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If you watched a time lapse of the construction of this building from space, it would look like a rotating "busy wheel."
 It's pretty late in the UK. They usually post overnight.
Personally, I don't see the problem. I mean, the MFi program has no value anyways because Apple has been on a steady deathwatch since Android took over like 80% of the worldwide phone market, and Apple Music is dead on arrival because everyone loves their Rdio or Pandora or Spotify or Tidal. Ever since Steve died, Apple is a dead man walking. Time to end this farce and shut Apple down and give the money back to the shareholders. Monster is better off with Team Android.
The Social Network
"So Apple invented the cylinder now?" /s
WWDC...yeah I think I've heard about it.
Pretty cool videos.
Launches June 30. That's why Apple Music was announced during the WWDC keynote. So much for the hand-wringers who decried the supposed inappropriateness of a music service announcement during a developer conference. It was ready to go, and WWDC was a big press event in June.
I disagree. But unlike you, I have the Apple Watch.My Watch battery goes all day, easily, including workouts with Bluetooth audio and the pulse sensor going. After 18 hours, it still never got below 24%. I don't feel like a beta tester, but an early adopter. The Watch will evolve, but as a 1.0 product, it delivers on what it promises, and that includes power management.
Did you "teller" that you always wanted to do it in a bank vault?
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