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That is what I did. I was impressed by the timeliness and completeness of their live blog. It was like being there
That's because people who want the free album aren't plastering the Internet with questions about how to keep the album. The counting bias is built in.
There would have been bitching and moaning no matter who the band was. There is no such thing as a universally loved music group.
Samsung Electronics' design and development labs for sure. They were most frustrated by the live feed problems. They were so ready to take notes.
You are forgetting the terabytes of Notifications, iMessage, Email, iCloud, iTunes and FaceTime content that flows through Apple's data center infrastructure each day with nary a burp. But I don't expect you know what that is, given that Android devices like yours can't use any of that.
I think Tim meant the Apple Retail Stores.
I briefly considered it until I realized that the digital stabilization on the 4.7, if its anything like what you get on the 5s, is pretty freakin' rock steady. It's a minor trade off. You can also do stabilization in post production using iMovie or FCPX.
The Dell 5K monitor requires dual DisplayPort links.
First, I believe Apple is working on adding retina displays across the product lines. Macs will still support non-retina external monitors, which are still common. The 27-inch iMac might be a 4K or 5K panels, we will have to wait and see. Where I think DigiTimes is wrong is on the details. They hear a rumor and embellish. Sometimes they're right, sometimes they're wrong, sort of like a coin toss.
I don't shop at either Walmart nor Best Buy for reasons that have nothing to do with socioeconomic status. Sounds like you have some kind of wealth-esteem issues. Apple products aren't for snobs or the rich. That's an old, worn out tech meme, but it still surfaces now and then in the forums.
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