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You old crank.
"You're going to wind up..."? Clever thing to say about a watch, Tim.
Fantasyland, methinks.
Wasn't the iPod Classic still a strong seller, even just a few years ago due to it's large capacity and classic click wheel interface? Although I understand iPod sales have been on a steady decline due to cannibalization by iPhone.
Privacy. Enjoy it while it lasts. Also:http://www.wired.com/2014/01/kindle-cash-registers-tell-amazon-buy-everywhere/ 
Put seriously, Apple Pay is pretty sweet.
Whatever. 1 million activations is what Android does in, what? every 0.05 seconds? /s
Walmart's statement was crafted by the finest PR spin doctors and social message think tanks. The same people who try to sell us on the idea that merging Comcast and Time Warner Cable is good for consumers and competition.
This is what I think of when I hear "Alabama"  
And the usual forum contrarians will gloat and dance around with glee over that.
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