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Display case... And that's kind of the problem. Look but don't touch. The Apple Store is normally a place to get your hands on and use Apple products. But not the watch. Yes, I did the try-on appointment the watches are locked into a demo mode. I understand why, but it limits your exposure to the software until you actually buy one, and that sucks because to use one is to fall in love with it.In contrast, my first time in the Apple Store was in 2007 the day the iPhone...
Designed by Fisher-Price. The same people who designed Windows XP's default desktop theme.
That fine, as long as the Chinese want what Americans want from Apple.
It's not that simple. And I'll thank you not to push that narrative because the trolls and hater sites will be spinning that heavily.Negotiations is a complex chess game, and Apple doesn't sacrifice a chess piece unless it buys them something more valuable. In this case, winning over Taylor Swift and other noisy holdouts will if nothing strengthen the Apple Music service. Tidal has already failed, Spotify is losing money, and Apple has one chance to get it right. They can...
Even if that were true, the artists should be able to have a card to play in this poker game, and that's what she did. There's no right or wrong when negotiating terms. Her open letter was a shrewd move, because it was picked up and spread around by the mainstream media (not just tech sites), and got repeated with the usual "Apple is evil and stealing from artists" narrative attached, some with more intentional zeal and anti-Apple fervor.I'm just just glad it's over, and I...
I'm sure Apple can just pay her a free gold Watch every week
I have no problem with Taylor Swift speaking her mind on the issue. I guess her open letter was an attempt to shame Apple into giving in to her terms, and that's fine. She's a shrewd negotiator. Obviously, the Apple critics are going to rally around Ms. Swift, even if they've never listened to her songs, because they are united in their criticism of Apple.
Where did Apple say it was their "primary consideration before all others"?Or is that simply your personal opinion?
HG's point is that Apple should match Google's terms. The great, magnanimous, Google...
Apple should cram features into the Watch, the way Samsung has into theirs, without regard to how well it works or who would use it. Just add checkboxes to a features list. That's sure the please the geeks and tech media. How about Watch VR: a watch that you strap onto each eyeball to experience VR? C'mon Apple, make it happen.
New Posts  All Forums: