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We should have listened to the naysayers from the UK. Apple should just keep making Macs that are legacy port-laden PC clones, fire Jony Ive for his obsession with thinness, and stay out of the future.
Yes, Wikipedia refers to the "some people complain" phrase as an example of weasel words. It is not allowed in their articles. Because, you know, standards.
"Some critics have complained..." I think it's time we stopped repeating their complaints; just because it's not right for YOU doesn't mean it isn't right for ANYONE. The 38mm is essential for the watch to reach a mainstream (non-geek) audience. It's looks terrific gracing the cover of fashion magazines in a way that Samsung's hamfisted geek braclet to various Android Wear-based "hockey pucks" can only dream about.
Apple's "obsession with integrationness" /s
Analysts: they don't include iPads when counting PC sales, but they lump convertible PCs and iPads when counting "tablet" sales. WTF.
And the average adult human being is probably worth $63.57 in raw atomic elements. /s
But but but the Watch's lack of USB-C ports means it's an "aspirational" product. ("Aspirational" is the new "bespoke": AI's overused buzzword of the month).
I'd like to see this crammed into a single chip. I'm amazed wifi fits in there, antenna and all. I remember trying to get a CF Card Wifi adapter to work with an old Sharp Zaurus Linux PDA and finding the PDA's battery life would go from "joke" to "why bother?"
In other words, more computing capacity than my original 2007 iPhone!
He's never posted anything intelligent. Ever.
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