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Super Ultra High Definition?Is that like Super Duper AMOLED?
Another example of the slow, tortured rollout of 4K UHD.
So when people complain, Apple can just say, "we never claimed it would do 60Hz 4K"
Makes sense for a company the size of Apple to diversify R&D. They should be able to work on multiple R&D projects at the same time.
"Sociopaths" probably fits that sentence better. Sadism is about pain, not hate.
http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/143315/guidelinesTo quote:0. If you're here to crap on Apple, its fans or its customers, you're not long for this forum.Game that.
Close enough. Here's how Arstechnica defines trolling:"Don't make posts that are inflammatory just to get people riled up. Substance is a key to not being labeled a troll, but substance alone cannot prevent you from being considered a troll. Substance with a dash of personal attacks will get you labeled as a troll."if only AI had a like policy and enforced it.
August 2: specs war beginsThat's something oddly ridiculous about describing MHz and gigabytes in a watch. Apple has been mum on the details, focusing on user experience attributes (like the Taptic stuff), and the appearance. But you know Lenovo and LG and Samsung can't help but fall back on specs. It's all they know about marketing tech.
You know he's going to say something profoundly stupid about the watch. Again and again.
April 24: Apple Watch ships April 25: YouTube channels start posting Watch-gates: battery-gate, screen-gate, sensor-gate, pay-gate, scratch-gate, etc. April 26: naysayers and haters have their day May 24: Apple Watch outsells all Android Wear watches sold to date. May 25: furious gloating + backpedaling in forums begins. July 1: First batch of Android Wear watches inspired by Apple Watch are announced for shipping in late 2015.
New Posts  All Forums: