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I think they had those in the Stone Age. I think if you put the sharp end of a baby pterodactyl's beak in the grooves of the disk, it plays a sound recording.
Reboot your phone at the first sign of an imperial cruiser. TouchID is disabled until you enter your PIN after a reboot.
If you review the scant security pages on LoopPay's website, you'll see that they quietly avoid these concerns altogether. They only address the "what if someone steals the dongle attached to my phone, can they make purchases?" And "can someone put my credit card number into their device?"Both questions are answered with some weak answers: (1) you can make the device always require that it be attached to your phone, and (2) their system doesn't work if the name on the card...
The funny thing is TAG feels threatened enough by this to get on the ball. They're not making a wearable computer because they always aspired to sell wearable computers. They're terrified that an "iPhone event" is about to happen to otherwise stale watch business.
"But but but how is this ripping Apple off?"
Sounds like it would make credit card skimming that much easier if your card number could be obtained contactless.How is that ripping Apple off? Did Tim Cook invent workplace diversity? /s
"In a bid to catch up..."? But but but how do we know Samsung wasn't working with LoopPay three years ago¿¡
LOL. They'll probably put the hackers on a pedestal like they always do.
"Clouded, is the future, mmm?" -- Yoda
Big event announcing an iPhone knockoff in a black mock turtleneck, jeans, and sneakers?(shakes head slowly)
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