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It doesn't matter. Samsung will own the truth, on Wikipedia.
No. But I like the display on my iPhone 5.
Nice review. Can you kick it over after playing a long set of metal songs for a crowd?
But Android tablets are just stretched phones anyway.
But not too long ago, we had to deal with Microsoft fans parroting that same false narrative. I wonder if the fans also knew better and were consciously trolling, or if they really believed in the bullshit about iPads being just toys.
What monoculture are you talking about? The little tempest in this forum teapot? Please. It represents the view of a relatively small number of tribal Apple enthusiasts, for which these forum wars are sport.Most of the world is indifferent to the brand wars, and care more about other things than the logo on the back on their phone.And as you probably know, there are plenty of people who hate Apple. So, again, what monoculture?
If true, that would make Microsoft manipulative in telling the world the iPad was just a "consumption device." They knew better. Steve Ballmer was just buying time for the Surface RT.
Heh. I know, but I enjoy the effort he puts into referring to himself in the third person and all. It's either a ruse or a psychological disorder.The dead giveaway was Corrections referring to what DED writes as legitimate "journalism." Even people who enjoy his pro-Apple polemics wouldn't call them "journalism." Journalists have access to sources; DED has access to the Internets.
Stop bashing Samsung. /s
Maybe you needs a !But I never heard Corrections admit to being another sock account for DED, Prince McLean, Slash Lane or whatever.
New Posts  All Forums: