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Who is making you to upgrade every two years? You. So stop it. Don't blame Apple.
Consumers want a faster horse
Clickbait: it's where journalism is headed.
I'm not so sure the editors of AI are intellectually capable of knowing the difference. They frequently blend established fact, hearsay, and analyst opinion into a thick purée of beliefs and prop it up by citing "a new report" from one of their usual suspects. Then they say things like "Apple is widely believed to..." without attributing any source or subject.
Don't take that away from them...they were soooooo close to having an exclusive. So close. They probably have a google news alert placed on the nowhereelse.fr website to monitor it for new content, for the same reason. Like Samsung, AppleInsider wants to be first to copy
They have a lot of practice at that.
In stores now.
What's to stop your neighbors from ditching Internet service and using yours? Neighborhoods will turn into people who pay for Internet and those who steal from them. Who pays for "free" residential wifi when it's not part of a business like Starbucks?
Even better: your IP address can be linked back to criminal activity that you had nothing to do with. The RIAA could sue you because someone using you IP downloaded songs illegally.
The first Nexus One was originally sold and serviced entirely over the web by Google. There wasn't anyone you could call--support was entirely online, and no retail partners sold, services, or supported the handset's customer initially. Sounds like they pulled their heads out of their asses. That's good.
New Posts  All Forums: