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Dropbox had their chance. Apple offered to acquire them a while back but they turned it down. Now their business model is being squeezed by large tech companies that can afford to offer cheap cloud storage as part of their ecosystem--not just Apple--but Amazon, Microsoft and Google as well. It is not sustainable unless they can add value to what is otherwise just commodity storage. They might as well start an email service and charge money for it.
"...while keeping" Seriously?
Maybe Apple should put stereo flash lamps into the new iPhone to keep up with HTC. /s
Called it.
It's a phone, not a portable transistor radio from the 70s.
I believe @AWilliams87 was praising Microsoft for branding their optional keyboard so that it gave the illusion of being "integrated". Odd how that my Logitech iPad Air keyboard also snaps on with magnets, matches the aesthetic of my iPad, and is fully supported by iOS, but still doesn't get brownie points because its isn't Apple-branded.
Speaker module. How exciting.
"But but but keyboards."
Wait til they raises prices.
 Yeah, I miss drblank too 
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