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The article says like the Samsung Galaxy S III. For the clickbait.
Glass has strategic value: it earns Google vital "geek cred" with the slashdotters. That and perpetuating the "open" myth.
These zero-bezel phablets remind me of extra low-profile tires on chrome dubs. The end goal is to just be ridin' on rubber bands wrapped around 25" rims.
I think it should be more confusing. Let's go back to the Michael Spindler era:iPhone 4S LC IIiPhone 5 LC III+iPhone 5 Centris 610iPhone 5 Centris 650iPhone 6 Quadra 850iPhone 6 Quadra 950iPhone 6 Quadra 955bIf customers don't ask "which iPhone should I get?" then it is not confusing enough!
Wall St. is dominated by players who only care about stock bubbles, fast returns, or flash trading FTW.
I assume they could continue to sell the 5c as is. No retooling, a mature supply chain, and still a fine product. I got mine when it was called the iPhone 5.
Why does everyone think everyone else is just like them?
This isn't "the design." This isn't the work of Jony Ive. It's Martin Hajek's fantasy.
I agree. The mockups are just plain sad phablet fantasies. They're not even based on leaked photos or rumored specs. They are literally a fantasy.
What design are you referring to?
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