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Yes, I can't really tell the ad campaigns apart. I like the internally created ads, like Your Verse, which did the impossible: stop talking about tech in terms of specs and talk instead about how it affects your life. And TBWA has done a very good job for Apple. Sure, there were plenty of stinkers (Lemmings), but also many more incredible ads and marketing campaigns. I don't know what this scoring data really means, other than do the ads make people smile or frown? Is that...
What leaks? I know that when Apple launches a new product, they've already shot a commercial. The production crew/actors in the ads of course have signed strict NDAs. So again, what leaks?
Interesting. If students need a traditional personal computer, well, Apple makes those too. I would argue though, that regardless, students could benefit from a quality e-textbook reader. And the iPad makes a fine platform for that.
 "Unproven facts."Uh-huh. Right.
Weird. But they're thrilled to be in the same room with so many Silicon Valley big wigs. Finally, a seat at the big boy's table!
It's the unicorn of technologies.
Standard of innovation is to copy iPhone and make it ****-er. Replace **** with whatever measurement helps you win the forum wars. Just remember to apply a lower standard of "innovation" for the copycats, and a much higher one for Apple.
Half of you complain about how annoying it is to use the iPad with thin bezels, the other half worries it doesn't look cool. Haters: please come to a consensus about what's wrong with iPad's bezels before posting, thank you.
I do not conflate "typical hardware" with "required hardware." Yes, I typically run xterm on a Quad-core Core i7 machine with 16GB of RAM, but xterm only requires an ancient single-core Pentium and 256MB of RAM to run well. How much processing power does an actual programmable light switch require?
I noticed Apple sometimes fails in a big, splashy way (Maps, MobileMe, FCPX), but steadily improves their software in a most quiet, low-profile manner. It really needs to be the other way around.
New Posts  All Forums: