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If Microsoft wants tech that is invisible, they first need to solve two problems: 1) Windows doesn't work like that, and 2) Microsoft's reliance on Windows to extend their hegemony over people. The problem with Microsoft tech is that it is the opposite of invisible: it's unruly, tasteless, and demands that you, the user, solve basic problem. As a Windows user, not only do I see "the man behind the curtain" (from The Wizard of Oz), but I have to fix everything that's wrong...
LOL. Don't plug in your device to a different USB port on the hub, because if you do, Windows will search for drivers all over again!I've also had Windows 7 take literally 5-6 minutes to finish installation of HID devices (using standard HID drivers that were already freakin' built in to Windows). What's more annoying? Windows forgets the device and I have to suffer through the wait again. The device was a Logitech presenter (wireless clicker for PowerPoint), which appears...
Mostly. Most people fall into the lottery tier, but what Apple doesn't publicize is that there are other tiers, like a VIP group--seats reserved for important or influential people. How so I know this? I don't. I'm speculating. But I know a high-level someone from a Fortune 500 company who was invited in by Apple after WWDC had sold out in a previous year. And I'm sure seats are held for Apple executives and their "plus ones."
I deadpan much. It's hard to tell with me.
$9 billion isn't even the cost of a Motorola. Chump change to Google.
Apple sues over right and wrong.Samsung sues to manipulate public perception.
I tend to agree. If you buy a phone because of benchmarks, you'll probably know about the cheating (it was widely reported by the benchmarking sites), but unless the lab that does the benchmark adjusts for it (or punishes by delisting), what will probably happen is that a sound bite will emerge: "Samsung = fastest" because people have an annoying tendency to lose details and keep only a snippet--a conclusion--from those data-heavy benchmark article. That is, some people...
It's the UK. Something is wrong if they praise Apple.
If not, Apple needs to go on a hiring spree.
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