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Lessons in successfully trolling:1. When it's something nice, you name the OEM of the component, i.e., it's Samsung's A8 chip or LG's LCD panel2. When it's a defective part, the actual component maker (nvidia, Seagate) disappears behind Apple's name.Follow these simple rules so you'll never accidentally judge Apple on a level playing field.
You know...they could get away with that, if they did it. The courts work so slowly, that it would be 2022 before Apple would see a dime in damages from Samsung calling their next phone an iPhone. And the whole time, Sammy fans will be defending Samsung's right to use the name "iPhone" because Apple "stole" it from Cisco, haha.
First rule of tech journalism: It's only wrong when Apple does it.
The original Edge had wraparound screen on only one edge, which was even weirder, and certainly unattractive.
Because the artist works for the middleman, not the other way around.
"But but but this contradicts my Apple is evil narrative!"
More Mikey, please, and that smooth, buttery late-night talk radio voice.
Yes apparently. Look! A font changed! Apple is doomed!
Yes, but it was first shown during the Sept 2014 unveiling. Open this link:http://www.apple.com/live/2014-sept-event/ And move the playhead to 70:52, then press play. The Big Ben watch face appears at 70:58. Keep watching...the "Time Lapse" watch face appears again at 71:07, followed by a brief glimpse of the "Photos" watch face at 71:19. None of these watch faces were available at launch, and won't be available until watchOS 2. Now, I say again: where's my click bait...
Hardly. My 3rd Gen AppleTV has gained a lot more content, channels, and HomeKit support since I originally bought it.
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