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Interesting. Says less about Honda and a lot more about the CNet forum users, doesn't it?
Can we blame the user-agent string this time?
Thomas Hayden Church falls on desperate times.
Anaglyphs never worked for me. Gives me a headache.
Well of course iPad owners surveyed are going to say that because if they didn't like the iPad, they would return it get something else. See? I just "proved" that the survey is biased for Apple. /s
Ah, that's the quality FUD I was hoping to see on this thread. From "I believe" and "I don't know" to a spurious "put 2 and 2 together" and voila: Instant doubt! No way an analytics company has any qualifications for statistics. Always believe your gut. And you'll never be disappointed.
The board is soft balling Ballmer. If they really wanted him gone, they could appoint an interim CEO until a permanent replacement can be found. His successor can change course and cancel projects when that day comes around, but until then, Ballmer can continue to do whatever he wants.A direct analogy is Steve Jobs couldn't undo anything at Apple until Gil Amelio was officially released as CEO. Steve was deferential to Amelio until then.
Because they're trying to turn the PC into a tablet, not a living room console.
I'm not even sure it would be the CEO's job to mash peas and carrots together and call it innovation. Who is coming up with these initiatives that Microsoft management is backing?
But they claim to have a monopoly on rational thinking.
New Posts  All Forums: