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Not sad. Buy one and be happy!
He technically didn't. Corrections does all the replying.
I love the iPhone 6. Balanced.
I remember when an Apple Pay thread would be inundated with naysayers touting the convenience of promiscuously running their credit cards through every mag stripe reader in sight, and ignoring the risks therein. What happened to you guys?
 I have to agree here. The UX is a mishmash of compromises typical of, say, buying non-Apple products. It feels very un-Apple like.I would prefer that Apple take over manufacturing of CarPlay head units and iOS game controllers, and bring some of that much needed vertical integration magic. Letting other manufacturers do their thing feels like it's bound to result in a more Windows- or Android-like user experience across the board.
So basically, the more you "own" the more "property rights" you lay claim to. Then I have nothing because as a cable subscriber I "own" no "property." Am I reading you correctly? I have to own a cable property to have any say in this democracy, right?
 She's another forum contrarian who reacts to any positive comments about Apple. They defensively post "but but but !!!"
Do you want fries and a drink with your McPhone?
I knew from the headline alone who wrote this article
You think you're so smart. That's how they get you.Read this, and arm yourself with knowledge:http://krebsonsecurity.com/all-about-skimmers/
New Posts  All Forums: