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The Watch is $349.Edition is an investment, unless you think gold might lose value.
I'm glad they could defy your reductionist attempt to categorize them. The Edition is jewelry. It's that simple.
Confused, Samsung wonders whether or not to copy ResearchKit for Tizen.
I'd rather see Vimeo support iOS browsers better. I like Vimeo otherwise as it lacks the low grade and viral content that bloats YouTube. Not to mention Google's omnipresent user tracking.
Except I haven't heard a cogent argument as to why it's going to be a failure from BF. Just a plate of negative spaghetti thrown against the wall. Thanks for the link. I found this link at the end of the mondaynote article to be a good rebuttal to the doomsayers:https://techpinions.com/premature-predictions-about-the-apple-watch/38978 (It's worth a read, in case you missed it)
It's the Internet. Never take it personally. :)
The hilarious thing is that no one holds any other company to those kinds of hyperbolic requirements to avoid doom. No one says, "Google must sell 10 million Android Wear devices or Google's reputation is ruined and bodes ill for the future!" It has to be a separate category! It has to be "Jobs-sized" hit! A "Jobs-sized" hit is 5.41 million. That's the total number of iPhones sold in the first year on the market. Steve Ballmer's Windows Mobile still outsold iPhone that...
He didn't say 60 million in the first year. Apple product sales are cyclical, so even if they sold 15 million in 3 months, you don't simply multiply that by 4 to get the annual figure.
 As slurpy mentioned, it's intellectual dishonesty. They've started with their conclusions (which is really just an opinion) and invented "evidence" to support it.
I disagree with the "disservice" comment. A disservice is not recommending it because some rumors are floating around about an unannounced replacement. Making recommendations based on rumor rather than fact feels...wrong. It's fine to mention those rumors, but you ought to be able to recommend a camera based on its availability and actual specs & performance, and that is what Stephen Robles has done here. But he can't review it against future, unannounced products. I don't...
New Posts  All Forums: