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Apple didn't invent the rounded rectangle mirror¡
I think Apple should be criticized even more harshly, while the rest of the industry gets a free pass on these labor issues¡
Maybe CurrenC and Google Wallet should let users top off their Monopoly money using ApplePay.
I wasn't aware you had to "declare independence" from a man who no longer walks the earth. It would be like declaring your independence from the Duke of Prussia.
Hopefully they'll just ban themselves.I saw a lot of iPad hate in the forums when it was announced in 2010 (those threads are still there). Most of those trolls are no longer posting in the forums.
You'll have to be more specific than hand waving. Exactly what part of the big reveal in September was too much speculation? Just asking.
The bar is set differently for Apple than everyone else. No wonder they are always doomed.
Because sog35 hasn't called them crooks and liars.
Republicans should "investigate" this deal.
Tim Cook should really listen to advice from people who are less successful at running companies than the current CEO of Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: