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I was walking around with a full drawing platform since Windows 95 with Pen Extensions and a Tablet PC with digitizer.But if it helps your narrative to paint this as "new" and "finally", please ignore the failed history of Windows for Pen Computing and the Tablet PC.
Seems like Microsoft is doubling-down on its Windows Tablet PC strategy. Again. For the fifth time since 1993. Hoping this will be the year.
These are iPhone 6 replicas from China, based on rumors and they run an iOS 7 looking shell on top of some old Android. Yes, they even come in an official looking box that says "iPhone 6." Search YouTube for "iPhone 6 Unboxing".That's why whenever some rumor site shows an alleged iPhone 6 part, I have to wonder if it's one from one the replicas.
Yup. Just search for "iPhone 6 unboxing" on YouTube. Or as I like to call it, YouRube.
The Cylons will pay for what they've done.
Somebody's confusing a "product pipeline" for a "new product category pipeline."
 Cue's comments are vague enough to be read either way. You're filling in the blanks with what you believe. Don't assume  everyone else believes the same.
It will CUP you...as in C. U. P.
Heh, I was wondering why the article made me think of the old 17" MBP. It was subliminal for me...
 Yeah, I didn't think there was anything of substance to the article. Just echoing back what other sites posted about. You know how the rumor sites work: someone yells "smoke!" then someone else repeats, and this repeats another dozen times or so and eventually people believe, "where there's smoke there must be fire" and then the original person who yelled "smoke!" says, "I'm just kidding."
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