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Don't get me wrong. I'm impressed. I want one, if the production units are as smart as what is shown in the video. I dunno how I'd feel throwing it off a bridge like in the video. People have lost drones before, so hopefully it won't get lost and never be found.
You'd think wearing dozens of iPhones and MacBooks would set off airport metal detectors.
I think the Eurpoean Commission needs to investigate this practice, and possibly fine Apple billions of euros for some trumped up reason. /s
You wear that hideous tracking device on your wrist? But that's where my Apple Watch is going to live! Why can't it track the Apple Watch?
You should offer that opinion directly to Cook himself: tcook@apple.com.I'm sure he would appreciate hearing perspectives on his conduct in public.
LOL. Yeah, it's all they got. Otherwise, they'd be rehashing news & rumors already reported elsewhere
Suppose he did that. Think it through. Then what? What would change? Or would Tim cause Apple-China relations to sour, so you can blame Tim for everything that happens as a consequence? Would you call him unwise, unfit to run Apple?
"The taxation of trade routes is in dispute."
Why Windows will win:1. Apple is doomed2. Skylake will solve everything3. Apple is doomed4. iPad is a consumer toy for media consumption5. Apple is doomed6. Apple is also doomed
I think Apple should disrupt the power grid. If Tesla wants to sell home batteries, Apple should sell solar power.
New Posts  All Forums: