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It's the best place to ride out the Android apocalypse.
For whatever reason, fandroids consider it cool, like wrapping thin rubber bands around 24" chrome dubs and putting that on your car so you look like the OG. Never mind that it would be impractical on potholed roads. It's all about stylin'.
Some rumors are called "rumors" Other rumors are called "reports" How does AI decide?
"Havana Apple Store!""Sorry, you can't have one!"
Vue is Sony's AppleTV.
Isn't that Jeff Williams' car?
Tap the image on your iPhone and then rotate to landscape.
Apple has not said they will get priority. If you're on the upgrade program, you decide when to upgrade and you order the new phone just like anyone else. The only difference is that it'll cost nothing up front. But your order is not given different priority.
I want to write Unix sh scripts to automate folder management can I get a hell yes?
"I am a "fanboy" as well but" "I'm an Apple fan but" "I've been using a Mac since 1984 but" will not increase your credibility in the forums.
New Posts  All Forums: