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In surprised Apple is not being investigated for that, if for no reason other than, because
Oh I believe they're volved. How would they spoof icloud servers on the web?Let's say unscrupulous DNS servers are routing "icloud.cn" (or whatever) traffic to some government spoof site.As long as your browser is using https, the identity of the server (pretending to be) icloud.cn is verified by a CA (say, Verisign). The root CA's certificates are already stored on your computer, so your browser can verify that it is in fact, connecting to Verisign.No, I don't think a...
"But but but Google wallet" Apple Pay is apparently a trigger word for Fandroid insecurities.
I haven't been this excited about the letter X since the SEGA 32X.
I think you mean your 007 BMW does this.
David Hasselhoff spoke to KITT remotely using a wrist watch. Perhaps that will be the way we control our cars. Tesla D has autonomous driving capabilities, so it wouldn't be beyond our reach to implement the tech from the TV show. Maybe even get Hasselhoff to promote it.
It was born premature, and took too long to die.
The trolls are rocking back and forth, clutching a green Android plushie, chanting: "bendgate will save us, bendgate will save us, bendgate will save us..."
Kick ass!
So much for handwringing over Broadwell.
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