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Ugh. Is this how they made TRON?
Did you just IGZO this thread?
It feels unnecessary. There's probably no technical reason for it, so I assume some idiot like Phil Schiller dreamed it up, or one of his peons.
Ask Siri to "search Google for the top song on Sept 11, 1973."
Your entire argument is tired, old Apple-is-doomed memes:Tim Cook isn't a product guyApple is copying screen sizeApple is copying Tablet PCiOS is not a real OSiPad is a toy
Do you really think that will increase the credibility of the opinion you're about to drop?Your first assertion boils down to: Tim Cook is clueless because he's trying to merge a tablet and a laptop.Your second assertion boils down to: Microsoft is on the right path because they're merging a tablet with a laptop. Apple is failing because it's desperately trying to catch up with Microsoft's 25-year head start pushing Windows Tablet PCs.
Replace "Surface" with "Tablet PC" and "Different" with "Marketed Differently."
I noticed many of the same inaccuracies. The details are incorrect, but Sorkin created completely fictional dialogue and situations to tell a story, and continuity across time periods was needed. Introducing new characters later in the movie breaks this continuity, and makes it difficult to show an a character arc.
You're thinking of Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine.This is a different movie. I think Sorkin takes a positive view of Steve, for all his faults. They make an interesting character. Just remember that you're watching an artistic interpretation of Jobs.
And AppleInsider. Didn't they write like 4-5 articles about this after seeing it once?
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