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We all have positive and negative stories about Maps. I'm glad to hear that Apple is moving in the right direction because of course Maps is never done. Even if Maps had a perfectly accurate POI database when it launched, the world is in constant change, and GIS data, POI databases, and satellite imagery has to be updated continuously (and regularly). Apple can continue to work on novel features (like 3D Flyover), but like the release of iMovie 11, or the launch of FCPX,...
Sounds like Huddler Lifestyle should apply for the job. They could make sure it crashes Safari and runs best on Chrome. And Unicode characters would turn into question marks.
Our little mapping service is growing up! Oh, but Google Maps doesn't need competition. Only Apple needs competition. Those are the forum rules.
Yes, I too am impressed by teh 1337 nanohertzes.
The only thing this story confirms is whatever you already believe. It's self-confirmation bias run amok.
Yes, I can't really tell the ad campaigns apart. I like the internally created ads, like Your Verse, which did the impossible: stop talking about tech in terms of specs and talk instead about how it affects your life. And TBWA has done a very good job for Apple. Sure, there were plenty of stinkers (Lemmings), but also many more incredible ads and marketing campaigns. I don't know what this scoring data really means, other than do the ads make people smile or frown? Is that...
What leaks? I know that when Apple launches a new product, they've already shot a commercial. The production crew/actors in the ads of course have signed strict NDAs. So again, what leaks?
Interesting. If students need a traditional personal computer, well, Apple makes those too. I would argue though, that regardless, students could benefit from a quality e-textbook reader. And the iPad makes a fine platform for that.
 "Unproven facts."Uh-huh. Right.
Weird. But they're thrilled to be in the same room with so many Silicon Valley big wigs. Finally, a seat at the big boy's table!
New Posts  All Forums: