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Elmer FUDd. He liked to hunt easy targets. And unreleased Apple products are easy targets.If Apple Watch manages to get apps done the right way (user experience, convenience, battery life), and buyers love it, the hardened naysayers will first explain it away ("The iSheep will buy anything from Apple") before clamoring for their favorite competitors to do watch apps too (the "Apple needs competition" phase) before going into deep denial (the "but but but Samsung had apps...
Amazon might make more money off apps, because typically you can't return a download the way you can return a Fire.
How dare Jony Ive not conform to status quo I'm gonna rage quit AppleĀ”
I stand corrected.
Alternative to what? Theft?
We dedicate this plant to our BFF and sponsor, Apple!
The trolls will someday move the goalposts from "No one will buy Apple Watch" to "Apple Watch loses marketshare (troll spelling: "looses")." It's the circle of troll memes.
(Thinks about this for a second) "Still better than Google."
The global smartphone market was a fraction of its current size when Apple entered the market in 2007. I remember that ordinary people didn't have much use for smartphones--just business users with Blackberries and Palm Treos, and tech geeks carrying Windows Mobile PDA bricks.You need to take the long view on wearables. Apple is skating to where the puck is going to be, not where it was. If Apple waited until the wearable market was more mature, they'd be climbing uphill...
I like the default engraving: "Designed by Apple in California"
New Posts  All Forums: