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I had a similar experience although my Blu-Ray drive failed after the 3.x firmware update. Others had the same issue (check the Sony message boards), but Sony denied any defect, and the PS3 was out of warranty by then. At least Microsoft fixed the RRoD problems and extended everyone's warranties automatically.If you ever do get the first-gen PS (anything) units, always get a 3-yr extended warranty. I don't trust Sony any further than I could throw them.Eventually, some...
That's beyond Huddler Lifestyle.
Poor iMac. So "dated." But never married
They don't have anything positive to say about the company, its leadership, or products. Only nonstop criticism and negativity, based on a highly biased perspective. Oh, but you'd better not call them a "troll" or you'll be accused of "not liking criticism." /s
Giant glass and aluminum edifice with an Apple logo. It's like, if you could live inside an Apple product...
Whether they think that or not, I don't think it's their motivation. I believe making a dent in the universe is more of a reason.
It probably would be if it appeared in a corporate press release. But this was revealed by a government agency in response to an information request.
The feature could very well exist, but only for the next-gen iPad Air.
Apple could release a boatload of new changes and improvements to iOS and Mac OS and still get dinged for what it didn't show. Typical.
It's a variation of the "Google doesn't need competition; only Apple needs competition" philosophy.
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