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Well, Objective-C and NeXTSTEP used to run on Windows NT. Also, Microsoft had previously sold Visual Studio for Mac OS, before OS X. This was all a long time ago, however. Just a footnote in history. Most people didn't know Microsoft had sold a version of Unix, before OS/2 was a thing.
Hahaha! What's for dinner: Apple-is-doomed meme salad. Nuance-free, fact-free. Delicious.You forgot the mention "Steve Jobs would never" and "Apple hates Pro users." Those are always good for a laugh. Also, if you're going to disparage Tim Cook, call him "Timmy."I wonder where Constable Odo is these days...?
A very thoughtful review, thanks.
And a kilometer isn't a mile.The important thing is that nobody pays attention to the difference when comparing. Then they can make these numbers mean whatever they want.
Awesome news! Android is winnnnnnnning!!! /s
The important thing is that he found a reason to dismiss her because she pretty, not a "professional athlete (as if LeBron James would be more credible) and being "used by" Apple for propaganda.
Rule: it's always Apple's fault. This wouldn't have happened with the Surface Pro running Windows 8. The pilots could just enter the admin password and edit the corrupt registry keys themselves. They should also update their virus definitions and update Flash, Acrobat Reader and Silverlight. Just be sure to uncheck the "special offers" box or you'll change your default home page or search engine.
Maybe it's 26% thinner than the current one.
So does this mean they haven't confirmed a delay?
Oh I agree. If it weren't for this editorial, none of us would know this thing had no SD card reader, and we would all mistakenly purchase it, open the box, write a review, take pictures with our Sony compact cameras, and only after the standard Apple return policy had expired do we realize our mistake! Where do I plug in my SD card??? Now we're stuck with this horrible computer! Shame on Apple. Thank you Neil for saving us from this "mistake." Cool!
New Posts  All Forums: