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And this is why iPhone 7 will be, nay, must be thinner and lighter. It's like the time Apple made the iPad 3 thicker and heavier to achieve the worlds first retina display tablet in 2012, and people complained that it was too heavy. The iPad Air righted that wrong two years later.
It's called foie gras. Only cheap-ass Linux & Costco fans call it duck. /s
Uh oh. Millimeters again.  
There is some truth to that. For one thing, I'm not seeing the "disappointment" over the iPhone 6s' "stale" design that usually accompanies the "S" revision. It seems that Apple's aggressive and thorough updating of just about every component (not to mention a new rose gold color) in the iPhone 6s has paid off. It looks the same, but it's completely upgraded and not just in specs. 3D Touch looks to be a defining change in how iOS operates on the iPhone. Even if Apple...
Ming-Chi Kuo emptied the contents of his large intestine into a porcelain bowl filled with water, a copy of which was obtained by AppleInsider.
So if Tesla goes under, it will be seen as proof that electric cars are a failure, even if the reasons for Tesla's failure are unrelated to the efficacy of battery powered cars. The company has to succeed to have a lasting impact.
The false dilemma you present is that choice will go away. I disagree: there will always be a choice because there will always be competition.History has shown that consumers won't be forced into anything. What will happen is that some consumers simply won't pay for subscriptions and if that results in an unsustainable solution, then the subscription model will collapse. Or, consumers will abandon the paid subscription model for free alternatives, even if that means using...
Proof by "it's fair to assume..." /s Woz is correct, but the circumstances of Jobs' departure (Jobs resigned, but only after he had been stripped of executive responsibility by the board) are well documented elsewhere. Not sure why Woz needs to chime with a "it's fair to assume." Jobs says he was "fired" but I've come to interpret that as Jobs thought he was being pushed out. And he was. Sometimes, large companies will not fire executives, but give them no...
That's a juicy rumor. And of course, I would take anything said by Musk with a grain of salt. He's not exactly going to confirm to his investors if they were hemorraging talent. And in some cases, he may not know where Tesla's attrition is going if the employee who quits doesn't volunteer that information, such as by updating their LinkedIn profile.
According to the Sept 9 keynote, it will only be available in U.S. Apple Retail Stores. So, not for preorder.
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