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Clearly the 1.8 is being positioned as the more technologically advanced, "pro" model. /s
I'm happy with iOS 6 on my iPhone 5. Works great, just like the day I got it.
Apple might as well hire DED.
But but but nobody else will take the job because of what Dr. Dre's music stands for. /s
I'm going to email him and say Apple should spend its vast fortune on genetically engineered dinosaurs which they can sell as a new product.
Telling Tim Cook vs. venting on these forums. How innovative. Concern trolls: take notice.
People have a tendency to see what they believe, not believe they see.Until this actually happens, you should remember that it's rumor and not fact.
It was something like 6 years between the iPod and the iPhone. And we know the iPhone was born out of work being done to create a multitouch tablet, a project Apple suspended for (at least 4+ years) to develop the iPhone before resuming work on what launched as the iPad.All you are doing is inventing a fictional release schedule and expecting Apple to live up to it, then claiming disappointment when they don't.
Here come howls of disappointment about the MacBook Air specs, in 3,2,1...
 Rumors of "production problems" for the 5.5-inch are old news.
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