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Yes, I didn't mean to imply that he was a troll. I was making a joke about troll behavior in general. I considered calling the hypothetical anti-Apple region of the brain the "Applegate Cortex," (for its ability to remember -gates related to Apple) but I didn't think it was funny enough. I'm not neuroscience geek, but what science literature I've read, the brain organizes information of value automatically for easier recall when you sleep/dream, so if you frequently troll...
Something tells me Apple will be paying for that gift for the next 25 years.
MRI studies on troll brains show that their brains have special regions devoted to forming and retaining strong memories of any negative news about Apple, Inc. The result is near instant and vivid recall, even years later, giving them an edge in trolling over normal people.
Yes, if by "finally" you mean Microsoft has created a modern HTML5 standards-based web browser for Windows and given up on Internet Exploder.
I'm calling for TIm Cook's head on a platter.
I think that's what AppleInsider was insinuating. Otherwise, there's no connection between Siri and AppleTV. There isn't even a way to get Siri input into ATV.It'd be interesting of Apple could still surprise us. The rumor mill is in the "spoilers as link bait" business.
What I think is funny is AppleInsider's rationale:Siri = new AppleTVWhuuuuuut? That's a leap. There may very well be a new TV, and I hope it's awesome. It'd be a shame if the rumor wasn't true, because it would only serve to embarrass Apple (rather the rumor-mongers). I mean, that's how the rumor game works: AppleInsider, MR, 9-5, like Wall St. analysts, sets up false rumors for months, and if Apple doesn't come through, everyone is "disappointed" at Apple, instead of the...
Yet GooPhone i6 continues to be legal in that country???
They will ex-ter-min-ate any human spies who try to take spy photos.
I'm holding out for AppleTV Pro. I'm sick of consumer TVs. I need pro specs in my electronics to feel good about myself.
New Posts  All Forums: