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I don't care what MCX members are doing. I'm taking my business elsewhere. While I'm not entitled to use Apple Pay everywhere, merchants are not entitled to my business. It's all about consumer choice.
You guys didn't take long to turn this thread into one about religion. Bigotry is not far behind.That won't stop them from posting here.
Heh, you remind me of a friend who calls people blind if they can't tell the difference between a Case IH and Kubota tractor. Most non-farmers would see "a red tractor".
My hands are average for an adult male. I can, for example, (and do occasionally) hold my iPad Air by grasping it by opposite edges with one hand, between the thumb and middle finger. But when I operating my iPhone 6 with one handed my thumb can't reach all parts of the screen, particularly the top. It's not a big deal. Just a minor compromise in convenience. I still think the iPhone 6 is great phone.
And it took this long for AMD to work their way back into Apple's supplier chain
I admit I am surprised by the strong sales of the Plus, but it only proves that Apple got it right. I do enjoy my iPhone 6, but I do miss the easy single-handed usability of the 5. And more than one non-upgrader has commented that my 6 looks like a Samsung phone (cringe + facepalm).
You old crank.
"You're going to wind up..."? Clever thing to say about a watch, Tim.
Fantasyland, methinks.
Wasn't the iPod Classic still a strong seller, even just a few years ago due to it's large capacity and classic click wheel interface? Although I understand iPod sales have been on a steady decline due to cannibalization by iPhone.
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