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It's sad/embarrassing that you think it has anything to do with Apple or Samsung. Dr. Dre was Dr. Dre long before he had anything to do with Apple. Would you have the same willingness to forgive if this exact scenario played out for literally ANY other person? Even further, what if this happened to a family member?
Thank goodness there's no way to capture and display images of people.
Take it in. What do you have to lose? It's under warranty.
They could be working on the fabled Apple television set.
What system? Public trading of companies?
Windows genuine advantage.
Because tech snobs love Nokia, but hate crappy headphones from Dr. Thug. /s
No. Fake (non-functional) grilles are stupid. (Edit) They're like fake wheel covers.
Tesla Apple needs competition.
If it didn't come from Ming-chi Kuo, it's bogus. /s
New Posts  All Forums: