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Because tech snobs love Nokia, but hate crappy headphones from Dr. Thug. /s
No. Fake (non-functional) grilles are stupid. (Edit) They're like fake wheel covers.
Tesla Apple needs competition.
If it didn't come from Ming-chi Kuo, it's bogus. /s
Too late for Bill Cosby, then
Bad news sticks to Apple. Heck, I don't understand why Apple isn't getting dinged for how easy it is to bend (and break) the Galaxy S6 Edge.
The "Android Edition".... Yeah, that's like putting a Wal-Mart badge on your S600.
I'm a Mikey fan. Voice of FM radio DJ butter.
But but but a Rolex can tell you the time at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Surely that's more useful than giving you blood glucose readingsĀ”
Totally want to see that offered. Hurry up, Apple! Widen the distance between Apple Watch and lesser wearables!
New Posts  All Forums: