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This is the real reason Kaite Cotton left Apple. /s
Here we go again.
Just the people who are worried about Apple since Steve died and need proof to support their doom narratives.
Translation: "I don't know you, but I'll just assume you're average and you should listen to me because I'm an expert and I was working on superduper computers when I was 19 and I bet you don't even know what that is."
Uh, no. No, they're not. They don't "worry" about "Apple's direction since Steve died" like a bunch of concern trolls pretending to be "concerned" fanboys. Corporate clients treat Apple like any other vendor: it's all about pricing, support contracts, and durability of equipment. If Apple is no longer the right choice for them, they switch vendors. There's nothing else to it. I find it endlessly amusing how many armchair "business experts" out there wring their worried...
That makes him an expert on wearables, in the same way that writing COBOL code on IBM mainframes since he was 19 makes him an expert on coding Swift on the iPhone. In other words, it's a meaningless appeal to his own authority.
No. It's the end of Apple.
5. The Watch is doomed because Apple won't reveal any sales figures.
A troll narrative conflict has been detected: 1. The Watch is doomed because nobody wants one 2. The Watch is doomed because demand outstrips supply
Maybe he should have majored in statistics and probability instead.
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