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 Cringeworthy TV ads.
I miss that one troll who would get completely bent out of shape if you posted any critical comment about the Fire Phone or Amazon. He would state the bloody obvious about Amazon's strategy then claim "but most of you don't get it." Never mind that others had posted plenty of evidence to the contrary. He would play the "I'm a developer" card as vague justification for why he was rational and right, and everyone else was irrational and wrong. He'd throw out amazingly...
Yeah, Huddler's not big on Apple. They're all pro-Google, all the way.
 LVM, apparently.
Panic sets in.
iPhone 6 U2 Edition
 It'd be funny if it was just a reversible USB Type A connector and a special iPod Touch U2 Edition. Everyone would be so "disappointed," especially the self-important tech bloggers who think the world of their opinions. If Apple under-delivers, they will never live it down.
This reminds me of the time Krusty The Clown offered a $40 check to anyone as an incentive for watching his show, with the added disclaimer "checks will not be honored."
Funny how we didn't say that about the old blackberry and palm treos back in the before time, in the long long ago, or otherwise we'd have giant flip phones with full sized QWERTY keyboards and 6" square screens today.
It's probably the rumor mill equivalent of "fan art."
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