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This "flaw" might be the solution for @rob53. If it isn't powered by HDMI, he could probably plug in the Fire TV stick into the HDMI inputs on his receiver which will automatically decode the audio stream while passing the video to his TV. The receiver's HDMI inputs do not need to be powered.
Citation of facts is required.(The voices in your head don't count)
I'm surprised anyone is defending CVS under the rubric of "credit card fees," and only a few. Most of the usual forum contrarians are silent or agreeing that this is a dick move.
He won't answer.
Then why are credit cards still accepted by those retailers?
 So tell me: If merchants were so fed up with credit card fees, why haven't they ripped the credit card terminals out of their cash registers and posted a sign that says: "CASH ONLY"? They're STILL ACCEPTING credit cards. They're STILL PAYING credit card fees. Disabling NFC terminals had nothing to do with credit card fees, and you know it. Large retailers already know that a certain percent of their customers are going to use credit cards each year, so they adjust prices...
Who is the hypocrite? Apple hasn't blocked their app. What are you talking about?
You didn't read the thread that closely did you? You'd see that probably 85 posts were contrarian drivel about killing trees or being too lazy to scan receipts, all of which is Apple's fault.
You would think Google, Inc. and MCX would be united by their love of tracking customers like cattle, for marketing purposes.
 Understanding why does not equal condoning it.  There's nothing stopping CurrentC from cutting out the credit card companies' tax while simultaneously offering customers more convenience, privacy, and security. But as implemented, CurrentC choses to treat customers like captive animals: to be bagged, tagged, and studied. And by turning off NFC payment terminals, CVS/Rite Aid are not letting their customers choose between these payment options, so all that's going to...
New Posts  All Forums: