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I just wish AI and the rest of the tech websites would stop paying attention to them, but their teardown are free publicity, and sites like AI get clicks for linking to them. It doesn't even matter whether their BOM estimates are accurate or not.
But it's only a story when it embarrasses Apple!
Heh. I plan to call them tomorrow about my Watch order. Joining the herd.
I remember that forum thread was pretty epic. There some trolls whose only defense of CurrenC was that credit card companies were greedy. As if QR codes was how consumers wanted to pay. In any case, too late for BB. I had stopped shopping their years ago.
Ok. Anything else?
They were before Steve died... /s
Trolls: seek refuge from these uncomfortable, positive facts. Come back another day when you can spread FUD.
OLED with accurate colors? Pfft. When will Apple learn to crank up the color saturation on its OLED displays to "neon crayon"?
He's the new John Dvorak.
country.price.1 sounds awfully expensive.
New Posts  All Forums: