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My conspiracy theory is that Apple didn't buy Faceshift to make orc faces, they want some future FaceTime-camera enabled device to read your face for emotional context.
The real question is: are enough iPad Pro owners "aactually fine" paying $169 for "that thing."Because they'll answer with their wallets. And that's all that matters. If you disagree, you are free to buy something cheaper.All this guessing about Apple's BOM, which doesn't include the cost of design, engineering and marketing, is just the fool's way of trying to sound like they're experts on Apple's supply chain; nobody knows Apple's BOM.
I've said it before but it bears repeating: if you want a great laptop experience, buy a laptop.
End users are not the only people who read iFixit.TFTFY.
I've heard weak arguments from the habitual forum naysayers that claim unrepairable Apple products = landfill. This bothers me when 1) you can recycle electronics, and 2) most electronics I've recycled are obsolete but still fully functional because they made well enough to last the life of the product. In my mind, glue and low "repairability scores" from the likes of iFixit have little impact to what goes into landfills. A public awareness campaign to recycle EOL...
The cavemen with screwdrivers have judged this product unrepairable by cavemen with screwdrivers.
Some idiots are going to ruin this for everyone else. That's how it always goes.
A few CMOS cameras use a global shutter, namely the Blackmagic Production 4K. And it's in the price range to compete with high-end DSLRs for small budget productions.
I think some of the writers have a personal interest in drones, and B&H is a sponsor, so they can probably get their hands on DJI gear for review.
If you read DED's original story, he was hoping to push some Fandroid buttons, but others have co-opted the thread for political discussion. As long as we're talking about technology and terrorism, I think it's on topic. If it's solely about U.S. political parties' platforms, then it's not.
New Posts  All Forums: