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One man's Shin getting kicked is another man's Boon.I never felt insulted. That Samsung portrays itself as hip and cool in the bizarro universe of its own advertisements is neither surprising nor realistic. If something they made really was "the next big thing" they wouldn't have to keep selling people on that idea in advertising. As it stands, they keep pilfering Apple, Google, and Microsoft for ideas, and making their "S" version of whatever it is. I'm surprised they...
I call horse manure on another terrible headline from the amateurs at AppleInsider. "Apple's forecast to sell 71.5M iPhone units in Q4" is in fact, Ming-chi Kuo's forecast and not Apple's. If you want to obfuscate the subject in the headline by using passive verbs, at least say "Apple forecasted to sell 71.5M iPhone units in Q4". It's still weak, but less misleading. Yes, yes, I know you thought "Apple's forecast" would be a clear contraction of "Apple is forecast." But...
I'm less enthused about describing HD by the vertical resolution. In the early days, the term "1080i" would be abused to mean 1440x1080 (interlaced, to save bandwidth, so each frame carried only 1440x540 pixels). DirecTV and HDV were doing that, so later, the term "Full HD" was coined to describe 1920x1080 (progressive scan). I always liked how computer monitor resolutions were cut and dried: 1600x1200 means exactly that. No dicking around with tricky marketing terms to...
 "Drat! Double drat! Triple drat! Muttley, these silly ads are your fault!"
They don't exist.Radio Shack, that is.
Your post is a random grab bag of I-can-run-Apple-betterism, glass-half-emptyism and sky-is-fallingism.Stop, take a deep breath, think coherently, and try again.1. Do you want Apple to become a Hollywood studio? Because they'll just end up being a pipeline for their own content, or didn't you think that through?2. The whole point of digital downloads to rid yourself of physical optical media. Why should you lament the loss of iTunes download coupons in your Blu-Ray discs...
That's the old Siri voice, from iOS 6.
In a window on your iMac 27" 5K 
Each passing year without an Apple TV update makes it more possible that the next gen ATV could support 4K, even if not enabled right away. Think about it: at launch, a 4K ATV would have to have 4K content ready, updates to the iTunes Stores, the A8X chip, and at least HDMI 1.4, and possibly more internal storage. My opinion, at least.
He wants to troll.
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