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The brilliance of Apple's design and fashion-savvy marketing is that they've designed a watch that the "cute girl" in that dork-fantasy Samsung ad would wear.
The Apple Store had Final Cut Pro X installed on all their MacBooks. I found HD video editing wasn't a problem at all on even the base model.
I like this review, though I'd have given it a higher score, maybe 4. It's perfect for typical web surfers and students, not to mention perfectly fine for office document pushers. I need a MBPR for what I use a laptop for, but I don't ding the MacBook for not suiting my individual needs because for lots of people, a MBPR is overkill: they'll never chain Thunderbolt RAID drives or light up all four cores. The new MacBook keyboard is pretty cool and barely has any travel,...
I was impressed by the bands when I was in the store for the try on. They are very precisely made and well-designed. While I have a watch toolkit for replacing traditional link bands, the push-to-release design was a welcome surprise!
Apple Watch troll narratives: 1. Celebrities only wear it because Apple paid them to wear it 2. Celebrities won't wear it because only the wristbands are different 3. Steve would never give free Apple products to celebrities Did I miss any?
The Usual Suspects defending Google.
Should have said 6 months, which is ancient in Android years.
HA! I predict they would go back on what they said. I knew the days of ad-free YouTube were numbered.
You're looking at this all wrong. See, bad guys already know how to use encryption, as Tim Cook said. That's a reality the FBI has to deal with, so why shouldn't the public have access to the same tools to protect their privacy?Take the case against Ross Ulbricht, the person convicted of running an online drug bazaar from his Samsung laptop. The Feds grabbed his laptop while it was open, literally while he was using it. Had he closed the laptop screen, his data would have...
If they're small, is that much bandwidth used?https://mixlr.com/priceplans/
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