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 It's not so bad being Microsoft. They can ride the PC/Windows/IE/Office on their way to obsolescence.
The bigger news is that it's not about the Mac in enterprise, but iPads and iPhones. These platforms are already disrupting the workplace, so this is the next logical step. IBM for its part seems interested in partnering with a single leading vendor in enterprise mobile, and it ain't Blackberry or Microsoft or Googs
Yes, they did deride Apple because it presented a mild competitive advantage for Android. It took a while, but eventually most have come around to Steve's point of view on Flash. And that's the difference between those who accept convention and those who think different and are disciplined and courageous enough to see their vision through.
See? Nothing but smoke. Rumors repeated or sourced from Re/code don't mean squat.
 They can claim Martin Hajek is the new official designer for Apple.
Clearly the 1.8 is being positioned as the more technologically advanced, "pro" model. /s
I'm happy with iOS 6 on my iPhone 5. Works great, just like the day I got it.
Apple might as well hire DED.
But but but nobody else will take the job because of what Dr. Dre's music stands for. /s
I'm going to email him and say Apple should spend its vast fortune on genetically engineered dinosaurs which they can sell as a new product.
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