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I'm fine with the narrative that Apple Music has failed. If you can convince enough people outside the self-important tech blogger world that this is "true," then perhaps enough ordinary people will stay away, and we can make Apple Music really fail. Then we can enjoy the competition and schadenfreude together.
CurrentC was dreamed up by merchants for their benefit. When has that ever worked?
It's safer to use a tokenization scheme than to run the stripe of your debit card. So Apple Pay (or the equivalent upcoming Samsung clone) still wins.
I've seen this movie, and it's absolutely negative. It's polemic. Gibney thinks he's uncovered a new scandalous exposé on our adored icon, and that's how Magnolia is marketing the movie, but if you watch it, they only interview critics of Steve, and go over what a colossal jerk he was to everyone, 20 years ago, because that's about as recent as the personal character testimony is in the movie. Then they go over and dredge up every scandal associated with Apple and slam...
So basically more of the same incremental optimization that each generation of Core processors has delivered with each year. Got it. I thought it was the second coming of silicon Jesus, but that was just the hardware enthusiasts repeating Intel's marketing hype. It is safe to buy a Mac at any point in the CPU upgrade treadmill. Not necessary to wait.
But but but monopoly
Al Franken (which autocorrect just changed to Frankenstein LOL) will put his fingers in his ears and go "lalalala I can't hear this over the sound of my bias." He and his lobby will go after Apple's hypothetical abuse of 800 million credit cards numbers against their competitors.
Buy low, sell high. That's all you gotta do most of the time.
The Verge. Yeah, those guys.
There are two kinds of "Pro" buyers: people who use their computers professionally--as a tool for a job--and early adopters who want to feel good about having the newest technology (spec chasers). The latter category are sometimes "faux pros" in that their top spec Mac is more of a status symbol rather than workhorse. It's why I roll my eyes at those who claim to be waiting for the magical Skylake CPU (because, seriously, what job can Skylake do for that Haswell cannot?) I...
New Posts  All Forums: