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Would never happen if Steve was in charge. /s Actually, I think this is a pretty big "Oops". Who needs hackers when Apple can't protect iTunes Connect accounts?
See the other posts in this thread. It should give you a flavor.
And it's fast follower.
Every article is spell-checked, relevant, and tastes like chocolate ice cream, and you will stay in the forums and post nothing but praise, Mister.
Qualcomm would sell more chips than Apple if they sold just one. Because Apple isn't in the business of selling its chips.
It's called the Vita, and it's completely new, original, and awesome.
You forgot to mention that well-connected blogger DED already covered this in his award-winning series of articles, entitled:
Apple is too stingy. They could afford to buy every man, woman and child a personal jetpack.
Misery loves company
Raising expectations is necessary if the plan is to short AAPL all the way to the bank.
New Posts  All Forums: