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The supply of 5s should be better in the next 3 weeks. That's when people will start trading up.
The one over at Ars Technica is the correct size when printed. That's the one I used.
Good. Keeps it out of Facebook's and Google's hands.
40mm is considered small for Men's watches.45mm to 55mm is considered large.
Exactly. Anyone can draw a pretty concept. Apple has to actually deliver a working one.One might as well complain that Apple hasn't invented the anti-gravity tech promised by movie special effects.
I haven't watched the keynote, and I didn't see it live, but rather followed a live blog (on a different site, since DED lagged and really couldn't type very fast). So I didn't witness how each presenter did. But I do understand what you mean about Steve Jobs. He was in many ways, the biggest Apple product fan in the world. His enthusiasm for the products was effusive, genuine. That personal excitement, charisma, and energy is what sold me. Now he couldn't rescue something...
Are you left-handed?
Why? Aren't you on the phablet bandwagon?
Foxconn. Samsung is but a part supplier.
AppleInsider would like to know what is to be huge PNG file?
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