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Been using tablets since the days of Windows 3.11 for Pen Computing, the Apple Newton. The modern Surface pro tablets try to mimic the hardware and polish of modern iPads, but not the post-PC user experience. Microsoft recently patted itself on the back for shipping a "metro UI" file manager for their tablet. Uh, that's not a step forward.
Or when streaming Netflix to a TV.
The fire phones "gimmicks" are part of an orchestrated strategy for amazon. 1. Firefly: its purpose is obvious, and exactly what Amazon needs. Google searching isn't guaranteed to return Amazon page results unless Amazon advertises for many keywords; this solves that, and tries to create a new user behavior that allows Amazon to short circuit product search behavior before it reaches the Web browser. From a business perspective, that's clever, and some of this capability...
What else are they going to post?Lester Victor Marks hasn't gotten around to writing his rave review of the Fire Phone yet.
Lower guidance = troll food. More please.
I prefer on demand to time shifting (DVR) or broadcast-only viewing habits. For one thing: binge watching!
"but but but I've never seen a 5c in the wild"
 That's a strange question to me. That's like saying: "Why are they promoting the iPhone 5s when it's a year old and rumored to be replaced soon? If there's to be a bigger screen iPhone 6 coming, why promote the old model? Maybe there won't be another iPhone this year."
I'm surprised no one used the but but but user-agent meme. 
Reverse is true for me: I use the Mac for work, and iPad for web surfing, shopping, reading ebooks, listening to music, playback of itunes media, streaming Netflix, journal writing, and playing iOS games.
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