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You mean like "Will It Blend"? Not covered.
Still not a peep from the mainstream tech sites. Apparently, bendgate is only worth mention when it's associated with Apple. The Apple hate runs deep.
BF? Banned.
Oh boy. Here we go again. You know the drill.
"Thanks for visiting the Apple Store. We'll be back soon!"
Carly's opinion. Might as well post an article telling us Michael Spindler's opinion.
It's not being covered widely by other sites. Just AI, MR, and BGR. Most other sites are silent. I do not think it's due to anti-Apple bias, but rather the phenomenon of media reporting on anything trending in social media--something CNN does pretty regularly. The YouTubers behind Bendgate created enough smoke to make everyone in the press repeat "fire! fire!" before they moved on to the next story of the day. No follow up, no depth, just headine grabbing.
So glad HP doesn't do business in China. Oh wait. Rule of the troll: It's only hypocritical when Apple does it.
Tune in April 11 for the forum Fandroid narrative of "major disappointment" if the 42mm Rose Gold model is still shipping April 24. If shipping times quickly move to "In 3-4 weeks" then the troll narrative will be how Apple has "artificially limited supplies." Rule of the troll: Everything is a sign of Apple's failure.
Skylake. That's when you should buy. /s
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