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Despite all the flak Apple gets over their proprietary connectors and what not, the company's products are surprisingly standards based. The Mac, iPhone, iPad and Watch all have Bluetooth, and Apple uses it in all their wireless Mac peripherals (mouse & keyboard). Over in the PC world, Bluetooth is not as widespread. For example Microsoft continues to sell non-Bluetooth proprietary wireless interfaces keyboards, mice, and game controllers for Xbox One, for example. Whereas...
Sure, you saw those photos of the Drunk Karaoke King in action... Cue is king crooner.
LOL. We all know of whom you speak. He'll be here. Mentioning Google in the forums is his Pavlovian bell.
🎶 Anything you can do I can do better... Anything you can do I can do too 🎶
Already? Sounds unstable. /s
I found a 3.5mm jack on my PS4 controller. I heard Mac and PCs have them too, and some smartphones are rumored to have 3.5mm jacks, but not sure. Can anyone confirm?
That's your mother-in-laws job.
Apple to hire Kayne West to take the mic away from Taylor Swift next time.
"Analyst says Apple preparing new iPhone 6S as Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 looms"
Creepy prediction. The solution to any problem in life is a product, sold by Amazon.
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