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Einstein did say time was relative to the observer.
My hope is that those "but but but android supports flash" trolls got the pwnage they deserved. They only made pro-flash arguments because it was a cheap dig against Apple.
Exactly. Why bother with 8.4 when 8.4.1 is going to fix the bugs?
What do you mean? My heart is overflowing with love for Amazon and low low prices. Even the paperwhite's single-touch keyboard is a joy to use. I was typing too fast anyway. Pecking out letters with an awkward pause between keys is like writing calligraphy: you want to take your time with each letter...savor the moment. No, friend, there is no bitterness. Amazon has a special place in my heart, and in the hearts of the DOJ and Wall St.
Craig may be saying everything is fine, but in reality, he's just talking about his hair.
Oh yeah? I'm an even bigger Amazon fanboy. I've had Prime since before it came out! Reviews are always factual and trustworthy, and the review system is impossible to game. My Kindle Paperwhite is so white, that white looks gray next to it. And its non-multitouch predictive keyboard is so responsive and smart, I nvver maje any midtKes.
The court will appoint Michael Bromwich, who will find nothing improper going on at Amazon, praise Jeff Bezos for creating competition with that nasty, nasty Apple, and return home after a light meal in the Amazon employee lounge.
Ouch. Either that or Antennagate.
He is here. Prepare this thread to be boarded.
New Posts  All Forums: