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"Bait and switch"? It's more like "cracked boules."
Tip for naysayers and haters: you'd get more attack value out of mentioning Ping instead of Maps, because Maps works pretty well. (Of course I wouldn't expect you android users to know that)
So, just an observation: this phrase frequently precedes criticism or naysaying, so much on these forums that it has lost all meaning and has become something of a joke. Just an observation.
I'm holding out for 17" running Mac OS X /s
If the way bendgate fizzled out (except from the dedicated Apple-haters who gotta have attack memes) is any sign, I think your investment is safe.
I thought "Breaking" meant it wasn't copied hours later from another website
Isn't this analogous to raising processor speeds when a benchmark application is detected?
Cortana would just ask if you want her to remember your anniversary.
You're the product, we've been through all that, @PhilBoogie
James Cameron should do this whole thing in CG, 3D, so it doesn't matter who's in it.
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