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Yup. Just search for "iPhone 6 unboxing" on YouTube. Or as I like to call it, YouRube.
The Cylons will pay for what they've done.
Somebody's confusing a "product pipeline" for a "new product category pipeline."
 Cue's comments are vague enough to be read either way. You're filling in the blanks with what you believe. Don't assume  everyone else believes the same.
It will CUP you...as in C. U. P.
Heh, I was wondering why the article made me think of the old 17" MBP. It was subliminal for me...
 Yeah, I didn't think there was anything of substance to the article. Just echoing back what other sites posted about. You know how the rumor sites work: someone yells "smoke!" then someone else repeats, and this repeats another dozen times or so and eventually people believe, "where there's smoke there must be fire" and then the original person who yelled "smoke!" says, "I'm just kidding."
"Apple-owned Beats by Apple-owned Dr. Dre."
Antitrust laws unfortunately don't prosecute monopolies that result from natural market forces (i.e., one competitor beating the rest) as opposed to monopolies formed by conspiracies between competitors. I'd argue that in either case, market pricing is effectively not set by the market.
Not an ice cube's chance in Hell. Amazon is untouchable as long as they don't collude with publishers to set pricing.
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