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That would please the self-important tech pundits and Valley chinwags, but so would Apple making Android phablets. In other words, Apple's doesn't acquire companies to impress the pundits.
I prefer the tight bass response and balanced sound of closed, over-ear studio monitors.
This thread broke 500 posts before the end of the weekend? I'm amazed. So much handwringing. So much doom.
Do you know how many people were disappointed the iPhone 4S wasn't larger, especially after the rumor mill had been spinning stories of a larger iPhone with a redesigned case for months?If you listened to tech blogs, it would seem that everyone was disappointed. But if you surveyed people, the percentage was much smaller. In fact, only a minority (7%) wanted a bigger screen. The conclusion: never underestimate the tech elite's ability to assume everyone else thinks just...
 At this point, yes, if Apple isn't living up to the expectations unfairly created by sketchy rumor sites and supposed leaked specs. It will probably mirror the wailing and gnashing of teeth that was heard across the tech blogosphere when Apple released the iPhone 4S instead of a fantasized larger "iPhone 5" three years ago. Of course, the 4S went on to become the best selling iPhone (at the time), which silenced the tech critics, who promptly went back to salivating over...
 That's so completely weird to me. In the 1990s everyone wanted smaller, thinner phones. Now everyone wants IMAX-sized phones.
 But why is that something Apple has to get into? The devices are where the profits are at.   Lenin's corpse is not porn.   The borders are open. What's stopping you?    If that's all they're after, they wouldn't spend $3.2 billion on acquiring Beats.   That's DED's job: to find a positive spin. Right now, it's just a rumor that's powering Google Ad impressions on this site through the weekend.   There has to be more to this than meets the eye.
 You assume that's all Beats has to offer? Apple is the king of lowballing its supply chain. What makes you think they would overpay for Beats just for "cool"? There has to be more to it, if the offer is truly $3.2 billion. Apple doesn't throw money around like that.
 He's just a sore looser.
 Can we agree on this definition for full-spectrum, instead of yours? 
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