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Apple didn't say throw it away. You did.
Why would some factory worker risk getting caught to "leak" photos of screenshots? Unless there's money involved. In which case, it's industrial espionage.
Full disclosure: AI is paid by Google to post this stuff. Literally paid by Google (in ad revenue).
Why? Because Foxconn leaked screenshots of the Moon landing too?
If I see my doctor with an Android tablet, I'd be all like, "customization! I like my medicine man with his priorities straight!"*fist bump*Then I would ask for a prescription of his best sticky icky. Peace, y'all.
When Tim saw the breadth of his domain he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer.
Are you kidding?
If USB Type-C doesn't solve all of USB's problems, there's always more letters in the alphabet.If techies love 3 things, it's technical complexity, memorizing specs, and multiple "standards."
The important thing is that the minority cases are disproportionately vocal.
It's Wired. So, no.
New Posts  All Forums: