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You can't count posts in this thread and conclude it proves what "the vast majority of iPhone users" want. Participation in this thread suffers from both selection and response biases. Even if you force a compulsory response from a truly random cross section of the forum members (as opposed to using only voluntary responses), the survey would still suffer from an arguable sampling bias due to the special interest nature of the web site: it caters to people who are...
Bingo. It's a false dichotomy. In the pre-Google world, AI meant machine intelligence, machine learning, and natural language parsing. In the Google world, AI now means creepy data collection about human test subjects? Are we building HAL9000 or f-ing SkyNet, An Alphabet subsidiary?
And their kids will complain that their parents' video games required heavy VR googles and controllers instead of directly stimulating your visual cortex and sensing your thoughts. Their kids will probably think it's weird to have a screen, let alone touch it.I do have to wonder what, exactly, the AppleTV will use for input? Since it's running a version of iOS, maybe it will support the MFi BlueTooth controllers.
If Apple doesn't flush map data after 15 minutes, they would be accused of "tracking users." Oh wait, that always happened.
Yeah, a quick time game from the inventors of QuickTime.
The new troll meme.
I guess that's what Hey Siri give us a hint meant. We'll control our games by giving commands to Siri. "Hey Siri, joystick right."
I think Woz knows there would be no Apple without Steve Jobs. Jobs radically transformed the lives and fates of the people around him in profound, and not always positive ways. But certainly noteworthy ways. In some parallel universe, Woz lived a nondescript life, never having met Jobs, never quitting his job at HP to cofound Apple, and none of us in that universe ever heard of him.Woz and his defenders will say that Woz was the unappreciated tech wiz, blah blah. Which is...
LOL.Since the year Two-thousand-and-always. Show me one iPod, iPhone, or iPad that ever had a built-in SD Card slot for the purpose of expanding internal memory capacity? And the iPhone knock-offs from Samsung don't count.
New Posts  All Forums: