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Perhaps you prefer one of the other 800 pound gorillas: Microsoft, Google, Amazon, FaceBook...
Huh. And yet the government let the Beats acquisition go through?
What's really strange is that it worked before. I suppose this makes it official.
Dear customers,We're sorry Apple Pay worked in the past, and we are committed to decreasing your payment options. Thank you choosing The Home Depot!
FaceBook, Google? Amazon? Here's what I don't understand: where was this concern a decade ago when Microsoft Windows ruled the desktop and for a while, the browser market ("best viewed on Internet Explorer")? And if the situation were reversed, and say, a company like Nokia had dominant position in Europe, would they lift a finger to help American firms compete there? Or is this just blatant protectionism?
Behold. The Internet of Things has begun.
You can hide icons you don't use. See my previous post.
You can hide any channel apps that clutter your screen. Select the icon, hold down the select button on the remote, and when it starts to jiggle, press Play/Pause button. You can also move the icons around.
But but but... AppleTV was only good for YouTube and now that it's gone from really old ones, Apple is just contributing to landfills. /s
If something is legal, make it illegal and then make Apple retroactively guilty and pay back taxes from when it was legal. Does that many sense? (I'm sure the pedants out there will point out why this is the wrong interpretation)
New Posts  All Forums: