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Samsung and LG and Moto hope now the Apple haters will get motivated to buy their watches.
I hope they'll fix it. The original iPhone software Wasn't perfect either, but hopefully Apple will get it ironed out before all these people think, "What did I order?"
C'mon people. Steve Jobs used to give celebrities and other public figures a Macintosh.
My experience ordering is similar to some of yours. A few minutes, ApplePay was super easy, but it kept rejecting my work address without explanation. I'll call later and get them to change it. The Space Grey AL ships in mid May.
And now the waiting game...
You mean the people who rushed to buy Galaxy Gear watches? Yeah... they should've waited for this.
I saw it first! It's mine!
You get back in this time zone this instant, Mister! You will not live in tomorrow morning if the rest of us can't. 
Apple will get better results when reviews come from people who wanted to buy it, as opposed to getting one to review as part of their job as professional gadget bloggers. 
It's funny how every generation, the whining changes. I remember when it was about "no user installable RAM" and "SSD is still too expensive" and "no internal DVD drive, no sale"   Now we're whining about missing legacy ports.   I think that's real progress. If it were up to PC laptop makers, we'd still have plastic-clad laptops with D-sub VGA ports from 1987.
New Posts  All Forums: