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I bet I know one guy who would totally feel secure with a Google connected web cam and microphone in his home. Because it's Google. I expect nothing less than a "but but but how do we know what Apple does with your photos in iCloud?" as the standard smokescreen rebuttal.
I did not mean to imply otherwise. But if the law isn't specific to the telecoms, but any resellers, then I stand corrected, or rather AppleInsider and the Reuters article it quotes should stand corrected for wording it the way they did. Can you cite a specific reference to this Taiwanese law you described? The issue for me is that the Reuters article does not describe the law in that way, so it appears to contradict your spin.
I'm sure they posted a "public" hearing about the change on some obscure webpage that required that you attend a town hall meeting between 3:00am-5:00am on a particular day in some small town in East Texas that no one has ever heard of with a population of less than 1000.
AT&T fuming over why the FCC isn't in the telecom industry's back pocket as a rubber stamp for legalizing whatever the cabal of telcos want.
I own a 2nd gen Paperwhite and it's a ok reader: long battery, good contrast, but slow screen. Typing is abysmal, and it has one of the worst keyboards imaginable. I noticed the iOS 8 keyboard does a pretty good job of predicting the next word as you type. The Kindle's keyboard is comparatively brain-dead. On top of that, the input is not multitouch so if you don't slow down your typing, the keyboard registers phantom key presses between the two keys you pressed, causing...
These laws sound like they were written by the local carriers, for their benefit.
Scares you? Please.I'm glad this article has reinforced your prejudices about and distrust for Apple. I don't lose any sleep over Apple acting in its self-interests when it comes to licensing for its platforms. If you want unmanaged and "open," there are other platforms.
That's not until after the apocalypse.
Looking forward to the next generation of ejector pins...
Don't worry, the bendgate YouTube channels will just apply 60% more force when making their 6s videos.
New Posts  All Forums: