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Too bad "hate Apple" not the reason they leave the forums.
Whoa, there. You forgot the cardinal rule: it's only evil when Apple does it.
No. Click this, and arm yourself with knowledge:http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_precision
Sooooo...if this is leading to all your interactions are through the watch, why would you need a big screen on the phone?
That's predicated on a few things happening (like the phone functions drawing less power, and/or breakthroughs in battery power density). These analysts aren't engineers or scientists, but they seem to think everything magically follows Moore's Law.Even then It's not a complete solution. People seems to want a large screen Internet device everywhere they go, because a mobile phone isn't just for voice calls any more. Apps dominate smartphone usage. Surface area isn't just...
Correct.The eye--brain--muscle wiring pathway is remarkably slow. Try this: http://www.humanbenchmark.com/tests/reactiontimeThe eye-hand wiring is much slower than BT. I believe most older experiences with lag in wireless devices have to do with devices going into a power saving mode.According to Wikipedia, the typical latency for "classic" Bluetooth is 100ms (0.1 sec), whereas the new Bluetooth 4.0 LE (aka "Bluetooth Smart") is 6ms (0.006sec). Source:...
Apocryphal! New Republic scientists just need to extract midi-chlorians and BAM! Instant Jedi!
That leads to:1. Clone Anakin Skywalker for the ultimate Sith army2. Blood transfusion = magic Force powerup3. Grow The Force in a Petri dish!4. A blood test to measure your midi-chlorian count!It's not about making younglings feel good about themselves. Artistically, Lucas diminished the mythical and mysterious aspects of The Force by offering a medical pathology for it. That's all I am saying. Star Wars was just fine without this explanation.
This is more like it:Edit: there's an inside joke about the Island of Misfit Toys in that photo: he's holding up a Windows Phone
Cue the usual suspects: 1. This needs to run full Mac OS X and side by side apps 2. This needs to have a pen 3. IGZO will save us all 4. Just wait until Broadwell or Skylake! 5. But but but Android tablets!
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