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But let me guess: now is the right time to push Bitcoin?
Looking down on other people does not make you better than them.
Don't forget: Tim Cook has already announced the iRing.
It doesn't matter to Breitling or Tag that Casio and Timex have already reached the bottom of the current timepiece market.
History Channel: if you want to see programs about aliens or WWII.
LOL. Is there another country?
I hope it's the next iPod Nano: one you can wear on your wrist, but smaller. If anyone can do smaller, thinner, lighter and make it matter, it's Apple.
That sounds familiar.
 It's an old forum meme from the usual visitors: only people who love all tech companies equally can be said to be "objective"; anyone who loves Apple more than other brands is biased and should be dismissed out of hand.
 Brand loyalty is not pathetic. It's highly sought after by companies big and small. Companies like Samsung covet Apple's brand loyalty, even if they don't understand it. Their ads have poked fun at Apple line-waiters, but in reality, Samsung has sent marketing people to interview real line-waiters about why they stand in line for Apple products. They've never seen anything like it before in the smart phone world. Back when Palm Treo and BlackBerry ruled the smartphone...
New Posts  All Forums: