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Been there. Samsung's solution was: buy our new printer model, which is just different enough that it is software incompatible. To which I said: no way. HP used to have printers that was supported for a decade afterwards. Sammy just wants to sell you another disposable printer.
You realize iPads will stop the Flow.
SPay...as in spay your dogs and cats.
I question the objectivity of this product review. The Gear didn't help me get the digits of that blond skier girl like the Samsung ad promised.
As a cable TV cutter, I'm interested in any content service that lets me watch TV and cable over the Internet for a fair price (or even shows a la carte). I don't want to pay for a bundle of 73 channels I don't want to watch. Apple iTunes Store used to let you rent TV seasons, which was effectively like cable cutting, but that's no longer an option in the store. It's buy-only for TV programs.
I don't know, but I associate him with those carnival barker, passive-verb headlines like "Apple said to focus on sapphire as Samsung surges ahead"
People used to complain about having to connect their iPhone to a computer to back it up. Now Sandisk comes up with an accessory that acts as a go-between your iPhone and computer? What?
That would change everything. And be a pleasant surprise.
He runs a Fortune 100 tech company.I'm just kidding. No, he doesn't.
Some of you can't wait for this product to fail.
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