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The keyboards suck but it is a terrific eReader.
"Auxiliary Internet device"?Mobile Safari is the lion's share of mobile web traffic. If people are buying these oh so cheap devices, they aren't using them for Internet.
"I view it as a speed bump, not a huge issue" is exactly how I view the iPad Air 2 over the already excellent iPad Air I bought last year. My upgrade cycle is 2 years. My iPhone and iPad purchases fall on different years.
If anyone could do it, DED could.
Apple should retire the use of "version 8.0.1" forever.
No, because their users aren't guaranteed privacy.
Been there. Samsung's solution was: buy our new printer model, which is just different enough that it is software incompatible. To which I said: no way. HP used to have printers that was supported for a decade afterwards. Sammy just wants to sell you another disposable printer.
You realize iPads will stop the Flow.
SPay...as in spay your dogs and cats.
I question the objectivity of this product review. The Gear didn't help me get the digits of that blond skier girl like the Samsung ad promised.
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