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How much are nowhereelse.fr paying for each leak? Anyone know?
So about your question: "how did they get photos from iCloud?" The answer is, apparently, if you backup your phone to iCloud, the photos, videos can be retrieved from the backup file.
A found a pretty even-handed and readable explanation of the exploit used on Ars: http://arstechnica.com/security/2014/09/what-jennifer-lawrence-can-teach-you-about-cloud-security/ There was an iCloud vulnerability, and an exploit called iBrute was released the day before the breach (yesterday). Apple has since patched it (early this morning). It was a kind of brute password attack. It looks like they went after celebrities. It wasn't a mass password grab of random...
I don't know anything about that. What do I look like, a 4chan cellar dweller?
 I was referencing that UK newspaper which Murdoch used to own. The one that hacked celebrity voice mails for profit.
 I remember those, and it reflects a general anti-Apple worldview that always casts Apple in the wrong, or on the wrong side of any issue (like patents, innovation, competition). It's easy to spot that worldview here in these forums, as well as on other tech forums, where it's particularly virulent (DailyTech for example, or Slashdot). For these people, there's no "rational" justification for liking Apple ("Apple's just like everyone else's hardware, only in sexier design...
 LOL really? Rupert Murdoch's got nothing else to talk about? Or does the UK hate Apple so much because they're full of Microsoft fanboys?
 She seems to be thanking iCloud for the pizza and self-serve chocolate ice cream.
 Good practice run. You're now prepared for the real Fandroids. Battle stations: Sept 9 is around the corner.
 Stop blaming the victims when their privacy is breached. Apple, how could you?Now I'll only trust my secrets to Google. /s
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