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Do wireless carriers guarantee delivery of SMS to recipients? Does SMS tell you when a message was received and read by recipients? Does it notify you when messages do not get through?Your job relies on SMS? Are you kidding me?
God if we could bring class action against companies over technical issues. I would get Microsoft back for 25 years of Windows.
Apple has made it clear that anyone encountering this issue can contact Apple to receive help in delisting their number from iMessage. Good luck with a class action suit regarding a support issue.
Why not. Haters gonna hate.
I like these ideas, particularly location-based security.
Cue sog gloating over TS below
I'm pretty sure Moore's law ends in eight years time. Then buy. /s
I cant wait for them to "> roll out solutions.
Naysayers on your soapbox: I've grown deaf to your Apple failure fantasies.
It should be called WWSJD. To which Tim would say: "trust my instincts."
New Posts  All Forums: