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 Windows 95 sales aren't what they used to be. A new store should boost sales.
 Oh, nothing of the sort has happened at Microsoft. It was all a smokescreen.
Wow such passionate defending of Samsung by some of you. Not mentioning names but you know who you are.
First rule they teach in anti-Apple trolling courses: trust Google, always. Everyone else is untrustworthy. It's even on the final exam.
Maybe. But I see essentially the same UI of a grid of tiles or icons on the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live content libraries, and wonder why Apple's is especially worthy of criticism. Why?
AppleTV users turned to Apple and cried "save us from cable!" and Apple turned to the cable companies, who just shook their heads. "Not on our watch," they said to Apple.
Good. Because according to Samsung ads, dorky iPhone users are wall huggers who look at cool Samsung Galaxy S5 users with jealous envy at the airport.
If I were in school today, I'd rather have a MacBook Air.
It's payback for the US government banning certain Chinese network router brands from government purchase, for the same alleged reason.
I dunno... "Beats" me.
New Posts  All Forums: