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The Apple Watch had better beat the Gear in the all-important Call of Duty benchmark or I'm not buying it.
Barcelona and Bulldozer? More like Balogna and Dozer.
Then Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are equally guilty of using DRM on content to lock you into buying their hardware. Of course a videogame might be published on all platforms, but then again, you don't have to by your music from iTunes either. DRM on content to specific vendor hardware does not equal antitrust violations.The ultimate end game of this suit is what? Money grab from lawyers? Get Apple to settle? Or to force Apple to license FairPlay?
I'm convinced DED posted this to flush out the Samsung apologists in the forums. Now there can be no doubt.
I think the benchmarks should be reproducible by any website willing to verify.But of course, tech websites love Samsung.
I recommend a good shampoo to help you with those split hairs.
 Schmidt calls Steve his hero.http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/tech/tech-news/Google-chairman-Eric-Schmidt-Steve-Jobs-is-my-hero/articleshow/44298616.cms
Antitrust? iPod users are not forced to buy their music through iTunes. They can rip CDs or download illegal music and play it on iPods. I don't get the merits of the case, but I'm sure our resident contrarian and armchair expert on everything will post a hand waving argument soon and save me from my ignorance.
When the iTunes business started, everyone was worried about Napster and rampant Internet piracy. Now history has been rewritten to make Apple into the big bad DRM wolf.
I also have no bends, and no case, and I carry it exclusively in my jeans' front pocket. I guess we're doing something wrong.
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