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I am a cable cutter and I have an AppleTV (gen 3) and some of the channels (or apps) operate either with ads (YouTube, Vevo) or as paid streaming (Netflix, Hulu, HBO), or pay-per-view/cloud (iTunes Store). If you find these sources sufficient, as I do, you can totally use AppleTV for cord cutting. My cable provider has been reduced to a dumb pipe.
The anti-iPhone trolls need to find another hero.
I'm sure Foxconn pitched a similar greedy deal before Apple twisted their arm out of its socket. Cupertino is shrewd, if anything: they're not throwing their cash horde around recklessly like an NBA baller.
LOL? Which one of these random, half-baked criticisms of Adele equates to a valid reason why Apple Music shouldn't sponsor or do some kind of co-promotion with her? Maybe not $30 million, but you know, Apple has the mad negotiating skills to find a deal where they come out ahead.
So far no one has attacked DED. They usually do, to ease the pain.
If you multiply a fact by a guess you arrive at whatever answer you want to believe. This is how Wall Street analysts work.
Sounds like a terrific idea, if executed correctly. Adele is hot right now, and Apple Music could use a mindshare boost from some high profile artists.
Baby steps to The Matrix.
Tax haven?
Gene Munster renews hope for that Apple Television.
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