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I've noticed the site has a US-centric use of terms and idioms. The (proper) US-English spellings of words like "rumor" (not rumour) should have given it away. As are use of imperial units of measure such as inches and feet.
I really don't get the handwringing over Apple's supposed lack of competitiveness in inventing the next big thing. Such impatience over not getting unspecified future innovations. That always seemed ultra suspicious to me, and I question the motive and sincerity of it all. It doesn't smell right. It's like saying, "I'm really impatient for the next big thing from Apple, even if I can't say what that is that I'm waiting for." Self-driving cars? Asteroid mining? Is that...
Samsung's current success isn't based on innovation; it's based on their proven ability to be a "fast follower."
I "sooo disappointed" that Apple is not working on self-driving sharks with jet packs and lasers for mining asteroids.
Did OpenGL stop working in iOS 8? Or are you just climbing a hill called "it's only bad when Apple does it"? Console makers have offered coding directly-to-hardware for years. Oh but it's not bad when Sony does it, only when Apple does.
The other unreasonable demand from these clowns is that Apple stick to a thee year cycle of game-changing, industry-disruptive "new market" product releases that Google and Samsung and Microsoft are ready to copy, once Apple shows the way. And if Apple should miss this three year cycle of innovation, Tim Cook will be blamed, Apple shall be declared in decline, and comparison to Google's high-publicity X lab projects shall be invoked to "prove" that Apple's best days are...
Bad gramma? Sounds like the sequel to Bad Grandpa
I didn't think that you did.You're still holding Apple to the standard of "next big thing or doom" while holding everyone else to a lesser "it never caught on but it impressed the geeks, and you tried so we still adore you anyway" standard.
Google gets credit for half-assed, unfinished research projects that impress geeks, but does it actually make a dent in the universe? Do you see their competitors changing after them over self driving cars? Google glass? Asteroid mining? Jet packs? Are you kidding? On the one hand, you cite examples as iPhone and iPad as great achievements, but why? iPad is just a "giant iPod Touch" remember? Or did you forget how doomed everyone thought the giant iPod Touch was going to...
You're even more done, even.
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