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 WTF? We don't even know who Corrections is.
They don't. This is AppleInsider.
So basically nothing new is revealed by this "story", just the judge's opinion.
This outcome is agreeable.
The Nexus 6 you buy in 2015 will last only four years, so by 2019, they'll sent Deckard to retire any remaining stragglers. This means Google is Tyrell Corp.
Worst kept secret ever.
AppleInsider should sell a keyboard macro in the Mac App Store for Option-N that inserts "noted analyst Ming-chi Kuo" at the cursor.
Yes, PED tweeted about something similar in Fortune. All the people posting suspicion that the big bad Apple manipulated GTAT into bankruptcy are fantasizing to support their personal dislike for Apple, Inc.
Well, Ming-chi's "report" aside, I'm hoping for a 5K iMac on Thursday.
Rehash of previous rumors with nothing new, but Ming-chi gets his own article every time?
New Posts  All Forums: