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I remember when YouTube was YOU-tube, not GOOGLE-tube. They sold out.
I would not read too much into it. Google has supported iOS in the past.
You mean you can't believe so many people think you're wrong. And you can only conclude therefore that they must all want to be "dicks."
For $1100.01 per hour, Bromwich will tell you everything.
If John Browett was still in charge of retail ops, the Watch would be headed straight for Radio Shack. /s
Avenue de Champs-Élysées. A far cry from Fry's.
Five years of speculation masquerading as "reports." Great. Can we have topic filters now?
Spyware. The appropriate user experience for Windows PCs. I mean, sooner or later, right?
Apple should've pulled a Steve Jobs stunt and leased a new mini-van every 90 days. At least in California they aren't required to put license plates on new cars during that grace period, thus, perpetually avoiding being identified as the lease holder. But, the jig is up.
Some Neo-nazis spray painted a swastika on the wall of a Hindu temple, not realizing the swastika was a symbol of prosperity and life in Hinduism. Context is everything.
New Posts  All Forums: