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As seen on MTV's Cribs.
Those were the days
Wow. Way to shit on introverts. "OMG you're missing out." No, introverts just express themselves differently, but some people can't handle different and want to stomp it out and force them to conform to their standard of conduct.
I used to run Linux with an X server (XFree86) on a 25Mhz 486 laptop with 4MB of RAM and an 80MB HDD. And NeXT used to run on 25Mhz 68040s and 16MB of RAM.All Moore's Law has done is to create exponentially increasing expectations about hardware over time.
Expectations of "enough RAM" expands to fill available RAM. I remember surfing the web with desktop PCs equipped with only 1GB of RAM. And my 2010-generation MacBook Air has only 2GB RAM total. What's changed? Did web browsers become memory hogs?
They're taking this way too personally. And tribally.
Don't hate Americans because we're awesome.
It's customary in the US to use Imperial units of weight except for pharmaceuticals.
Apple released a new 8GB model also called iPhone 4, well after the larger screen iPhone 5 began selling.
Part theft, or industrial espionage?
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