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So Kevin Lynch showed off a Watch face with a time lapse of Big Ben and the Thames, but that face was missing when the Watch launched in May. Where was the BuzzFeed click bait on that scandal? This is just websites taking potshots at Apple Music. Including this one
If the TV industry have two shits about cinema formats, they wouldn't have made HDTV 16:9, but something more like 21:9. DCI monitors (with support for true 24.00p instead of 23.98p) will be a "pro" display for digital film editors, not a consumer product.
Just like Apple: when it's ready.
Apple also owns PrimeSense.
Hover, touch, force touch.
He deliberately ignores anything that doesn't fit his doom narrative.
I think some people expected Apple Music to be a "disruption"--the way the original iPhone was a disruption. But they seem content to try and "move the needle" with this.
iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were already deployed.
I don't think it's about being happy, it's about abusing the legal system to stall, delay, and outright avoid paying the judgment for as long as possible,
The middlemen want their cut. Fine. Talk to Jimmy.
New Posts  All Forums: