samsung's right to use the name "iPhone" because Apple "stole" it from Cisco, haha.
First rule of tech journalism: It's only wrong when Apple does it.
The original Edge had wraparound screen on only one edge, which was even weirder, and certainly unattractive.
Because the artist works for the middleman, not the other way around.
New Posts  All Forums: