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Nope. Stop shilling for CurrentC.http://budgeting.thenest.com/time-frame-reversing-wire-transfer-33881.html
 The dominant Microsoft of the 1990s, with its "embrace extend extinguish" technology politics, makes it justifiable.
Sure I reluctantly switched to AT&T to get the iPhone in 2007, but that's because the iPhone was awesome enough to make it worth the switch.CurrentC is no original iPhone.
I never understood why the Apple logo is taped over on TV shows a lot. If the only reason people use Apple products is due to rampant product placement, why tape over the logo?
Uh-Huh.Which one of the four reasons above explains why those CNN anchors were secretly using iPads?
Exactly why Microsoft failed. Give a two-year old child or a 99-year old elderly person an iPad and they can figure it out. Give them a Windows PC and they need "proper training." Welcome to the 1970s paradigm of computing.
Whew! I was worried for a moment that people used Apple products. Glad to hear that it's just product placement.
I have no issue with people using Surface Pros because Microsoft paid for sponsorship. Perhaps the ruse could have been hidden better, but it's OK to love your iPad.
You mean beta.
Windows Metro UI never looked better
New Posts  All Forums: