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Particles? That's sooo 1900. The future belongs to superstrings. They can wrap and stretch across tiny extra dimensions that are perpendicular to space time.
Admitting it is the step to getting help.
I had a Mercury Mountaineer (one of the last) with the Sync powered by Microsoft for a month. I'd say about a third of the time when I plugged in my iPhone it would fail to recognize it. Never encountered that from other factory stereos. Just Sync. "All you had to do was one thing..."
maybe Microsoft can add a removable keyboard, the metro UI skin, a touchpad, and throw in one year of Microsoft Office 365 for free, plus 10GB of SkyDrive. All running on top of the same, clunky Windows Embedded OS. It's how they typically roll.
CurrentC sees their chance LOL
I'm surprised they didn't argue that without a GPS, the runner will get lost and then eaten by wolves.
The real headline should be: MSN still alive.
I accept this answer, thank you. I have a fitbit one which only counts steps. Distance is an estimate based on average stride. GPS allows for some clever tricks like detecting when your motion is due to being in a car or bike, and not counting them as "steps." Not sure if any of the GPS equipped fitness trackers do that, but it could be done. And of course, if you run out in traffic, it'll give a more accurate estimate of distance and speed. (Since I exercise on a...
???So you're implying that I'm not into serious fitness tracking because I run on a treadmill?
Do you need a fitness tracker with GPS? Or is this just concern and handwringing over the length of Apple's spec sheet?
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