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I long for the day when passenger airliner avionics have a force close feature. "Set trim is not responding. Do you want to force close this feature of your Airbus A470 and report a bug to Airbus?" /s
If their goal is truly to understand users in developing countries then they should further require that their team carry and use the low-spec, low-cost models commonly sold in those countries, and live without toilets or air conditioning. And no "flagship" Android phones that rival the iPhone in cost. Lest they be hypocrites. No sir, you will use generic Android 2.4, you will side load your apps from a questionable Chinese server from the only Internet cafe server in a...
I wanted to see if anyone would try to defend Daisey in the forums on the facts of the case. No one did, but one poster did attack DED for his pro-Apple attitude. That counts as a victory.
811ppi? Reminds me when ink jet printers were marketing 2000dpi and beyond. As if it meant something to the specs chasers.
My post was a joke about marketing hyperbole and spec chasing. Stop with the physics lesson and calling me ignorant.
No. And you know better, but you are deliberately disingenuous about this. You know that there are Android users and there are Android fanboys. One of these two groups of people would consider switching to iOS, while the other would never entertain the notion. And only one of those groups of people would spend their time attacking Apple online.PS, absolutely nobody cares what you own. It never ceases to amaze me how many people think that adds credibility to what they...
I'm hoping future spec bumps will give us more RGB colors than there are in nature.
Somebody's batting for the other team in this thread.
The colors of the ABXY buttons are different. In any case, if the button layout differed (as they do on the Nintendo DS, then it would make things more jarring for experienced gamers to switch platforms.
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