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Samsung Electronics R&D will be holding a viewing party, taking copious notes. Afterwards, they'll high-five their newfound solution to their "crisis in design" for 2015.
Thousands of "yes" to every "no."
You! Shhh! You!It'll be our little secret.
 As long as the Google Ads loaded first, AppleInsider couldn't care less.
 More than a 15-minute talk time per charge?
 The CEOs of Palm, Blackberry (née RIM), Nokia, Ericsson, and Microsoft have been sacked since 2007.
 Jen Taylor is not a Microsoft employee, any more than John Hodgman is an Apple employee.Actors work for themselves.
Preloaded exclusively on the iPhone 5.5-inch. As punishment.
See? Where would Apple be without Jimmy Iovine? /s
If Microsoft commercials are accurate, Siri admires Cortana because she can remind you to buy flowers for your wife the next time you're near a flower shop, even if the next time you're near a flower shop is two months after you forgot to get your wife flowers for her anniversary.
New Posts  All Forums: