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So no sapphire front panels?
Back in the day, the premium Japanese electronics (Walkmans for example), had the smallest and lightest components; bulk and weight were relegated to the cheaper products. Automatically equating bulk = better is something Detroit marketers cooked up. Sounds like some of you never got past that.
I want my portable electronics to be LESS portable. This makes sense to me.
 Still not fooling anyone.
But I get 750 free AOL minutes if I install that free CD-ROM!
Hopefully it will run "full Windows 8." Because that solves everything.
iPod plays MP3s? My Diamond Rio has had this feature for years before the iPod. Apple = fail. /s
Now they care about being sued?
Maybe it will use Android FROYO.
Why would they call it "Galaxy F" when a name like Galaxy 6 invites comparison with the "iPhone 6?"?
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