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Doesn't the government already have their man on the inside: Bromwich? Just ask him to harass Apple executives some more.
There's always the S1.
If only it had any effect. The press still gets to bestow "well-connected with a strong track record" on whomever they wish.
Don't worry. The pundits will still paint a picture of "disappointment" in the new iPhones, while secretly wanting to see its features copied into their favorite Android-based clone.
But Samsung's me-first Galaxy Gear watches were somehow immune to the "my snooty jewelry watch > smartwatch" arguments used to bash the Apple Watch. I think people are really annoyed off by the thought of Apple succeeding, but they have no problem if Sammy or Pebble take a stab at a new market and fail.
The iPhone 5s shipped in Sept 2013. The standard tech press talking points was how "disappointed" people were, then it went on to sell even stronger than the iPhone 5 or any previous iPhone model before it. Yet the press never keeps score of their failed predictions.
I remember when the A7 shipped, it was met with disparaging lies, disbelief, doubt, and fact-free defensive statements about the supposedly already 64-bitness of Android. The perfect storm.
Because Apple needs competition. Not Spotify.
How cute! They think they're Apple.
If AI adds an opinion, it adds "value" to the news article. /s
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