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 LOL. Sounds like Samsung gave up on "hand size" considerations a while back.
 That's not what Wikipedia is gonna say when this is all over. 
This is what the Internet sounds like. Interesting.
How big are Japanese d--ks?(where '--' is 'es', of course )
Maybe he has an even secreter list, hidden by steganography in PNG files innocently labeled "family vacation photos". Plans for the mothership, the formula for transparent aluminum, blueprints on constructing a real RDF out of old discarded warp cores, and instructions for downloading Steve's consciousness into an old PowerMac G4 Cube are eluding the prying eyes of lawyers and competitors...
TheMole = Eric SchmidtSweatShop = Steve BallmerUterusDischarge = Andy "I guess we're not gonna ship that phone" Rubin
Heh.LG already has a "magic wand" remote for its newest "smart TVs," and having used it, I find it incredibly annoying and gimmicky. They adopted a "desktop OS" metaphor for their TV OS, with the remote/wand as a kind of "air mouse."
Don't worry.Anandtech will make sure people focus on the megahertz race in wands. How else does one measure a product? It's design and quality?
I don't know what I was expecting, but I always imagined Steve Jobs' secret list to be more imaginative and inspiring. Guess even Willy Wonka has to put his pants on one leg at a time.
This lawsuit is a terrific way for Samsung to mine Apple's executive memos for new product ideas. Coming soon: The Samsung Galaxy Wand. They don't know what it does yet, but it will have the more cores and memory than any competing wand. Because that's all that matters in wands.
New Posts  All Forums: