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Did you "teller" that you always wanted to do it in a bank vault?
As long as ridiculously growing screen sizes become the next horse race, I'm keeping my first gen 42mm SPORT. It's the right size, something nobody cares about anymore.
Skylake: It's the real reason nobody upgraded to Broadwell.
Apple gets hate just for being Apple. The service is for mainstream Apple users, not the opinionated, self-important crowd that inhabit Internet forums.
How did it work out for Apple when IBM entered the personal computer market in the mid 1980s? Oh right: a slow 10-year decline into near bankruptcy. Enjoy the boasting, because behind it is real competition.
No, it was totally awesome for developers.Cheeky self-parody is nothing new at WWDC. They know what they're doing. 
I believe it's one of the main bad guys in the 8-bit DOS game DOOM, which was made on a NeXT cube, the ancestor of the modern Mac.
The DOJ stopped evil. We're now safe from price controls. /s
The U.S. DOJ says: "move along people, there's nothing to see here." Meanwhile, in Cupertino, Bromwich is demanding a big private office in Spaceship Campus Two.
Not to mention that you don't need to carry two devices or switch headphones. Just answer the call. If Apple had not put a music player in the iPhone, it would be the #1 feature request.You jumped the gun there and gave a eulogy for a current product.
New Posts  All Forums: