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But but but Samsung Apple needs competition!
NFC and LoopPay. Both wireless charging standards. S6 and S6 Edge. The Samsung reputation of "two of everything" remains intact.
I think 1 & 2 are unlikely, and 3 is a wild card.Samsung appears to be chicken when it comes to pulling the trigger. How much of their sales comes from their brand power vs offering Android? Heads they win, tails they miss their estimates for the quarter, but something tells me Wall St. will be ultra-forgiving.
Wrap it all the way around the back, then the top and bottom, so that its entire surface area is touch screen. That's innovation. /s
Gene and the other analysts aren't held accountable if Apple doesn't release such and such product on some arbitrary date. It's Apple that shall be held accountable for missing these analysts' expectations. And ruddy little burned investors will take their frustrations out on Tim Cook in these forums.
Analysts have an expectation for everything, even when they are speculating. There is no such thing as "I don't know" in the analyst game. You have to put something out there. The rumor mill web sites (we know the ones) loves posting analysts' "reports" as articles. It's quasi-news, quasi-rumor, and quasi-investment advice. In other words: bull.
"Apple is expected to" Wall St: you paying attention? If Apple doesn't deliver on analysts' empty promises you know what to do to AAPL.
God I hate that hard ultrasonically-welded anti theft plastic packaging. And I've seen them slashed open anyway (with merchandise missing) at stores as evidence of retail theft, so it's not working to stop loss. Like CurrentC, it's designed for the benefit of retailers, not customer needs. Even Amazon sells some things in "frustration free packaging." And the environmental impact of tossing a shit load of plastic packaging, ugh.
Another defensive post by the "but but but Rolex" crowd in a thread about Apple Watch.
Yeah, but it's a classic troll meme. They're not supposed to make sense or be factual, just be catchy and viral by Apple haters.
New Posts  All Forums: