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Small = crappy Only the Japanese could invert that formula.
Secret sauce. If it was common knowledge, everyone would be doing it.
No better example of argumentum in terrorem. Recent tragic events didn't make their arguments for encryption back doors any more valid or sound. It's just the equivalent of them asking, "so are you scared enough yet to give us what we want?"
It should be called iPhone 7s. The "s" is for "compact".
We call this troll meme "Apple hates Pros."All you need to do is define "pros" very, very narrowly.
Microsoft has been pushing PC-tablet convergence for over 20 years in the form of the "tablet PC" vision, dating back to the Windows 3.11 days. It has a very long history of being a niche, not a mainstream thing.
Got anything else besides that tired meme?My dad used to scoff at PCs. He'd say "real computers" were mainframes. Real graphics pros use SGI workstations. And once upon a time, that was true. Then one day he woke up and commodity x86 PCs (in the form of rack mounted servers) were in data centers, and had replaced "professional" workstations like SGI. And clusters of them were now taking on supercomputer jobs.The story of iPad Pro and the 64-bit ARM is not over. It's just...
Good. Keep underestimating Apple. Keep looking the other way. Keep up the business as usual.
You mean unlike the rest of this thread? This thread is a celebration of glass half emptyism.
Nice review. I played with one for a while at the Apple Store and it's fast, huge, and slick. I love Apple's keyboard cover. Nice tactile keys: I like it better than the keys on the MacBook Retina. This is just the beginning and it's a strong one. Can't wait to see where this goes.
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