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Nothing to copy.
The iPhone 5s introduced the world's first 64-bit smartphone, better camera, dual tone flash. Give me a break.
21.5" should be the new median phone size by 2030. And I base that on absolutely nothing.
No way. Noooo. It's a bigger announcement. It's got to be a 17" iPad Pro Pro. The second Pro means it's twice as Pro.
I was hoping Apple could keep their software secrets better. The last big secret that wasn't revealed until the keynote address was that Apple had a 64-bit build of iOS 7 for the newly announced iPhone 5s and A7 chip.
Don't be. They chose to embrace this joke of an excuse. As if anyone doesn't see through it. Film noir? Oh really? Columbo is the last thing I think of when I think of film noir.
So. They've reinvented the Mechanical Turk.
meh. really?|
The original IDC "report" uses two terms interchangeably: "2-in-1s" and "detachables."I think they mean any Windows Tablet PC with a removable (as opposed to a fold-away) keyboard. Surface is not the first Windows Tablet PC to have a detaching keyboard, but the Surface brand seems to be have become the generic name for them, for no reason other than people not knowing the history of Windows Tablet PCs.
Yup. IDC: still hoping to randomly be right sometimes.
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