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Naysaying circa 2011-2014: But but but Tim Cook's Apple hasn't give us anything new since Steve died" Naysaying 2015: "But but but Apple can't compete with precious mechanical watches how dare they" "But but but Apple doesn't know what it's getting into with greasy cars" "But but but Apple needs to go back to making new Macs"
I think that "App" is called Rock Candy Crush
I know this is perhaps a very broad question, but what is the general Swiss consumer attitude towards Korean products? Do lots of people there drive Korean cars and use Samsung or LG smartclones?
Oh don't go there. You wouldn't want to follow that rabbit hole...or should we say nazi gold Sadly, it's what comes to mind when you mention Germans and the Swiss National Bank together. They do have an alleged shared history, or at least notoriety.
You don't buy an Apple Watch for the time, any more than you'd buy an iPhone because it makes phone calls. Wearable tech is the beginnings of a new era of human-to-IOT interactions. The first "IOT thing" it interacts with is your iPhone, then NFC payment terminals, wireless door locks, and HomeKit-enabled devices.
You can find YouTube videos of WWDC during the years Apple was close to bankruptcy and any positive news from Jobs was a glimmer of hope. Those were the days only the hardcore pro-Apple developers would pay to go to WWDC, and I think it was at one of these late-90s WWDCs that Apple gave away top-spec Titanium PowerBook G4s.
One of these narratives is not true:1. Apple is doomed.2. Apple is big and successful.
Last week they were business and supply chain experts.
Apple wants you to enjoy your watch.
Apple hasn't bragged about the recyclability of the Watch like they have with their computers. Think about that for a minute.
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