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I remember when this thread was about Apple.
How about haptic feedback?
But but but walled gardens are evil
You guys. Apple is not liable. They excluded themselves in paragraph 1523 of iTunes Store terms and conditions. If the terrorists click "I Accept" that means they read it. Boom. Done. Not liable.
Soooo...it's gonna sound like I'm making a sarcastic remark about AI quoting a blog orchestrated by a strategic "think tank" to influence public policy on behalf of the government, but I'm not.
"For the sake of the world Apple should adopt Android, Windows, and the metric system."Keep dreaming.
If it ships with an A8 or better processor, you can believe Apple is working on that in a future update. It's all about the content.
A small price to pay to keep your iPhone, iPad and Mac from having to plug into your TV, because AirPlay.
Wouldn't Android users just assume this is normal behavior for their cheap iPhone knock-off?
It's ammunition against Apple in the forum wars.
New Posts  All Forums: