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So...(and this is a semi-serious question) why not just get a Surface RT? If you had purchased 900,000 of them, you could've saved Ballmer's job.
Pebble has asked its fans to spread the word about the Pebble watch on social media, online, by word of mouth, etc, and this guy gets in a mention and now we're all talking about the Pebble instead of the Apple Watch, which was the topic of the article. See what he did there? Pebble scored some free advertising. No, he's not subtle.
 That's not marketing. You gotta sex it up. Make that $2 Indian bicycle part look like a $2 million part crafted by digital artisans.  Here's the same photo, lit with "hero lighting," ready for advertising: 
 Exactly. This is how Richie Rich died. They had to power wash his brains and blood off those gold coins.
...with Appleness!(Meanwhile, Apple is obsessed over thinness)
In reality, doing a swan dive into a large pile of gold coins would be fatal. Do not attempt at home.
Next: #Zombiegate. The Watch features don't work if it fails to detect a living pulse.
Non sequitur.
What's next is a testimonial video featuring a paid British actor against a white background, talking about how Korean craftsmen obsess over each nanometer. I assume Ali G. would be a good fit.
Their reasoning: it takes too long build a reputation. Let's just use marketing as a short cut and tell people how we want them to view us someday..."digital craftsmen!!!" It would be like if the Chicago Cubs made a commercial in which they refer to themselves as World Series winners.
New Posts  All Forums: