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This guy should run for public office.
It will be filed away in the collective troll memory, to be used again whenever cherry-picked examples are needed to support a concern troll argument. Like iPhone 4 antenna-gate and iPhone 5 scuff-gate.
This site is really bringing out the "shame on Apple" trolls.
Just get the HTC One. It doesn't suffer from a compromised perception of structural integrity.
It's better to shut off the signal to the monitor if the machine is not in use. Most monitors, including most CRTs from the mid-1990s had auto standby if the computer went to sleep. Not only does that save energy, it addresses wear on CRTs, plasma, and backlights of LCD monitors, as well as projector lamps. Screensavers have none of those benefits.
"You don't need 14nm chips.""It's not really 14nm.""but but but 1GB of memory""Bend gate""Qualcomm already had a 14nm chip""I'll wait until next year when 9nm chips are out"
Broadwell will solve everything. /s
I think Duddler sends you an email containing the cc of your PM.
Bendgate is like Bigfoot: it's not about whether a video exists showing it, it's whether you are gullible enough to believe it is real.In any case, Fandroids and YouTube channels are shockingly quiet when it comes to how easy it is to bend the HTC One.
I am pretty sure the size and design of the iPhone 6 is the result of the Chinese market. It's big enough to "wag the dog."
New Posts  All Forums: