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Oh I see. You're a forum contrarian. Yeah, I guess when Dre and Snoop Dogg rhyme about the sticky icky, they could be talkin' bout medicinal use.
Ask to speak to the manager on duty. That is completely unacceptable for any retail operation, let alone the Apple Store.
She's cleaning up the mess left behind by John Browett¡ No seriously, this is a nice tweak. The tees were a bit laid back.
I don't believe this Tim Cook character. He is not a well-connected, well-regarded, well-loved, well-noted, well-mentioned, well-accurate analyst. He's just some CEO who thinks he knows what Apple is going to do.
So much concern for theoretically unhappy customers over their purchase decisions. It is totally Apple's fault if they bought the wrong product.
Provide a rigorous definition of "fair share"
Still doomed. Also, something something Steve Jobs.
Amazing. Not sure why the two reports disagree on Lenovo.
That's what happened to a friend of mine. He got a spec bump on his MacBook Pro because of a cosmetic defect on the one he bought, because they didn't have his exact SKU in stock.
It could also be used for new iOS input gestures such as: 1. Smash to delete 2. Bend for more YouTube favorites 3. Throw to ground to reset
New Posts  All Forums: