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It takes one to know one, and you got me: I ain't one!
Sounds like another quality Android app, from MadC0d1ngSki11z. 
Really? Maybe I should start watching that show. I always thought it was a second rate Lord of the Rings. 
LOL. But children are probably more open minded about sex and porn...  
 No, but you actually proved yourself wrong with your own example without realizing what you've done. The large-screen iPhone isn't the ideal shape for a mobile phone, but it's ideal for what smartphones have become: pocket tablets. Mobile phones before the iPhone were "flip" phones that folded in half, or sliders, that would extend a small form factor. Mobile phones were getting smaller and smaller. (A joke in the 2001 movie Zoolander had the main character with a tiny...
And easily offended adults...
Funny how it sounds when the shoe is on the other foot. How often have trolls dropped by these forums to say crap about Apple products they've never used? Will you scold them too? (My guess is you won't)
It should still work according to Apple:http://iphone.appleinsider.com/articles/15/03/05/apple-sends-end-of-life-reminder-to-aperture-users-encourages-migration-to-new-photos-app
Not long before Fandroids call the Apple Watch watch faces "stale" and "boring" while they all crow about the heavily skeumorphic watch faces that try to mimic the look of analog watches. Like that one.
Probably intended to capitalize on Apple Watch envy from Android phone users.
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