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So, more specs. And longer battery life on the iMac. Got it.
Because why?
I guess they stopped saying "...whose real name is Andre Young..."
No, because the Internet is a very big place.
Oh no! Without Broadwell, the iMac will have terrible battery life. /s
I have a feeling that lack of hard infornation brings out the worst FUD.
That's a good bet to make.It appears that Apple used the same display panel for the current 27" iMac as the 27" Thunderbolt Display.
 LOL. Dissociative trolling disorder.
For Blendtec, yes.
What's stupid is the obviously fake video timeline in the bending video. Not to mention that it is obviously a deliberate attempt to bend it, as opposed to the result of normal use. The reported amount of bending in real world use cases was very slight compared to what the edited video shows.
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