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5. The Watch is doomed because Apple won't reveal any sales figures.
A troll narrative conflict has been detected: 1. The Watch is doomed because nobody wants one 2. The Watch is doomed because demand outstrips supply
Maybe he should have majored in statistics and probability instead.
I should point out this was flawgic perpetrated by a certain BANNED forum member who use that completely irrational and unrealistic goalpost to declare the watch a failure before it even went on sale.
The iPhone 6 has > hour of battery life left at 20%, for most uses. More if you're "aware of the situation" and not doing something stupid like playing a GPU-intensive video game. And you're fretting over a beep and a momentary screen light up?
It's not controversial even in the U.S. iTunes Store. There's always been a LGBT section in the iTunes Movies store, as well as Netflix. And this isn't the first time Apple has run a sale on that category. What Apple does is run a sale when there's renewed interest. For example, SCOTUS makes a ruling on gay marriage, so Apple runs a sale on LGBT movies. A new Terminator movie comes out, and Apple runs a sale on the older ones. This is absolutely normal business practice.
Actually, because the iPhone 5c and 5s continue to sell very strongly. I gave a 5s as a gift, and it was well received. 64-bit CPU, slow-mo camera, Touch ID...what's not to like? I'm sure Apple got the message: there is demand for a portable phone. Remember the 1990-2005 era when mobile phones got smaller, lighter, and more pocket-friendly with every new generation? What ever happened to that?
Noooo! I want force touch to be exclusive to the 128GB iPhone 6S Plus in Rose Gold! Not for the cheapskates! /s
I'd say Apple should make their logo rainbow-colored to show their "pride" but you know, they already did this when Steve was alive.
Let me get this straight (no pun intended):You want to curtail the liberties of gays while they still have fewer liberties than straight people out of fear that someday they'll gain more liberties? Is that something you are really afraid of? I think you want them to have fewer liberties than you do. Am I correct?
New Posts  All Forums: