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Did I say that, or are you so confused by your own BS that you think that's what I'm saying?And yes, I know what I said. Do you?
But but but it's going to be so expensive and only for rich peopleĀ”
Your move, Sammy, LG, Moto. Maybe you could put "Numa Numa Guy" on the cover of Maximum PC wearing an Android watch. Along with all those 1337 specs.
Those lame Samsung commercials that depict iPhone users as dorks, lemmings, and old people. Who's laughing now?
Samsung and Fandroids pretend Apple never invented anything and complain bitterly that Google Wallet was first.
No soup for you!
He was probably thinking of a steam engine powered by burning coal.
GM's idea of industry "disruption" is mismanaging themselves into bankruptcy and asking taxpayers for a bailout because they're too big to fail.
Yeah, PCs aren't a growth industry any more either. But Apple doesn't make PCs.
He's probably more sacred of Apple changing the game, which tends to be their (and many Silicon Valley startups') MO lately. Business as usual vs. disruption.
New Posts  All Forums: