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I don't agree. The Asian markets--particularly China--are where smartphone growth is at. It was a shrewd move on Tim's part. While the phablet craze does not suit my tastes or needs, I believe that by caving to the Asian market, Apple is eliminating the biggest and most obvious criticism of the iPhone from that market: screen size.This is business. Look at Buick, a shitty brand that sells rebadged Chevys, but when GM went bankrupt and closed down Oldsmobile, Pontiac,...
When in the history of the iPhone was it ever about specs?
Well Apple did cave to the Asian market fetish for big phablets.
 I think you got your wish.
 The diversity of opinion is wider than your imagination: I know people who really wanted OIS but got the 4.7" screen because the 5.5" is too big. And my "I know people" can beat your "I know people" in any contest.  
 Too blurry. It could be a Sasquatch, or it could be a mossy tree stump.
 Nah, it's just the vocal minority again, mouthing off.Watch the keynote address again. At about 1 hr 44 minutes into it, Tim Cook says "U2" and the room explodes in cheers and applause. That's mainstream. The Internet is for self-important shut-ins who use forums as their hate therapy.
 If it's priced like jewelry, then it'd better be infinitely upgradable.Otherwise, I'm going to cringe when Phil Schiller brags about its recyclability.Jewelry doesn't lose it's value the way normal consumer electronics do for technology reasons.
 Steve was a mythmaker, and he was fully capable of taking credit for others' ideas.But Steve himself knew what made Apple tick: rich creative collaboration. He learned this running Pixar. The Pixar offices were designed to force people into run into each other (at one point, he wanted only one set of restrooms for the entire building, but had to compromise for practicality). I think you're buying into that myth, not the day-to-day reality.And that's going to be...
 Let the haters grasp at the straws. They've got nothing else.
New Posts  All Forums: