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Personally, I'm holding off for the iPad 12, due in late 2020. "If there such a thing."
Best Buy moved from "Dads and Grads" promotions to "Back to School" promotions in a week?
C'mon. I've also seen schematic drawings and specs for the Battlestar Galactica. That doesn't prove it really exists outside of the imagination.
For years, clunky, oversized personal electronics (like mobile phones) were called "bricks" and smaller handsets were the premium ones. Now, in bizarro (Android) world, everyone is racing to make ever less pocketable "bricks." Even Apple is getting swept up in brick fever because China is crazy for them.
When would you ever want to turn off the CO alarm when you should get out of the area?
 Apparently. I'm sure they value your enthusiasm.
People still do, but their opinions have been drowned out by a cacophony of Android phablet lovers.
I've noticed the site has a US-centric use of terms and idioms. The (proper) US-English spellings of words like "rumor" (not rumour) should have given it away. As are use of imperial units of measure such as inches and feet.
I really don't get the handwringing over Apple's supposed lack of competitiveness in inventing the next big thing. Such impatience over not getting unspecified future innovations. That always seemed ultra suspicious to me, and I question the motive and sincerity of it all. It doesn't smell right. It's like saying, "I'm really impatient for the next big thing from Apple, even if I can't say what that is that I'm waiting for." Self-driving cars? Asteroid mining? Is that...
New Posts  All Forums: