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What is "harsh" about saying that you bury your head in the sand so that the coming storm will not cause alarm?An unsustainable business model will not keep those Wal-Mart-style bargains you cherish from continuing forever. Something's got to give.
So noted!
Steve Ballmer didn't survive a $900 million write-down of unsold Surfaces. The board would be crazy to let Bezos write-down $800 million and remain CEO for another year.
Not in its current state. If highly-reflective color eInk displays could looks as sharp and contrasty as a printed magazine page, and it had a pixel switching time in single-digit milliseconds, then I could see Apple doing it.
It's the recorded message / automated email reply you get when you contact Katie Cotton's office for a response on anything.
OS X 10.10. It would be awesome if it shipped on Oct 10. BTW, who was it that kept insisting Apple wouldn't call it 10.10 because that was numerically equal to 10.1?
I agree. The fire phone might be priced like an iPhone, and marketed as a "sweat the details" phone, but people know the difference.Amazon built a business on being the online equivalent of Wal-Mart.
The 5.5 inch model will have rich, Corinthian leather. It will be called the Quadra 840AV.
You really want a random guess from strangers on the Internet? Might as well ask the Magic 8-ball
Right now they're just a human RSS feed, supplemented with analysts' press releases, DED blog, and the occasional non-professional, non-lab product review.
New Posts  All Forums: