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Must be this rich to enter.
Can't the cellular industry just buy the votes they need to turn FCC regulations into a farce to protect its own interests? /s
Not if you buy it from a street vendor in Hong Kong, or Battery Park.
That's just aimed at Glassholes
I was trying to help. Got any solutions? Or are you just doing the contrarian two-step?
I think it refers to the icon shapes for iOS/OSX apps and Watch apps. The former are rounded rectangles, the latter are circles. WWDC is about writing apps, is it not?Mac_128 will consider them fightin' words! No but seriously, see what I wrote above. I think they are outlines of app icons.
Send 10 of your top engineers, have them each teach ten others, then have those hundred people each teach another ten. Boom. Done.
They should ban tall people if they care so much about unobstructed views. I mean, think about it
I got the impression that Apple eventually put back a lot of the things the pros needed, like specific plug-ins and support for more esoteric pro formats. The other thing I've heard from pros is that any freelance editor should be able to use any editor, FCP7, FCPX, Avid, Premiere. They can't just not use FCP, unless they like having a hole in their resume. I'm an amateur, but I chose FCPX after doing serious homework. It met all of my workflow needs, it was affordable,...
New Posts  All Forums: