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Yeah, but there IS a visual indicator, on the watch as well as the terminal. The Watch displays a green check mark icon. In practice, the pay terminal's indicator lights are the final word on whether the payment was accepted (the cashier will let you know too if it didn't go through). But I agree with you: it's a complete non-issue for anyone who has used ApplePay from the watch. Apple has made it super easy, quick, and it gives audible, visual, and haptic feedback. The...
This will answer everything!
@tzeshan is just following the Rules of the Troll™:When paying complements, name the component makers (Samsung, LG, Intel, Sony). When criticizing or blaming, only name Apple.
You can choose a default card yes. The Watch app on iOS lets you set the default. You can also add other cards and select it on the watch when you activate ApplePay.Unlike the iPhone 6, you have to double click the Contacts button to activate Apple Pay (then you can hold it to the payment terminal). Simply holding it to a payment terminal won't activate it.
Here we have an example of First World problems at their finest.But then again, so are obesity, diabetes, and whining about Apple's stock prices, and Apple Watch appears to be at the nexus of all three.  So, as an actual Apple Watch owner, I can tell you the watch beeps and does a taptic vibration to confirm. The NFC payment terminal also has LEDs that glow green to confirm. In case you didn't know, that's what it does.
It's sad/embarrassing that you think it has anything to do with Apple or Samsung. Dr. Dre was Dr. Dre long before he had anything to do with Apple. Would you have the same willingness to forgive if this exact scenario played out for literally ANY other person? Even further, what if this happened to a family member?
Thank goodness there's no way to capture and display images of people.
Take it in. What do you have to lose? It's under warranty.
They could be working on the fabled Apple television set.
What system? Public trading of companies?
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