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I prefer the Mikey Campbell click bait headlines that read: "Apple encryption predicted to murder children as Samsung Galaxy surges ahead!"
Wait, Apple is going to do what it can for the staff including those who were hired to sweep the floors or took an inordinate amount of sick days?
Samsung to unveil 3-lens Galaxy Note 6 Corner. Now with OLED screen wrapped around two edges and a corner. The next big thing is here!!!
Apple makes you download the iLife/iWork apps, as well as iBooks. Why not make beats music an optional download as well?
Westboro Baptist Church would like to offer you a job.
So the existence of this app would indicate demand for HealthKit integration for FitBit devices. Perhaps FitBit should reconsider supporting HealthKit instead of the boilerplate "we are closely monitoring the situation as it develops" (read: "no, GTFO bitches") responses they've given so far. If Googs does their own versions of a HealthKit api, FitBit will have to rethink its business model from selling subscription services to being profitable as a device maker that...
It's kind of like reading AppleInsider forums. The knee-jerk "but but but Android" never gets old.  
Great to see pagers are still relevant. Like it's 1988.
But GTAT's website says they are industry leaders in advanced sapphire manufacturing.
It'll just make samsung gear fans lust for larger and larger watches until they are six inches across and look like a Galaxy Note 4 strapped to your forearm. Then, and only then will the circle of wearable stupidity be complete.
New Posts  All Forums: