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This is more like it:Edit: there's an inside joke about the Island of Misfit Toys in that photo: he's holding up a Windows Phone
Cue the usual suspects: 1. This needs to run full Mac OS X and side by side apps 2. This needs to have a pen 3. IGZO will save us all 4. Just wait until Broadwell or Skylake! 5. But but but Android tablets!
Lots of planets have trees and ice.
It definitely cheapened The Force into a mere medical condition. Unfortunately, it is canon. Of course, "Han shot first" is also canon, but it didn't stop Lucas from screwing with canon.
2. Another interpretation is that it's the New Republic Navy. The stormtrooper in the trailer is too young to be an Imperial remnant -- he probably wasn't born until after the Battle of Endor. Also, the stormtroopers' are sporting clean, upgraded battle armor, rather than something left over from the Empire.3. The term you're looking for is probably "handheld" or "steadycam" used to create a more documentary feel to a movie. As for the slick follow-cam that trails the...
As long as it is about The Force and not "midi-chlorians" we'll be fine.
It looks alright. Star Wars had an originally pulpy, retro feel, a good vs evil story archetype to the scifi themed flying cars and ray guns. I have faith that JJ Abrams kept the important elements things intact, so the end result feels like a "new classic" Star Wars movie, rather than Lost or Star Trek.
I never read those books, and I'm now glad I didn't. I'm sure you've already heard that Lucasfilm has relegated the entire Expanded Universe (including Zahn's books) to non-canon status. I wouldn't want to see the new films with those apocryphal novels in my head. I don't mean to imply they are badly written, as I know a lot of fans who like them. I am merely pointing out that it's hard to enjoy a film if you've read the book first, because of all the expectations and...
Everyone stop saying "crafted." The meme of the day is "bespoke"
 Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
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