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Reverse is true for me: I use the Mac for work, and iPad for web surfing, shopping, reading ebooks, listening to music, playback of itunes media, streaming Netflix, journal writing, and playing iOS games.
Post concern for Apple's future below.
Won't this just make everything look like a ghost or Sasquatch?
One would think "pure Android" refers to AOSP, and not the mix of open and closed source applications that Google currently ships under the Android brand.
Neither Kobe nor Jony needs "PR value" from the other.
You recall the story of Steve Jobs as a teenager cold calling an exec from HP to talk about electronics?
I'd cold call. What's the worst that could happen?
It's a matter time. Eventually, IBM Watson will be considered as quaint and outdated as the UNIVAC. When that day comes, our smartphones will be able to play Jeopardy! while in airplane mode (assuming wifi phobia on air travel is still in existence). Oh, it's coming. And we will still whine that a 64 Exabyte iPhone costs $100 more than the 32...
Now open for business: the Gene Munster Product Evaluation Labs.
Interesting. This thread separates the casual Apple "critics" from the committed anti-Apple forum trolls. Critics: Apple does some things right sometimes. Trolls: Must fight all positive perceptions of Apple.
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