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But but but Apple needs competition. From fast followers.
Mac OS X > Windows 8. Boom. MacBook wins.
Tim Cook doesn't demo anything, ever. How would not demonstrating yet another product "stand out"? (What would stand out is if he did demo something)
Dismissing lower spec CPUs as "toys" is a ridiculous overgeneralization. The Core M is perfectly suitable for many tasks like web browsing, watching videos, blogging.
The iFixit agenda of pushing for "repairability" doesn't fit with what most consumers do when their Apple products break. They aren't hobbyists, and they will never tinker with the innards of their hardware.
Do you also correct Fandroids' incorrect or outdated ideas about how Apple products and services work with equal zeal?
When I saw the headline I expected Google to have user and demographic information available for advertisers to purchase. "For sale: list of adult male console gamers in English-speaking countries between 18-35 with a median income of $55K, unmarried and renting who like showing off the latest Android phones."
It's a watch, not a solid gold PC.
Every time Apple ditches legacy ports and peripherals, there's wailing and gnashing of teeth, but after a while, consumers come around. It's all about adaption. In any case, it's not the replacement for the Air or the MBP. It's an experiment to make the Mac more like an iPad. And I thought the Air was already pretty iPad-ish. It's nothing short of a rethink of the Ultrabook style computer: hyper-portable, cloud and wireless everything, legacy-free.
New Posts  All Forums: