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 Have faith in the Fandroids and contrarians on this site: that's why they're here. Somebody will take the bait. 
 I just didn't believe the person sincerely cared about ecological impact and was taking cheap shots at Apple because they didn't like the elimination of user RAM expansion from the iMac. Most techies just bash Apple directly for that either because RAM expansion comforts them (whether they ever use it or not), or because they don't want to pay Apple's prices for factory-installed RAM. I wish people were more open and honest about their biases instead of hiding it behind...
 1. The total mass-energy of the universe is finite2. Buying a new one uses infinitely more energy than keeping the old One of these statements is factually wrong. 
Waiting for some Samsung fan to call Gruber a liar and claim that Samsung clocks normally show mismatching times.
Clockgate.But where is the DED weekend article about this full of enragement???
Speak for yourself.My last Thinkpad had liquid drainage channels leading to drain holes under the notebook. I'm not kidding.My MacBooks have always had a silicone keyboard cover.
They should have faked the voice too, since they already faked the phone's display.
Among other things you can sell it, give it away, recycle it. Apple never said to throw it away, and they've made the phone highly recyclable when it reaches the end of its useful life. I am just addressing the false dilemma you presented to support your questioning of Apple's eco-friendliness. My point is that you, the smartphone owner, have a responsibility to be eco-friendly by choosing not to throw it away. Apple did its job in making it recyclable. What you do with it...
For the best-shipping smartphone brand, Samsung's marketing is awfully fixated on the number two brand. That is what I find unusual. You don't see Coke making fun of Pepsi.
Tim must have inspired Samsung.
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