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Competitors who criticize The One Smartwatch to Rule Them All, then try to sell their own smartwatch. Nothing is more transparent.
Keep cutting those corners, Apple. That's you end up with rounded rectangles¬°
Yeah. Unlike well-connected analysts, who can leak secret product info, mixed with assumptions and FUD with impunity.
He's well-connected.
Possibly. But officers of the company are authorized to speak for the company. Officers obviously don't have to clear everything with legal, such as when they speak extemporaneously in shareholder Q&As, press interviews, etc.
About time Sharp got serious. We got IGZO addicts waiting for their next dose of IGZO.
Smell that? It's FEAR.
Keep telling yourself Bitcoin is safe from manipulation. Consensus is easy if the majority of miners are owned by a few with the resources to keep in the mining game. Then they will control the future of Bitcoin.
So that would make him Ice4 ???
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