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Apple don't mess around. Yet all those "experts" saying Apple can't compete with the establishment. The old guard. And the trolls who think Apple is foolish to try because of their lack of experience.
Heart rate monitor is accurate when I work out, but what do I know? The glass is half empty.
Naysayers will just move the goalposts.
"Do you want to sell sugar pixels for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?"
Well anyone using iOS 9 clicked "I AGREE" to the terms and conditions, making this nice and legal. The plaintiffs did read the terms and conditions, right?
That is in fact Microsoft's playbook: hang in there until the other guy screws up.This strategy worked against all of Microsoft's old competitors except in the last decade against Apple and Google. Neither company has given Microsoft an opening to exploit.Your point is well taken: this is Apple's and Google's game to lose.
Microsoft is counting on you to never find out.Windows 10 is still Windows.
It's worse than being a follower: they are now playing Apple's game. Apple has been in the vertically integrated computer business for more than 40 years. Microsoft found success selling an OS to an common hardware platform that was super easy to clone. And now Ballmer is bragging that Microsoft has the software and hardware chops to go after Apple at its own game? Bitch, please. In the mid 1990s when Windows 95 was winning, and Apple was losing, the prevailing wisdom was...
(Autocorrect has a sense of humor: it just changed "Ballmer" to "Baller" LOL) Baller was ruinously tone deaf to his own customers, removing the start menu from desktop Windows 8, only to have Windows 10 add it back (as if the start menu apps didn't signal how wrong they were). He is also wrong if he thinks Microsoft has the hardware + software combo to go after Apple. Microsoft has to keep its Windows OS compatible with third party hardware manufacturers and BYOPCs....
KIN. Never forget.
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