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I haven't looked into that yet. I am still on iOS 8.4.1.
It's probably running Android, duct tape, and some Java code stolen from first generation Blu-Ray players.
Where did you get that the script called him an inventor?
Interesting... to see if the Court will hear the case.
Well then you should have shot Greedo before he (hilariously) missed you at point blank range. Because professional bounty hunters do that.
A better challenge would be to ask to see your published papers on child psychology with regards to studies of consumer behavior with respect to specs marketing. Or equivalent studies.
That's a good question. Probably just an intellectual discussion. Uncompressed HD (let alone 4K) is only used during video production, maybe archival mastering. But from that point on, distribution requires (lossy) compression.
I remember when the gimmick was "720p = HD" and DirecTV had 1440x1080@60i as "HD" because back then ATSC HD was being invented, pushing 1920x1080@60p was beyond what was capable in 1999. We're in those early days of 4K still. There will be compression, puffery, trickery, incompatibility and complaining until it all gets sorted out.
Sure. Because once it's mainstream, it'll just be plug and play, and everyone will have it. But it's not mainstream. The ecosystem is almost nonexistent. TV manufacturers rushed ahead to sell this feature back in 2013, knowing full well that most consumers would not see 4K content, so they lured them in with "upscaling HD" and other digital processing trickery. So we're in that period of time where early adopters chase after any source of (pseudo-)4K content, and defend it...
You mean you bought UHD before the ecosystem was in place. Yeah. Welcome to the early adopter land: DIY required.
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