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I never understood why Microsoft got into retail. The early-2000s era Apple Stores were originally created to solve a problem: to showcase Apple products in a pro-Apple way, without having blue-shirted idiots bad-mouth iMacs and iPods. Since then they've become the most visible and locally accessible physical extensions of the company in major population centers. You don't just go there to buy an Apple product, you can also get service.   What problem is the Microsoft...
If this was an Apple product, the forums would be full of people complaining about "obsession with thinness and weight."But it's a Microsoft product so it is automatically declared "impressive" and a sign that Apple is "losing its edge."
You don't like 20 people sharing their *opinions*?
Don't all cameras have lens flare?
Dunno. Ask @coolfactor.
I can't wait to view this movie on a modern Samsung TV with "Costco showroom demo mode" digital processing which over-saturates and over-brightens the picture so people will impulse-buy the TV. It even inserts extra digital frames so that 24p becomes 120p. Movies look like a football game. I can't wait to ruin this movie! /s
If it was IGZO I'd buy one. If it was 32GB I'd buy one. If it had a gap between the screen and keyboard I'd buy one.
Don't consider switching, do it. Put your money where your poor tastes want to go. You will get exactly what you asked for: a bag of phat specs attached to a novel form factor and saddled with Windows.
Nope. They wouldn't because Apple wouldn't.
When Apple does thin-and-light it's "an unhealthy obsession"When Microsoft does thin-and-light it's "impressive"
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