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New drinking game: take shot every time DED uses bespoke in a sentence.
Are you privy to Apple's future product plans?
This is lighter than Surface Pro 3 with Touch Keyboard. No kickstand required.
Looks like Intel managed to keep Mac OS X on x86 for another generation. I imagine this slim, ultra-low power computer as the kind of thing Apple wanted to design around the 64-bit A9 CPU.
The Notebook People Loveā„¢
No, you're thinking about the warranty.
What's a 1970? I'm thinking the Pebble is like a Gameboy. A Gameboy vs. Retina Display.
My 10-year-old iPod may be "obsolete," in terms of the almighty spec sheet, but it also continued to plays all my MP3, AAC, and WAV music as well as the day I opened the box.Try not to see everything as an Intel x86 chip.
My 10-year-old iPod is still compatible with Mac OS X Yosemite and iTunes 12. I have to use a Thunderbolt-to-FireWire adapter, but it's still good.
Las Vegas, Dubai and UAE too. Something royal family members, ballers, rock and hip hop artists can sync to their gold-and-diamond encased iPhones.
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