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Well you dodged U2's bullet by not having an iOS device. Only iOS users suffered a free album.
Taylor Swift's open smack down (and the tech websites who don't listen to her music's coverage of it) has generated public interest in how much Apple pays record labels. Ordinarily, nobody wants to know how the sausage is made. Those negotiations happen behind the scenes, as they do between Apple and cellular carriers, or Apple and its supply chain partners.
Aladdin and T-Mobile should be paying for CPI.
Neither did Christy Turlington Burns. She flew in for the Watch keynote and kind of smiled and exchanged pleasantries with Tim Cook.
You can stick it to them when they design their own vans, but these are leased from FCA. Apple has nothing to do with their design.
Oh cmon. Eventually even Evernote will have chat and social content sharing features, and require yet another sign in and remember a password. Meanwhile, you still need a phone, SMS, and the iPhone lets you sign in to all of its services with your fingerprint.
Might as well read: "NSA Messenger app allows chat without signing in to FaceBook."
Now you've done it. You mentioned the magic G word. Prepare for the usual suspects to come to its defense.
"Concerns". Nice try.
I was joking, but you are serious LOL.If all that the self-important tech sites and bloggers can do is take shots at Apple with their editorials (backed by like-minded forum users who secretly covet exclusive content for their Android phones), then let them troll. We've already seen that Apple listens to no one except Taylor Swift and the Chinese market.
New Posts  All Forums: