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The value of the iPhone had always been its simplicity and even Mac OS is adopting the same UI philosophy. While Mac OS hasn't moved away from, say, overlapped windows, they have added a "full screen mode" which hides "UI chrome" like the toolbars until they are needed. Together with the ability to easily swipe (using multitouch) between multiple full screen desktops, it's an elegant and simple way to use multiple full-screen apps. If anything, this is moving away from...
Those are 4th generation fake diamonds which have bigger specs and higher benchmarks then last year. Those diamonds enable a smart, always-connected digital lifestyle.
Hey look! John Carmack can occasionally talk in memorized marketing drivel. He normally opens his mouth and something amazingly, abstrusely technical comes out.
Ask your doctor to prescribe something for the pain.
Yes, but how to remember the fictional answers?
Apple expect more fragmentation on Windows?
No evidence for that, just coincidence.
"Apply Windows Server update and reboot?" OK "You're fired."
 That's the Goophone, based on rumored specs.
 Bias is reality.Perception is bias confirmation.Worldview is bias supported by perception confirming bias.
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