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The rumor mill sometimes misses new products when Apple doesn't redesign the case. For example, the new iPod Touch, and the up-spec'd iPad 4 were both surprises that didn't leak earlier.
You'd be surprised how many people practice: buy optimistically, sell in a panic.
Because 70 million iPhones sold.
Yes, I agree with that assessment of the documentary. And I'm not prejudging it: I've seen the whole damn thing.
The campaign appeals to your rational side.
Absolutely and this documentary is one side(d).
I'm fine with the narrative that Apple Music has failed. If you can convince enough people outside the self-important tech blogger world that this is "true," then perhaps enough ordinary people will stay away, and we can make Apple Music really fail. Then we can enjoy the competition and schadenfreude together.
CurrentC was dreamed up by merchants for their benefit. When has that ever worked?
It's safer to use a tokenization scheme than to run the stripe of your debit card. So Apple Pay (or the equivalent upcoming Samsung clone) still wins.
I've seen this movie, and it's absolutely negative. It's polemic. Gibney thinks he's uncovered a new scandalous exposé on our adored icon, and that's how Magnolia is marketing the movie, but if you watch it, they only interview critics of Steve, and go over what a colossal jerk he was to everyone, 20 years ago, because that's about as recent as the personal character testimony is in the movie. Then they go over and dredge up every scandal associated with Apple and slam...
New Posts  All Forums: