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Are you one of these theoretical "people with older hardware"? Or just another "will someone please think of the children people with older hardware???" rhetorical argument? (That is a serious question: are you really worried about the security in older Mac OS X versions because you can't upgrade, or are you just posting a hypothetical scenario for an easy win?)
When analysts play the lottery, they are also disappointed that entropy and randomness failed to live up to their predictions.
FTFY.It didn't chase after iOS until Andy had his "I guess we're not shipping that version" moment in 2007.
When Apple announces new iOS versions during WWDC, they omit features which require unreleased hardware. For example, Apple didn't reveal that iOS 7 would support 64-bit because they kept the iPhone 5s' specs a secret. Force Touch on the iPhone 6s is a leaky secret/assumption from the rumor mill, but Apple will not officially unveil those aspects of iOS until the next iPhone is revealed.Any such article about Force Touch on iOS 9 would have to be speculation.
As others have posted, nothing actually moves in Force Touch.The haptic feedback on the Watch works with Force Touch so that when you push hard on the screen, not only does a set of options "zoom in" over the screen, but the motor vibrates in concert. The result feels quite natural, and I'd miss it if it were not there.The New MacBook Retina trackpad is pretty large--I haven't done the math, but its surface area should be comparable to the surface of the iPhone 6. However,...
I remember when this thread was about Apple.
How about haptic feedback?
But but but walled gardens are evil
You guys. Apple is not liable. They excluded themselves in paragraph 1523 of iTunes Store terms and conditions. If the terrorists click "I Accept" that means they read it. Boom. Done. Not liable.
Soooo...it's gonna sound like I'm making a sarcastic remark about AI quoting a blog orchestrated by a strategic "think tank" to influence public policy on behalf of the government, but I'm not.
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