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 Ah, yes. The Mikey Campbell-style headline.
 I didn't say they didn't. I wanted an excuse to bring back the classic rainbow logo.
Nice. But where are all the Samsung, Microsoft, and Google products you guys always write about?
So if Apple supported LGBT, they could return to the classic rainbow-colored logo from the 70s! 
It would be equally correct to say the iPhone 5s, 5c take 9 of Japan's top 9 smartphone sales.
Among other bizarre requests: Jony Ive has to vacate his reserved parking spot when Bromwich arrives. Apple employees are required to look down at their feet and address Bromwich as "His High Overseer" He gets first dibs on office space on the top floor of the saucer, when completed. Apple must pay fees and tips for his personal masseuse and "chi wellness coach". Tim Cook is required to surrender his personal phone to Bromwich on demand, and Bromwich is allowed to make 3...
Interviews without lawyers? He's going to write a tell-all book titled: "My Year With Apple: Inside look at how one of the world's most secret and admired companies run". Later, he will accept "consulting fees" from Samsung.
I thought most countries outside North America use 220-240VAC. More kick for the mule.
Their mom took away their Internet privileges.
1. Incremental updates are par for the course in the technology business. It's a sign of Moore's Law, not Tim Cook is unimaginative.2. Revolutionary products don't follow some mythical 1-2 year cycle. Evolutionary change can be cyclical, but not disruptive new categories of products. No company is held to that expectation except Apple: why?3. Tim Cook does throw out hints about Areas where Apple is focusing on, if you bothered to pay attention. Quarterly earnings calls are...
New Posts  All Forums: