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How to spot a troll: "but honestly..."
Nobody beats Microsoft for "channel stuffing": the sheer weight of the unsold inventory of Surface RT tablets broke Ballmer's reign.
I like that the data centers, which store things like iCloud and iTunes Store content, as well as processing millions of iMessages and iOS push notifications each day are becoming less dependent on the grid. These data services can only grow in capacity, with no conceivable end in sight.
 That would probably only serve to confirm its legitimacy after the fact, because the video has already been released, so the damage is done. Getting it back would not change anything at this point. EDIT: the other possibility is that it is fake.
 You must be sober all the time. 
 If true, then it sounds like those factories have a rampant parts theft problem.
 Roger roger.
I thought these were coming out of Apple's sapphire plant in Arizona??? Why are these so-called sapphire panel leaks coming from Apple's assembly line in Asia?
Is it common for people to misspell "losing" as "loosing" on the forums? Or are the people doing it one and same person with multiple sock accounts? Because I've never seen this mistake made elsewhere in social media. Just these forums. It's not even a common mistake, like confusing "you're and your" or confusing "who's and whose". Explain, please.
Not exactly.Chaebols like Samsung are powerful special interests in that country, but it is still a democracy. Public sentiment can still turn against the chaebols when corruption or impropriety is unveiled.
New Posts  All Forums: