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"You must update your PlayStation Software to continue."Where's the outrage?
And 9.0 won't be? I'm more hesitant to pull the trigger on that. It's the first step in making my iPhone 6 obsolete. I assume iOS 11 or 12 will make it painfully slow to use an iPhone 6.
Oh don't you worry your pretty little head over iPhone's doom. You don't see a mass exodus of iPhone users to the S6 just because Sammy is "loosing" their battery and SD card.
Of course no company has perfect foresight. Pre-release surveys, etc. won't completely close the gap.You're avoiding the obvious difference which is that regardless of the initial misprediction of demand, Samsung hasn't sold as many S6's as they hoped to and now they have inventory, while Apple has sold every iPhone 6 and 6 Plus manufactured since launch.
They didn't release any numbers, so yes, that proves it is the next big thing.
I think you have to say "Google" to call him to the forums. That's his dinner bell.
Final Cut Pro X, iMovie '11, iCloud 1.0, Photos, iCards...
Fortunately, you use Android.
Taylor Swift got to him.
Different, weaker standards of success are applied to Sammy. Anytime the trolls need a quick "win."
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