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The Saturn and California plates are on the photo of the real Apple van.
All it needs is a logo of a cute green trashcan with eyes.
DED on Dan Lyons, circa 2009: http://www.roughlydrafted.com/2009/01/18/dan-lyons-paul-thurrott-the-fake-and-the-phony/
No true Android fan wants Apple Watch to fail, because it would legitimize the whole wearables market, and open the flood gates for Android and/or Tizen watches to copy Apple's best ideas and sell it more cheaply (assuming $350 is expensive for something that can do so much). So far, the Android Wear business can't even move a million watches a year. Apple Watch selling 1.5 million a month would blow those door wide open, and Google wouldn't be able to limit Wear to just...
I see a war of the stickers coming. CurrenC, S-Pay, Google Wallet, Square Cash, BitCoin, and PayScam.
Everything happening now is happening "as Apple Watch approaches."
You realize the "halved" production target of 1.5 million watches per month is twice the total sales of all Android watches for the past year, right? If Apple manages to sell 18 million watches in its first year, some forum bozo will call it a "failure," even if it manages to grab 90% of the smart watch market in the first year.
I would like arrow keys on my mouse.
At least it's not called "Square Pay"
Wearables might be the rage at South By Southwest but Google Glass never was.
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