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It's possible we are reading too much into why they have the pay terminals installed. It might be a "ready for the future" move. But if Target cared about security, they'd enable those terminals now instead of waiting for...not sure what.
I have no idea of who Walmart is targeting with CurrentC, but whether that demographic are price sensitive or not, all consumers appreciate "frictionless" transactions. That was Apple's "high order bit" (to borrow a Steve Jobism) with ApplePay. The method of payment that people want to use wins, period. And Apple is going for that. CurrentC seems to be designed for reasons that benefit the retailer, rather than the consumer. Sort of like the aborted "DIVX" disc rental...
Can you please stop labeling people with such a broad brush? A handful of opinions and you're declaring Apple fanboys hostile and zealots. They do not speak for the majority of Apple fans.
There's probably a self-selection bias at work here: anyone who thinks tattoos are "wrong" will express that opinion. Those who don't think it is wrong will not, and you won't hear from them in the forums. I don't think there is anything wrong with tattoos, and I'm sorry that Apple's implementation of wrist detection is reportedly not working for those customers. But I do not believe a company that puts itself at the "intersection of technology and liberal arts" is in any...
But photoplethysmography is not. /s Remember kids, it's only wrong when Apple does it.
Of course the right thing to do is contact reddit before contacting the manufacturer of the thing you bought. /s
With cable companies you have to know the right number to call. Call for sales and they'll answer that on the first ring.
My 2007 MacBook Pro. Too thick, too heavy. Hardly ever used the built-in optical drive. Small capacity removable battery didn't last long. I wish it was like a MacBook Air.My 2009 iPhone 3GS. Too thick. Way too thick, and terrible battery life. It failed under warranty, so I got it replaced and the replacement died not long after I upgraded to the iPhone 4, which was thinner and better made, but still too thick and brick-like. I like the iPhone 6. It's just right.My 2012...
I wonder why it took Target so long to adopt ApplePay, NFC for their retail operations. As of today they still do not.The ones nearest me have the upgraded pay terminals, but the NFC and even the smart chip reader isn't working, so all you can do is swipe the mag stripe reader. It's pathetic. You'd think if one company would jump on the security bandwagon, it would be Target.
Naysay much? Isn't it more accurate to think of it as Chile with the copper?
New Posts  All Forums: