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That's what Type C is supposed to be: smaller, the same on both ends, and reversible. It's supposed to replace all USB types before it, not that we won't have C-to-legacy adapters for several transitional years.
Come to think of it, the only times I've had confusion or issues plugging in USB A connectors have been using non-Apple cables on PCs. Cables do have a mark indicating "up" but on PCs, especially ones where USB ports don't face "up" because the PC is on its side, quite a lot of trial and error is required. Especially ports on the back. And I've owned PCs with front ports that were upside down. MacBooks have an obvious "face up" with respect to the orientation of the laptop...
If Type-C takes off, the lifespan for a reversible A might be short, a few years?
Pitchforks and torches!
Apple's iOS developer guides have addressed development best practices and RAM considerations since the very beginning of the iOS platform, and Apple has given developers the developer tools to be aware of device resource usage. And iOS developers who formerly came from the world of Palm OS and Windows Mobile development have already been well trained in the art of memory management--at least the ones I've met. Now, undisciplined PC developers who have no experience...
He does believe that, but even Sony used to say that they should have been the company that created the iPod and the iTunes one-two punch because they had both entertainment and hardware divisions, if only those business units would work together, waaaah!The problem is: the time has passed when having "all the right skills" is all it takes. The ecosystems are in place, entrenched and established. Microsoft is going to have to offer a breakthrough rather than a competent...
Microsoft built their business on letting someone else find a new market, become dominant, and then they would compete ferociously until the other guy stumbled. See: IBM, Borland, Netscape, DEC, SGI, Palm, Sony...But Google (services) and Apple (mobile devices, music) have been able to keep Microsoft largely out of their established businesses. Microsoft hasn't given up on their "long game" strategy of waiting for their competitor to make a mistake. But that's the only way...
Guys, B&N would never dream of out-iPadding the iPad, especially since they're outsourcing their hardware. They're just trying to keep from being shut out completely of the growing eBook business.
Meh. Not in the market for B&N or Samsung reader, but Amazon needs more competition, don't you think?.
Render render I surrender, Lens protrusion? Design offender. Rabble rabble Click and post, Google ads Who serves the most?
New Posts  All Forums: