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I guess luck does play a part in the way history unfolds...
He learned a lot from the failure of NeXT and the success of Pixar. It probably would not have been the same rejuvenation story!
There's a segment of the population that looks at any device with a screen, processor, and SDK and immediately thinks: if only there were apps.This has limits, of course, but that's exactly what happened when the first Galaxy Gear came out. Someone hacked it to play Angry Birds. But that's not what will sell wearables. I don't think wearables = smaller smartphones, or there would be a race to make smaller, not larger smartphones.Playing Angry Birds to watching YouTube...
On that same note, would Steve Jobs have taken an interest in buying Pixar if he had not left Apple?
It's a made up word, but it is generally understood to be any size "between a phone and a tablet." But if average phones become phablets, and tablets don't get bigger, I would argue that the term becomes meaningless.Tablets could get bigger, but so far, there hasn't been a race to upsize tablets.
They can always make a 13" Android phablet.
So no sapphire front panels?
Back in the day, the premium Japanese electronics (Walkmans for example), had the smallest and lightest components; bulk and weight were relegated to the cheaper products. Automatically equating bulk = better is something Detroit marketers cooked up. Sounds like some of you never got past that.
I want my portable electronics to be LESS portable. This makes sense to me.
 Still not fooling anyone.
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