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All yours, Sammy.
Welcome to 2007, Mr. President. We hope you find the iPhone enjoyable and useful.
I am neither offended nor pissed off.
It would be awesome if this was also the box it was shipped in, simply folded inside out.
He's just trying to create a bubble to pump up his own holdings. The stock market is nothing but a way to make the rich richer.
We don't know for sure what's coming on Wednesday, just rumors. And we obviously don't know Apple's future roadmap for the MacBook Pro Retina. One of those questions will hopefully be answered in 48 hours.
I guess we will know Wednesday if this rumor is true or not. Short wait, at least!
Your move, J.K. Shin. What do you stand for?
How could I forget John Hodgman playing Steve Jobs:
I know, right? Should've been Justin Long!
New Posts  All Forums: