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Not a problem. If they're sitting in shipping containers in freight warehouses, they still count as "shipped." Bragging rights: intact.
$249 and 12-hour charge so you can keep that gigantic screen android phone you keep bragging about in your pocket? Talk about first world geek problems.
That's what I think. I would be floored if it has already reached manufacturing partners in China without leaking. NWE has a bounty on it, no doubt!
Shit just got real, y'all.
Have you ever googled Huddler? They host sites built around "passionate communities" and help the site owners maximize profits from ads, cross site links, and other SEO tricks. The whole thing is geared to serving ads to the "passionate" and addicted suckers who keep visiting the site.They keep posting this rumor dribble because they think it will keep the community "engaged." The racket works: many Google Ads were served.The only way to make this stop is for all of us...
What has impressed me so far is the lack of "iWatch" part leaks. I'm going to assume it hasn't reached manufacturing, because Foxconn and/or Apple's suppliers can't seem to keep any of their clients' secrets--at least when that client is Apple, Inc. IOW, I will be surprised if Apple unveils it Sept 9.
I'm still not sure about what regarding this rumored payment processing system equates to lock in, but I understand what you meant about iOS lock in.Apple's just rumored to provide a credit card proxy. It's not a credit issuer, nor a bank. And issuers can (and probably will) still send you a physical credit card, not that it's any more secure, not in the US anyway. But nothing about that locks you in to Apple "iWallet" (or whatever) any more than anything about Amazon...
"Waiting for Broadwell" is my favorite apologist meme.
What lock in?
Every time this image is used in an article and angel gets its wings: Please, Apple, please announce the iWatch or whatever it's going to be called on Sept 9 so AI can stop trolling us with this fake pic.
New Posts  All Forums: