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Apple products suck. They have two-year old specs and are just mass marketed to sheep who don't run Linux or know how to root an Android phone. /s
And the protruding camera bump. But hey, it's only wrong when Apple does it.
Why? Are you in the market for a 32GB iPhone 6?
Currently selling has nothing to do with it. Technology that has been on the market for 365 days becomes obsolete. For example, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are now both obsolete. /s
I started to notice it after about 2-3 years on my mice, and it's in an air conditioned office.
Not a fan of rubberized plastics myself. After a few years they become tacky/sticky. Or worse: they melt into a sticky goop. The rubberized footpads on my old Sony VAIO turned to goop, while various old PC mice with "soft touch" rubberized plastic became tacky after a few years. Not sure if it's the air, humidity or what.
Tim is right. The bad guys already use encryption. Outlawing privacy does not make us more secure. You can't rely on the government to monitor itself for abuse. It just makes a mockery of all that we stand and fight for.
I predict it will be the other way around. As soon as Apple announces an Apple TV with H.265 support, 4K UHD content on iTunes Store is likely to be announced at the same time. It's how they do things. HDMI 2.0 with 1.4 compatibility would be nice, forward-looking option as well.
I'm hoping that is the case. We'll see. When the iPhone 5c/5s reaches EOL, Apple will either have a smaller device for 4" fans, or they won't because that market isn't sufficiently profitable. Consumer tastes will change with time. For now, the 5s is still a current product, if not the latest. But as of September 2014, it was Apple's flagship. It's hardly "obsolete" as some here tried to argue.
Having your cake +Eating your cake +Deadline =Do what you gotta do. Engineering is not magic. It's practical problem solving. Designers want it all, of course. Physics be damned.I find these forum digs at the protruding lens as a sign of obsessive compulsive disorder. If it's that much of a problem, there are plenty of other smartphones in the sea.
New Posts  All Forums: