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Waaaay ahead of ya...
The good news is that landfills are standing by to swallow these cases, which is where they will end up anyway, sooner or later.
True, that happens today. If the iPhone 6 is too large to fit in my jeans pockets, then I'll be forced to carry it in my hands, which risks leaving it behind in public places and/or increase the chance of dropping it. Which problem would you rather have?
The proof reading pays off
If only they had used AnarchyCoin! /s
Probably not. The more likely reason is:1. Apple users are made out of money2. Unnecessary packaging of features = more money (like cable companies package channels.)3. Mo' money = win4. Apple users are willing to "pay a premium" for nice things5. The Sonata is only available with a color LCD panel if ordered with nav system6. Money is yummy if you blend it with yogurt and crushed ice
I can't believe how Samsung thinks 4 inches is small. (Double entendre implied.)
Absolutely they should sue. All they have to do is cough up the design patents in court proving that they invented in the 8 inch tablet and the 5 inch smartphone.The rest of your screed is regurgitating the "let's all bury the hatchet so I can enjoy those iPhone features in my Sammy phone" meme.
He came for the DED clickbait, but stayed for the fertile trolling grounds.
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