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Classy, simple.
 See my previous post.
I've been saying for a while now that scratches that just appear mysteriously have a paranormal explanation and should be investigated by experienced TV ghost hunting experts who hold degrees in commercial plumbing.
Oh dear god no. I forgot about these. And watch me forget about them again.
Unless...these scratches which just appeared have a paranormal explanation!
I believe somebody was in another thread posting about how silly Apple was to pursue scratch resistant sapphire screens when Gorilla Glass is obviously already more shatterproof. /s
"Seems funny that airbags and seatbelt are considered so important for a car.In all the decades I've owned a car, I don't recall ever crashing it."Same flawgic.
I wonder how much it costs to have these guys advertise the features of my product, masquerading as an episode of MythBusters?
Oh snap! (That's OK, BI had it coming)
One man's Shin getting kicked is another man's Boon.I never felt insulted. That Samsung portrays itself as hip and cool in the bizarro universe of its own advertisements is neither surprising nor realistic. If something they made really was "the next big thing" they wouldn't have to keep selling people on that idea in advertising. As it stands, they keep pilfering Apple, Google, and Microsoft for ideas, and making their "S" version of whatever it is. I'm surprised they...
New Posts  All Forums: