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I'm still unclear as to what she is supposedly did wrong, other than being held responsible for dissatisfaction for not being able to buy the Watch and MacBook at retail yet. If anything, Apple hasn't done enough to get the word out in their PR about what customers should do if they want to buy either product (order online). For that, I blame Phil Schiller.
How sad: no new products since the iPad. Tim Cook is not an innovator. Innovation died with Steve Jobs. Ive and Newson: the new public faces of "Tim Cook's Apple." Mugging for photos with fashion industry people. Steve Jobs would never approve. /s
Rabble rabble! No factory made horseless carriage will replace a handcrafted horse-drawn carriage! The grease, the noise, the smell of exhaust fumes! And where is one supposed to purchase the fuel? Only the wealthy city folk can entertain such a tasteless way to travel.
Trolling opportunities below. And...go!
"I'm Sarah McLachlan. Millions of Samsung smartphones are destroyed each year because nobody wanted them! Please, you can help. Adopt an unwanted Galaxy S6 from a phone shelter today. Together we can make a difference. Thank you."
Explanation:You don't need to click on an ad for Google to make money. They made their money when the ad was placed. That is, the advertiser buys the ad. It's exactly the same model as junk mail: the advertiser pays the USPS to stuff your mailbox. Google sells ads using an auction, so advertisers compete with each other to outspend their competitors on shoving ads in your face, and Google makes a fortune off that.
So I searched for "Fake Apple Watch" to see if the fakes look like the thing in the first frame of the video and sure enough, it does. The leather strap looks like shit and does not match the leather bands from Apple. Also the crown. And you know which was the top search result? A video from Unbox Therapy entitled "Fake Apple Watch" (Unbox Therapy is that guy's YouTube channel). So yeah, he's rocking a fake watch, but was the video fake? So here's where things get hazy....
Because batteries follow Moore's Law?
I searched for the name found a deleted Wikipedia page, deleted for the following reasons: Basically, this mod noticed that Hilsenteger only (weak) claim to notability was being mentioned (non-substantively) in a couple of articles about the iPhone. Think about that: the iPhone is propping up his notability, weakly. I'd say that pretty much sums up his YouTube channel.
 At what? Being an expensive, bloated mess?
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