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The tech community who loves to criticize Apple aren't going to care anyway because they didn't listen to her music to begin with. They just fondly remember the 24 hrs when she was their shining celebrity spokesperson against Apple. Now they can go back to ignoring her.
Yeah, this tech should be called slow, contactless charging that costs extra. But you know marketing. They didn't like that idea.
Apple refuses follow the expected formulas for success, but keep succeeding. And that makes the know-it-all's & smarter-than-you's extremely uncomfortable. Others just plain hate Apple's success and want it to fail, simply because they believe that Apple shouldn't succeed, or has no right competing with and sometimes beating their favorite competitor. Often times, that competitor is a sanctimonious search engine/advertiser who pleases geeks with publicly loud moonshot...
Assume: doomed
 Have you considered that it could be the 2015th day of the 30th month of the year 6? It's totally ambiguous.
I don't know...that's a good question. Maybe the New York Times should write an expose on that but oh wait it doesn't embarrass Apple, so never mind. News is not about information it's about clicks.
The labels are innocent middlemen.
Well you dodged U2's bullet by not having an iOS device. Only iOS users suffered a free album.
Taylor Swift's open smack down (and the tech websites who don't listen to her music's coverage of it) has generated public interest in how much Apple pays record labels. Ordinarily, nobody wants to know how the sausage is made. Those negotiations happen behind the scenes, as they do between Apple and cellular carriers, or Apple and its supply chain partners.
Aladdin and T-Mobile should be paying for CPI.
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