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I noticed Apple sometimes fails in a big, splashy way (Maps, MobileMe, FCPX), but steadily improves their software in a most quiet, low-profile manner. It really needs to be the other way around.
If you can't tell, does it matter? Is it just another spec list checkbox item to make you feel like the iPad is awesome?
Know what Google calls their beta software? "Beta."Know what Apple calls their beta software? "Version 1.0"Know what Microsoft calls their beta software? "New and improved version 2.1"
Apple users: "Maps sucks lol. Apple = fail."Apple: "K, now you can help us fix it."Apple users: "I'm gonna give you bad info lulz."Apple: "Sigh. We're doing this for you; don't you want better POI?"Apple users: "Nah, we just like complaining for the lulz"
The problem I have with your reasoning is that precision and complexity does not necessarily prove accuracy or truth. Verisimilitude does not prove truth.
The horror of looking like an iPhone.
The iPhone 15 will be shaped exactly like a piece of paper: razor thin and too big to hold in one hand. Because screen size one-upsmanship has no theoretical boundary.
Back to the machine shop, mockup makers!
What's the difference between what you call common knowledge and rumor?Think about it. You, like Simon Hobbs, can't tell between what is established fact and what is hearsay.
You forget the forum meme involved: it's only wrong when Apple does it.
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