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by that same logic, if "a lot of people would prefer" iPhones to use Android and have Stagefright and viruses, Apple should sell an Android phone with Stagefright and viruses.
So rose gold looks copper?
Well dog gamut.
Interesting take.I thought I heard Neil say something about running a BitTorrent client In the last podcast. That is a deeper existential question: why should a content aggregator website have the "right" to make money regurgitating content from other web sites? Most of the news and rumors come from other sites and/or analysts' press releases.
No no no, Apple copied Motorola, therefore Samsung didn't copy Apple. Samsung: defended.
RED ALERT! Apple has received praise, and this is intolerable! Set weapons to troll! Attack! Attack!
Just because 16GB isn't enough for some users doesn't mean it isn't enough for any users.
Nope. How this comparison should have ended:
Really? You didn't know it's been this way since the beginning of iOS? That's something I would expect a real iPhone users to know.
That is not very informative.
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