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You'd think they would actually want Apple to compete head on in the search business. They're always going on about how "Apple needs competition, bah bah." You'd think they would want the same for Google in the search/ads biz, but they are oddly silent about it.
Ooooo...cards. The excitement never ends at Mountain View HQ.
"I highly doubt those tables are made of wood" = "I don't know and I won't bother checking, so here's my naysayers opinion, because it's just like reality, except it never disagrees with me or calls me wrong."Meanwhile, back in the real world,Source: http://www.ifoapplestore.com/the-stores-now-and-then/
Hardly. I've heard podcast interviews over Skype, or worse. There's a little bit of room echo when DED speaks, which can be cured with a good external mic set to the proper input level (not too high on the gain).
Thanks. I really prefer to use iTunes, because it's just integrated into iOS and Mac OS, and I prefer to manage my podcasts using the native interface. However I am currently listening to it in Mobile Safari from SoundCloud. It seems to work just fine. I like it so far. An interesting discussion.
Click it: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_in_Chinese_cultureAnd arm yourselves with knowledge.
The ceiling lights also appear to line up directly over each row of tables.
Sooo an Apple-centric podcast in iTunes is an afterthought. Come on, guys. Next you're going to tell us you made this on your Samsung ChromeBook...
But but but jetpacks! Robot cars! Eavesdropping appliances that listen to everything you say! Every display surface festooned with ads! This is innovation! Come join us in the future!
It's just the pump before the dump. To win, you have to game the system, in this case, the stock market.
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