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The thread? You don't get to say what the thread is about because you don't own the thread. The article is about several topics, of which copying was but one. But you probably didn't read past the headline. Maybe it's time you moved on.
Honeypot for: Apple haters U2 haters Watch haters IPhone 6 haters Starting to see how Huddler "communities" work.
It takes an artist to understand that comment in the original context. The difference is subtle, but apparent to those who design, create, and invent. The quote is widely misunderstood and misapplied by those who do not.I am being serious, even if you are not. Go ahead and google the answer if you really ask because you want to increase your knowledge and you're not just posting that for a cheap troll.
The problem with "could" is that its not proof of anything, but once you put it out there, some people use it as "proof" for their agendas.
@Slurpy didn't say that. You just did. You are disapproving of your own remark.
Why would beats "cover the fine"? They didn't ask him to promote the headphones at the press conference. It sounds like a choice he made for the breast cancer awareness thing. But yes, the story does highlight the highly commercial nature of professional sports.
Banks don't have to sell, service and market hardware, NFC devices. They just get millions of people who are walking around with ApplePay capable hardware by signing up with Apple. Or put another way: Apple is not taking a 30% cut, so the upside should outweigh the cost.
Methinks the "beta" label is arbitrary.
Sog ran away lol
It has all the (in)sanity of AirBnB opening its own physical hotel chain. Or Google launching a yellow pages phone book.
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