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LOL Dell? A most wanted brand? Christmas 2001 was so 12 years ago.
When you were a kid, did the "square peg in round hole" toy frustrate you, or did you angrily smash all the shapes into the Type A hole and declare it "universal"?
Yup. And 16-bit DOS programs can, and in fact run, on 64-bit intel processors already.
USB looks like it was designed by standards committees (plural). Which makes it all the more standard(s).
I believe this is when Fandroids start gushing uncontrollably about how smart and awesome reversible connectors are. Because it's stupid and greedy when Apple does it.
The cause may be buggy JavaScript, or bad HTML, but Safari should robustly handle it better than SIGABRT.
There are ways to tweak it for better performance on iPhone 4 and 4S:http://readwrite.com/2013/10/15/ios-7-fixes-iphone-4-4s#awesm=~op5dXjwaZqyrCz
That 26% are immune to Jony Ive's charming British accent.
Safari crashes in Mountain Lion while typing into the forums from time to time. Yes, I have the latest updates from Apple. Yes, I have reported it to Apple. Even if Huddler were buggy, Safari shouldn't crash.Seems solid in iOS 6 (iPhone 5)
Yes, but Debian Linux can claim they are winning because look how many Linux kernels are installed in all kinds of devices!
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