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Pretty much. The term has no rigorously objective definition.
 Completely do away with in-device storage? Not in the near future. If that ever happens, then it means there's a ton of functionality in iCloud, and it can be accessed on demand, i.e., similar to Google's vision for Chromebook. I don't think Apple will go that route because they've built an app and content eco-system that relies on local storage. Recall that when the iPhone was launched in 2007, the only way to write apps for it was Chromebook-style web apps running in...
 Do you have anything other than a weak argument by analogy to support your claims? Will you retract it when you're proven wrong 18 months from now? I thought so.
There's nothing wrong with that vision of how cloud services "should" work. You just have to understand (you may not appreciate) that Apple is offering a competing vision that is currently quite centric to their hardware platforms. Because I don't care for Google or Microsoft's solutions, I am naturally partial to Apple's.However, I'm glad that Google offers you what you want, and really, it's the market that will decide what the winning strategy is.Regardless, I am not...
 I agree that with regards to web-based services, Apple needs to step up their game so that a majority of users aren't left wanting to use alternative services because of key features. iCloud services should be that good on their own merits, rather than relying solely on "it's conveniently integrated with Apple hardware" as the primary reason for choosing Apple's services.
I don't remember the name, but that was so two-three years ago. I could look it up but I don't wanna summon the neurons.
Apple has made a few pivots on its way to the cloud future, and the story of them "figuring it all out" is not that unusual. For one thing, the world was changing rapidly: Internet was getting faster and cheaper, home WiFi was on the rise, and these were necessary pieces to make cloud computing everywhere work the way it should. But before the iPhone, there still wasn't a compelling reason for most people to put their data in the cloud; the only people who did and paid for...
 The threshold for creating a new account and posting drivel is amazingly low.
No, but he would no doubt tell us that "not everyone at Apple is happy with this choice of band" and that the next executive to quit will be because of it. The band also reflects poorly on Tim Cook's performance as CEO. And Steve would never choose this band.
No date and time? Let me guess: Who needs a watch to tell you the time when your phone has the time?
New Posts  All Forums: