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Thank you for downloading Adobe Flash! Special offer: Adobe would like to install the Ask.com toolbar and change you browser's home page to Ask.com automatically. Include this special offer in your download today? (yes is the default)
The volume buttons function as a shutter release button in the camera app, FYI.
It might be nice for selfies, self broadcast videos, podcasts, etc.
You just did.
To keep perpetuating that narrative that iPad doesn't have enough RAM. By moving the goalposts, the iPad is perpetually slammed as inadequate. Surely you've caught on to these trolling tactics by now.
Four apps to unlimited number of apps...If "unlimited number" was possible, you would then ask to run "unlimited + 1" just to keep moving that goalpost.
Hardly. They can advertise that they were fired by none other than Apple. Sure, if you read fine print it mentions budget and schedule overruns, but hey...its construction. Do you want a half-finished building now or a finished one later for more money than we agreed to up front?
First solar panels on fire, then chlorine gas, now this. Another sign of Tim Cook's failure to manage his supply chain. Steve Jobs would never approve of this lavish construction project, despite the fact that it was his idea. /s
When the employees arrive at their new Swedish work stations, they'll have to assemble the chairs and desks themselves anyways.
Nope.This line of unreason can help justify anything. For example: you can use Area 51 for testing secret planes and keep dead aliens at Area 51 at the same time.
New Posts  All Forums: