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You're not fooling anyone. Sprint coverage isn't better, and sprint isn't faster. I'll be my own judge of Sprint: they're guilty of awful customer service, screwing over Nextel, and slower-than-paint-drying 3G speeds.
That would be journalism. This site is just an ad server with clickbait. Powered by Huddler.
A failure to understand how to correctly convert extended-page ASCII chars to Unicode UTF-8.
Blah blah blah. Here's my take:As a former Sprint customer who left for T-mobile: No. Sprint needs to be taken out back, shot between the proverbial eyes, and then its assets divided into tiny pieces and sold off at auction.
Alright then. Let's get back to ignoring Tony Fadell.
LOL. Baby's First JavaScript. Huddler spells Beyoncé as "Beyonc?". Told you they couldn't handle ASCII to UTF8 conversions correctly.
This is a weird non sequitur that collapses under the weight of its own non-logic.
It is when Others offer it. If Apple did it, it would be called a "lack of innovation."Also, if Apple sells a 5-inch battery hog, the troll accounts will just complain that it's not 5.5 or 6-inches.
Marketing includes benchmark manipulation. It may work, but it has nothing to do with "truth."
Never mind.
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