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Why doesn't AppleInsider ask an artist to review or contribute to a review of Apple Pencil? I'm listening to Neil, Shane, and Mikey say they aren't artists, but they're going to review a product intended for people who would produce art on the iPad Pro? The solution is clear: ask an artist.
Exactly. THIS is why I like Mikey! He just says whatever comes to mind.
I think it's interesting how Al Qaeda had stopped using technology (like satellite phones) because it could be tracked, and went back to using human couriers for communications, while ISIS has done the opposite, and is uses tech and the Internet aggressively. (Sorry for being on topic. I didn't mean to interrupt your Trump v Hillary thread)
Actually, it's "When privacy is outlawed, only outlaws will have privacy." Think about it. This is what the three-letter agencies want.
"Best Buy associates will direct customers to the Apple website and help them place an order for the Pencil."
It's not just that Mikey's voice is awesomer. It's his devil-may-care attitude. The perfect antidote to Neil's seriousness.
Not appearances. I'm running iOS 8.4.1 and if I play an episode (any episode) of the "Birth. Movies. Death." Podcast, then allow the phone screen to turn off (or I push the power button to turn it off) while the podcast is playing, it keeps playing. But if I then turn on the screen by pressing the home button or power button, iOS will kernel panic and reboot. EVERYTIME. So far the issue only happens with that podcast. Other podcasts work perfectly.
If you can't right-click while holding the Pencil a few millimeters above the screen then it's a failure. /s
Proof by "I think..." LOL
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