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Companies agreeing is how this all got started. Ironic that it is also how this finally ended.
So theft was the answer.This sounds like the "tech Robin Hood" philosophy that Google spouts. Like pushing to make it legal to seize key Apple-held mobile patents by declaring them "equivalent to" SEP.
The judge will back that up.
Cafe food? For $100K? It's had better come with free refills.
Wasn't there a arcade (video) game based on this type of tech? It was from the 1990s and it was called Time Traveler.I remember seeing this and I thought it looked just like the hologram from Star Wars.
Samsung will try to enter this as evidence of prior art at their patent trial, someday.
Are you seriously addressing Tim Cook via AppleInsider's forums?
True. I've blown away the Mac OS X boot partition on a MacBook Pro Retina and the recovery partition took over and downloaded and restored the original factory Mac OS X boot image. Quite spectacular. The DVD-drive free MacBook Pro Retina (and Air) are first classes citizens of iCloud: a truly network-aware computer. Beats staring at a PC BIOS message like "boot sector not found."Apple could do something like that on the iPad, in theory. It can already download and install...
Same rumor, different video.
Yes, but mentioning Samsung in an article doubles site engagement.
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