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Yeah, PCs aren't a growth industry any more either. But Apple doesn't make PCs.
He's probably more sacred of Apple changing the game, which tends to be their (and many Silicon Valley startups') MO lately. Business as usual vs. disruption.
Yeah, I'm sure the telecom industry said the same thing when Apple decided to make a phone in-house.
Either this is a dishonest cheap jab at Tim Cook, or you have an extremely naive/revisionist view of how things work. Which is it?I am not sure what you mean by "fully functional device without developers' help," because you then go on to slam the Watch as too expensive, a non sequitur.The Macintosh was Steve's baby. Yet one of the reasons it never caught on was a lack of third party apps. People went where that apps were. Those third party developers whom you regard as...
Reading the article was like watching a train wreck in slow motion: you know it will be bad, but you read on, hoping Sony has learned the lessons of the past, then nope: it is as bad as it sounds. Even worse, it seems Sony has no long term commitment the concept, and no desire to keep iterating on it in the future. If it's not attached to the PlayStation platform, it's effectively "sink or swim" for these cabled eyeglasses. I predict: sink. Sony has so many CE products,...
Is there just one person posting a defense of, well not Samsung, but some hand wavy defense of allegedly "not so bad" nonspecific "high end" Android phones? I remember when flame bait articles about Samsung marketshare would end 200 posts later. Maybe if DED wrote it.
I like my EarPods. They're no Sennheisers, but a big improvement over the old earbuds.
and you thought I was kidding when I said Bromwich demanded that an Apple cafe sandwich be named after him ("The Bromwich filled with creamy goo")
Frankly, this is the kind of junk you'd find on SkyMall pages... http://m.brookstone.com/laser-projection-virtual-keyboard
Stiff, tiny keys a scrunched together. Blackberry can have them.
New Posts  All Forums: