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The NDA was not signed in good faith by iFixit.
"The glass is half-empty. Shame on Apple."
Funny. Nobody here says "competition is good for TAG" Or Rolex. Or whatever. But many get defensive about any competition from Apple.
Unbox Therapy won't give two shits about the 6P to waste a YouTube video on bending them.
Most Apple iPhone customers want to buy an iPhone.
Eases the pain to say that, doesn't it?Close your eyes and repeat this affirmation: "People want Android. Android is just as good as iPhone. Everything's going to be OK for Android. Apple will fail." Say it 50 times.
 Trolls shouldn't be allowed to escape from the false, rhetorical memes they post.Anyone caught using these memes should be ready to take it deep when they are proven wrong.They can use the block list to escape the price of their trolling, but deep down inside, they know they are using dishonest arguments that can't stand up to scrutiny.
Simplify Simplify Simplify
 Meme identified: Apple is greedy.
Please remember to post this exact same sentiment the next time a Google-licker defends Google in the forums.
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