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I'm hoping LVM can write a preview of the Coby 4GB MP3 player next.
There was never an iPhone 2, so I think Apple should go back and fill that void.
Casio: the dork watches of the 1980s are back! Now's your chance to get back into the game!
So we're calling property theft "leaks" now. Hilarious.
I'd like for one of these so-called "real iPhone 6" videos to show an actual lightning cable plugging into the iPhone 6, and for the model number to appear in iTunes. Only real iPhones will sync with iTunes.
 I think it's a fake, but here's the kicker: the real thing may in fact look like that (or something very close to it, since the known fakes where based on allegedly leaked specs).
 Consider this:Apple hasn't sold a single iPhone 6 yet. Anyone outside of Apple, Inc. in possession of an actual iPhone 6 today is in possession of stolen property. And we know what happened the last time a blogger flaunted a stolen iPhone.
 I supposed we'll know in less than 48 hours, not much time left for speculation!
 I suspect these are fake. iPhones have always had a completely flat surface glass (edge-to-edge), but the screen glass in the phone in the video appears have rounded edges. Here's what I mean: This matches the detail of other known fakes: All things being equal, of course. It's always possible that Apple is rounding the glass at the edges with the iPhone 6, but to date, all the iOS products have flat glass, edge-to-edge, so I think it's more likely this is a fake.
Torches and pitchforks for everyone! We march on One Infinite Loop at first light!
New Posts  All Forums: