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"But but but megapixels," said no photographer, ever.
As others have pointed out, they accept it for online purchases.
Nice design. Wonder where they got it from Is it running "Open source Android" (what google calls AOSP), what Fandroids euphemistically call "stock Android" (i.e., with closed source Google apps), or some custom fork?
A perfect example of why you should never buy current hardware, ever. Just keep waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting. /s
Thanks for the review. I have some idea of what to look forward to from a factory CarPlay system. I realize Apple may someday refresh their UIs again in the future, but iOS 7 was the last major change (iOS 8 looks more or less the same), and 7 been around long enough (going all the way back to WWDC 13 when it was unveiled that I'm surprised Pioneer skinned it in iOS 6. I mean, those Goophone i6's running Android this year were skinned to look like iOS 7, so I don't know...
but but but...!
 C'mon. He's just moving the goalposts so that Google scores. The end zone now starts at the 40 yard line for the Nexus.
 I'm sure it works great on Huddler's only officially supported browser: GOOGLE CHROME. Because Google pays the bills.
 Websites still do stuff like that? What ever happened to the dream Tim Berners-Lee had of a vast open web of information, hyperlinked together? When did that get co-oped by greed and anti-user script-fu?
It's not as cut-and-dried as simply comparing RISC and CISC. This study provides data that shows modern x86 can compete not on raw power consumption, but "energy used" to perform a certain workload, minus any OS-specific optimizations:http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/188396-the-final-isa-showdown-is-arm-x86-or-mips-intrinsically-more-power-efficient(the "smoking gun" is on page 2 of the article, see figure 10). There's another more nuanced article from a decade ago...
New Posts  All Forums: