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 You must be very proud to have memorized Intel's future hype map. They've done good job marketing a product you can't buy yet.
Wait until Google perfects the contact lens micro display. If you think web, app, and watch ads are obnoxious, wait until augmented reality ads start appearing in your field of view.
I too have grown tired of cars, but I might be interested again if cars had truck beds and big tires, and it wouldn't hurt if they also looked more rugged and had 4-wheel drive.
Why settle for Skylake when 2016 is only months afterwards and you can get the next hyped processor? And if you wait until 2017, the next processor after that will make you salivate even more. Never, ever buy current gen processor, always wait for the next one.
The 6 and 6 Plus sold well enough that Apple will continue making iPhones that require "Reachability" to use by the average person in one hand.
Exactly. Spec chasers never buy what's available because better specs are coming later!
Damn the metric system.
Except (and this really happened), Windows 8.1 says I need an "8GB" USB drive to create a bootable rescue partition. I bought an 8GB USB memory stick. Nowhere on the packaging does the USB stick (Patriot branded) specify what a GB is, but 8GB is what Windows 8.1 says I have to get. I plug it in, and Windows says it's not big enough. Windows shows the USB stick's unformatted drive capacity as less than 8GB, something like 7.3GB. So why can't the OS and hardware...
You've clearly put way too much thought into this matter.
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