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It's all part of the evil plan.
Im calling you on this BS. I work in a Fortune 100 firm, and there tens of thousands of PCs running Windows deployed on every desk. Each is locked down. You can't use USB drives for security reasons (injecting malware, stealing confidential information), and software is installed to prevent that. You can't install your own software without written approval from your VP and Security, and approved apps are deployed using a central network tool that tracks licenses. The...
Sounds like "basically management types" are way ahead then.Flash? Silverlight? Java? Oh yeah, something to be real proud of.
True. And where did Microsoft get the idea of replacing Windows Tablet PC's 20-years of pen-based input with multitouch finger gestures?
This tired old narrative from Ballmer's marketing department. Next you're going to brag about how Windows Phone 8 is "full blown" Windows while iPhone run iOS as a reason that comparison isn't valid.
What if... you could use the iPad Pro keyboard to input text into your AppleTV?
Battery schmattery. Let's get one thing straight about the iPad Pro:  
Thanks Mikey. I'd like to see a comparison between the Logi Create keyboard and the Apple iPad Pro keyboard.
Novelty IS fun, but the way the Surface is marketed, and way most people use it most of the time, is as a laptop: in landscape mode, attached to a keyboard, running full Windows, MS Office, Outlook. And that's plenty of reason for PC laptop fans to like the Surface Pro, but not because it's a usable as a tablet. They're drawn to the idea of using it as a tablet, but the differences between ideal laptop and tablet use necessarily go deeper than physical form factor: down to...
Now now. I want to hear more anti-Apple FUD from him.
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