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The important thing is that exploits are only a "real concern" on Apple platforms and that Google is above criticism. As long as we agree on that, the forums will run smoothly.
You mean that people don't admit it.
The analysts constantly tell us Samsung is winnnnnnnnning. But from their anti-iPhone ads, you'd think Samsung has a Microsoft-sized inferiority complex.
Why does everyone keeps comparing themselves to the NUMBER TWO smartphone maker? I mean Samsung, Microsoft... don't they know that you're supposed to position your product against the market leader?
The store return policy still applies.
Samsung's plan all along. They got the maximum value out of their patent infringement, and it helped them rise to the top of the Android pile. By the time the case made it way through the courts, it was too late for an injection to do anything. This is the game, and Samsung knows how to play it.
Die shrinkage? Shaving off a few nanometers is insane! I think we should be very concerned about Apple's obsession with portability and power efficiency. They should be putting in more kitchen sink features and making the iPhone bigger, less portable, and more power hungry like the competition. /s
Have you compared the PCB of the existing 4" model to the alleged iPhone 6 (4.7" and 5.5")? I'm not sure how 2mm of thickness translates into room to "fit everything." You would either add more chips to the PCB, or integrate more functions into fewer chips. Either way, I don't see how 2mm of extra bulk adds room for "everything".
I've got a 16GB MacBook Pro and I'm only using about half of that. I guess it depends on the kind of apps you run?
If you want a 17" phone that badly, you should probably just get the Samsung Galaxy S9.
New Posts  All Forums: