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If Microsoft commercials are accurate, Siri admires Cortana because she can remind you to buy flowers for your wife the next time you're near a flower shop, even if the next time you're near a flower shop is two months after you forgot to get your wife flowers for her anniversary.
The important thing is that Google ads were served.
I've got an unnamed source who says "yeah right." Anyone want to write a lengthy article padded with the usual boilerplate text and gaudy iWatch concept photos?
They're not lining up to impress you.
Sales start Friday, Sept 12, so I have to admire their stamina.
What fictional nonsense. "Steve Jobs era"? Please.
They're not that powerful. Remember when everyone thought Samsung was behind Blackberry's "Wake Up!" flash mob stunt that they did in front of an Apple Store in Australia? It was not Samsung.
Samsung got everyone talking about them, for the next fifteen minutes. Just like HTC. Just like Amazon with the Fire Phone: fifteen minutes of glory. Before the world goes back to talking about the next iPhone, and whatever else is next from Apple.
They threw the entire buffet table at the wall. Using this approach, they might accidentally please some shoppers.
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