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Reminds me of Microsoft in the Bill Gates era: fixated on beating their competitors rather than enhancing their customers experience with the company's products. It's an old, tired, reactive strategy that prioritized Microsoft's interests firmly ahead of their users'.
I was going to post an image of the planet Earth, but it's the site where billions of people have perished, and that would be insensitive.
Because there's no way they can fit it into a single aperture, am I right? /s
Yeah, they aren't replacing the big DSLRs anytime soon, but I think compact cameras like the Canon ELPH and Nikon CoolPix are done for. And those cameras have small sensors and small lenses. And my (allegedly 10MP) Nikon CoolPix takes crappier photos than my iPhone 5. Terrible optics. I say: good riddance.
Heh. It's innovation when Samsung does it, right?
Bromwich noted that the company also complied with his request to park in Tim Cook's parking spot and also to name a company cafeteria sandwich after him: "The Bromwich."
Thanks for posting that. I had a good laugh.
Please. This is the last hurrah for the compact camera, before smartphones snuff them out once and for all. It'll be yesterday's news, like the QuickTake 100 or the Sony Floppy Disk-based Mavica.
Boom! Phrasing!
There's no disputing that. But superimposing the iPhone 5 on top of the molding was a little misleading. That's no better than people who stretch the iPhone 5 into a bigger graphic and assume that's what the iPhone 6 will look like. The molding is information enough. No need to project an iPhone 5 on top of it to "complete" the picture. We still don't know what it will look like (exactly), and there are questions about the screen size left unanswered.
New Posts  All Forums: