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The problem I have with your reasoning is that precision and complexity does not necessarily prove accuracy or truth. Verisimilitude does not prove truth.
The horror of looking like an iPhone.
The iPhone 15 will be shaped exactly like a piece of paper: razor thin and too big to hold in one hand. Because screen size one-upsmanship has no theoretical boundary.
Back to the machine shop, mockup makers!
What's the difference between what you call common knowledge and rumor?Think about it. You, like Simon Hobbs, can't tell between what is established fact and what is hearsay.
You forget the forum meme involved: it's only wrong when Apple does it.
 It's Apple's platform, and Cook was just one of 5000 Apple employees who took part in it. Stop twisting things around to fit your conclusions.
 This still sounds like you're begging the question. The unproven assertion is that he's gay, and your conclusion is that, as a result, he remains silent to avoid impacting Apple product sales. I argue that your assertion is unproven and Valleywag's earlier rumormongering amounts to hearsay, and cannot be held as fact.
If you think have a deserving cause worthy of a free song download, start your own parade and get 5000 Apple employees to support it.
There's also a sale on LGBT movies on iTunes.
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