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Apple also doesn't sue the multitude of trolls posting BS, FUD, and lies in forums or the tech press. You cannot use Apple's absence of comment as proof of guilt.
 False analogy. Google does not give advertisement placement away for free to their customers. You* are not their customer. Your interests, page views, and clicks are what they sell to their customers. You are like livestock, getting "free food for life" from a farmer, thinking you are the farmer's "customer." *you = anyone using Google's "free" services
A quick solution is to (temporarily) block Marvin while accessing this thread.Trust me: IMO you're not going to miss much.
Uh, no. What the heck are you talking about? I don't know how you extrapolate such a statement from anything anyone has posted here.
People who say "but but but Apple needs competition" never complain that Tidal needs competition. Why is that?
Actually this will probably end up publicizing Apple to their customer base. Throwing hate on Apple to people already using Tidal is a net waste of time, since these people are already using Tidal. All they did was remind their customers that Drake and Apple are best buds.
Interesting use for the Watch's sensor, and a great way to use the underrated ResearchKit. Thanks to Johns Hopkins and Apple for the effort.   Now, just think if we could attach a band with blood glucose monitoring lasers. That would open a whole new door to medical research. C'mon Apple, make it happen!
Better podcast. The Skype call audio breaks up a lot, but that's so normal for Skype, that use the interruptions in sound and video in that horror movie "Unfriended." For the record, FaceTime audio has always been really good, but I don't think there's video conferencing.   Also, I'm not sure Skype's audio compression does Mikey's voice justice. It's probably not even tuned for those deep, bassy frequencies.
Let's get Taylor Swift to write Apple another public letter.
Accusation + two denials + no proof = "keeping it classy." Can I get a what what?
New Posts  All Forums: