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Welcome to Apple, Fandroids. Here's your phablet. Apple made it just for you.
 But they didn't copy the crown from the apple watch. They'll spread photoshopped LOL@APPLE photos showing watches from the 19th Century with crowns and claim they got the idea from "prior art". But we all know how Samsung solves its "crisis in design": by being a "leader in following trends." Are you starting to see how Samsung and their forum lackeys operate?
First gen:   Second gen:   Third gen: Fourth gen:   Fifth gen:
 The weird thing is: Samsung has perfected the "anti-iPhone" which is not so much driven by any coherent vision or desire to make a dent in the universe as it is a calculated attempt to win over anyone who might be dissatisfied with the iPhone for whatever reason. In other words, they do whatever Apple is not doing. So wouldn't it be an ironic twist if Samsung's market surveys showed a significant number of unhappy iPhone users who wished for a 4" iPhone 6, and Samsung...
It's about as immature as the "I told you so" trolls infesting one recent forum thread.
All you people spewing outrage at getting a free album because you hate U2: if you really were Apple users and not astroturfing Fandroids, you already know how to get help from Apple regarding any real issue or inconvenience this may cause you:   https://www.apple.com/support/itunes/contact/ or https://www.apple.com/retail/geniusbar/   or else make a suggestion: https://www.apple.com/feedback/itunesapp.html
 Let me guess: you're waiting for Broadwell, a snap-in keyboard and pen input.
Something says that won't stop them. What they up to now? 6 inches? 6.1 inches? 7 inches?They're really out of ideas. And that's scary. That's a new "crisis of design."
These ads are designed to appeal to "hardcore" Apple haters, so it wouldn't have any net effect, other than to draw the attention of hardcore Apple haters.The rest of their user base is now fair game for Apple, and these gratuitous attack ads won't stop them.
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