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But 1000000 x 0 = 0
I'm making fun of the fact that Samsung was so quick to say "64-bit mobile CPU? Me too!!!" the same day Apple dropped the mic.
That would be a mistake. They already claimed the next phone after the Galaxy S4 would have a 64-bit chip. So that must mean the S5 is already 64-bits. /s
I came to believe a major reason why Apple made the iPhone 6 an oversized phone was to win over the phablet crazy Asian market. The plan seems to have worked.
My Samsung flip phone stopped working before my contract was up. It was the only phone I ever owned that failed.
"Jeeves, tell my driver to ready the horses and my barouche, and let us never hear about this Tesla electric motor carriage nonsense again."
Gloating about Apple's supposed hypocrisy brings delight and joy into their miserable lives. I say, they can gloat when this is breaking news, not a breaking rumor. A well-loved analyst mass mailing a research note isn't equal to Phil Schiller announcing it on stage at Moscone Center.
People aim that criticism at whatever arbitrary Apple product line is not selling or not being updated fast enough. The Mac Pro. The iPod. Thunderbolt monitors. The MacBook Air. Your criticism belongs in the same bucket. Arbitrary sky-is-falling hand-wringing over Apple's future. Why?
Clearly you haven't heard of the Newton, or the mockery it received from the press. Or the runaway failure of an experiment that was called the Microsoft Windows Tablet with Pen Extensions. These things prove Jobs was correct.
I wonder if I can go through customs with fruits and vegetables taped to my underwear like that...
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