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It's a variation of the "Google doesn't need competition; only Apple needs competition" philosophy.
I think that's an entirely valid concern, but as they say, "enjoy the sausage, but you don't want know how the sausage gets made."I've collected and read anecdotes, articles, abs books written about Apple over the years, and conclude that:1. Organizational issues are not uncommon when organizations reach a certain size2. Apple can be a very stressful, but rewarding place to work, but the experience varies from person to person3. Apple holds people accountable for results4....
Analysts also predicted we'd all be using Windows Phones by 2012.
I can think of a few ways they could leapfrog street view. Last thing Apple should do is copy Google out of a lack of inspiration. Apple's job is to show people something they DIDN'T know they wanted until you showed it to them.
 But the HTC One looks great, right?
 Delusional. What screen mockups were in the keynote? Apple doesn't show mockups.
 You can - it was ridiculously simple. My mac.com address is still active and very much a valid email address. As is my me.com address. They are just aliases for my .iCloud.com account. They are all "merged" as one Apple ID. As such, I don't lose any purchase history. In order to get this seamless merging of .mac and .me into your .iCloud account, you had to follow Apple's instructions to "move" from one service to the next, and of course, not allow either your .mac or...
 As others have said, just stop using it. Your original mac.com and me.com addys are just aliases for your iCloud.com account. They are the same account.
 I'm not a fan of the color, the "Xiao Long Tea House" sticker, or the "Republished by www.nowhereelse.fr" etching on the case but still… /s
 Leave iCloud feedback at: http://www.apple.com/feedback/
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