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And easily offended adults...
Funny how it sounds when the shoe is on the other foot. How often have trolls dropped by these forums to say crap about Apple products they've never used? Will you scold them too? (My guess is you won't)
It should still work according to Apple:http://iphone.appleinsider.com/articles/15/03/05/apple-sends-end-of-life-reminder-to-aperture-users-encourages-migration-to-new-photos-app
Not long before Fandroids call the Apple Watch watch faces "stale" and "boring" while they all crow about the heavily skeumorphic watch faces that try to mimic the look of analog watches. Like that one.
Probably intended to capitalize on Apple Watch envy from Android phone users.
You mean Beats has been allowed operate independently or because Beats is branded with a separate identity? Or both?I agree that either is unprecidented for an Apple acquisition. Everyone assumes they'll merge at some point when Jimmy Iovine won't raise a stink about it. As an aside, I wonder how they are meshing culturally. That's always a challenge.
Samsung and LG and Moto hope now the Apple haters will get motivated to buy their watches.
I hope they'll fix it. The original iPhone software Wasn't perfect either, but hopefully Apple will get it ironed out before all these people think, "What did I order?"
C'mon people. Steve Jobs used to give celebrities and other public figures a Macintosh.
My experience ordering is similar to some of yours. A few minutes, ApplePay was super easy, but it kept rejecting my work address without explanation. I'll call later and get them to change it. The Space Grey AL ships in mid May.
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