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 It's important to never declare the iPhone the winner, if you want to maintain "street cred" with the spec chasers who proclaim Apple's 64-bit is a gimmick.
"I love Apple, but…."
Wait until nightfall. That's when the anti-American trolls come out to play.
How much fossil fuel-sourced electricity and how big a carbon footprint does manufacturing a blimp (and all of its customized parts) require?
Is that it? Is Mavericks finally stable to use?
A safety alarm with an off switch which can be accidentally and silently triggered. Sounds like a winner.
I did not alter my post, and nothing was 'added' as an 'afterthought.'
Notice that I said: ...if they want to (buy an iPhone). Choice is in the consumers' best interest. Keeping them on Blackberry is in Blackberry's best interest.
What's in the best interest of their customers is letting them buy an iPhone, if they want to.
Nothing. Apple answers to no one.
New Posts  All Forums: