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Why? Aren't there enough codes for both in Unicode?
Kind of like the difference between iPhone and Galaxy user interfaces.
Here we go again. Same rumor, different day.
What's this? A complementary pillow mint? I don't want this installed on my pillow. It's just crappy branded candy that would never sell well. Now everyone is going to think I like pillow mints. I would go ballistic if they put hard candy or chewing gum on my pillow. The guy who owns the pillow mint factory is all washed up. Rabble rabble rabble!
You would rather have an "Apple installed albums that weren't going to sell well" folder?What if it was an album that you did want?Would it still bother you?
When you're successful, everyone takes shots at you.
Box of chocolates
C'mon. Samsung knows the score. The keynote they derided just solved their "crisis in design" for smartwatches. Expect a fresh round of copying in 9-18 months.
Is that the best they can do? I'm glad they're scared. They should be.
Sapphire is the new IPS pink unicorn
New Posts  All Forums: