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PINK UNICORN!!!!Now I wonder if you can plug this into a Mac Pro and use it like a second monitor someday when the 4.0Ghz Core i5 is past its prime...
"Set up us the bomb"
Nice. Thunderbolt 2 and Iris graphics make this a very capable desktop.
This just means Steve Jobs was Pablo Picasso. Because they both received credit for saying the same quote.
An authoritative reply or citation is needed before I can accept this claim.
 WTF? We don't even know who Corrections is.
They don't. This is AppleInsider.
So basically nothing new is revealed by this "story", just the judge's opinion.
This outcome is agreeable.
The Nexus 6 you buy in 2015 will last only four years, so by 2019, they'll sent Deckard to retire any remaining stragglers. This means Google is Tyrell Corp.
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