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Do they have a YouTube channel in need of content?
I wouldn't trust a YouTube channel like Unbox Theraby to rate anything.
Several sites polished his knob, not just this one. 9-5, MR, BI, BGR. The usual rumor mill suspects. What makes it funny is that AI used almost the same lengthy boilerplate description for Kuo in every article, with only a few variations.
The solution to sagging book sales: make the pages bigger. /s
Why does AppleInsider keep referring to this as "iPad Pro"?
Click. click. click. click.Profit!
 But but but customization¡
Down to "Swiss Made" rendered in low, pen tile resolution. So fake, it sits above the Moto "flat tire".
But but but how hard can it be? /shttp://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0130U8Y2CI've been waiting for hapless Watch makers to try to take on Apple on its turf. That's how Apple gets you: they changed the game, made you play by their rules. The new rules of wearable computers, not the old rules of wrist-worn timepieces. Remember when Apple finally took on the Microsoft Windows PC hegemony by moving Internet-connected computers off the desktop and into our pockets? Game: changed.
Is that Big Ben Frost?
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