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We get a lot of contrarians who come here to tell other people how wrong they are.
 Both images show Bigfoot.
 The important thing is to show up first on some bar chart. People tend to remember that and forget the rest. Really.
 That's a better name than Ana Troc.
 Also, Apple enters a market with 100% marketshare and it's ALL DOWNHILL FROM THERE. /s What Odo doesn't realize is that first movers are also often first losers. Myspace beat Facebook, Yahoo came before Google, MapQuest before Google Maps. Samsung made MP3 players before the iPod, and Palm made smartphones before Apple, the Apple II came before the IBM PC, Mac came before Windows, and Windows and Windows CE tablets came before iPad. Heck, even the Newton came before the...
I think Samsung's lawyers just argued that the features they cram into their phones aren't worth very much. Makes a great marketing campaign: Galaxy S5: The Next Not Very Valuable Thing Is Here.
You mean scalpers would be deterred by first come first served?
It effectively isn't first come first served when the registration server is slammed with connection requests in the first minute. It's lottery by DDoS attack, and how fast you can refresh the page.
Officer, I know this looks bad, but this car load of stolen items isn't worth very much, honestly. Can't you just let me take it, then?
I thought the reason was explained in the article: Google Maps doesn't have Nessie. Apple Maps does. Apple 1, Google 0. Win.
New Posts  All Forums: