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Apple tries and eventually whittles it down to the right size. For example the iPad 3, the iPad mini, and the iPhone 3GS were on the chunky side of Apple products. All were replaced by thankfully thinner models as Apple found new ways to shave weight and thickness off without losing the target battery life.
Why? People need to get over thinking that what's right for them is right for everyone.
None of them yours.
iPhone 7 Mini
But but but this site is never critical of Apple you fanboys make me sick. /s
Can you use the game controller to input text? Because that's typically how the Sony PlayStation works out of the box. And it sucks too.
It actually makes space, not take up space!
If this product isn't the right one for you, don't assume it's the not right product for anyone.
Activision to become the next Konami: we're going mobile/casual/micropay baby!
Trolls: please make a selection: This article is wrong because 1. I can't stand DED's bias 2. I can't stand any expressions of Apple fanboyism 3. 881ppi is totally useful for boosting my self-esteem 4. Android is better at everything 5. Cherry picking, I have it on the authority of "some people say." 6. Anand works for Apple, yeah that must be why
New Posts  All Forums: