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Wonder what this means for Sept 9...?
I think they've feel right at home in these forums talking to The Usual Suspects.
Looks like we got ourselves some armchair metallugists up in here. Who needs a diploma, when you have google links?
If that manufacturer is Foxconn, then yes, it's Apple's fault. /s
The one feature that would be possible is "follow me" telepresence using iPhones. So instead of a desk phone and a cell phone, a company can just issue an iPhone to employees and when you're in the office, the calls will reach your iPhone via wifi, then when you step outside the building, it seamlessly switches to AT&T or Rogers or T-Mobile or what-have-you without interruption. I can also see better VPN integration into iOS so someone can roam around the office using an...
It's funny how we still use anachronistic terms like "watch" when describing wearable wrist computers.
This puts the gold in Lucky Goldstar. Just think...our little maker of cheap Korean microwave ovens and TV+VCR combos has grown up!
AFAIK, the concert continued with Drake's performance. Only the streaming on Tidal stopped.
Just use your imagination when facts won't do.
 Apple's business model is stupid. I want free music. Did I mention Google Music is free? I love Google. Google is so awesome you guys. Everyone should try it. Did I mention it's free? Here, look at some more ads. Click 'em. Click as many as you like! That's a huge advantage for Google Music.
New Posts  All Forums: