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I thought ApplePay worked with any standard NFC POS reader, am I mistaken? Is the issue that these retailers don't want to roll out NFC readers?
Complaint? Who said anything about a complaint? We thought you had proof of corruption and corporate malfeasance. Got proof GTAT and its CEO are guilty of a crime (you called them "CROOKS", liars, and full of fraud)? Or were you planning to just whine to the SEC like you are doing on these forums?
Even if it was an "oppressive" contract, GTAT agreed to the terms of it. Who's responsible for that?
Then we won't waste our time.Quit clowning around.
Sounds like a convenient scapegoat for poor executive decision making.Notice they're not claiming that Apple breached its contractual obligations, or that Apple misrepresented the terms and conditions of the contract.Although they haven't disclosed very much at all.
(Shrugs) I didn't know AI cited MR!
Nonsense. Wall St is fickle. There's no such thing as a floor for prices.
No, it's more like: he wanted to use it single-handedly.
I'm guessing the cover will use butterfly with the time instead of the home screen which only appears to select a new app.
How do you type that? Autocorrect keeps changing that to "dog" every time.
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