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Gene Munster considers this rumor a sign that an Apple television set is imminent.
Since we are all anonymous here, we are effectively (and for all practical purposes) what we post. Your self-image might say, "but but but I'm an Apple fan" but if all you do is nitpick over Apple's faults and/or always argue against any positive thing said about Apple (such as our resident contrarians), then you're trolling. So in that regard, posting history matters. What you post is the only thing that counts when it comes to your presence in these forums.
He's also trying to score a "win" using a hypothetical argument. Hypotheticals aren't proof, nor facts.
Probably letting the five customers that Gary Oldman conned into buying an HTC know by email to upgrade to some thing more secure. /s
What's interesting is to see if the trolls who defended tradition-crusted Swiss luxury watch makers in these forums will come out and post the same defensive posts against this smartwatch. Or whether they secretly long for Samsung and Android, and are only attacking Apple Watch because it's Apple.
All we need is a gold and rose gold (colored) bezel option. Not gold alloy, mind you. Gold plated, perhaps.
Goog would still make ad revenue off iOS users who use YouTube app, and have their search engine set to google. What could really hurt Google is if someone develops a better search engine than Google, but so far, I haven't found a challenger.
Uh-huh. Proof by "I have a feeling".See, the technical term for that is "bull crap." Stop this nonsense.
I'm surprised and appalled by the number of people who automatically equate diversity with "lower standards" in hiring.
Google likes to throw around big numbers when bragging about Android activations, but maybe in this instance, it might want to pretend all those once activated Android devices out there received as a $99 gift but are now sitting at the bottom of a junk drawer don't exist. But they do.
New Posts  All Forums: