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Forced cold restarts are normal for Windows PCs. My computer at work stops responding to Ctrl-Alt-Del every few weeks.
Design vacuum? What? Is that now a bad thing?You're supposed to praise stale, horse drawn carriage-era designs as "storied" and "timeless" without the whims of modernity. There were a bunch of Swiss watch fans (and Get Off My Lawn types) who were in these forums saying that Swiss watches were precious heirlooms that you could give to your grandchildren someday, and they would wind it up and use it long after the first gen Apple Watch is obsolete. As if standing still in...
You underestimate the intransigence of the Apple hater. Naysaying doesn't have to be well thought out, or consistent over time, just reactionary enough to say Apple is always wrong.
"My Rolex will work at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Your 'looser' smartwatch can only be submerged to the bottom of your bathtub. My Rolex wins." Repeat this to ease the pain.
"iPhone is a one trick pony with no room for growth, and sales have plateaued." /s
But but but Samsung Knox!
Handing your outdated Android phone to Apple for recycling is also environmentally responsible. Repairability isn't the sole path to reducing landfill waste. It's just the one that appeals to DIY fans. It's not a universal solution.
I think they did a joke tear down of the Apple II and praised it for being easy to service. After that, it knew that if iFixit had their way, we'd advance no further than the 20th century in tech and manufacturing to appease the amateur DIY crowd.
IFixit is not about fixing anything. Someday they'll be trying to tear down molecular nano machines and complaining that it can't be done with 19th century screwdrivers.
The spaceship, when complete, is also fully submersible and has its own independent life support system.
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