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Do you need a fitness tracker with GPS? Or is this just concern and handwringing over the length of Apple's spec sheet?
Apple launched ApplePay with their eyes on getting big retailers, credit issuers, banks, credit unions, and other companies you actually heard about on board. Lack of an Apple-branded payment terminal isn't in the critical path to this goal.
This is the kind of Mickey Mouse gaming of the system that securities traders do all the time to stocks like AAPL.
But but but Android customization! 1337 Cyanogen mod! Tegra benchmarks! Activations! I'm logical and rational and all you fanboys are pathetic!
"Tim Cook Spurned for Person of the Year as Ebola Surges Ahead"
It's the polonium talking.
They made the right choice.
How about using your iPhone's TouchID to unlock your nearby MacBook? Like ApplePay, but using Bluetooth instead of NFC. EDIT: Pipped by Soli
I'm sure they'll get right on it when Intel gets around to adding Secure Enclave to their Core processors, or Apple moves the Mac line to the A8X.
So the FBI is pretending they can't access your iPhone data?
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