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Bob Barker gettin his groove on.
The U.S. needs to start producing more middle class babies.
BF would have given his posts a like. Heck, all the naysayers for that matter.
reductio ad absurdum?
I got off this treadmill a long time ago, but I acknowledge that Office remains one of Mac's oldest and most important software packages. I wish Microsoft well, but I prefer to watch them slide into irrelevancy.
Using an iPod in a chess tournament is more like using steroids in athletics: the issue isn't that machines are better blah blah, but because it's cheating in competitive sports
They're more like hacker cranks. They have a "repair manifesto." Nobody except DIY hobbyists would care, but for some reason, tech sites with no affinity or affiliation with iFixit's politics love linking to their tear-down porn, giving them and their soapbox higher visibility than is otherwise warranted. I also think it's one of the reason they tear down Apple products: for the attention it brings them. I mean, otherwise, I wouldn't have heard of them or their manifesto.
Thankfully, Skylake will be the best. Intel will not release anything faster afterwards. /s
"Cash in"? Early adopters aren't casino chips. They're a vital link in the technology adoption story. 
Someone will gold plate their Milanese loop band and slap it on their Watch Edition. http://www.goldplating.com  
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