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iPod Touch runs iOS.
"iPhone 6 sales fall to 40% as Chromebooks overtake them." /s
Apple Pay is a good example of Apple's approach. It's analogous to tech people whining for years about the iPhone's lack of NFC, only to be delighted when Apple Pay launches and just works with existing NFC terminals, out of the box. There's more to ApplePay than an NFC chip.Then there are the spec-chasers who view AppleTV (and all hardware for that matter) as nothing more than the sum of their parts, so they whine about AppleTV still using the "stale" A5 chip.
Wonder how long until someone says you just did.
"This is the reason people hate and leave Apple"--you, as justification for your rant against Apple's use of DRM.Sounds to me like you hate Apple.
Any headlines that begin with the words "Samsung declines" should be more exciting than this.
It's always fun to watch the haters hate, no matter what Apple does.
DVD region locks are a better analogy. But it's easier for trolls to focus their hate on Apple.
Too bad "hate Apple" not the reason they leave the forums.
New Posts  All Forums: