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Final Cut Pro X, iMovie '11, iCloud 1.0, Photos, iCards...
Fortunately, you use Android.
Taylor Swift got to him.
Different, weaker standards of success are applied to Sammy. Anytime the trolls need a quick "win."
Brick fans: this one's for you. /s
You let yourself get suckered into a spurious debate. You're arguing not with someone who personally bought a 16GB iPhone and regrets it, you're arguing with someone who is using a hypothetical annoyed customer to prove that Apple is wrong. It's the equivalent of using weasel words on Wikipedia as attribution: "many people are unhappy with Apple's choice of 16GB..." (Who? What people?)
I remember WMP. I made the mistake of ripping some CDs using Windows Media Player (before I understood what it would do) and it created DRM that was so tightly locked up, the files would only play on the PC that ripped the tracks; copying it to my Windows CE PDA only created unplayable files, and Microsoft Windows was like: please obtain a license from the copyright holder, kind of like how the non-OEM Windows XP and Vista would tell you to go and buy your own license for...
I have a Vita, and the problem is the dearth of top tier titles (the big games that are shipping on PS3/PS4). Sony has all but given up on this console, as nice as the hardware is. I'm holding out hope that Polyphony Digital will port Gran Turismo over to it (they did a PSP port near the end of in its lifecycle), but there's not enough. Sony wants to make the PS Vita more of a console for casual games, and that's a losing proposition against smartphones.
I have to agree. A 4-pack of AAA Eneloops + a smart charger are preferrable and you can swap batteries and continue playing. The total cost will go up, unless you already have the Eneloops for other things.
Don't worry. I'll let you know if you accidentally post anything resembling a fact.
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