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The video looks a lot like those corporate branding marketing pieces that companies shoot with some figurehead describing what makes the brand super awesome and passionate. Luxury brands started it, but now every big company is shooting videos like that. Eventually, it'll be overdone and cliche and marketing people will look for something else to copy.
I saw it on the main page of the mobile site. I tapped the image, it tried to load, then immediately displayed "You need Flash" over the image. However, it seems to be loading correctly now, even from the main page, so something is different. Not sure why, but it works now. I did experience network problem when that happened so maybe the JavaScript assumes it was a lack of Flash. Like I said, it plays consistently now for me. Guess I take it back.
Irony: the video was shot and edited as H.264 on the iPhone and iPad, then uploaded to GoogleTube, where it was converted to Adobe "chronically out of date" Flash, so it can't be played on an iPhone or iPad. EDIT: never mind. The link gave me a "You don't have Flash installed" error from the AppleInsider article page, but launches the YouTube player correctly from the forums page.
No idea who they are. Companies that do R&D aren't necessarily also manufacturers.Can they mass produce them to Apple's specifications and quality demands?
It's important to keep the myth of iPad = toys alive. For the forums.
I've been hunting for some of those stabilizers and gimbals. Wide/normal lens on the iPhone is amazingly flexible.
Someone is going to have to supply Apple with those atom thick sheets!
Exciting! Not only will future displays have to deal with glare from the front, they'll be transparent so they'll have to deal with glare from behind! Of course, we all know what has Apple interested in this tech: the display layer is ONE ATOM thick. Jony Ive just got wood.
Then DED would literally sit around with nothing to do. But wait. And hope.
Beats by Dr. iOS.
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