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Does anyone else pronounce Gizmodo as Jizz-modo? It seems appropriate sometimes.
In other words, he learned how to become a more effective jerk I'm kidding.
Haters gonna hate.
I did. I played those Java games on the RAZR. For hours. I texted. I even had an IM chat client installed. I never once felt the screen needed to bigger.
We also used to make fun of those older brick-sized Motorola StarTAC phones as clunky and dated, but big is coming back with a goddamned vengeance, and you will like it goddamnit.
The critics also said Apple should spin-off the Mac and license MacOS to clone makers because that formula worked so well for Microsoft and Windows 98 was on top of the goddamned world just do what Microsoft did and you'll be rich.
Something tells me those who cherry pick benchmarks to attack Apple aren't so much "duped" as willing participants in dismissing Apple.
Don't worry. Once other ARM licensees are on the 64-bit train, it'll be praised as 'innovation' by the haters.
Wouldn't a simpler smoke and CO detector be better? What's next, a Google-Nest fire extinguisher with Google voice control and G+ integration so your online friends can share your emergency?
 It's important to never declare the iPhone the winner, if you want to maintain "street cred" with the spec chasers who proclaim Apple's 64-bit is a gimmick.
New Posts  All Forums: