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The DOJ and Al Franken are investigating this "exclusive."
best line:riiight.
Put it this way: they'll have a completely updated map of the 2015 roads in 2020, and you'll have that to look forward to.
This thread got off to a predictable start...
How high are the tariffs?I poked around and found that the 16GB iPhone 6 costs 44,350 rupees = $690 USD. That's only about $40 more than the off contract price in the U.S. ($650).Distribution is a problem. Apple has hardly any retail presence and while iPhones can be purchased through carriers. It'll be interesting to see how this independent chain of authorized resellers will work out for them, but it should be a win-win for both Apple and local business owners.
I would prefer that Apple Watch do things that analog mechanical watches cannot. For example, for the licensed Mickey Mouse watch, Mickey is animated and taps his foot once per second while slightly bouncing his own body. A mechanical Mickey watch of course cannot do that. Simple mimicry of luxury analog faces would be boring, even if done well and tastefully. And only serves to compare the Apple Watch against their mechanical counterparts on their terms, rather than the...
Those knockoffs wear the Samsung label. That's like repellent for customers with good taste.
It helps soften the blow of Apple's success.
 Algorithm. Any uptick in sales will trigger an automatic price hike.
Android will make it possible to make $12 "smart" watches.Well, almost $12, here's one for $18:http://www.amazon.com/Bluetooth-WristWatch-Android-Smartphone-Samsung/dp/B00KW70WAY Here's the description: Priceless LOLs 
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