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I would like to know too. But alas, that doesn't seem to be the point of this DED article, does it?
One thing DED doesn't take a stand on is whether the newspaper is right or wrong in Samsung's case. He gives examples of where the press has made up factually incorrect stories about iPhones, but is he implying the newspaper is (thus similarly) lying about the Galaxy S5's camera (and therefore implicitly argue for Samsung's lawsuit against the paper)? Or is he taking the position that the newspaper is telling the truth, and Samsung's Galaxy S5 camera sucks?
This happened in Jan 2013? Interesting. It puts a decidedly defensive spin on the "can't innovate my ass" quip. It means the sensationalist "doomed" narratives from WSJ (and others) are working to destroy Apple, and putting Schiller on defense. Journalism my ass.
And remember, FireWire was much faster than USB 1.1 standard of the 2000-2001 time frame, and Apple favored it for moving multi-gigabytes to and from external HDDs (like the original iPod). USB 1.1 was too slow for that. It's easy to criticize Apple in hindsight, but to Apple's credit, they began abandoning FireWire despite popular demand for it from Mac users. Apple had abandoned it on iPods years earlier. It's finally gone from Apple's laptop line, available only via a...
Apple bet the farm on USB, replacing the proprietary ADB, RS-232, and even floppy and SCSI ports found on older Macs, way back in 1998 when the first Bondi blue iMac shipped. And Mac OS X had full driver support for all standard USB devices classes (HID, sound devices, printers, etc).Meanwhile, PCs were still shipping with legacy PS2 mouse and parallel printer ports.So yeah, rewrite history as you see fit. Make the PC the star of the show.EDIT: year of first iMac was 1998,...
Watch the BYOPC crowd collectively yawn at this while they trumpet the benefits of USB 3.0, because Thunderbolt will be forever stigmatized as an "Apple proprietary technology".
Well, Microsoft has SYNC already in cars, but that doesn't count for much; that's like saying Microsoft has a phone OS and tablet OS long before the iPhone and iPad. Sync wasn't about "car apps" so much as an embedded Windows CE with no Windows-branded UI elements. This seems to lift elements from CarPlay.
A more realistic concern should be apps that stop responding, and Windows' inability to kill them (without Task Manager also hanging). Ever see Windows Explorer stop responding? It's ugly. There had better be a cold reboot switch somewhere in the car, so you can regain control when things go awry. It is also critical to know who your "system administrator" is, because Windows error messages constantly tell you bug that guy.
I predict this will fail unless it has the Windows desktop UI, keyboard and mouse, and Microsoft Office, Car Edition. I also predict that with all those things, it will still fail. And Microsoft will hang this failure on Satya Nadella, who will have to give the CEO spot up to Steve Ballmer, who returns after his "wilderness months" to lead Microsoft again. I call it "the cycle of fail."
You can't just disown the cousin you think brings embarrassment to the family name.
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