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LOL. Hard to imagine that jury consultants haven't been involved on both sides.
It seems to me that by the time he had returned from the "wilderness years," Steve could and did open holes in his RDF to get to the ground truth of his initial assumptions. This made him a much more effective "product guy". It didn't mean he was perfect, but it honed his incredibly prescient consumer taste (sense of where the market was going to be).
The iPod Classic still has the click wheel. And the PowerMac G5 design carried over to the Mac Pro.
Has nobody considered the possibility that Apple may have found a way to get true tone into a single aperture?
LOL. These are the same cameras used to prove that Bigfoot exist.
/sNo I hadn't read the comments there yet, but I've pursued their forums before (also DailyTech, which is unabashedly anti-Apple).I stand corrected.
I had the very first version of Windows Mobile Phone Edition (a T-Mobile branded device made by HTC) way back in 2002, and that POS would frequently lockup when I got an incoming phone call, requiring a reset (there was a pinhole switch to reboot it). I was highly dissatisfied with the OS. Steve wasn't exaggerating. The iPhone is a more reliable OS.
Anand risks serious credibility problems by going against the meme and praising Apple's technology. The BYO elite spec-chaser crowd doesn't take kindly to praising Apple. /s
Foxconn didn't design the iPhone.
Foxconn needed to open a Word file, and a PC clone running a pirated copy of Windows XP is in fact, the standard workplace configuration in Taiwan.
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