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I would like to see some more comparisons, and not pixel peeping but low light shooting, moving handheld shots, etc.
Still using a Bose SoundDock. Not the best sounding thing in the world, but convenient and it charges my phone, and no wireless woes to deal with.
I have a Magic Johnson.
How come when Tim and Jony share their personal views about their friend Steve Jobs on the anniversary of his death, they get slammed as the Apple spin machine in full force as the new Steve Jobs movies are about to hit theaters?
Hey. The Cure was big in the 80s.
This is a thing in China. Because they want to.
Fewer links, fewer documents to load (including images), fewer scripts to execute = faster site loading.Ads are a significant consumer of bandwidth, memory, and CPU usage compared to the pure content of a website.Tests have been performed with ad blockers, and they decrease page load times. They also improve device battery life (by 21%, if all you do is browse the web, see the link).
More like the DMV vs the restaurant.
Googling is how he pretends to know-it-all. That's why most of his posts are just links he fished up on Google.
Replace "Microsoft" with "Google" and "Hololens" with "Glass" and "Surface" with "Chomebook" you've got 2013 all over again. Apple is still doomed, only now the iPhone is selling even better than ever. The rest of your post is just the troll meme omnibus.
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