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It's funny how we still use anachronistic terms like "watch" when describing wearable wrist computers.
This puts the gold in Lucky Goldstar. Just think...our little maker of cheap Korean microwave ovens and TV+VCR combos has grown up!
AFAIK, the concert continued with Drake's performance. Only the streaming on Tidal stopped.
Just use your imagination when facts won't do.
 Apple's business model is stupid. I want free music. Did I mention Google Music is free? I love Google. Google is so awesome you guys. Everyone should try it. Did I mention it's free? Here, look at some more ads. Click 'em. Click as many as you like! That's a huge advantage for Google Music.
And Google doesn't suffer from antennagate, bendgate, and it is not evil because it's free. And Google doesn't randomly suffer from Stagefright.
Not if the content of the letter is covered by an existing NDA. I think what happened is this (and I'm completely making this up, so feel free to disagree):Drake has a deal with Apple. The terms are covered by NDA, but they agreed to it in good faith. Drake is giving Apple Music exclusives, and Apple paid for it. Then Drake goes off to do this thing with Lil Wayne. and Tidal streams it, and Apple has to respond. Apple paid for an exclusive, and if Drake breaks the deal,...
Apple also doesn't sue the multitude of trolls posting BS, FUD, and lies in forums or the tech press. You cannot use Apple's absence of comment as proof of guilt.
 False analogy. Google does not give advertisement placement away for free to their customers. You* are not their customer. Your interests, page views, and clicks are what they sell to their customers. You are like livestock, getting "free food for life" from a farmer, thinking you are the farmer's "customer." *you = anyone using Google's "free" services
A quick solution is to (temporarily) block Marvin while accessing this thread.Trust me: IMO you're not going to miss much.
New Posts  All Forums: