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MobileMe Drive is back!
People made up their minds about Apple based on what the company does in the real world, not the fake world of the commercial.For example:Real world: Oprah loves her iPadFake world: Oprah tweets how much she loves her SurfaceReal world: Ellen takes selfie with her iPhoneFake world: Ellen takes selfie with a Samsung phoneReal world: Gary Oldman uses an iPhoneFake world: Gary Oldman says blah blah blah HTC M8Real World: Olympic athletes in Sochi shown on TV using their...
IBM retreated completely from B2C itself, but sells services to help other businesses do B2C. Microsoft had a pretty solid smartphone OS business after defeating Palm OS for the title. Then the iPhone wiped that smirk off Ballmer's face.
It won't save Windows Phone.
Depends. Is it a golden leak?
How much are nowhereelse.fr paying for each leak? Anyone know?
So about your question: "how did they get photos from iCloud?" The answer is, apparently, if you backup your phone to iCloud, the photos, videos can be retrieved from the backup file.
A found a pretty even-handed and readable explanation of the exploit used on Ars: http://arstechnica.com/security/2014/09/what-jennifer-lawrence-can-teach-you-about-cloud-security/ There was an iCloud vulnerability, and an exploit called iBrute was released the day before the breach (yesterday). Apple has since patched it (early this morning). It was a kind of brute password attack. It looks like they went after celebrities. It wasn't a mass password grab of random...
I don't know anything about that. What do I look like, a 4chan cellar dweller?
 I was referencing that UK newspaper which Murdoch used to own. The one that hacked celebrity voice mails for profit.
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