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 Or "obsession with thinness."
Their primary job is to impress your friends--the ones who are easily impressed by specs.
Why is does the 10.5 have a home button/fingerprint reader at the edge of the bezel that would be the "bottom" when viewed in landscape mode, similar to the MS Surface tablet PC? The placement of the Samsung logo and camera would indicate the landscape orientation is "natural" for the big Tab, but not on the smaller one. Why is that? Aren't they both stretched-out Android cell phones?
The kitchen sink has found a new home.
 Take a tricorder reading. This handy plot device tells you whatever you want to know.
Why would you want a $500,000 airplane when you can buy a plane ticket?
So, just another ordinary day at Yahoo.
He probably means "urban culture". From Wikipedia:"In the United States, Urban culture may also sometimes be used as a euphemistic reference to (post-Great Migration) contemporary African American culture."Because the other dictionary definition of urban: relating to or characteristic of a city or town makes no sense in the context of the posts above that use the term.
For $0 I can read the nutrition label on what I'm about to drink, requires no batteries, and is dishwasher safe.
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