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Agreed. The 5S looked like the 5, but introduced Touch ID, a better, slo-mo camera, True Tone flash, gold finish, and the first 64-bit A7 chip. I think techies familiar with Intel and nvidia's "tick tock" product releases have grown accustomed to thinking of the tock as optimization, but Apple introduces core features in both tick and tock. They aren't resting on their laurels.
It's only a learning curve if you never touched an iPhone 6s and are only watching it demonstrated on web videos, and plan to go back to Android when you're done. Knowing Apple, the UI is probably very natural and responsive to your pressure. Or let me put it another way: if it wasn't natural feeling and intuitive, Apple would be raked over the coals once the 6s is available in Apple Retail Stores for people to touch and use.
+1 for Mikey as host!
"Blew it."I hope so. Apple doesn't nothing half-assed. They either succeed or fail using their whole ass.
I think it's intended for a quick charge of a dead pencil, so you can continue working. For a full charge, someone will sell a "Pencil Holder" (dock).
I mean, seriously do you not think someone will sell a "charging folio" with a battery to the pen right in a Pencil holder? As an artist, I would want to carry both the iPad and Pencil together.
You're a terrible parody of what it means to be an "apple loyalist". You list a bunch of tired memes about iPad not being Windows PC enough and claim to be rethinking your lack of diversification. Really? If mean what you say in ernest, then by all means, go buy a Windows PC. Your money, your choice, and as I've said many times before in these forums, that is all that matters.Your post is the most fake, disingenuous concern trolling example if ever I saw one. Let's look at...
I expect a third party company to sell a charging solution for this.
 Post hoc ergo propter hoc.
Since you're not familiar with iPhones, I'll let you in on a secret: the iPhone uses a LCD screen. Those pixels would be on anyway. The pixels are backlit (technically side-lit, but same principle), not lit individually as they are in your Samsung Galaxy S5. Apple is using the backlighting as a flash.If you're a studio photographer, you might be familiar with the concept of a light box (or soft box). These are diffusers that take a point light source, such as a photo flash...
New Posts  All Forums: