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Wearables might be the rage at South By Southwest but Google Glass never was.
There will be some furious apologetics posted below from the usual suspects. But to quote Steve Jobs: "Don't be evil? That's bullshit."
 Outwardly, not much. You can still run Parallels or VMWare Fusion. The VTx features are for hypervisor support. Both host and guest OS much support (Type 2) hypervisors, or else Parallels and VMWare fall back to software emulation of hardware. A hypervisor allows the guest OS to access the hardware device directly. In theory, this improves performance, though originally those performance benefits were slim. It's supposed to be better now. The PS4 runs console games on a...
Oh my, how did Mac OS X ever run on PowerBook G4s? And how did we ever think it was fast? 
What all you naysayers really want is to see TAG make a smartwatch with Intel and Googs. And you'll get your Android wish soon: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2015/03/tag-heuer-intel-google-announce-smartwatch-that-feels-like-a-normal-watch/
So at least 4.2 million people use Apple Pay regularly.
Trolls will just move the goalposts. It doesn't matter what Apple does.
Mini-Apple Store? Imagine a larger store full of Apple stuff! And thousands of miles closer than 9th and W 34th. Oh wait, that exists!
Go back to posting "engineers == gods" on Slashdot.
True. He's not "well-connected"
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