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Cheap shots, Zuck. The "Apple tax" meme is weak sauce. If Apple was "out of touch" with its customers, they wouldn't have people lining up around the block to be first to buy their products. And yes, he dodged directly addressing the "you are the product" accusation.
They didn't disbar the Prenda lawyers, did they? Those guys were epic crooks, but somehow managed to stay one step ahead. They gamed the legal system good.http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prenda_Law
Exactly. The plaintiff's lawyers are so excited by the prospect of a quick settlement from uncle moneybags (Apple, Inc) that they forgot to do due diligence on their own clients.
The 6 Plus' active optics stabilizer is pretty impressive. I have a similar feature on my old Canon camcorder: it makes it possible to zoom in and capture steady video without a tripod. On the 6 Plus the stabilizer makes low light photography possible without motion blur, compared to the 6.
But but but...1. Android is already 64-bit2. 64-bit doesn't matter3. Most iOS apps are 32-bit4. The A7/A8 is made by Samsung so that counts, right?5. only 1GB of RAM
Apple does not prevent you from playing DRM-free MP3, AAC, or PCM files from outside the iTunes Store ecosystem on their devices. And legit iPod users have known this for over a decade. You don't have buy anything from the iTunes Store to use the iPod or iTunes. In the early days, I even tried Microsoft's horribly conceived DRM (later called PlaysForSure), but I did not like the restrictions of per-device licensing in the early days. My desire for device plurality...
Woz: Camelot is a myth. The Steve Jobs garage is real, and now a historic site.
4) Any list compiled by IDC.Still waiting for their prediction that Windows Phone 7 will overtake the iPhone by the year 2011 to come true.
I agree. Ideas are cheap, even worthless unless you can execute.The post-1997 Apple that Jobs created (by whatever means necessary), focusing the company on great products are his enduring legacy.
How can Jane Fonda's workout tape (aerobics on VHS) beat the smartphone? But it did. So much for taking this list seriously.
New Posts  All Forums: