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Yeah, it would be sufficient to simply allow sites to open only third party software, and block websites from launching the App Store app, which is usually the destination of web ads employing this kind of script.I saw one of the aggressively advertised "freemium" games launch the iOS App Store app to its page while browsing AppleInsider on my iPad. It was the one with Kate Upton.EDIT: I'm not the only one who noticed...
Then the cycle of quality begins again.
History suggest iOS 8 will be most stable on the eve of iOS 9's release. Summer 2015.
It's believed (and reported) that Apple was paying some licensing fee to Google to use the (ad free) API in the original, native YouTube apps on iOS and AppleTV. The license for that API has expired (Apple dropped the iOS YouTube app before the deal expired, but kept the native player in Apple TV), and Apple is apparently uninterested in renewing it (and/or revving the native YouTube app), so Google gets to monetize their content without Apple paying for it. Apple has...
Let them know, seriously. Bring back ad-free YouTube:https://www.apple.com/feedback/appletv.html
I hope they kept YouTube ad free... Oh goddamnit. Does everything have to be infested with ads?
Guys, these actors are just "attached" to a project. Unless they've signed a contract to appear in the film, they can back out at any time. Their participation is usually conditional and simply indicates interest. Reasons for pulling out can include schedule conflicts, or competing obligations, as well as disagreements over pay and creative control. This is the normal way Hollywood works. We're just hearing about every turn of the screw because AI seems to have taken an...
Well yeah, I'm sure the makers of the GooPhone thought the same when Apple unveiled the Watch.
It was one of their more eyebrow-raising projections. And pure fiction.
Not beneath lawyers.
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