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Any news can be twisted to serve the Troll Side of the Forum.
What's more impressive is the number of women I've spotted wearing them. Apple's doing what Sammy & the Androidettes have so far failed to do: market their thick, ungainly, hockey-puck-strapped-to-your-wrist smartwatches to both sexes.
Because someone needs to tell Phil how to do his job!
AppleInsider keeps calling it that. I don't know why either. It's not that you can't use an iPad for serious work (the iPad = toy meme again), but that Apple hasn't officially revealed the name of a product that they haven't unveiled (duh, right?). The rumor mill seems to have given it that name. Who started it is a mystery. The reasoning is even more mysterious: it's not like Apple to simply name large screen models "Pro". The 27" iMac isn't called iMac Pro. Or the iPhone...
You can get styluses and keyboards to work with any existing iPad, but pro-Windows trolls keep repeating the narrative that Apple needs to sell these accessories before the trolls will consider the iPad "suitable for work". To which I ask: why does it have to be an Apple branded accessory? The same trolls complain about the AppleTV "not having a keyboard" when in fact, you can pair any Bluetooth keyboard with AppleTV.
At least Samsung was copying something tasteful.
Your (alleged) iPhone 6 is still under warranty. The best way to find out is to make a Genius Bar appointment and ask Apple if they will treat it as a case of manufacturing defect, or laugh you out the door for obviously abusing your iPhone and trying to pass it off as defective. Asking these forums is not the right solution for your problem.
Class act. /s
Please. Fashionistas get the gold model, MLB coaches get the Sports model. Get it? Sports? MLB?
Confirm? Well Apple does not disclose its component suppliers, so officially, no. But the rumor mill has its own "unofficial truth" which is that Apple uses GG3 in those products.
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