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Hope? You can do better: tell Apple!https://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html
I like the iPhone 6 (4.7"), but I agree that it's awkward to hold and use single handed, which is how I've been using iPhones since 2007. I find the 4" iPhone 5 just the right size, perhaps no larger than 4.3". I find myself using the new Reachability feature quite a bit, and it works well, except everytime I invoke it, I am reminded that my phone's screen is too large. I hold my iPhone 6 the same way I learned to hold the 5. I don't grip it tightly like the photo in...
Whether an iPhone 6 owners experiences this issue under normal use (and how they feel about it) is between them and Apple, Inc, and the phone is covered under warranty. As a third party to this, you are not owed anything. If you want to buy one and break it for your amusement, go right ahead.
Not so hard to understand. I wrote a Swift program to emulate the process:if (phone.brand == "Apple") {println("not recommend")} else {println("recommend")}
 But he has time for trolling.
 I'm convinced people believe things simply because other people believe in those things; that's exactly how myths work. The internet and social media makes myth formation faster than ever. At least the myth that the iPhone 6 is "less bendy" than the 6 Plus can be scientifically tested.
 In the end, despite all your "worry" and "concern" about these issues, Apple will sell a record number of iPhone 6's, fix the bugs in iOS 8, and finally give many Android users more of a reason to switch (large screens, customization). That is Tim's top priority. And that's where Apple is headed. Issues along the way have always been part of the journey. Antenna-gate for example, happened under Steve's leadership; so much for "worrying" about Tim not doing justice to...
You mean are they curating it? Possibly on their front page, but their search engine favors recent videos over older ones. This prevents older videos with a very high number of views (simply because its been out there longer) from "sticking" to the top of search results when the most relevant results are for something more current.
They're not reporting it, unless you mean to call what they're doing "reporting." They're echoing, cashing in for page views. I found a reputable magazine quoting MacRum0rs and adding nothing except to get an "expert opinion" from someone with no knowledge of Apple's design and production process to assert how Apple did it all wrong, simply because OMG(!) aluminum is softer. The expert had no numbers and no tests, but I was surprised that this is what passed for a...
You should post a YouTube video on your channel called "iPhone 6 still straight" and it's guaranteed to get maybe 10-12 views. But if you bend you iphone silly on YouTube, then you'll earn a million+ views. That's how clickbait works.
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