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LOL Now who's arguing Apple's "obsession with thinness" is a bad thing?However, I fail to see how making a smartwatch "round" makes any difference. I've heard arguments akin to "but but but more information can be displayed" which falls apart when you consider that neither computer or smartphone displays are round for that reason. I'm beginning to suspect these people simply like the round aesthetics, but aren't willing to use that to justify their little "Apple should..."...
Goddamnit. Couldn't Apple just let us lease the watch for a low monthly payment? It would simplify the whole upgrade treadmill. Just return it at the end of its 9 month life when the new model appears on the scene.
Perhaps 4K video recording is coming?
waiting for a troll to say Apple started this "exclusive" trend in streaming...
He's got that dream job that Steve wanted!
Genius Bar. Go. We'll wait.
Apple Music 1.0
You mean the iMac? Yeah, it's now rocking a 5K Retina Display in aluminum instead of a 15" CRT in translucent plastic.
AppleInsider headline: "Apple Music is half empty!!!"
No, if you want one-dimensional rehash informed solely by the people who hated Jobs and Apple critics, check out Alex Gibney's biographical documentary of Jobs. It's a complete hatchet job. It should be coming to Netflix in the next year or so. It's not even remotely fair.
New Posts  All Forums: