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Companies fleecing their customers. Again.
A few people going to Mars vs. hundreds of millions of people using iOS every day to interact with the digital world.Now who is thinking big?
Kuo has never claimed he had a "notable" track record on rumors; that's AppleInsider's claim as far as I can tell.
LOL In Russia, the spies worry about privacy issues.
The iPad supports the arrow keys found on Bluetooth keyboards. Works just like on a Mac.
Intel milks each MHz for all the dollars it will bring. That's why they have all those artificial speed bins, even though it's the same chip. If Intel sold pennies, they would come in 5 shades of shiny and cost from a nickel to a quarter each.
I was not replying to anyone.
He scrubs his conscience clear every night before he goes to bed.
It depends if there are any weaknesses that are undiscovered from looking at code. Good hackers don't need source code to find weaknesses, and the availability of source doesn't guarantee that weaknesses will be discovered faster (contrary to the claims from Open Source proponents, and well, the Russian government)--recall that OpenSSL had an exploitable bug that was undiscovered for three years despite the openness and wide use of this library.Of course, many core OS X...
Riiight. "You will submit your code now to the Kremlin!"
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