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Nah… He's just covering up for being wrong about a 2014 launch. 
"No results found. Try modifying your search parameters."
 Windows seems to have many vocal fans in the UK.
 I would never use a PC simply because it has better specs.If "specs per dollar" were all that you care about, we have nothing in common. But to address your question, I'm Mac user because I want to run Mac OS X and be part of the Apple ecosystem. I made the decision to convert fully in 2006. "Converting" meant making the choice to stop using Windows and Microsoft Office. Once I made the decision to run OS X, it doesn't matter how "specy" a U430 or any PC is. I like...
"Trust me"... classic Get A Mac ad.  
 I think Google will continue to be the map "leader" because you only get a one opportunity to make a first impression, and for Apple Maps, that opportunity has past. In years to come, Apple Maps will get better, but people tend to remember big, splashy flameouts, not quiet, steady improvement.
 This is called "moving the goalposts."Broken screen repairs are very common, and not just on iPhones. Having unbreakable glass is not a "gimmick." It's called addressing the most common reason to repair iPhones.
Lipophobic coating.
I think the credits at the end listed Industrial Light & Magic, but I can't be sure since I can't read Chinese. (They could have been state secrets for all I know.)
But...will it blend?
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