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There was nothing scientific about what he did. Nothing. It's not a testing apparatus.
MacVicta's argument seems to be: "where there's smoke, there's fire." The Internet doesn't work that way. It works like this: "where there's smoke, there's a meme about fire that keeps getting repeated over and over again until it seems like there's a 'consensus' about there being fire." Apple sold millions of iPhone 6's and only received 9 complaints. And a testing apparatus revealed the iPhone 6 Plus should hold up under normal use.
The problem with anecdotal claims is that they're not remotely scientific. And the Internet is a giant echo chamber. It reflects what's popular, not necessarily what is factual.
I find it amusing that your YouTube link opens through VigLink, a hyperlink monetization service. Everyone is cashing in on this video, even Kasper.Why don't these guys be the first to expose HTC One M8 bendgate? Unless this is all part of an effort to smear Apple for profit.
Someday, when computing is ubiquitous, perhaps we'll transcend the reductionist focus on processor speed benchmarks as a linear measure of "better" and focus on the qualities of the entire product such as features and experience. Apple achieved this with the iPod Nano (who even cares what chipset it uses?), and I hope the Apple Watch will sit on the same side of sanity. But as long as tech websites continue to treat smart watches as nothing but another touchscreen device...
The Apple Watch had better beat the Gear in the all-important Call of Duty benchmark or I'm not buying it.
Barcelona and Bulldozer? More like Balogna and Dozer.
Then Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are equally guilty of using DRM on content to lock you into buying their hardware. Of course a videogame might be published on all platforms, but then again, you don't have to by your music from iTunes either. DRM on content to specific vendor hardware does not equal antitrust violations.The ultimate end game of this suit is what? Money grab from lawyers? Get Apple to settle? Or to force Apple to license FairPlay?
I'm convinced DED posted this to flush out the Samsung apologists in the forums. Now there can be no doubt.
I think the benchmarks should be reproducible by any website willing to verify.But of course, tech websites love Samsung.
New Posts  All Forums: