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A 4.7", 5.5" and now a 5.6" model? Apple is turning into a certain Korean company who shall not be named. /s
The article is more click bait. I don't take it seriously.
McDonalds. Bleech. Time for yoga.
Not sure what problem that is supposed to solve.
A technicality.Are you aware that senior managers at large firms are often given the option to resign if they sign "don't badmouth the company" agreements? (Most just make no comment at all, like Scott Forstall). The media reported that Forstall was fired--even though Apple never said that. But his silence is no coincidence.So you are technically correct, and I know how important it is for you to split hairs . The original Reuters article didn't turn that into...
 There's this new thing called putting your finger on your wrist and counting your pulse with a watch. Since like the 16th century.
More like PUKE-ter.
I have to agree. At one of the All Things D talks, probably 10 years ago, Steve Jobs said the file system--specifically Finder--was someday going to be something that only the pros used. He told Walt Mossberg that he expected average users would use Spotlight Search to access documents, emails, and even Apps. Why? Because that's how you access things on the web: you type into a search box. You're not forced to manage file system to get to your content. Steve was talking...
Not yet. But I like the design.
According to the resident Samsung apologists in these forums, Apple is supposed to allow this to happen. Apple is supposed to stop litigating and work harder to give Samsung more to copy because "everyone copies," except for Samsung, who claims they are innocent of patent infringement in this last trial.
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