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*Actual speeds may vary depending on factors including, but not limited to: weather, network capacity, and marketing bullshit.
Come to the U.S. for the full ApplePay experience.
"How much did Apple pay Watson to say that?" /s
Microsoft has been offering stylus control for the past 25 years!!!It even runs full Windows 3.1 desktop apps!It has full 386 processor!It's a tablet that converts into a laptop when you need a keyboard!Didn't work out so well for them. This vision of "pen computing" has expired like the Sony Walkman and Apple Newton. (Sorry about the Flash video, but you know, Google swore an oath to Flash, back when Steve took his unpopular stand against it. Here's a link to the...
Apple's design intentions are frequently lost or not communicated well, necessitating explanation like this one. In the meantime, people fill in the blanks with expectations born out of existing, similar products. One could say the Apple Newton had stylus input, but here, Ive makes a distinction between using a stylus to drive the UI vs using the Pencil (strictly) to draw with.
Microsoft already had a funeral for the iPhone. The new Windows Phone 7 is gonna put Apple on notice.
Features, not experiences. Once they take your money, the relationship is concluded.
No, that'll never work. This is why Rome fell.
Why not? Consumer electronics are meant to be measured with instruments, not used by people.
I would like the BlendTec YouTube channel to rate both iPad Pro and Surface on their ability to be pulverized into dust. These are important tests, folks.
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