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...with Appleness!(Meanwhile, Apple is obsessed over thinness)
In reality, doing a swan dive into a large pile of gold coins would be fatal. Do not attempt at home.
Next: #Zombiegate. The Watch features don't work if it fails to detect a living pulse.
Non sequitur.
What's next is a testimonial video featuring a paid British actor against a white background, talking about how Korean craftsmen obsess over each nanometer. I assume Ali G. would be a good fit.
Their reasoning: it takes too long build a reputation. Let's just use marketing as a short cut and tell people how we want them to view us someday..."digital craftsmen!!!" It would be like if the Chicago Cubs made a commercial in which they refer to themselves as World Series winners.
Yeah this is new. Samsung ads are usually making fun of Apple users whom they call "wall huggers" or "line waiters". Now their ads are copying Apple's presentation in order to convince people into believing their products are as bespoke as Apple's?
"Craftsmen"... AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! This would be sad if it weren't a bad parody of Apple's own videos. Look, they even have a British narrator and swelling cello soundtrack. Wait, you mean it's not a parody?
Unbox Therapy should be called what it is: Mr. #bendgate's money making scheme.
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