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Wait: did an analyst just admit he jumped to conclusions? Even though every analyst (according to AppleInsider) cites "unnamed sources familiar with Apple's plans"???
One of these concerns is better than the other!
"Somewhat liberal" = "maybe accurate to +/- 1000% give or take"
Floppy disks too. And tape drives.
They'll complain the colors are too accurate.
How delightful. But you're not in Apple's management, so you don't get to set arbitrary deadlines.
So much praise in these reviews. But don't worry: Consumer Reports can be counted on to troll the iPhone 6 reviews.
He doesn't reply. He does drops a load of crap in every forum thread and walks away.
DED should next turn his editorial attention to the nervous mocking by forum trolls.
 I didn't botch nothing.
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