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 Roger roger.
I thought these were coming out of Apple's sapphire plant in Arizona??? Why are these so-called sapphire panel leaks coming from Apple's assembly line in Asia?
Is it common for people to misspell "losing" as "loosing" on the forums? Or are the people doing it one and same person with multiple sock accounts? Because I've never seen this mistake made elsewhere in social media. Just these forums. It's not even a common mistake, like confusing "you're and your" or confusing "who's and whose". Explain, please.
Not exactly.Chaebols like Samsung are powerful special interests in that country, but it is still a democracy. Public sentiment can still turn against the chaebols when corruption or impropriety is unveiled.
If he never responds with any follow up post, then you know it's another drive-by troll, meant to inject false "concern" about Apple's "lack of competitiveness."
If its that bad, and that important to you, what's stopping you from ditching it right now?Real users just switch and get what they want, while concern trolls post idle threats about switching.
But any Droid Army would run Android 2.3, and we all know Google can do no evil.
I think they should call them Foxy Bots.
Samsung has done its job with this ad: it got you all the talk endlessly about the iPhone's battery life. FUD should be treated as disinformation: ignored.
So it's come to this: reviewing whatever gadgets you have lying around.   I really do appreciate the effort by the reviewer, but I many issues with the review content. I didn't get a sense of how well the iOS integration worked with the head unit. There's only one mention of it: that there's a dedicated USB port for iOS devices, but no mention of what happens when you plug in an iPhone. Why not? Do people reading this site not want to know how well iOS device integration...
New Posts  All Forums: