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What's funny is that I read a comment on an Apple hater site that said: "Apple is like 2-3 years behind top Android phones in specs, but the iPhone runs so smooth! I can't even get my camera apps to launch fast enough on my [redacted]!" I mean, jeez, these people have some awareness that specs aren't everything, yet they still value specs like it was the only reason to feel good about what you bought.
They just started production and it's done before the next Star Wars... because how hard is it to film people walking and talking?
Good fuel economy and taller ride height also.
New MacBook? I'm going to need all new stickers!
It's just information. Unless DED wrote it, I don't read any gloating into it. Apple will have its ups and downs. It's latest financials are "up."For contrast, this same story over on a pro-Windows, pro-Android, spite-Apple site had a headine about "Samsung stumbles, loses marketshare to Apple." A slightly different take (about Samsung's misfortune instead of focusing on Apple's fortune). I read their story, and buried in there isn't any praise for Apple, but simply...
Does it park in the handicapped spaces without proper tags?
Here's a thought: they're grabbing ground level images to improve 3D flyover when zoomed in to ground level.
15 cameras vs 12 cameras? Looks like Apple loses ("looses" in trollspeak) the specs race again. /s
"Trusted" source? Not a well-regarded, well-loved, well-connected source?
So why do the drones need to be launched from retail locations? Wouldn't it be cheaper to have a single warehouse in a city and launch the drones from there? It's more expensive to truck inventory to lots of retail locations just to launch drones a few miles closer to you.
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