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1) Got any photos of the new packaging? Is it the rounded plastic box they normally put iPods Nanos and Touch models in, something cheaper?2) I think Shuffles and Nanos don't come with chargers either. Just the USB cord.4) I find it fascinating that you have these expectations. For example, iPads still have their sleep wake buttons on top, and their volume buttons to the right (instead of the left) side of the screen. Because form follows function, and Apple had a...
How ironic. When the iPhone 5 came out, the sapphire lens was thought to cause the purple lens flares in photos and the critics raked Apple over the coals. Now they want sapphire?
I wear mine everyday, all the time, even in the shower. It only comes off when I go to sleep; that's when it charges.It's not piece of fashion you decide to wear like a "jewelry" or ornamental watch. If you treated it as such, you'd completely miss the point of it. In fact, I've gone running without my iPhone, but I'd have the watch on to count my steps, heart rate, and play my workout mix through Bluetooth headphones. Just offering a counterpoint to your example. I can't...
The furnaces mysteriously suffered fire damage that resembles multiple collisions with a forklift. All of them.
YouTube channels are bulking up in anticipation of the iPhone 6s Plus' allegedly stronger case. They'll be ready to bend it on camera when September 2015 comes around.
At one point, Blackberry tried to do that as well. It didn't get very far, but I remember seeing their attempt at a consumer media ecosystem for their inept tablet, PlayBook. The one that launched with the "Amateur hour is over" campaign.
Well when you put it like that... But of course it's true. The evidence in the Samsung trial exposed that company's desperation. Companies that didn't copy Apple fast enough or well enough were put out of business very rapidly. The iPhone flipped the mobile phone business in a very short time.The fandroids tacitly know it, but defend or excuse this inevitable copying by using the rhetoric of "choice" and "competition" or posting spurious arguments and cherry picked...
I am unclear what the lawsuit is about: Unpaid overtime or "being treated like criminals"? Their motivation(s) seem crafted.
Starting with AppleInsider...
It depends on whether you think positively or negatively about the iPhone. Apple haters never speak about Samsung or LG (or other supplier) when criticizing the iPhone. Criticism is always goes to Apple, while credit is given to suppliers.
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