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LOL. You forgot the /s.
I have had the Air since Day One, and I have not experienced "accidental button hits all the time." Once or twice, but I quickly got the hang of it. The narrow form factor actually makes it possible for me to hold in one stretched out hand. Not comfortable, but possible. (Maybe Fandroid phablets will get this big someday LOL.) So YMMV, but it's not a problem everyone has. The Mini also had these thin bezels, so this isn't a new thing.I just tested it by consciously holding...
The press is making up some imaginary "dig at Apple."
I dunno. Amazon's not really known for hardware. They're best known for leaving "Amazon" branded shipping boxes at your door, which then get stolen by neighbors or passers by. Grrr...
Same difference? A proximity alert doesn't care what your attitude is towards the target, right?
Doubt it.
That's a pretty sweet deal, if it includes a new battery and outer casing.
Maybe it was a lesson learned from the Browett fiasco. I'm sure others at Apple were thinking "WTF?" when Cook hired him.
I just think the picture looks funny with "try again" at the bottom.
"Slide to unlock me"?
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