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Apple didn't fail and they did not put all the responsibility for the iPhone on GTAT. Apple had plan B to launch iPhone 6 with Gorillla Glass. Similarly, GTAT still has a responsibility to keep itself solvent, and if that means not entering into "oppressive and burdensome contracts" then that's what they should have avoided. GTAT was still unable to produce unbroken sapphire boules days before the agreement was signed. A "red flag" in hindsight that they were taking an...
Silence says whatever you want it to say. You, for example, just claimed their silence means they are afraid of losing future business with Apple.What you should say is: "(their) silence doesn't say what you think it says, it says what I think it says."
Never let sog lie in the forums.
He prefers to be called Mikey, thank you very much.
I just read up to "Corning launches 2X harder" and thought it was an ad for Cialis.
So, it's like AppleInsider forums, then.
You have to have Michael Caine as Woz or the deal's off.
What did the law enforcement do before the iPhone? Oh, their jobs.
"Steve Jobs: The Revengening," A Team Troma Release
With each setback, the role moves closer to Ashton Kutcher, a no-name director, and a low budget feel.
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