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If something is legal, make it illegal and then make Apple retroactively guilty and pay back taxes from when it was legal. Does that many sense? (I'm sure the pedants out there will point out why this is the wrong interpretation)
It doesn't look possible to prevent the sale of non-compliant watch bands on the open market. Apple can withhold a logo, but the junk makers will just ignore it.
technically, the click wheel on later iPods like the Classic were touch sensors: they didn't have a moving wheel.
The AppleTV isn't just a YouTube player. It does other things and continues to do them well. In fact, the third gen model continues to gain content and functionality as time goes on. So quit with the trolling remarks.
I don't recall what their preferences were. I supposedthat's one option. YouTube is turning to the Hulu model.
It also affects a few iOS 4 & 5 hold outs who enjoyed (past tense) ad-free YouTube on their iPad 2 or iPhone 4. The party's over.
This is the correct answer. But you aren't "defending Google," just stating what happened. Apple wasn't going to leave a broken AppleTV app and deal with the support hassle.
Dear third gen Apple TV users, Enjoy the ads. Love, Google
How else is the Genius Bar going to fix an unresponsive watch?
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