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She said her name is Natasha Romanov and you are going to die at the end of the video.
Best Buy and CVS' last stand.
Since AI won't provide context for their story, I will: a 50% is not unusual for employee discounts at Apple.http://www.ifoapplestore.com/2012/06/22/apple-improves-employee-discount-program/Boom. Arm yourselves with knowledge. (The trolls won't)
How did they get one? Must be a review unit.
It underscores the fact that any bending problems experienced is a matter between the affected customers and Apple. The folks who turned this into "Bendgate" weren't part of that customer-Apple relationship. They were outside social media commenters and bloggers who delight in stirring shit up against Apple using those staged bending videos.It's also the reason Samsung will never face a "Bendgate" over the S6 Edge. Trolls love their Android iPhone knock offs.
Of course!I'm not here to tell you what to do or think. I'm only expressing my opinions about what you said.
8th-generation IGZO? I think Apple should sit this round out. Wait for Skylake. It's the bees knees.
No. You having signal issues with your iPhone 4 and "Antennagate" or "Bendgate" existing as memes are distinct ideas. It's useful to review what a meme is:Some users experiencing signal attenuation issues or a bent phone does not make an "antennagate" or "bendgate."The "-gate" suffix has come to be used in media to imply scandal, coverup and malfeasance, and unlike the original Watergate, it is applied pejoratively rather than according to some standard of measure or test....
Completely different purposes.An 8K retina display Mac is immediately useful, whereas it is doubtful 8K displays will ever be a consumer format before the end of the decade, let alone a realistic format for video capture any time soon.
Look at it this way: photos of the watch didn't leak ahead of the big unveiling last September, and we all got to be surprised by the keynote's "One more thing..."
New Posts  All Forums: