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I have no problem with Taylor Swift speaking her mind on the issue. I guess her open letter was an attempt to shame Apple into giving in to her terms, and that's fine. She's a shrewd negotiator. Obviously, the Apple critics are going to rally around Ms. Swift, even if they've never listened to her songs, because they are united in their criticism of Apple.
Where did Apple say it was their "primary consideration before all others"?Or is that simply your personal opinion?
HG's point is that Apple should match Google's terms. The great, magnanimous, Google...
Apple should cram features into the Watch, the way Samsung has into theirs, without regard to how well it works or who would use it. Just add checkboxes to a features list. That's sure the please the geeks and tech media. How about Watch VR: a watch that you strap onto each eyeball to experience VR? C'mon Apple, make it happen.
Your question is a false dichotomy. Apple evaluated a range of sizes and thicknesses and evaluates them for the best set of trade offs. Battery life is one measure, time to charge, weight and "feel" are also considered. If you think Apple was just shooting for thinness without regards to anything else, then you haven't been paying attention.
The "obsession with thinness" trolls should be happy to have the heavy brick they've always wanted the iPhone to be.
Apple II PlusMacintosh Plus
I knew the trolls would post "but but but Apple didn't invent the word plus". Right on schedule.
Denial feeds the flame. It's like pouring gasoline on the fire.
Why don't you just build your own PC and crow about how much better it is?The only reason people troll here about "but but but competition is good" on this site is because they want to get on their soapbox and to tell Apple that it should be copying the competition. In this case, you are pushing the idea that Apple should join "the competition" in playing the low margin game.That's because you just compared Apple's unit pricing on desktop computers to a high volume, low...
New Posts  All Forums: