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I like the trio we got now: Mikey, with his buttery deep voice, DED with his sharp observations about tech media's treatment of Apple, and LVM's rage quit over difficult/annoying tech. Seriously, keep up the good work.
Should be a 400+ post thread, minus moderator deletions.
Think Different
You guys are taking this waaaay too seriously.
But but but megapixels
Calm down. It's not running for office.One of the most sadly amusing things is to watch folks get upset because they think private corporations shouldn't have a voice on social issues. SCOTUS said corporations are "people" (and money is "speech"), so Apple gets to say whatever it wants.The question you have to ask yourself is: do you only want to surround yourself with people and corporations that agree with whatever your political bias is? Are you that intolerant of...
Just so we're clear, this is Apple's App Store. It is not an open bazaar. Show me any curated content platform that is--Xbox? Playstation? Nintendo?
AppleTV already supports Bluetooth remotes. And keyboards.
Never seen HG stand corrected when cornered by facts. He'll just scape up some more links.
The tech community who loves to criticize Apple aren't going to care anyway because they didn't listen to her music to begin with. They just fondly remember the 24 hrs when she was their shining celebrity spokesperson against Apple. Now they can go back to ignoring her.
New Posts  All Forums: