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 Uh-oh. Maybe this can be turned into a LOL@APPLE pic for future forum wars. /s
 Will evolve, not "may have evolved." Because he says "Maybe someday" it might exist.And it has nothing to do with the iPhone 6 using this "maybe someday" technology, although the iPhone 6 could be called a "maybe someday" product! People seem to get the Photoshopped images of future iPhones "concepts" are just some artists fantasies, but show them a physical "model" made from "leaked" specs and they go apeshit salivating. I guess we're hardwired to believe what we see....
You mean it's limiting their specs. You are a fanboy of specs.
You are confused.The iPhone 5s's dual LED feature give the phone control over the color temperature of the flash. Any "white" light has a temperature between cool ("bluish" cast, like HID headlights, ~6500K) and warm ("yellowish" cast, like filament bulbs, ~3000K). Photographers know this, which is why they use gels (color filters) on electronic flashes to match the ambient color temperature of the environment. The iPhone 5s has a cool and warm flash lamp with the ability...
I still haven't seen a picture of Lenin's corpse wearing Beats headphones. C'mon Internet, make it happen.
Yeah, he does do that.
 They all conveniently missed this article, somehow. But it's just a strangle coincidence. 
 I dunno. He seems mopey and pissed off all the time. But he does like Macs.
I saw a panhandler wearing a pair of Beats by Dre, begging for money on the street. (For once, I am serious). I did not know what to make of that, except to think, "if you really need money, maybe you should sell those headphones"
LOL. The anemic, freaky-thin (or in this case non-existent) side bezels on this mockup are very common among Photoshop Phantasies of future iPhones in the last few years. But iPhones have never looked like that! My guess is that the people who want this are Fandroids who have been conditions to think "thiner bezel = new hotness." I laughed when I read a review of the Galaxy S5 where the author complained about how an extra millimeter of bezel around the S5 screen made it...
New Posts  All Forums: