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Let them know, seriously. Bring back ad-free YouTube:https://www.apple.com/feedback/appletv.html
I hope they kept YouTube ad free... Oh goddamnit. Does everything have to be infested with ads?
Guys, these actors are just "attached" to a project. Unless they've signed a contract to appear in the film, they can back out at any time. Their participation is usually conditional and simply indicates interest. Reasons for pulling out can include schedule conflicts, or competing obligations, as well as disagreements over pay and creative control. This is the normal way Hollywood works. We're just hearing about every turn of the screw because AI seems to have taken an...
Well yeah, I'm sure the makers of the GooPhone thought the same when Apple unveiled the Watch.
It was one of their more eyebrow-raising projections. And pure fiction.
Not beneath lawyers.
I'm still waiting for IDC's prediction that Windows Phone will overtake the iPhone by 2011 to come true.
TouchID hates one of my thumbs, and I had to reprogram one of my index fingers after it stopped accepting it completely. It works, but easily fails to read if my fingers are cold, moist, oily, too hot, or water-logged (like after a shower). So basically, there's a fifty-fifty chance I have to go through the "try again, try again, try again, fail" dance. Not spectacular.
(((Try again)))(((Try again)))(((Try again)))Enter your passcode:(7) (8) (9)(4) (5) (6)(1) (2) (3)Clear (0) Delete
It would be nice if the iPad could use its FaceTime camera to quickly identify the user after opening the smart cover and unlock if it recognizes the owner, falling back to TouchID if it can't or doesn't recognize the owner. iPhoto had a face recognition feature (RIP iPhoto).
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