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The court will appoint Michael Bromwich, who will find nothing improper going on at Amazon, praise Jeff Bezos for creating competition with that nasty, nasty Apple, and return home after a light meal in the Amazon employee lounge.
Ouch. Either that or Antennagate.
He is here. Prepare this thread to be boarded.
Digi-Times articles are linked for "discussion purposes only." AI makes no claims about the quality of DT sourced rumors. They are not a "well-connected source with a strong track record."
For novelty purposes only.
IBM PC-DOS fans used to call the graphical Mac a toy. Nice try.
 Don't be silly. I didn't call you an Apple hater--those are your words. I challenged your claim of neutrality. Your tendency is to take sides against Apple in the forums while feigning "neutrality." You appear to have no issue supporting or condoning the lynch mob against Apple, and you never tell them to "simply not use iOS if they don't like it."So, if it talks like a duck and walks like a duck, it is a duck.
Trolls: next time the Galaxy S6 lags in some benchmark, be sure to use "but but but it's most likely a poor connection" excuse.
Let's try an experiment:Is that something you agree with?
Does Samsung still overclock their CPU when it detects a benchmark running?
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