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I'm assuming it's a reference to Dre's album The Chronic.
Not a single Southern state is listed lol.
What ever happened to Prince McLean?
Guns don't kill people. Pictures of guns kill people. Apple is just playing it safe, because last year alone, App Store images of people holding guns killed 0 people worldwide. It's an epidemic that must be stopped.
Finger guns. The answer is finger guns. They go finger bang.
Hobby to "centerpiece"? That's a leap. I thought the tech geeks dismissed AppleTV as not elite enough to compare to Roku/Boxee/Chromecast/generic living room PC.
Or is it because they need the cash.
Yeah. I thought so.
do you have a 16GB iPhone or is this just another cheap shot at Apple?
This feels like a niche idea with limited value in its current form. If the raised regions have to be baked-in during manufacturing, and takes a second to raise/lower, then it's less useful than a (conceptual) fast-switching, fully-addressable pneumatic display.
New Posts  All Forums: