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I disagree.
Does Apple make the batteries now? Shouldn't the article say that Apple's suppliers are rumored to be having trouble manufacturing thin batteries?
*** crickets singing ***I have no idea. But I hear positive things about TouchID on the iPhone 5s.
I saw one at Starbucks yesterday. The user wasn't holding it because it's not a tablet, it's a tiny laptop with a snap-on keyboard. It just sat propped up on its kickstand displaying the Windows 8 desktop.In contrast, the people with iPads were holding theirs.
The verdict form has to be complicated. Just look at the hundreds of models Samsung has cloned from the iPhone!
LOL. True.It would be like if the nazis compared their enemies to nazis, and failed to see the irony in that.
You made an assertion about which data center was cooler.
Not AI. And you're missing the point--it's still an attempt to separate patents from their owners. Apple counsel Bruce Sewell responded to Google's (ahem) "suggestion" (your softball words) in an open letter, which is quoted in the article that I linked. In any case, AI was just regurgitating what John P wrote for AllThingsD, so it was not AI who inserted them into the discussion.Do you really believe that if Google omitted specifically mentioning Apple or its patents that...
Yeah, sometimes I forget they're terrific at web searches.
Companies agreeing is how this all got started. Ironic that it is also how this finally ended.
New Posts  All Forums: