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Phil Schiller came up with the click wheel idea in the iPod.
They should just buy Apple and be done with it. Apple is doomed anyway.
This is exactly what they need to turn their tired, sagging Galaxy line around. Said no one, ever.
It's a "breaking" research note from Ming. You gotta remember that AI holds Ming in unusually high regard.
"Well-connected" means well connected to AppleInsider's inbox. Getting a press release from Ming touting his latest "research note" is like Christmas. Factual or not, it's sure to get an article. Or so I've noticed. Why not just let Ming post articles directly? Wouldn't that be simpler?
Go on a public relations campaign to claim it is not cornered.
The average consumer doesn't want to debug device drivers. It's why the year of the Linux desktop never arrives, regardless of what the inhabitants of Slashdot think.
Saying "iOS sucks" or "DED is biased" enough times actually fixes Android's problems. Alternatively, just tap your heals together three times and say "there's no place like Chrome". Works equally well.
GoPro has nothing to worry about. Sounds like more stock manipulators.
More fragmentation. Keep up the good work, G.
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