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Everyone is getting into streaming video. Xbone, PS4, Amazon. I don't think Wii U or OUYA can afford not to be streaming video.
Yeah, Ad Sense is serving up ads about energy saving products in this article.
 I'm pretty sure somewhere in the 2013 iMac is technology from 1908.
I said the standard was arbitrary, custom crafted to support an argument about Apple's failure to meet it. Try to keep up.
Apple changed the way we live, work and play. Calling people names doesn't un-dent the universe.
It's super-common. I see that everywhere. Hell, I take pictures with my iPad all the time. I so wish its camera was on spec with the iPhone 5s, though.
Forum posters frequently use arbitrarily high "standards" invented by them to "prove" some spurious argument about Apple's conduct that they disagree with, or to predict the company's doom. The arbitrary "standards" have nothing to do with the high standards Apple (and its customers) expect from Apple.
My interpretation of the article's wording is: A known flaw was not patched until Google released a proof of concept attack, and this prompted Adobe into action.
Is it just a language barrier or is their patent system just hard to search?
As soon as Apple acquired it, Siri became the focus of many Apple-hater attacks. Nothing polarizes the tech elite like the adjective "Apple's".
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