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Sounds like the king posing with his sword over the dead dragon. "look what I slew!"Meanwhile, Amazon lurks in the shadows, careful not to appear big and powerful, even though its powerful enough to push large publisher around.It's odd, really. I as a consumer chose to pay whatever price Apple and Amazon charged me for eBooks and yet the government is saying I am owed a refund because prices were fixed by a cabal of publishers and Apple? Okay. But prior to that, pricing...
What makes you think that might be the case?I happen to think Microsoft is at its worst (culturally, as well as in terms of collateral damage) when they have maximum influence and market power. A Microsoft in decline is less dangerous, don't you think?
The irony is that it's Nokia who's really in that hearse.
The beauty is that the supply chain didn't leak this and then later leak word of delays to Ming-chi Kuo. This announcement could have been "delayed" from an earlier launch date for all we know, but because we didn't know or expect it, any change in plans would not "disappoint" the concern trolls.The rumor mill hurts Apple.
 You may not know Microsoft already sold Unix, long before Apple/NeXT.  The article goes on say Microsoft bailed on Xenix because eventually AT&T began selling Unix licenses directly, so Microsoft sent the Xenix development team to work on OS/2 with IBM. Microsoft started selling Xenix before MS-DOS, so they never really competed because they served different purposes. DOS was created for IBM's first PC. 
 Actually, MS has its roots in writing software for Apple, long before MS-DOS came into the picture.
 You know Watson can only answer you in the form of a question, right?  
 I just hope this is more successful than Taligent, Kaleida and AIM alliance.
 It's not so bad being Microsoft. They can ride the PC/Windows/IE/Office on their way to obsolescence.
The bigger news is that it's not about the Mac in enterprise, but iPads and iPhones. These platforms are already disrupting the workplace, so this is the next logical step. IBM for its part seems interested in partnering with a single leading vendor in enterprise mobile, and it ain't Blackberry or Microsoft or Googs
New Posts  All Forums: