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 Actually, no. It's not that simple. If you're interested in a long response... keep reading It sounds like you're saying "Windows 10 is designed to run on 1GB" and implying that Mac OS X isn't (the original iMac had less than 1GB, but was capable of running OS X). And of course, virtual memory of both modern Windows and OS X originated in the 1980s (NT and Mach kernels) when workstations and servers measured RAM in megabytes. (Don't forget that a version of OS X kernel...
Meh. Rampant consumerism now has an easy button. It'd be better if the dash button appeared on your Apple Watch and all you needed to do was a force touch to reorder more.
Haier. Right. Don't they make like air humidifiers and I dunno, bug zappers maybe? It's the last manufacturer that I would choose to make a netbook ChromeBook.
Stop the press!Seriously.Windows 8 is still a suck fest. "Now" didn't fix it. It's like saying "Internet Explorer isn't as bad now." Oh yes it is. Even Microsoft knows it.
It's like saying Audi fans have been waiting for years for the Koreans to copy Audi designs, and now that Hyundai has, they can't wait to dump their Audi for a Hyundai.
Steve Ballmer does not appreciate being called a moron (but it's probably not far off from the truth).
Oh, I think has fans. Have you seen some of the posts in this thread?
It seems this thread is attracting Microsoft shills.
The end goal of the evolution of the Microsoft tablet is a crippled x86 Windows laptop. Good to know.
Embracing Android shields you from criticism and "-gate" controverseies.
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