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The bar is set differently for Apple than everyone else. No wonder they are always doomed.
Because sog35 hasn't called them crooks and liars.
Republicans should "investigate" this deal.
Tim Cook should really listen to advice from people who are less successful at running companies than the current CEO of Apple.
God wants us to use petroleum. That's why He created dinosaurs 6000 years ago, so we could have crude oil.
Canon still sells camcorders and even the most basic $199 model has an active optical image stabilizer that is similar to the gyrostabilizers found on the iPhone 6 Plus. In other words, a virtual tripod. But move up to the 5D Mark III and its shaky cam all over again. You're expected to use something like a Glidecam rig if you're going to use a DSLR for video.
VESA is a standards body. They don't "ship" anything except specifications for future standards, which they just did.
The first Macintosh had a 512x384 1-bit color, 60p display. It took 30 years to reach 5K. I predict by the year 2045, the Mac will have a 50K 128-bit color display.
I searched online for tips on how to get TouchID to work best and found that keeping the sapphire home button clean and polished solved any stubbornness to read my fingerprint. TouchID takes about a second, and sometimes works so fast that my iPhone is already unlocked before I can think about it, especially if my finger was already resting on the home button before I press it!
I think we all understand that Ming isn't stating fact; he's got a rumor, and this site deals in rumors. Yes, the boilerplate text about Ming's well-connectedness does seem overused at times, but I can only assume that either they do think very highly of him, or they have a quid pro Kuo arrangement.
New Posts  All Forums: