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Notice that I said: ...if they want to (buy an iPhone). Choice is in the consumers' best interest. Keeping them on Blackberry is in Blackberry's best interest.
What's in the best interest of their customers is letting them buy an iPhone, if they want to.
Nothing. Apple answers to no one.
Sure they could, easily. Registration would be in your name and non-transferrable, and photo ID would be required to get your event badge, making scalping worthless.
Phil Schiller said so.
The device in the patent drawings looks suspiciously like.... The new iPhone 6! It looks wider than the iPhone 5s. Somebody do some measurements and write an exposé.
It probably won't stop what happens next to them.
Bye-bye T-Mobile? I'd like to see Blackberry's Plan B.
You want the TorrentBox. Plays pirated content straight from the torrents. Skip the USB dongle. /s
Again, Roku gets a free pass. Only Apple is doomed. Typical headline chaser, Herman Munster. And are these analysts not taking the Xbox and Playstation content platforms seriously? They also deliver TV shows and movies. I guess only Apple is doomed.
New Posts  All Forums: