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Great podcast, I wouldn't mind if you wanted to make it 45 minutes instead of 30 so you cover more topics. Everyone is articulate and the topics are good. I agree with LVM's assessment of what's wrong with Sony. Poor Sony, they seem to be going through their "Michael Spindler" phase: leadership making ineffective decisions in order to stop their tailspin. And they've forgotten what made the Sony brand such a force in consumer electronics in the 80s. Don't get me wrong:...
Yes, I agree with you that Adobe never deliberately set out to do anything for or against Apple, but rather consistently did what was in their best interests. This includes the erosion of their Mac products during Windows' conquest of the desktop in the 1990s to the recent spate over Flash.The Mac had an edge with creative professionals and with the laser printer, it founded a new desktop publishing market that was way ahead of the (DOS-based) Windows 2.0 or even 3.1 at...
How about "what Steve Jobs would or wouldn't do"?
AI forum members don't represent "the computer market demographic". Or even just the Apple user demographic. Most Apple users just use their Macs or iPhones; they don't bother to sign in to online forums on a rumor website to get into heated arguments over brand loyalty. In other words, they have better things to do.
Yosemite works really well on my 2013 rMBP. I did my homework before upgrading, reviewing the most common issues and what to do if I encountered them, but in the end, I had a positive upgrade experience. It was painless, and is running without issue.
LOL. You and "truth". Right. Those two sets do not intersect. Maybe you should lighten up and then you wouldn't take a little criticism of iOS so personally (I mean, why? Is Apple your mother?). As it stands, your ridiculous overreaction to my criticism borders on some hyperbolic parody of a "rabid forum fanboy," because--as my posting history attests--I'm anything but a Fandroid.
Nah, it's funnier when I do it. You need to work on your wit. Try not taking offense at everything, for starters.
You should have a doctor look at your jerking knee condition.
I used to put up with the old AppleTV YouTube app, as clunky as it was, because it lacked ads.
Or worse: the video isn't as useful or relevant as the search engine thought it was, but it doesn't matter as long as Google and the channel owner made money showing you ads.
New Posts  All Forums: