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You get one life and then game over.
If only Oculus had the deep pockets of a large tech company like, um, Google or FaceBook, they might be able to release on multiple platforms. It's too bad they don't. /s
Farewell, Stephen. We hardly knew ye.
To be clear: DOOMED.
Apple had a secondary supplier of taptic engine parts? But this conflicts with the troll narrative of Apple "foolishly" having only one supplier for key components, thereby creating a disastrous launch. Either that, or shame on Angela. I don't think the Watch trolls have reached consensus on their story yet.
Sound like the three-letter agencies need to investigate Sony and Universal as well.
Quality??? Fandroids always talk about how Apple is behind Samsung in specs.
We'll never know. The owner would tell his/her driver to leave the scene before getting that close.
"But but but protruding camera lens!" --ghost of BF
I opted out, for exactly these scenarios. When I saw the initial reviews of 10.2 in the App Store reported instability where the previous version hardly ever crashes, I knew I made the right choice. Besides I don't need 3D titles or some of new codecs.
New Posts  All Forums: