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So why do the drones need to be launched from retail locations? Wouldn't it be cheaper to have a single warehouse in a city and launch the drones from there? It's more expensive to truck inventory to lots of retail locations just to launch drones a few miles closer to you.
The South Park version of the Genius Bar was pretty funny.
So lots of fast walking and talking.
It would be hilarious and not surprising at all if they didn't put any make up on Michael Fassbender as he plays Steve Jobs over a 20 year period. Boyle be like: "just roll with it."
Seth is playing Seth Rogan playing Woz. Hence the curly hair.
You are probably right. I would revise down my estimate so that mass adoption is completed by 2050, not 2100. We will start to see more "smart cars" by the end of this decade. Road systems will follow.
I believe in that time frame, we will see that in urban areas, cars and roads will intelligently coordinate to manage traffic flow. Think of all the times accidents or heavily merging traffic causes freeways to come to a crawl. Out on the open highway (say between cities), your car would switch to GPS + visual/radar mode. I imagine you could still take the wheel and require a drivers license, but the on roads with "driving assist" (or whatever the system is called), you...
Whether or not Google is behind it, I believe it'll be normal within 50 years, and mandatory in urban centers by 2100. Highways and cars will communicate wirelessly, and it could eliminate the need for stop signs (the computer controlled car would just go through it if there was no cross traffic or pedestrians). The only time you'd have to take the wheel is parking and out on the interstates.
I would write a letter to UPS customer service and copy Apple on it. Helps to be specific on details regarding your experience--including names of any employees you dealt with.
Apple knows better.
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