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Not to mention that you don't need to carry two devices or switch headphones. Just answer the call. If Apple had not put a music player in the iPhone, it would be the #1 feature request.You jumped the gun there and gave a eulogy for a current product.
There are three possibilities for this space: 1. A new self-driving car 2. A Fiat-Chysler based self-driving minivan 3. A unicorn that predicts the future and shoots rainbows from its ass
Kind of.I agree that the edit is minor, and the iPods are still selling, but the future is streaming. Ironically, Apple's iPhone (which also triggered the build-out of high speed wireless networks like LTE) was key to making services like Pandora and Spotify possible and popular. So Apple Music is Apple catching up with the disruption to its own iTunes business triggered by its own disruption of mobile computing.I don't wax nostalgic for the iPod. It was built for the old...
I admit I don't understand the costs of their supply chain, but if final assembly takes place in India, assuming labor costs are similar to China's, where does cost savings take place? I assume there is a cost reduction in shipping to customers (or resellers in local markets in India). The parts and materials entering the factory still come from their manufacturing sources, presumably in China, Korea, maybe Japan.
Are you kidding? I believe the headline was written to encourage exactly this response.
Would you stop it with this FALSE DILEMMA of "2GB OR FAIL" ?Operating systems like Linux, NeXTSTEP and Windows NT were fully capable of running multiple apps and windows on just megabytes of RAM.
What's interesting is that John Browett was vice president of retail operations at Apple from April 2012 until October 2012, approximately the time when the first emails (reported by the linked Reuters article) to Tim Cook was sent. It's also interesting that the complaints continued into 2013, after Browett was fired.
Oh neat. If you are offline, such as in airplane mode, it just displays a cached copy. Otherwise it fetches the latest content from the server. I did not know that it worked like that offline. Thanks!
Notice that he talks about offering Apple users advice, in the third person. Uh huh.
That's it! Keep hope alive. The rest of us aren't interested in returning to the dark days of the Microsoft Empire.
New Posts  All Forums: