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You get back in this time zone this instant, Mister! You will not live in tomorrow morning if the rest of us can't. 
Apple will get better results when reviews come from people who wanted to buy it, as opposed to getting one to review as part of their job as professional gadget bloggers. 
It's funny how every generation, the whining changes. I remember when it was about "no user installable RAM" and "SSD is still too expensive" and "no internal DVD drive, no sale"   Now we're whining about missing legacy ports.   I think that's real progress. If it were up to PC laptop makers, we'd still have plastic-clad laptops with D-sub VGA ports from 1987.
"No doubt it's a sign of desperation. The fate of this Watch will determine if Tim Cook can go it alone without the training wheels, or if Apple's best days are behind it." /s
Ion-X is one of the X-Men, right?
I don't think Apple cares, really. They allow apps that connect iPhones up to Microsoft and Fitbit watches, as well as the Pebble watch. What's special about the crappy Android Wear watches? I don't get who is stirring up this rumor that Apple will block this.
One thing which I didn't hear too much about was that Apple removed the SD card reader from the MacBook. I find it very useful as some people (like me) still use digita cameras, so it's handy. I guess someday people won't miss those and use their iPhone for all their photography needs; it takes really good pictures and has wifi and cloud syncing. It's not a dealbreaker, I just thought it was very useful for consumer-oriented Macs like the Mini and iMac and MacBook Air to...
Why not? The wearables market is about to explode. Might as well right the back of the Apple Watch to victory.
Cool. I still do this. And if you ever have an issue with your iPhone or iPad, it's the way to restore it.
The reviewer at Ars Technica wrote "Don’t get a MacBook and expect it to do a MacBook Pro’s job." Now, watch as people ignore that advice and complain about how slow/limited/unsuitable the new MacBook is.
New Posts  All Forums: