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Common sense at one time was that the world was flat, the sun orbited the earth and that space and time were absolute.All wrong, proven with evidence of the real kind.
Apple puts people first.
I had an old Logitech mouse that offered haptic feedback with drivers for Windows that created a "texture" whenever you rolled the pointer over some onscreen object like into/out of a button or window. There was an API to allow games and other apps to incorporate haptic feedback, but I recall only one game title using it before Logitech abandoned it altogether. But Apple is so vertically integrated, they could implement haptic feedback into the OS across all their products...
I think Apple is doing the right thing. Wouldn't want this hanging over a company's reputation: http://zoominkorea.org/movie-another-promise-the-empire-of-shame/
 So Goophone is "pretty much equal" to the quality of the iPhone it is knocking off?
HP had first rights to sell the Apple I because Woz was a HP employee at the time he made it. They passed on it. The rest is history.
Don't confuse confident with right.
Robin Williams generously gave us his all, but owes us nothing. The path to truly understanding someone is to first stop judging them.
Don't worry. Haters and contrarians will find something else to complain about.
Astonished no one has been banned yet.
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