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Just flag his posts. You all know whom I am referring to.
Don't forget to include AppleInsider in your conspiracy theories! /s
It's not self serving; it serves Google's paying customers, and that is not you and I.
Has it occurred to these clowns that mobile sites take longer to display because it has to load advertisements? I know I know, the whole point of this solution isn't to eliminate Googles business model, but to limit its unwanted side effects on the user experience.
As long as Apple doesn't run out of ideas, their phone business should remain strong. Coming soon: S-Force, the ability to sense pressure on the screen. The trolls will someday say it was "inevitable" that all phones would have this, like multitouch.
We'll make you pay for competing with Amazon. How dare you.
No, that's not going to save the Microsoft Stores. But thanks for caring about the article's overall credibility. DED would be touched.
You know what's funny is that my local Apple Store and Microsoft store are pretty close to each other, about 200 meters. And between them is a Victoria's Secret store. The only time people stand outside the Microsoft Store is when the line for new iPhones gets really long.
I never understood why Microsoft got into retail. The early-2000s era Apple Stores were originally created to solve a problem: to showcase Apple products in a pro-Apple way, without having blue-shirted idiots bad-mouth iMacs and iPods. Since then they've become the most visible and locally accessible physical extensions of the company in major population centers. You don't just go there to buy an Apple product, you can also get service.   What problem is the Microsoft...
If this was an Apple product, the forums would be full of people complaining about "obsession with thinness and weight."But it's a Microsoft product so it is automatically declared "impressive" and a sign that Apple is "losing its edge."
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