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If a customer is someone who pays for a product or service, then yeah: Advertisers. I'm sure Google worshippers will disagree with me.Well everything is a beta. An experiment. Google is exploring. Learning. But once Apple shows the way forward, it's about "competing with Apple" because as the trolls always say: "Google Apple needs competition."
The important thing is that some people implicitly trust Google and have no issue handing over this information to them. Google only wants what's best and free for users. They're altruists. They're not evil.
Can you be more specific about the issues other than "not work well"?
Apple got frozen out by the "big box" retailers in the 90s when their sales clerks routinely recommended Windows PCs over Macs. Apple took more drastic steps to right that wrong: they learned how to run a retail business of their own. Freeze on, Toyota. You don't know what seeds you're sowing.
Freeze Apple out? Huh?How does not implementing CarPlay stop Apple from entering the car business, if that's what you mean by "freeze out"???
Let them underserve their customers. I'm not planning to be one of theirs anytime soon.
Nothing. Just a random grab bag of his negativity spraying in every direction without focus or logic.
Great podcast, I wouldn't mind if you wanted to make it 45 minutes instead of 30 so you cover more topics. Everyone is articulate and the topics are good. I agree with LVM's assessment of what's wrong with Sony. Poor Sony, they seem to be going through their "Michael Spindler" phase: leadership making ineffective decisions in order to stop their tailspin. And they've forgotten what made the Sony brand such a force in consumer electronics in the 80s. Don't get me wrong:...
Yes, I agree with you that Adobe never deliberately set out to do anything for or against Apple, but rather consistently did what was in their best interests. This includes the erosion of their Mac products during Windows' conquest of the desktop in the 1990s to the recent spate over Flash.The Mac had an edge with creative professionals and with the laser printer, it founded a new desktop publishing market that was way ahead of the (DOS-based) Windows 2.0 or even 3.1 at...
How about "what Steve Jobs would or wouldn't do"?
New Posts  All Forums: