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I did a spit take when I saw an active verb in an AppleInsider headline, together with the subject: "Evercore raises..." This is not the usual passive verb + hidden subject + predicate first headlines like "Apple shares expected to..." Or "Apple seen as..."
So switch back later.
 You are mistaken: it's a general diagnosis, not an "attack."Don't take things so personally. It's the Internet.
At least the Songza logo is already Googlefied.
Windows 8.1 has 8.1% of Europe?
Won't gasses like Helium make speech sound like chipmunks?
This would never have happened if Apple sold Windows tablet PCs and Google Netbooks, and gave up using proprietary technology and competed on price instead of quality. /s
Maybe mention it here:http://www.apple.com/feedback/icloud.html
Interested in making a difference?http://www.apple.com/feedback/maps_mac.html
We all have positive and negative stories about Maps. I'm glad to hear that Apple is moving in the right direction because of course Maps is never done. Even if Maps had a perfectly accurate POI database when it launched, the world is in constant change, and GIS data, POI databases, and satellite imagery has to be updated continuously (and regularly). Apple can continue to work on novel features (like 3D Flyover), but like the release of iMovie 11, or the launch of FCPX,...
New Posts  All Forums: