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That's a pretty sweet deal, if it includes a new battery and outer casing.
Maybe it was a lesson learned from the Browett fiasco. I'm sure others at Apple were thinking "WTF?" when Cook hired him.
I just think the picture looks funny with "try again" at the bottom.
"Slide to unlock me"?
Sometimes. Except when the entire posted story is one word: "Developing..."
Sooo...other than making it complimentary, it's the same functionality that I have now in iOS 6 with the Shazam app, except without the performance penalty and invisible fonts of iOS 7? What am I missing out on???
And google would miss capturing all that raw data from you. I prefer to use apps.
Steve Jobs attended the Academy Awards in a full tux. (But he wore jeans and black mock turtleneck and white New Balance sneakers when having dinner with POTUS.)
Really? What is better, if you don't mind my asking?
I hear ya!However:1. I'm being factitious2. See #1 aboveThink of it this way: CarPlay requires a screen and it competes with factory nav systems. Hyundai solves that by bundling it with their nav system, as redundant as it seems. If you want one, you have to buy everything.
New Posts  All Forums: