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These guys are right: Apple is a flash in the pan, one trick pony. The iPhone 6 screen can't get any bigger: it must be a dead man walking. iPad has been "beaten" by white box android tablets in the all-important numbers game. iTunes sales are down. App Store breaking even. AppleTV stagnant specs. MacBook Air still not retina. Mac Pro stale. Apple Watch is late and too expensive and requires an iPhone. Apple Pay is "loosing". Apple Maps still sucks. And Apple keeps...
That's the iPad Air I have, great tablet. Get it.
Gil Amelio has a real doctorate. Maybe he should speak at the commencement.
It'll be super convenient to sign in to your Google account to share all your jawbone data. /s
King of "free," but at what cost?
I was confused by the words "outperformed" and "beat" until I read further and realized it was just comparing units shipped. I feel these are misleading clickbaity word choices.
Maybe Jony was telling Elon what was wrong with the design of his car, inside and out. And if Musk was smart he'd have taken notes.
Fashion models don't dive 500 meters.
That's so classy. So different from this creepy "tech bro" ad: http://youtu.be/T8nJKWJTsUg
Prediction: Amazon will be flooded with stainless steel watch bands for the Sport edition, made in China. $14.95 each, free 2nd day delivery with Prime. Because: did Apple ever sell its own watch bands for the iPod Nano? And did that stop others from trying?
New Posts  All Forums: