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OMG it's like Clippy's half-step-brother. The one Microsoft said it would call if they ever needed additional Microsoft Office Assistants, but never did.
Because nobody misses them.If Samsung Galaxy S5's shipped to a warehouse were stolen from there, Samsung would gladly mark them as "sold through" instead of "shipped."
Yeah, that's about the going rate on the black market for the genuine product. And to think some trolls complain about having to pay the "Apple tax."
Softcard = Syrian Organization For Terrorism, Crime, And Radicalization of Devotees?
Oceans 14?
Yes, but as long as they're not aping Apple!
Secure element?
No what's silly is denying that Samsung gets smartphone feature ideas from Apple. They do. It was famously revealed during the trial as a "crisis in design." The iPhone is and continues to be their inspiration.
Except that high end pro apps were on the PowerMac before the transition to Intel, and this Pro market was one of Apple's most profitable and important markets during the "dark days" when Steve Jobs had just returned to the company. Before the iPod, before the iPhone, Apple had to first become profitable again selling just PowerPC-based Macs, and they did.
IBM and HP below average? Good to know.
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