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Nonsense. Look how many people in these forums get so mad if you don't praise Samsung that they'll quit. Samsung has plenty of fans.
I assumed something was slow with my Internet connection, then I went to another site, and saw that everything was fast.
That was epic. This blog is proudly ignorant of spelling, grammar, style, formatting, programming skill, and file formats. The important thing is that Google ads were shown; that is all that matters.
1. You take things too seriously2. Who cares what you buy?3. If you desperately need people to agree with your contrarian views, why post them here?
For some reason this ad reminds me of the Microsoft "PC hunters" ad campaign from a few years back, where a so-called "real" consumer magically prefers a Windows laptop over a Mac, because Microsoft was going to buy it for her. Equally pathetic. http://youtu.be/LQ4jK9KuZlw
So what?Why does that bother you?
I am so tired of conflicting bloggers being called "well-connected." What's the value of being called "well-connected" if you disagree with other "well-connected" bloggers?
I say that every time I see the Nikon D810 DSLR monstrosity. /s
Next time, post a photo of Comic Store Guy so people will get the reference.
First, stabbing someone who is trying to evade a metal detector is illegal even in China, and it isn't mandated by Foxconn nor Apple. FWIW, individuals are still responsible for their own behavior, and no, they weren't "just following orders."And "pushing" people to extremes isn't a valid defense for industrial theft, even if working conditions are deplorable. Nobody sentenced these people to enter the Foxconn workforce. If you made your bed, you sleep in it.I don't think...
New Posts  All Forums: