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Apple had a secondary supplier of taptic engine parts? But this conflicts with the troll narrative of Apple "foolishly" having only one supplier for key components, thereby creating a disastrous launch. Either that, or shame on Angela. I don't think the Watch trolls have reached consensus on their story yet.
Sound like the three-letter agencies need to investigate Sony and Universal as well.
Quality??? Fandroids always talk about how Apple is behind Samsung in specs.
We'll never know. The owner would tell his/her driver to leave the scene before getting that close.
"But but but protruding camera lens!" --ghost of BF
I opted out, for exactly these scenarios. When I saw the initial reviews of 10.2 in the App Store reported instability where the previous version hardly ever crashes, I knew I made the right choice. Besides I don't need 3D titles or some of new codecs.
Apple needs to stop LYING and come clean about their DOOMED. (Also, need I add the /s at the end?) /s
I'm stilling running 10.1.1
LOL. Yeah, he HATES the Watch, and he's convinced Cook is everything wrong with Apple and that Steve would not approve. Pretty much sums up his vapid ennui.
Who cares? Why is someone's personal buying habits anyone else's concern?I don't care what you buy. These forums are filled with trolls who list their every Apple product ever owned thinking it would "win over" others; it doesn't. Nor would I think differently of them if they wanted to buy something else. I mean, Steve Jobs used to own an IBM ThinkPad, because NeXT wasn't making laptops. Do I think any less of him? Hardly.
New Posts  All Forums: