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LOL. Yeah, it's all they got. Otherwise, they'd be rehashing news & rumors already reported elsewhere
Suppose he did that. Think it through. Then what? What would change? Or would Tim cause Apple-China relations to sour, so you can blame Tim for everything that happens as a consequence? Would you call him unwise, unfit to run Apple?
"The taxation of trade routes is in dispute."
Why Windows will win:1. Apple is doomed2. Skylake will solve everything3. Apple is doomed4. iPad is a consumer toy for media consumption5. Apple is doomed6. Apple is also doomed
I think Apple should disrupt the power grid. If Tesla wants to sell home batteries, Apple should sell solar power.
 Right. So how did NeXTSTEP OS (an antecedent of iOS) ever get by on 16MB of RAM in the NeXT cube? Are you saying the OS was written 20 years before there was enough RAM for it to run "properly"? You can stick your head in the sand and pretend that operating systems aren't tailored to run on the hardware it is designed for, but that is hardly a logical approach to technology.
As antediluvian as a sundial, as ugly as Frankenstein. Don't mistake it for character or preciousness. Unless it's more accurate than 50ms from the universal time standard, it's not "precision mechanics" either.
Haha! Nice try at trolling. Score: 2 of 5.Personal anecdotes as "proof": yesUse of logical fallacies: yesUse of rhetorical arguments: noUse of popular trolling meme: noClaiming to know Apple's business better than Apple: no
Naysaying circa 2011-2014: But but but Tim Cook's Apple hasn't give us anything new since Steve died" Naysaying 2015: "But but but Apple can't compete with precious mechanical watches how dare they" "But but but Apple doesn't know what it's getting into with greasy cars" "But but but Apple needs to go back to making new Macs"
I think that "App" is called Rock Candy Crush
New Posts  All Forums: