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B&H had these on sale for around $500 last year, and I almost got one. Reviews were pretty consistent with this one as far as pros and cons. One thing you did not mention was the relative lack of resolution in the captured image. Even though it's spec'd at 1080p, the image has less sharpness and detail than, say, the original 2.5K BMCC. However, the ProRES 422 more than makes up for it. This is perfectly fine for filmmaking, especially for shooting close-ups with lots of...
Didn't you hear that German bank predict Apple's time was nearly up? The bubble is about to burst!!!Oh Apple is definitely doomed. As "proof", let me tell you about how "I saw lots of Android phones" on the subway last month, and how everyone at the office "seems to" have Samsung phones (because I work in IT with all the other DeVry graduates). This is proof positive that Android is winning, and Apple is (sic) "loosing". Steve Jobs is dead and everyone at Apple is "afraid"...
Yes, all that and a terrible battery life. It'll be the perfect DOOM for Apple¡
A family or group of friends can watch for the price of a single iTunes rental. $10 is reasonable for first-run access.
 We get it. The glass is 0.1% empty. Apple's shiny name must be soiled.You're not giving Apple any credit for securing transactions (no more CC theft from POS terminals or card skimming), and you are blaming Apple for some banks not validating credit cards registered with Apple Pay. This sounds suspiciously trollish. Like the people who wanted to pin all Foxconn factory labor violations on Apple, despite everything Apple does to combat the issue. Culpable? Only if you...
You are perpetuating an ignorant logical fallacy. Proud of yourself?
Journalists today would call Watergate "Watergategate" without blinking.
I do like the first run movies on iTunes (usually same day as theater release). The ticket price is about the same: $10, but with the quality of today's home theaters (audio and video) and the convenience of not having to go out, it's a win-win.
Elmer FUDd. He liked to hunt easy targets. And unreleased Apple products are easy targets.If Apple Watch manages to get apps done the right way (user experience, convenience, battery life), and buyers love it, the hardened naysayers will first explain it away ("The iSheep will buy anything from Apple") before clamoring for their favorite competitors to do watch apps too (the "Apple needs competition" phase) before going into deep denial (the "but but but Samsung had apps...
Amazon might make more money off apps, because typically you can't return a download the way you can return a Fire.
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