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Exactly what happened.
Ask the judge to be excused from it because Apple TV is coming.
TechCrunch stokes the fires of DISAPPOINTMENT
*crickets* Thought so.
How many of you, are personally looking to buy a 32GB iPhone 6s? *crickets* Seriously, show of hands? *crickets* How many of you find 64GB is too much storage for your phone? *crickets* Anyone???? *crickets* Okay, how many of your are just armchair critics looking to score a cheap "win" against Apple? Be honest.
I'm fine if you speak for yourself, but trying to speak for "core Apple users" is a stretch. The rest of your post is hand waving, general criticism. If you are having issues with an Apple product, contact Apple directly.Unless of course, your entire purpose was to criticize.
"My work here is done. God speed, beats 1."
Well also BitTorrent.
Hardly desperate. It is normal for any top market brand to offer money to get people to switch from the second place competitor. Haven't you ever heard of the Coca-Cola Challenge? Coke compares itself to Pepsi, and then offers Pepsi drinkers cash if they switch to Coke and answer a bunch of marketing study questions about why they switched, so they can use the results of this study to understand how to better market to Pepsi drinkers to get them to switch to Coke.Oh wait,...
Bingo. Google is an advertisement auction service. That's how they turn a profit. The search engine is simply an outlet for serving up the ads.
New Posts  All Forums: