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Speaker module. How exciting.
"But but but keyboards."
Wait til they raises prices.
 Yeah, I miss drblank too 
Viewers who watched this video also shopped for
I have to agree. The Sony PS3 only has only 256MB of system RAM, yet game developers can still put out modern games.
The problem devices such as the Galaxy Gear seems to address is either:1. I'm a gadget geek and need something to impress the other geeks with, or2. My Galaxy Note II is too large so I got this portable "second screen" with speakerphone so I don't have to pull out my giant phablet to do basic things smartphones were originally designed to do well, but are now too clumsy at.
"... a copy of which was provided to AppleInsider."
I remember when the rumor was an Apple television.
I've long thought Apple took something like two years (or more) to make new iOS devices (start to finish), so their product pipeline is 24 months deep. Products exiting this pipeline today entered it back in 2012.
New Posts  All Forums: