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Perfect. That's one less reason to use Android Wear.
My home thermostats have always been located in high traffic hallways, because rooms tend to be along the outer walls of the home, and the thermostat is centrally located away from the outer walls. So Nest would light up anytime someone walked past it to the bathroom. How innovative. /s
"presented for discussion purposes."
There's a cheeky bit of oneupmanship on Samsung's part, but they're actually copying Apple's cheeky oneupmanship on traditional watch makers.Here's why Apple Watch shows 10:09http://www.businessinsider.com/why-apple-watches-all-display-1009-in-advertisments-2015-3You can extrapolate from that why Samsung shows 10:08.
I'm surprised AI didn't just use an Apple Store concept rendering from Martin Hajek.
Good. All the more reason to spend time at the Microsoft Store, which is a copy of Apple's original retail design. Leave Apple to its doom.
What about all of Asia?
Naysaying requires saying nay, except when it's a google patent, then it's automatically awesome without qualification.
The real heading is: why would Google care about making Android Wear work with a tiny, dying platform like iOS? Aren't the trolls always bragging that Android like some huge lead in worldwide marketshare? Like billions and billions of activations per day?
As a counterpoint, people keep complaining Apple is a one trick pony (iPhone).
New Posts  All Forums: