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Analysts are better at hindsight than foresight. Maybe they should stick to that and stare at their own asses all day.
It has rounded corners. Could it be the fabled Apple TV?
It is actually one of the reasons the trolls support any of the following positions:1. "No one company should be allowed to control ____ feature"2. "Apple should be forced to license their patents"3. "The government should declare Apple's patents as SEP and seize them"4. "Patent laws should change to make it easier to do (any of the above)"Basically, they want the iPhone or iPad without having to buy one from Apple.EDIT: added a fourth bullet item
 Show me someone offering more data FOR FREE.
Thanks for that. Half the trolls say Apple has never really innovated, they're just good at marketing other people's inventions. The other half claim Apple is doomed unless they start innovating again, like when Steve was alive. Well, which is it? Because these arguments contradict each other. I strongly suggest that you all get together and figure out a consistent meme to attack Apple with, then come back to these forums. Right now, you all sound like you're spouting...
Not with the cards they have in play. They need the equivalent of a game changer. A "me too look I can do touchscreens and apps" strategy isn't enough.
Wow, that's pretty aggressive.
I would like to see them try.Ironically, the Google- and Samsung-apologists on these forums would defend such a stupid patent, while trashing the ones these companies are stealing from Apple.
Short term they've slowed the losses, but long term, what is their strategy for beating iOS and Android and Windows Phone? As far as I can tell, buying time for QNX won't lead to a bright future. It is heading for the same fate as PalmOS and webOS.
And they can spin it off just as easily.
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