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But but but a Rolex can tell you the time at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Surely that's more useful than giving you blood glucose readingsĀ”
Totally want to see that offered. Hurry up, Apple! Widen the distance between Apple Watch and lesser wearables!
Samsung will declare that due to 'overwhelming demand' they are completely out of products to offer to iPhone users, the majority of whom (in the U.S.) are on AT&T. Clearly, a PR win for Samsung.
From a practical standpoint, offering this to existing Sammy customers would get existing Sammy customers to upgrade sooner rather than later. It might even slow the flow of customers to iPhone.Offering to Moto or HTC owners wouldn't work. Because Samsung is the big fish in the Android pond. For them to go after the relatively small percent of those Android users would seem desperate, which it would be. We're talking 'flagship' (God, who started using that word to...
Makes we wonder why Amazon hasn't entered this market yet. Surely the world needs Amazon Prime integrated into the future of automobiles. Jeff Bezos could hold a press conference announcing FireAuto!
Yeah but it's only wrong when Apple does it. Every time.
No, I was going to say:1) Why don't they offer this dollar trial to their existing customers? It looks like Samsung has given up on trying to keep their customers from switching, and are trying to poach Apple upgraders.2) it's not confidence then they have absolutely nothing to lose by doing this. What's the worst that could happen? Not a single trial customer switches to Samsung, so they're back to square one, but now they have a list of names and contact info with...
Apple used to have an advantage in that the AppleTV YouTube app was completely ad-free. Not any more.AppleTV needs:IGZOA curved OLED screen4K5K8K401KBetter suction802.11ac802.11dcMore memoryA keyboardA mouseA unicorn64-bit A9 CPUOne more thing(TM)Intel SkylakeIntel SkymonkeyGame controller supportSeries 7000 aluminumApp StoreApple MusicApple PornForce TouchKinky Touch (password required)HomeKit supportCar Play with K.I.T.T. (from Knight Rider)KaraokeKit (for Eddy Cue)Free...
LOL. Thank goodness. Maybe he made good on losing a bet.
This slide should appear at the end of the next WWDC keynote:var thing=0++thing
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