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It's like saying Audi fans have been waiting for years for the Koreans to copy Audi designs, and now that Hyundai has, they can't wait to dump their Audi for a Hyundai.
Steve Ballmer does not appreciate being called a moron (but it's probably not far off from the truth).
Oh, I think has fans. Have you seen some of the posts in this thread?
It seems this thread is attracting Microsoft shills.
The end goal of the evolution of the Microsoft tablet is a crippled x86 Windows laptop. Good to know.
Embracing Android shields you from criticism and "-gate" controverseies.
There will never be trolling about Samsung's protruding camera lens. It's only wrong when Apple does itâ„¢.
Tech sites seem to praise whatever Samsung is doing, even if that is an about-face from what they've done before. Samsung deserves praise for being plastic and replaceable betteries and micro SD cards and they also deserve praise for not doing those things. Typical goal post moving.
LOL. I missed that. Can you send a link? Not even sure what EG stands for.
The fun part will be watching Sammy fans defend the iPhoneness of the new S6. As if removable batteries, micro SD cards, and durable plastic cases were suddenly not advantageous differentiation. Now, it's about the iPhoneness.
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