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I like the default engraving: "Designed by Apple in California"
Yes, but have you TRIED unicorn bacon?Calling a unicorn a horse is like calling IGZO a Passive STN display. Surely you understand that analogy, Flaneur.
Because posting IGZO rumors into the forums is like throwing fresh meat into an alligator pond.
DigiTimes throws all kinds of rumors against the wall and hopes something sticks. How about the rumor that the large iPad is designed for Bigfoots?
Then authoritarian communist leaders in Bejing should let the UN recognize Taiwan's apparent de facto sovereignty.
Changzeyan's MacBook Air. Find my Mac. Located. Leak neutralized.
Smaller space than the one near Flint Center? Clearly Apple anticipates less demand for this watch than beforeĀ”
At minimum, making Steam part of their console would give them access to one of the best game content stores around. But I noticed NVIDIA is trying to leverage their existing relationships with game developers. And I don't think that's the winning plan.
The idea of nviidia challenging the likes of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo in mind and marketshare is amusing. OUYA never lived up to its "revolution in gaming" hype.Sure, the big three "need competition" (competition is good, blah blah) but getting a few of the same games (Doom 3, really?) on a more limited platform isn't going to cut it. At least Sony and Nintendo have compelling platform exclusive titles.
I wonder how nvidia will deal with the inevitable GPU failures when they have to eat their own dog food. /s
New Posts  All Forums: