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Replay restrictions and channel bundling. Sounds like a winner.
Lot of hand-waving in responses from the puff piece crowd.
I think three people worked better than two.
I enjoyed listening to the whole podcast. Good conversation, good topics.
His day job is not writing code.
Well when you put it like that...I guess someone had to say it. But there's no upside to rubbing their noses in the truth. Truth remains the truth even if they deny it, decry it, or defy it. Once you conclude that there's intellectual dishonesty involved, correction is no longer an effective response. And you already pointed out that punitive options don't exist for trolls in these forums.I find it amusing to respond to blatantly stupid theories, but yeah, calling them out...
The flipside of that is that supply chain companies who are in the business of selling a part to multiple customers can scale up for mass production and thus build that part more cost effectively.
As opposed to what?
It's possible they just want diversity in employment backgrounds. A little left-brain, a little right-brain.
That is a statement of fact. You don't need DED to spin it. It's not like Android tablets are winning.
New Posts  All Forums: