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200Mhz speed bump? I remember The Game of SKUs that Intel used to play, in the days before AMD Athlon whooped their asses: Intel would dish out these artificial 33Mhz or 66Mhz "speed bumps" when their chips were fully capable of jumping several such bumps each generation in order to squeeze the most money out of each generation. When AMD shattered Intel's speed ceiling by announcing--then selling--the first 1Ghz Athlon. Then Intel scrambled to match that speed (they...
"I'm right and you're wrong" seems to be an underlying theme...
It doesn't fool my ears.
Is it from the 5.5 inch? Because, that would make better headlines.
What is "harsh" about saying that you bury your head in the sand so that the coming storm will not cause alarm?An unsustainable business model will not keep those Wal-Mart-style bargains you cherish from continuing forever. Something's got to give.
So noted!
Steve Ballmer didn't survive a $900 million write-down of unsold Surfaces. The board would be crazy to let Bezos write-down $800 million and remain CEO for another year.
Not in its current state. If highly-reflective color eInk displays could looks as sharp and contrasty as a printed magazine page, and it had a pixel switching time in single-digit milliseconds, then I could see Apple doing it.
It's the recorded message / automated email reply you get when you contact Katie Cotton's office for a response on anything.
OS X 10.10. It would be awesome if it shipped on Oct 10. BTW, who was it that kept insisting Apple wouldn't call it 10.10 because that was numerically equal to 10.1?
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