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"Waiting for Broadwell" is my favorite apologist meme.
What lock in?
Every time this image is used in an article and angel gets its wings: Please, Apple, please announce the iWatch or whatever it's going to be called on Sept 9 so AI can stop trolling us with this fake pic.
In order for your conclusions to be true, you must assume the following:1. All analysts are always right or always wrong.2. Analysts are without biasI don't think you can make either assumption.
Samsung Electronics R&D will be holding a viewing party, taking copious notes. Afterwards, they'll high-five their newfound solution to their "crisis in design" for 2015.
Thousands of "yes" to every "no."
You! Shhh! You!It'll be our little secret.
 As long as the Google Ads loaded first, AppleInsider couldn't care less.
 More than a 15-minute talk time per charge?
 The CEOs of Palm, Blackberry (née RIM), Nokia, Ericsson, and Microsoft have been sacked since 2007.
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