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If you think have a deserving cause worthy of a free song download, start your own parade and get 5000 Apple employees to support it.
There's also a sale on LGBT movies on iTunes.
 The current AirPort Extreme already has a dual-core Cortex A9 (Broadcom BCM53019) and 32MB of flash storage and 512MB of DDR3. Elite enough for you?If glorified digital watches can control a light switch with multi-day programming (including a "solar timetable" that uses your home's longitude and latitude to calculate sunrise and sunset during the year), the AirPort Extreme should be overkill already.
 Do you need A7-class processing power to turn some lights on and off? I got one of those programmable light switches that's barely more processing power than a $29 Casio digital watch with multiple alarms. Even something like Raspberry Pi is overkill for an automation controller.
 It's like when a ventriloquist fails to say the dummy's line in character during an act.Gotta love those moments. 
So the speculation is that the next Apple TV will be a "smart home bridge"? Maybe.   Some high-end custom homes had smart features, including a music, PA, smoke-, fire-, and motion-detectors, and light switches in every room. These devices were wired into custom servers running dedicated home automation software. Thanks to wifi, the cost of home network/automation can be more affordable. A low-powered network-connected device like Apple TV could easily run some kind of...
 I have to agree. The materials on the iPhone 4/4S were top notch.
 For real? Nothing probably. I mean, DED is quoting his own tweets. Whaaat? Who does that?  
You apparently didn't read the part where the CNBC guests were talking about what happened to BP CEO John Browne when he was outed. You should be disappointed that it caused a scandal and resulted in Browne's resignation, not that more CEOs don't come out and be your role model.Apple (the public corporation) has taken stands on social issues that define its values, and that's solely what defines Apple's values. And one of Apple's values is user privacy, is it not?
 Well, no.Mr. Stewart said John Browne was the first CEO to acknowledge being gay, and that other gay CEOs refuses to be named for his story.It was Simon Hobbs who thought it was common knowledge.
New Posts  All Forums: