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You say that but then there's a 5.5 inch iPhone that tries to pass itself off as useable in one hand... and fooling no one.
Like the Xbox 360 RRoD?Yeah all it takes is a "single instance" to lose a customer.
Aw f*ck it. Justin Long.
Daniel Day Lewis. Go big or go home.
You missed my point. You expect Pepsi to compare itself to Coke; you don't expect Coke to compare itself to Pepsi. The PC is dominant. The Mac is (according to Ballmer) a "rounding error."
I thought I'd never see the day PCs would compare themselves to Macs in advertising. The Mac has come a long way since 1996.
You speak the holy words.
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
"Just bump."  
Apple agrees. That's why they make the MacBook Air with full mouse support. The mouse is sold separately, though. But, did you know that the MacBook Air comes with a built-in touchpad? It can be used like a mouse. A lot of PC users have very wrong assumption about Apple products, so just trying to help clear the Air (pun intended), so to speak. Unlike Microsoft, Apple doesn't believe that a hybrid truck-car is better than a car or a truck. If you want a confused...
New Posts  All Forums: