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First rule of the troll: stubborn intransigence.
He sounded like he was hedging his bets.
I got one of my friends IRL to admit he was wrong. He's an iOS hater (your typical gadget geek who buys new hardware every 3-6 months) through and through who predicted The Giant iPod Touch™ would fail to sell at launch. Then it became the fastest selling Apple product of all time (still). He admitted he was wrong, but only because I confronted him face-to-face, and there was no weaseling his way out of facts. Online he wouldn't admit it. The web is a safe haven for...
 Now closing in on 1 million views.I love how the Squaretrade video says it's not "bendgate 2" even though the S6 Edge bends at the same pressure, plus a cracked screen. Proving once again that "bendgate" is not an objective measure of deformation or percentage of people with the problem, but a hyped, fabricated and perpetuated online meme.
The haters have their attack narratives already set: If it sells well, they will claim "Apple fans will buy anything from Apple" If it tanks, they will claim "Tim Cook and Jony Ive are failures and Apple is DOOMED" If it does OK but not great, then goal posts will be moved to fit one of the above narratives
Actually, more like rotary dial POTS analog land line phones.
You can spot a troll from the way they keep posting the same discredited memes.
Lol. That thread is hilarious!The mental gymnastics needed to give Sammy a pass is to blame...(wait for it)...(wait for it)...Fedex! Or UPS! Or both. Vague hand-waving smokescreen about "they alway throw my packages YARDS across a room" and "EXCESSIVE dust" therefore dead pixels and screen scratches. They stopped short of addressing why (1) other products shipped by those nasty carriers don't have dead pixels and scratches. I'm waiting for someone to claim that Apple...
Samsung must have hand-picked the review units they sent to the press and tech bloggers.
Haven't these plaintiffs heard? Only Apple needs competition. Google does not.
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