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Actually you can make photocopies under fair use,My point still stands, and what you said was incorrect:1. You don't own the Blu-Ray content, just the physical media.2. The licensing terms for Blu-Ray content doesn't allow you any rights you seem to think owning the media gives you. All you are allowed to do is view the content in a private place.I argue that iTunes purchased content is more flexible because I can transfer it to my Apple devices which are authorized by my...
Read the fine print: you are licensed to use the content on Blu-Ray. You don't own it. Licensing restrictions on what you can do with that Blu-Ray still apply. You may not, for example, broadcast that content. You may not show it in a public space. You may not remove the DRM.
I never bought the Blu-Ray versions. And now I never have to. Thanks, Apple. Cloud content is the future.
Henry Ford's customers couldn't think of use cases for the internal combustion engine, either. They wanted a faster horse.
How is that possible? Episodes 1-3 were shot in HD resolution.
She said her name is Natasha Romanov and you are going to die at the end of the video.
Best Buy and CVS' last stand.
Since AI won't provide context for their story, I will: a 50% is not unusual for employee discounts at Apple.http://www.ifoapplestore.com/2012/06/22/apple-improves-employee-discount-program/Boom. Arm yourselves with knowledge. (The trolls won't)
How did they get one? Must be a review unit.
It underscores the fact that any bending problems experienced is a matter between the affected customers and Apple. The folks who turned this into "Bendgate" weren't part of that customer-Apple relationship. They were outside social media commenters and bloggers who delight in stirring shit up against Apple using those staged bending videos.It's also the reason Samsung will never face a "Bendgate" over the S6 Edge. Trolls love their Android iPhone knock offs.
New Posts  All Forums: