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I also "looks wants" the companies to use HTTPS, (buzzwords, et al).
Neither did the polio vaccine. And yet the species evolved anyway.
All in good time. These pro-developer moves are a positive step in keeping the ecosystem healthy. And curation is (or should be) Apple's strong suit.
Oh Huddler Lifestyle. It's Björk, not Bj?rk. Learn to Unicode.
As usual, Amazon will come up the rear with a cheaper 4th solution, free to Prime members, with some novelty feature, like fitness tracking with 3D voice search with Dr. Amy, your live health advisor.* (*not actual doctor and not licensed to practice medicine in your state, see terms and conditions for more details)
All these MartinHajekInsider concepts are way off base. You'll see. Like those pre-iPhone "iPhone concepts" or pre-iPad "iSlate tablet concepts".
In the context of these forums, starting a paragraph with: "Honestly" is a strong smell that increases the likelihood that the rest of the paragraph contains either some dishonestly, or is entirely rhetoric that attempts to persuade. Not always true, but a frequent tactic used in these forums.
A bit slow at the news desk. I read this on Fortune.com two hours ago. Apple has also had issues with iPhone adapters in the US in the past.
They're reporting from the year 20134? Japan is way ahead of us on the international date line.
New Posts  All Forums: