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It's just the pump before the dump. To win, you have to game the system, in this case, the stock market.
Tokenization prevents hackers from obtaining useful information that could be used to impersonate you in other financial transactions, including but not limited to, making purchases and accessing your accounts.
Google fans think Apple Pay is the same thing as Google Wallet.
Lawyers go where the money is.
Wouldn't make a difference whether they did or didn't "bully." The market speaks for itself. DED is just rubbing iHaters noses in it.
They care enough to prevent their Open Handset Alliance members from selling open-source Android phones that don't have Google's mandatory closed-source apps and services. This follows their doctrine known as "competition is good except when you compete against Google using AOSP."
but but but competition means Apple will maybe lower its prices
As if they needed an excuse to.
LOL. Where there's missing data, there's hope.Keep believing in Android my friend.
Complete fantasy, disconnected from all reality. Apple has been around for nearly 40 years; they don't play "race to the bottom" or "think same."
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