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(Or a carpenter with a nice watch)
 He'd be all: I don't have time to talk to you, and the afterlife lasts for all eternity. Even after the Sun explodes in 10 billion years, I still won't have time to prove your trolling. When asked if Steve  Jobs is here, he'll just move the planchette to "NO".
We can make Apple better at serving customers! Please copy and paste your thoughts here:http://www.apple.com/retail/feedback/ The only thing that I have a problem with is when naysayers proclaim Steve Jobs would agree with their naysaying. Whether sincere or not, it's a very, very, very common tactic in the forums, and I will always view it with suspicion. If you're going to invoke the name Steve Jobs to back you up, I'm going to need to see citations.
I assume the recording was made in the fifth dimension. You know, like at the end of Interstellar?
No. It is not required.
My Apple Store has them.
Video will become "private" in 5,4,3,...
Um um um echo echo echo
That thought occurred to me while I was using one in the Store. It's very iPad like, but capable of running full OS X. I have an iPad Air with a keyboard but this is less clunky. The iPad Air without the keyboard is somewhat less useful if you type a lot, so it ends up being a media consumption device than used to make things.On the flip side, I do use a MacBook for other reasons, and I need the larger screen, Thunderbolt, and lots of fast processor cores, and it would be...
New Posts  All Forums: