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I wonder: if Apple hires a minority female veteran does it count three times?
I assume they are alleged stockholders who have been beating the "Apple Watch = Tim Cook's failure = Jony Ive's Newton = I miss the Apple of Steve Jobs = I can't wear it in the shower deal breaker" troll narrative of late.
That troll meme is only trotted out when someone calls Google out on doing the same. Rule of the Troll #93: When you can't deny Google is doing evil, deflect criticism by saying Apple is doing it too.
Everything that happens today happened in the wake of the Apple Watch Event.
It's a front for the CIA, allegedly.
 How else do you clean it?
"Components." Right. Reductionism at it's worst. Again, that's "Intel Inside" thinking. iFixit thinking. The BYOPC movement taught a generation of dorks to treat the whole as nothing but the sum of its parts. You should have reduced the Apple Watch Edition into a soup of neutrons, protons, and electrons; maybe, just maybe, it would be worth even less.
I love the hush from the crowd when Tim Cook said, "next I want to talk about the Mac."Did not see that coming I got that "new Apple product tingle."
Like OS X Darwin.
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