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Another defensive post by the "but but but Rolex" crowd in a thread about Apple Watch.
Yeah, but it's a classic troll meme. They're not supposed to make sense or be factual, just be catchy and viral by Apple haters.
Also: "It needs a real file system" is another dog whistle for that. Look, if you want a PC shoveled into a tablet, Windows has you covered.
Ah yes, the "iPad is a toy" meme. "Do real work" is the dog whistle for that one.
Apple doesn't pre-announce new products that way. Not even to acknowledge that new versions are on the horizon. There was only one exception: Tim Cook letting a customer know that a new Mac Pro was coming, well in advance of the official launch.
It's probably the Blu-Ray drive. Those troublesome mechanical media formats are way past their prime in the digital age. Wish Apple would give it up. /s
But but but Google is not evil.
But not game consoles
Then MCX is a committee designed by horses and camels.
I don't know how that actually works, come to think of it. There are businesses that don't accept Amex, but I tend to not patronize them unless it's a small local business that I want to support for other reasons. So I can't say I've ever tried it. All the ApplePay retailers I shop at take Amex anyway.
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