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    Geez, have you met yourself?"many people" are forced into buying 16GB because the one they want is not available. "many people" are tricked into buying 16GB because the don't know there's different models and retailers are keeping it secret, right? "millions" are cheap bastards and knowingly chose the 16GB version because they're not willing pay an extra $100 I mean, you're not simply throwing spurious and contradicting arguments left and right to troll us, right?In...
Just a quick sanity check of your hand-waving generalization:  Nope. You can't buy one without being presented with a storage choice. You can't accidentally buy the wrong iPhone because you have to also specify the carrier and the color, in addition to storage. Wanna try again?
That's your response? Well then it means you have nothing. Look at this way: the fact that GM makes a small car does not make it their fault if I choose to buy that car and later find out that it's too small for my needs. GM puts a range of car sizes on the market, but it's the market that decides what they want to buy. Is that rocket science to you?
 Nope. Nobody forced a customer to buy the 16GB model. You're drawing an arbitrary line in the sand and saying if the customer chooses to be on one side of the line and they don't like it, it's the customer's fault, but if the customer chooses to be on the other side of the line and they don't like it, it's Apple's fault. It is a logically inconsistent argument. Rigorous logic should be common sense, not a rhetorical "thingy" to "win" forums battles.
I thought it was odd when Neil(?) said he uploaded a backup of his music into Google out of fear that Apple's cloud might fail to someday recognize that he owns those songs. It's a tinfoil hat strategy that's useless. The problem is (assuming the music is DRM AAC tracks from iTunes Music Store) the music is keyed off your iTunes account, so, for example, if you deauthorize a computer or device from using that account, those DRM tracks become useless. So even if your had...
 Are you serious?I ran out of space on a 64GB iPad, so much so that I couldn't receive the OTA iOS 8 update. Who's fault is that? Mine or Apple's? According to your flawgic, it would be Apple's fault because they didn't make the base model 128GB, and OTA updates are the last thing I should have to think about when buying my iPad. According to you, I am not at fault for filling up my iPad's storage, and I am not at fault to choosing the 64GB model. You have to agree with...
 Nice use of false equivalence. And outright lies.Hypocrisy? Name one Silicon Valley hardware company who has been more public and transparent about the issues facing their supply chain than Apple.
 This is a variation of the "Apple is greedy" meme. I hear it all the time from Apple critics and trolls. Apple is guilty of having too much money, too much success. Success = evil, money = evil. Your theory of "good and happy customers" is a non sequitur. You're either a customer, or you're not. That's the only question that's economically relevant: You either bought an iPhone, or your bought something else because it was a better deal for the money (or held-off...
Doesn't matter what Apple promises. Naysayers will keep moving their goalposts so that Apple always under-delivers no matter how unrealistic or irrational.
 I don't understand. Why didn't you buy the 64GB iPhone 5S?
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