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Apple agrees. That's why they make the MacBook Air with full mouse support. The mouse is sold separately, though. But, did you know that the MacBook Air comes with a built-in touchpad? It can be used like a mouse. A lot of PC users have very wrong assumption about Apple products, so just trying to help clear the Air (pun intended), so to speak. Unlike Microsoft, Apple doesn't believe that a hybrid truck-car is better than a car or a truck. If you want a confused...
I thought the same thing. As soon as the MBA gets a retina display and a 10-hour battery, I'd switch.
Why would that be? If Apple makes money selling you the new thing to replace the thing you used to have and still earn a healthy profit margin on the new thing, why would they be concerned if the new thing replaces the old thing? That's progress. I used to have an iPod, a flip phone, and a PDA. Now I just carry an iPhone. That's cannibalization. Apple doesn't care if you listen to music on your iPhone instead of your iPod.
"To be honest," "Honestly," "Let's be honest here,"   are phrases often used in concern trolling. Especially when used in conjunction with phrases like "I'm a big Apple fan, but" followed by "let's be honest here" which is followed by the troll payload.   How to spot a lie.
The iPad sales have already cannibalized some MacBook Air sales. The high-end 128GB iPad overlaps the low-end 128GB 11" MBA in price, and I'd argue now, performance as well. Apple has made public statements about not worrying about cannibalization. So Tim Cook would disagree with your statement.
Yeah, a common rookie mistake. AppleInsider is new to the Apple universe.
Google has betas Apple has beats
"Well-connected analyst"
And Bezos with Fire Sale
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