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Lol. That thread is hilarious!The mental gymnastics needed to give Sammy a pass is to blame...(wait for it)...(wait for it)...Fedex! Or UPS! Or both. Vague hand-waving smokescreen about "they alway throw my packages YARDS across a room" and "EXCESSIVE dust" therefore dead pixels and screen scratches. They stopped short of addressing why (1) other products shipped by those nasty carriers don't have dead pixels and scratches. I'm waiting for someone to claim that Apple...
Samsung must have hand-picked the review units they sent to the press and tech bloggers.
Haven't these plaintiffs heard? Only Apple needs competition. Google does not.
Well, neither did MLK. But, hey, it's only wrong when Tim Cook does it.
Yeah, makes sense. It guess AppleCare covers replacement under certain circumstances. I was thinking solely about manufacturing defects, wherein the cost of fixing the Watch's electronics would not be that much, but Apple has a pretty lenient replacement policy. So, yeah $999 sounds right.
You mean like "Will It Blend"? Not covered.
Still not a peep from the mainstream tech sites. Apparently, bendgate is only worth mention when it's associated with Apple. The Apple hate runs deep.
BF? Banned.
Oh boy. Here we go again. You know the drill.
"Thanks for visiting the Apple Store. We'll be back soon!"
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