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I'm saying giving the HMS Titanic a complete and awesome makeover while it is sinking will not stop it from sinking.
I will never understand the Kuo-loving at AI. You'd think they'd practically promoted him to ghost writer.
So...you're saying the person responsible is out?
LOL, something like:"Make it thinner... No, more thinner! No, I can still see it!"
Muwah! Goodbye Android.
Thanks I think The BMPCC is already close to the ideal beginner's cinema camera. It already records ProRes 422 internally without requiring extra equipment and has adapters for just about any kind of lens mount out there. And it's not terribly expensive for the body. I am not sure how Apple would improve on it.The BMPCC is kind of in an interesting category by itself. Affordable and ideal for small or one-man productions who would otherwise use pro video cameras for their...
Well then. No sale.
Tune in tomorrow for more drama.
Apple should fix (insert pet peeve here).
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