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I recommend a good shampoo to help you with those split hairs.
 Schmidt calls Steve his hero.http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/tech/tech-news/Google-chairman-Eric-Schmidt-Steve-Jobs-is-my-hero/articleshow/44298616.cms
Antitrust? iPod users are not forced to buy their music through iTunes. They can rip CDs or download illegal music and play it on iPods. I don't get the merits of the case, but I'm sure our resident contrarian and armchair expert on everything will post a hand waving argument soon and save me from my ignorance.
When the iTunes business started, everyone was worried about Napster and rampant Internet piracy. Now history has been rewritten to make Apple into the big bad DRM wolf.
I also have no bends, and no case, and I carry it exclusively in my jeans' front pocket. I guess we're doing something wrong.
The link doesn't bring up any particular post, it just loads the top of page 2. What is it supposed to be? Proof you don't defend Apple from FUD?
1. Paying respects 2. Being CEO These two are not mutually exclusive. Grow up, people.
Wow, what did Tim do that's so damned objectionable?Now I know why some graves are overgrown, unkempt, and unvisited.
Attention YouTube channels: make big $$$ by bending a new 5K iMac! Haters gonna troll.
What's complete BS is that this did not create a bend-gate for the HTC One m8.
New Posts  All Forums: