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innovation... /s
Higher than 2x? I am missing the purpose of that, since Apple doesn't just bump up DPI on existing retina displays. This make me think maybe there's a new screen size on the horizon that is significantly larger than 9.7" hmm...
And 99% of Kasper's cash flow.
Sounds like GTAT is simply mismanaged if they couldn't stay solvent or even meet the minimum cash balance required by Apple. If this bankruptcy was the result of some external event, I'd like to know what that was.
The 9 million users with bent iPhone 6's say otherwise. /s
But there's a picture of the iPhone Retina HD display in the article. /s
Depends on the OS and how rapidly Apple decides to evolve it. It could go either way.The iPod Classic, for example, went at least 4 years without any upgrade, and for what it was, it didn't really need one. It had a purpose that it was as good at on the last day it was on sale as the first. As long as Apple and customers don't go down the path of "watch = smartphone on your wrist" it should be pretty stable.
Uh oh. Consistency fail. Doomed. /s
Ah yes, the "Apple is just a marketing company telling iSheep what is cool" meme. That's a very popular meme with the boys in Redmond. Helps them sleep at night.As for "excessive loyalty" well that's something few of the best brands can master, and it's earned, not given by lemmings. The funny thing is that for most Apple customers, it's not a tribal allegiance (like loyalty to your local football team), but simply a bond created through trust and experience. In other...
The solution to solving bendgate is simple: take the iPhone, load Android on it, then let HTC call it the One M8 and voilá! It will still bend, but it will be immune from criticism.
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