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 Right, because they also use Gorilla Glass. Corning has some explaining to do.  They only blend things they know will blend to show off their blender. Their YouTube channel ain't Mythbusters.  Not if the arrow is made of sandpaper.
What did he win Pat? $50,000 !!!(In Facebook stock)
The pro model will be called iPhone Quadra 8347, to distinguish it from the plebeian iPhone Centris 6350, and the cheap plastic iPhone Classic II LC 4400. Apple needs to make the buying decision dead simple.
Seriously, that guy from BlendTec is so dedicated, his will states that when he dies, his _____ __ __ __ _______ and the video posted on YouTube.(Who wants to play Wheel of Fortune?)
^^^This.Looks like tastowe created a sock account.You're not fooling anyone.
I'm tired of hearing how great Broadwell is supposed to be. It'd better be a pink unicorn with magic shooting out of its ass, whenever it finally ships.
In China, clone makers are already selling iPhone 6 knock-offs.
It actually hasn't been "delayed": the rumor mill is simply correcting its earlier mistake. Folks, it ships when it ships.
Is it...alive?
You calling Ming-chi Kuo a liar?
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