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Maybe it should play a sound file "ow! have you put on weight?" when flexed.
That's how I understood it. Even though the new phones are oversized for single hand use, Apple is going after the monster screen Android phones like the Galaxy with a vengeance, particularly in markets dominated by monster screen phones.
Sales clerks don't get to suggest anything to me; they do as they're told. Those are my terms of sale.
It has kaiburr crystals.
I find it amusing that some people desperately want you to believe something they read about on the Internet, but is not something they have experienced.
They can always add inches to their phablet screen or pixel density, or failing that, MORE CORES. So much more room for "innovation" left. Don't count them out¡
 I found a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG just sitting in front an Apple Store one day. Like someone had parked it there and walked inside the store. I found it, and I assume they didn't want it any more. It's mine now. /s
There was nothing scientific about what he did. Nothing. It's not a testing apparatus.
MacVicta's argument seems to be: "where there's smoke, there's fire." The Internet doesn't work that way. It works like this: "where there's smoke, there's a meme about fire that keeps getting repeated over and over again until it seems like there's a 'consensus' about there being fire." Apple sold millions of iPhone 6's and only received 9 complaints. And a testing apparatus revealed the iPhone 6 Plus should hold up under normal use.
The problem with anecdotal claims is that they're not remotely scientific. And the Internet is a giant echo chamber. It reflects what's popular, not necessarily what is factual.
New Posts  All Forums: