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Your first-gen PS3 sample size is as large as mine: one. Don't tell me your experience with that is a more accurate barometer of Sony's quality than mine. Enjoy your unbroken Sony products, but don't piss on people who weren't as lucky as you.
Lucky you.Mine was first gen PS3 with the original revision motherboard: it still had the PS2's Emotion Engine chips in it. They later ditched that and finally came out with slimmer versions. I got a slim model later and it runs cooler, quieter, and more reliably than my first-gen launch unit, which is now non-functioning and out of warranty.
You basically posted what I was thinking. It makes sense that AI would call it competition for AppleTV, but this sounds more like a response to the release of Amazon FireTV, so-called smart TVs with built in game capabilities (usually some kind of embedded Android OS), and $99 micro consoles like OUYA. AppleTV's gaming is currently powered by an iOS device, and its not the primary reason to buy one.
LOL. Like Terminal 5 at Heathrow? Aka "Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5"? (Talk about Idiocracy.)
Lol. More Internet advertising? I've never seen an Apple ad on AppleInsider outside of the articles about Apple marketing. But I've seen plenty of competitor ads served up on this site
I had a similar experience although my Blu-Ray drive failed after the 3.x firmware update. Others had the same issue (check the Sony message boards), but Sony denied any defect, and the PS3 was out of warranty by then. At least Microsoft fixed the RRoD problems and extended everyone's warranties automatically.If you ever do get the first-gen PS (anything) units, always get a 3-yr extended warranty. I don't trust Sony any further than I could throw them.Eventually, some...
That's beyond Huddler Lifestyle.
Poor iMac. So "dated." But never married
They don't have anything positive to say about the company, its leadership, or products. Only nonstop criticism and negativity, based on a highly biased perspective. Oh, but you'd better not call them a "troll" or you'll be accused of "not liking criticism." /s
Giant glass and aluminum edifice with an Apple logo. It's like, if you could live inside an Apple product...
New Posts  All Forums: