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They are doing it already. But like The Boys from Brazil, they age at a normal rate, so it will be another 20 years before the first batch of Jobs clones can take their tech guru positions at Google.
 Congrats! (The operation was a success, then? )
 Your anti-Apple fantasies amuse me. Keep posting them.
 LOL. Sounds like Samsung gave up on "hand size" considerations a while back.
 That's not what Wikipedia is gonna say when this is all over. 
This is what the Internet sounds like. Interesting.
How big are Japanese d--ks?(where '--' is 'es', of course )
Maybe he has an even secreter list, hidden by steganography in PNG files innocently labeled "family vacation photos". Plans for the mothership, the formula for transparent aluminum, blueprints on constructing a real RDF out of old discarded warp cores, and instructions for downloading Steve's consciousness into an old PowerMac G4 Cube are eluding the prying eyes of lawyers and competitors...
TheMole = Eric SchmidtSweatShop = Steve BallmerUterusDischarge = Andy "I guess we're not gonna ship that phone" Rubin
Heh.LG already has a "magic wand" remote for its newest "smart TVs," and having used it, I find it incredibly annoying and gimmicky. They adopted a "desktop OS" metaphor for their TV OS, with the remote/wand as a kind of "air mouse."
New Posts  All Forums: