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It might be an interesting way to help weed out trolls.Think about it: if you're a naysayer, what better way to collect metrics on mindless naysaying than a dislike button? It will open new doors for experiments in online communities, assuming Facebook releases an API for mining that data.
The greatest, once in a lifetime innovation from Facebook. And it probably cost billions of Facebook dollars to produce. They have to get it right. The stakes are high.
I noticed that other websites like Ars Technica simply mentioned the clock speed increase without characterizing it as overclocking. This isn't the first time AI used the term "overclocking" to describe a higher factory frequency from Apple.
That's where Apple comes in. A fifteen second charge = 30 minutes of runtime.
Higher clocked.
Samsung to copy this in 3,2,1... (That's when you know it's a good idea.) Remember back when we could only buy our phones through carriers? The groundwork for this new upgrade program was laid down years before, since the start of the iPhone. Edit: Hit Submit too fast...
I am enjoying the myopic view from the "but but but obsession with thinness and weight" crowd. What they take for granted is that Apple's obsession with pushing the envelope with respect to optimizing power draw, weight, and size, had given Apple the raw engineering talent to make future low power devices possible in form factors like the Apple Watch, where thin and light are clearly desirable. Not to mention making the iPad Pro only 0.03 pounds heavier than the original...
And this is why iPhone 7 will be, nay, must be thinner and lighter. It's like the time Apple made the iPad 3 thicker and heavier to achieve the worlds first retina display tablet in 2012, and people complained that it was too heavy. The iPad Air righted that wrong two years later.
It's called foie gras. Only cheap-ass Linux & Costco fans call it duck. /s
Uh oh. Millimeters again.  
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