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Yosemite works really well on my 2013 rMBP. I did my homework before upgrading, reviewing the most common issues and what to do if I encountered them, but in the end, I had a positive upgrade experience. It was painless, and is running without issue.
LOL. You and "truth". Right. Those two sets do not intersect. Maybe you should lighten up and then you wouldn't take a little criticism of iOS so personally (I mean, why? Is Apple your mother?). As it stands, your ridiculous overreaction to my criticism borders on some hyperbolic parody of a "rabid forum fanboy," because--as my posting history attests--I'm anything but a Fandroid.
Nah, it's funnier when I do it. You need to work on your wit. Try not taking offense at everything, for starters.
You should have a doctor look at your jerking knee condition.
I used to put up with the old AppleTV YouTube app, as clunky as it was, because it lacked ads.
Or worse: the video isn't as useful or relevant as the search engine thought it was, but it doesn't matter as long as Google and the channel owner made money showing you ads.
iOS 2 or 3 (I don't remember which) had a runaway CPU issue that would cause the original iPhone to get incredibly hot to the touch, and drain the battery at an alarming rate. Kind of like an old Windows laptop running Firefox and Flash. The iOS 8 bugs I saw are mostly UI glitches, but the absolute worst was a bug that caused Apple Maps to immediately crash after launch, and any app that used Maps data such as adding an event to your calendar would cause that app to also...
This isn't news: Apple has publicly tested iOS betas, under the guise of General Availability. /s
It's just another avenue for tracking you and your behavioral habits. It's not enough for them to know what you search for, what websites you visit and when, what you buy, how you pay for it, how much you spent, where you go, and who your friends are.
I remember when YouTube was YOU-tube, not GOOGLE-tube. They sold out.
New Posts  All Forums: