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Something tells me Alabama is probably proud of that.
 It's a Fandroid fantasy about iPhone users. Makes them feel good about themselves.   Now that's true innovation¡
Yeah, but then I'd have to sign up for a Wells Fargo credit card. Eww. Sorry, no deal.
Have you looked at the Wacom pressure sensitive stylus for iPad? The new Fifty-Three Pencil is also pressure sensitive with their Paper app.
Doesn't half the country work for Samsung, the other half for Hyundai?
You keep saying phone phone phone!Pay attention. It's not about a phone. It's not about Apple. MCX is taking a hard line on all NFC payment options because they want to prop up CurrentC. This affects all NFC payment options, including Google Wallet and PayWave.You are projecting your own biases ("stigma") about Apple users onto these forums.
Uh what? Google Android users are angry about this too.But nice try at taking cheap shots at the Apple community.The "I have an unbiased perspective because I enjoy all 20 of my smartphones and I use Mac PC and Linux so I can sit on high and judge you all as idiots" meme isn't new around here.
So many Fitbit models...it's like Pokemon: gotta catch them all!
This is what the beginning looks like: uncertain, messy, full of potential. I can't wait to see what this will lead to.
New Posts  All Forums: