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You tell 'em, Taylor.
This is a good opportunity for the usual suspects to post FUD. You know who you are.
Just close your eyes and pretend Google is asking for those permissions. You do trust Google, don't you?
I apparently spoke too soon.
Kind of like overclocking your CPU when a known benchmark is detected. Oh, if only VW had Samsung's fan apologetics.
I wonder if the alarm is the "Intel inside" jingle.
Skeuomorphic display. Classy. The tacky Android watch crowd will be impressed. Why are the bezel numbers also displayed on the screen?
They have a secret lair hidden in a volcano, guarded by a private army of henchmen. And they have a laser whose only purpose is to allow secret agents to escape their grasp while the scarred madman is busy preparing to unleash doom.
You forgot a few:No Amazon videoNo optical outNo A9 chipNo TouchIDNo Rose Gold optionNo 3D TouchNo haptic/vibrationToo expensiveWalled garden
Neither can Apple. That's why they sell the Mac.
New Posts  All Forums: