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 Welcome to the 21st Century. Do you like it here?
Aperture will continue to work in Yosemite. What's the problem? If you want "new and improved" on the box, just get Adobe Lightroom: Adobe is the king of feature stuffing. Just look at the new Flash! It even tries to change your default browser when you update Flash on Windows.
LOL!One of my favorite Fandroid memes in these forums is the "Android users are l33t" meme, which assumes all Android users are more tech savvy than the average iOS user because they root their own phone and would never download Android malware or virus so it must not be a real problem for the platform.Google's "go google the help forums" idea of customer service is a DIY solution suited only to tech savvy users who are used to digging through IRC logs and mailing lists to...
Yeah me neither. You just turn off your TV. The AppleTV automatically goes to sleep after a configurable time has elapsed if you're not playing anything.. No "power" button increases simplicity.
It's every inch an iPad.
Interesting. The first game used to bring the PC with a dedicated nvidia graphics card to its knees, back in the day. Mobile has come a long way.
Nobody ever takes a picture of the allegedly leaked parts next to a ruler for scale. How come?
Right before it flew out of control and crashes, this suspicious character was seen lurking behind some parked cars.
Your hate has made you strong. Your anger gives you focus.  
 Meh. The HAL voice is from 1968. Nobody complains. * I always though it was strange that when Mathew Broderick's character from WarGames finally meets the WOPR supercomputer at the Cheyenne Mountain base, the WOPR has the same voice as the "Radio Shack" voice box he had attached to his home computer.
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