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The MacBook Pro 13" is quite affordable. A smaller display will prevent obvious overlap between two 13.3" retina displays.
Any time a rumor fails to materialize, it's an "Apple problem."
The "bendgate = DOOM" concern trolls are conspicuously absent from this thread. They consciously know they are trolling. They know it. I don't expect mea culpa. They just come back for the next "-gate".
I assume they'll call it the IPad Air S. /s
It's supposed to be a slippery slope: you have to start whining about not having 4GB of RAM.
The U.S. government keeps all kinds of secrets from Americans--the very people they supposedly serve, and yet they don't give the people the keys.
"Why won't you give us the keys to your property? We promise not to perform illegal searches."
We got another one.
Sounds like another SEO black trick to get around the search engine rule that says sites have to present the same content to web crawler as visitors. Sites also still skirt the issue by erecting HTML layers over their content, but the content is technically there, if visually obscured. Google's not smart enough or cares enough to curb this practice.
 The complete list of bungles is listed in a malware-infested Android app.
New Posts  All Forums: