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Beyond Hololens, Valve has the hardware to do AR in a wide-FOV way: their VR headset is covered in cameras. Used to track hand position, and subtle head movement beyond just tilt and turn. It could track rotation around the Z axis (yaw), as well as your absolute position in space. The cameras can also theoretically be used to project the outside world into the VR display, making AR possible.As for it being the next big thing, I'm skeptical. It could turn out to be as "big"...
This sounds much better than the Ricoh Theta, which took relatively low res photos from two 180° FOV cameras and stitched them into a spherical image. Great for creating skybox textures in 3D engines, but otherwise, Ricoh dropped the ball on making it a useful consumer format.
If you have the latest iPhoto release, you can continue to use it on Yosemite. I am still using it. I simply ignored the invite to use Photos. If you launch Photos, it will prompt you to upgrade your iPhoto library. Simply decline and Photos will exit. If you're really paranoid about accidentally converting your iPhoto library to Photos, make sure you have a recent Time Machine backup.If you did not get the latest release of iPhoto before it was pulled from the Mac App...
You forgot IoT: those cheap single-chip computers with the memory and processing power of a MP3 player. Microsoft won't stop until everything with a CPU is infected with Windows.
Click. Aww, damn it!!!
It's like the 1980s all over again /s
You are offended by the strangest things...
Gatorguy's "actual proof" is the fallacy of "absence of evidence is evidence of absence." He's desperate to exonerate Android.
So security through obscurity? Or lack of reporting in the news? What kind of security is that? Wishful thinking?
They make the chips in my PS4 and the discrete video of Macs. They're even the CPU of your precious Xbox One. so yeah, I've seen them lately.
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