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But Samsung shrugs and asks: "but what's the difference?"
Keep dreaming.
Keep those hardware boners in your pants, folks. It's only a rumor.
Interesting. Says less about Honda and a lot more about the CNet forum users, doesn't it?
Can we blame the user-agent string this time?
Thomas Hayden Church falls on desperate times.
Anaglyphs never worked for me. Gives me a headache.
Well of course iPad owners surveyed are going to say that because if they didn't like the iPad, they would return it get something else. See? I just "proved" that the survey is biased for Apple. /s
Ah, that's the quality FUD I was hoping to see on this thread. From "I believe" and "I don't know" to a spurious "put 2 and 2 together" and voila: Instant doubt! No way an analytics company has any qualifications for statistics. Always believe your gut. And you'll never be disappointed.
New Posts  All Forums: