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Apple had better stay away from high dollar brands like Porsche, lest the naysayers whine about "Tim Cook's Apple" being all about the 1%, the fashionable people, or whomever else Steve Jobs (according to their selective memories) would never cavort with.
That's too simplistic a way to look at it. It's like saying, "gee, my Sony PS4 and the Dell workstation at the office are converging to the same size and shape, I wonder if convergence of the OS would be a natural complement?" No, it wouldn't.
Do a little research before posting, unless you are intentionally being disingenuous. "The rest of us" in 1984 referred to non-programmer, non-technical customers. It was never about the price of the Mac, which was pretty high compared to modern Macs, when adjusted for inflation.
In a few weeks, I'll have an Apple Watch, just like the beautiful people!
The Android fan should have told his roommate he was a concerned Apple fan who is worried about the direction Tim Cook is taking the company since Steve died. And if challenged, just spout a list of supposed Apple products he owned, including the Pippin.
Sorry, the U.S. Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment.
So that's what BF has been up to since being banned. We knew he was a closet Android user.
Jony couldn't stand him, so it's probably for the best. I'm sure Scott's contributions were great during his time at Apple, but that was in service of giving Steve Jobs the input he needed to function as the ultimate tastemaker. Tim wants to cultivate a strong, diverse team that collaborates well. And I'm inclined to agree with him. Apple can't do that with a single iconoclast with a big ego running around.
Broadway humor
Broadway musical huh? Who knew???
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