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I'd fill it with a deadly neurotoxin. Repairability score: -10.
A ripoff of what? The Apple Watch?
It's how you get to the Appley goodness inside.
LOL. It probably could play Infinity Blade, if games were supported.
Correlation =/= Causation. Even people with average IQs know that.
No no no! Haven't you heard? Their supplies are tightly constrained!
Effect on competition: zero. Because cable companies are local monopolies in the markets they serve.
Specs specs specs. Let's wait until Skylake before buying the Apple Watch. /s
Why do you say that in the context of the Watch?
I can see a minor spec bump to maybe the A7 with more or less the same case design being the minimal, low fanfare update. It still has value as a low price point for entry into the iOS ecosystem. If Apple wanted to (or thought they should) re-jump start iPod sales, they would reposition it in the marketplace as a game device or give it major new capabilities, and Jony Ive would design something purposefully suited to that new mission. But for me, the iPhone, and soon the...
New Posts  All Forums: