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Yellow ones.
Which videos? The Live stream or the videos embedded in this article?
I hope the full interview will stimulate lot of interesting discussion on a variety of topics, but who am I kidding? It's going to be about one thing. And we all know what that is.
I assume the lot of you read these codenames from Intel's marketing roadmap, decide that's the only thing worth buying, then demand this pink unicorn from each and every new Apple product. It's called the Anandtech Effect.
Just wait until Broadwell! The iMac battery will last for 10 hoursĀ” So disappointed this still has Thunderbolt 2. That was so last year. Thunderbolt is getting staleĀ”
Those who can, do. Those who can't, tear things down.
Meh. It doesn't really change anything.
The iPad Mini beats the iPad Air in one spec: pixel density. That should satisfy the people who treat the pixel density race as a kind of simplistic numbers game to be won or lost on paper, rather than what it does for the end user experience.
Either that, or it's personal.
I'm surprised the iPad still has an on/off button and volume rockers. Simplicity in design demands it. Their days are numbered.
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