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I know, right? Should've been Justin Long!
Think as much as you want, but you can never become Steve Jobs.
Does it meet your needs, or is it missing something?
weight is not measured in "millimetres" is it?
Google is probably hard at work on a rewards system just like it called Google Rewards+.
The Apple IIc lacked expansion ports. Nice try for your doomed narrative.
Apple is not getting rid of discreet graphics until they can put a graph on a keynote slide showing that the new integrated graphics chip has at least 2x performance of their previous gen discrete graphics solution. And of course it gets used and not just by games; Apple's Pro suite of applications like Final Cut and Motion use the GPU.
Skylake is the end of history. Once there, the specs war will end, and you will want nothing more. Skylake will be inside the final Mac, and the final PC.
2.7Ghz MBPr with 16GB of RAM
New Posts  All Forums: