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Go back to posting "engineers == gods" on Slashdot.
True. He's not "well-connected"
Your weasel word of the day is: "dodges"
He is well regarded as a documentary filmmaker (just check out some of his other films), but I don't think he got the whole story. And no, he doesn't understand Jobs. I don't think he was trying to. Rather, he said he wanted to understand the public outpouring of grief when Jobs died. In so doing, he presents Jobs as a man of "contradictions" (his words). He goes so far as to present the point of view that Jobs sought (spiritual) enlightenment but "missed". How does one...
And no one has ever won the lottery?
I saw it, and it's as bad as they say. The interviews and reporting is all negative, and not just towards Jobs, but Apple in general. In particular, Gibney slams Apple for holding its profits in Ireland and lays blame for the Foxconn worker who jumped to his death over a missing iPhone prototype. Or the no-poaching agreements between Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe. There's no balance or perspective (that it's not solely an Apple issue). At one point they got into the...
Anyone slamming the Watch over its $10K price is trolling. You can also configure a $9700 Mac Pro from Apple, but nobody slams it a $9700 computer.
"Recently learned"? How ignorant are you? Steve Jobs told Tim Cook not to follow in his footsteps. That was in 2011.
Its worth noting that Apple didn't create the hype machine. That was created by the get-rich-quick rumor website industry (of which AI and Engadget are a part of). And fans' appetite for leaks.
Why not? Add haptic feedback while they're at it. Maybe you can "feel" on-screen button and key presses.
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