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"Blah, blah, blah..." I guess Mr. Oldman didn't reverse their slide.
iPad Plus
I hate the iPad Pro name. Seriously, rumor mill, invent a better name for it.
I'm just waiting for an article next week that will contradict this one. No wonder analysts don't know whether to buy or sell.
  Current A8-based iPhones and iPads can play 4K content. This is not a theoretical, it is fact.http://www.engadget.com/2014/11/21/exclusive-the-iphone-6s-a8-chip-can-play-4k-video/
You definitely need a new iPad then. Compared to the heaviest-of-all-3, the iPad Air is a breath of... fresh Air. 
Compression is one of the ways the promise of 4K can become a meaningless spec, since compression is lossy. I got very good results using low-compression 4K, like around 100Mbps (MP4), but that data rate is for mastering and editing (you'll need SSD or Thunderbolt RAID to read from disk at that minimum rate). YouTube, Vimeo, and other services will always require deeper compression. Until fast H.265 becomes the norm, we'll have to use lower compression H.264 to get the...
Then someone at AI must have messed up real bad on the content side!
Why would they ever switch from Windows Phone? Windows Phone 10 is coming! Unless of course, they're just saying that in the forums to insulate that Windows had this feature first, and they have no plans to ever use iOS 9.
???You're not sorry. I assume you guys only test the site with chrome.Some of us still use Safari on iOS 8. I know, crazy right? Who still uses an iPhone to view this site? We should be using safe and secure android where Flash is still worshipped as a deity, am I right?In the meantime, can you fix the issue for the last of us iOS 8 Safari-using hold-outs? Because Safari does in fact support HTML5...
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