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 I dunno. He seems mopey and pissed off all the time. But he does like Macs.
I saw a panhandler wearing a pair of Beats by Dre, begging for money on the street. (For once, I am serious). I did not know what to make of that, except to think, "if you really need money, maybe you should sell those headphones"
LOL. The anemic, freaky-thin (or in this case non-existent) side bezels on this mockup are very common among Photoshop Phantasies of future iPhones in the last few years. But iPhones have never looked like that! My guess is that the people who want this are Fandroids who have been conditions to think "thiner bezel = new hotness." I laughed when I read a review of the Galaxy S5 where the author complained about how an extra millimeter of bezel around the S5 screen made it...
What are they supposed to have in common?
My point was that they gambled on leaked specs which were bouncing around the rumor sites, which magnifies any mistakes. Hard Candy believed those specs becuase it seemed plausible.
Nobody except AppleInsider's precious analyst Ming-chi Kuo has a perfect track record of predicting Apple's future product plans.Ming-chi Kuo is the person you want to creepily stalk over their prediction hit rate, not Solipsism.
I had the same question on hiring John Browett.
Hip... Hop? Is that like, a kind of exercise? /s
I predict a TMZ will report a struggle between the Iovine/Dre/Tyrese camp and the Ahrendts/Ive/Schiller camp for control of the floundering Apple, when the board asks CEO Tim Cook to step down after Apple fails to keep up with the Samsungs as the Galaxy S9 reaches 11 inches, while Apple is stuck in the past at 6 inches with the iPhone 8S. Ive is quoted as refusing to abandon the principle of two handed elegance you can fit in your coat pocket, while Dre is said to want a...
Well, his handle is "big hype". Not "big facts."
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