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You calling Ming-chi Kuo a liar?
Nor any 5.5" parts leaks.
Post-PC vs PC.
 He still has until August to issue an emergency correction. 
Steve Jobs once told Walt Mossberg at All Things D that Apple wasn't good at strategic partnerships compared to Microsoft, and that is why (he thought) Apple would never succeed at OS licensing the way Microsoft did. He said it wasn't in Apple's DNA, or words to that effect.However this type of partnership with IBM sounds like a win win because it allows both companies to do what they are best at. Apple gets to continue being a vertical integrator designing the entire user...
Meh. They grew too big.
The rudder?
Somebody on the inside is feeding that French blog exclusives.
Most Microsoft partnerships end in tears. For the other partner.
 I think that's how they in fact describe themselves: a "leader in following trends" (which is a fancy-pants way of saying they're copying whatever another company has made popular). If it takes "Think Different" to create trends, it takes "me too" to follow them.
New Posts  All Forums: