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So the operation was a success? 
The principle of "openness," and the spirit of "competition", both of which Fandroids hold dear and as arguments against Apple don't suddenly take a back seat to "single party control," consistent UX, and "user safety" which Apple fans have long held as advantages of iOS. Be consistent in the forum wars. Don't suddenly decide to value the things Apple fans value while holding those same traits in contempt against iOS.
In the case of Google and Samsung (vs. Apple), it's a case of "the enemy of my enemy is my frienemy."That's what I like about the new Apple-IBM partnership to sell and service iOS devices in the workplace. Each partner knows what they bring to the table. And neither is trying to eat each other's lunch. Or get kicked off the other's board of directors. IBM makes a much saner iOS partner than either Google or Samsung.
 Threatening to quit is usually more a statement of protest, or a veiled demand for change, than a declaration of future action.
Ironic how fandroids used to claim how "customization" was a reason they wanted to use Android (and some kind of advantage), yet increasingly, Google doesn't want the ironically named Open Handset Alliance members to do that with Android. Keep Android pure, fall in line, do not challenge Google because Google doesn't need competition.
Funny thing about Tizen: fandroids never, ever look at it and say: "Google needs competition." Their meme is: "Apple needs competition."
Yes. We'll have to make due with a UHD 4K 40" monitor.
 In the rumor business, not repeating a rumor on your site is tantamount to falling behind. Every site repeats every rumor or risks having no new content. For example, if AppleInsider was to limit itself to posting only the rumors where it had direct contact with the leaker (i.e., exclusive source), it would post nothing.
 Only on the 5.5" model. Because I made that up.
 Right, because they also use Gorilla Glass. Corning has some explaining to do.  They only blend things they know will blend to show off their blender. Their YouTube channel ain't Mythbusters.  Not if the arrow is made of sandpaper.
New Posts  All Forums: