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He needs to troll about something until he can say Android Wear is winning. Because currently, it is by all measures, not winning.
It's says "Apple is doomed buy Samsung's copy instead" in Arabic.
 Android dog, huh? Yeah you're not fooling anyone.
You say that because you think the Watch Edition is overpriced garbage, correct? Not because some rich guy put it on their dog for the lulz.
Is 58bpm healthy for a pooch? Also, I thought the heart rate monitor didn't work through dog hair.
Imagine this in the world's first 64-bit smartwatch!
Because it's Apple: dooooooooomed
10.11.0: the wait for bug fixes begins all over again! Thus is the annual cycle of beta testing for Mac OS.
For the same price as an iPad, you can buy a Microsoft Surface 3, with a real operating system, along with all the fun and headaches of fixing everything yourself: file management, device drivers, registry hacks, antivirus scanning, and endless patching.
Halo is boooring. Even Bungie left the series.
New Posts  All Forums: