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Employees of a company are not public figures and are not held accountable to "the public." The only reasonable response is to hold companies responsible to their customers.
Wasn't Apple already a huge brand and Steve already a celebrity in 1982?I don't think we guessed that we'd someday listen to "Eye of the Tiger" on an Apple replacement for the Walkman, but still, the Apple brand and its leaders had celebrity recognition.
"Verified"???Is that even a word used by rumor blogs?
Yeah, you do that, Ballmer.
How to make money off YouTube: 1. Buy iPhone 6 2. Bend it on video 3. Post video on YouTube channel 4. Profit!
According to Schmidt, Apple has "caught up". OK, for sake of argument, let's say that's the case. So now what is Google/Samsung gonna do? That's really what they were really asking him. And he didn't have a good answer.
Google Ads is paying them to.
Looking forward to 8.1
Please don't bend your iPhone 6 Plus to whore your YouTube channel.
 I'm sure the 1946 ENIAC, full of user-servicable vacuum tubes and wires, gave iFixit a DIY-repair orgasm.
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