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You forgot IoT: those cheap single-chip computers with the memory and processing power of a MP3 player. Microsoft won't stop until everything with a CPU is infected with Windows.
Click. Aww, damn it!!!
It's like the 1980s all over again /s
You are offended by the strangest things...
Gatorguy's "actual proof" is the fallacy of "absence of evidence is evidence of absence." He's desperate to exonerate Android.
So security through obscurity? Or lack of reporting in the news? What kind of security is that? Wishful thinking?
They make the chips in my PS4 and the discrete video of Macs. They're even the CPU of your precious Xbox One. so yeah, I've seen them lately.
Fourth OS, behind Windows Phone 7 8 10
You tell him it's infected with Stagefright and you'll buy it back in exchange for the souls of a couple of serial killers. Or Google executives.
It's a cure-all for modern computer memory bottlenecks? I think IGZO and Liquid Metal have competition in the unicorn department! The next iPad is doomed without it!
New Posts  All Forums: