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Never mind.
Intel also developed USB 1.0, and the first computer to ditch legacy ports and go all-USB was the original Bondi Blue iMac. Meanwhile, PCs are still available today with PS/2 and VGA connectors like it was 1988.
Just make up some numbers. Samsung S4: extrapolate to 40 million! Winner!
I like how it's Apple's fault for letting an underaged boy falsify his identity so he could work at Pegatron's factory. It's also Apple's fault when "they" can't keep up with launch demand for the new iPhone. If it touches Apple, it becomes their fault.
They were frantically reading JavaScript for Dummies. Stand back: they're professional web coder guys.
Of course it is. Spec worshippers love tech with the most specs. Except when they think it's Apple tech. Then it's "dead end."
Perfect companion for the Mac Pro.
Great. Maybe we can get GTA V on the iPhone by the year 2023.
I've heard different, conflicting accounts about Ballmer's stance on Xbox. Originally, I read that he was dead set against making a console and wanted to sell "Windows OS for Game Consoles" to companies like Dell. Other accounts say he was a supporter of Microsoft getting into the hardware business. Not sure which is correct, or if he switched over to the winning team. I recall reading one of those accounts from an interview with either J Allard or Robbie Bach.
Nonsense. Google is saintly.
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