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Big event announcing an iPhone knockoff in a black mock turtleneck, jeans, and sneakers?(shakes head slowly)
iTunes 7.0 broke "compatibility" with a FairPlay hack? What's next? Apple being sued for breaking "compatibility" with iOS jail break tools?
What's a Microsoft? Some 90s thing?
"...that Apple must learn to live in" Right. More doomsayers from those who thought Apple couldn't possibly maintain its Mac business against cheap PCs. Yet Macs sales are up. As for Xiaomi's margins on its cheap-ass Android knock-offs, let's see which company runs a tighter supply chain without compromising quality.
Shipping (to the end user or retail) is only part of the story. Apple uses logistics across suppliers and manufacturing partners to keep their supply chain humming. The parts of an iPhone or MacBook Pro aren't all manufactured on site in Foxconn's factory. Apple moves a lot of physical materials around the planet. Something the BOM-thumpers like iFixit conveniently ignore when deconstructing Apple's supposed costs.
The Mile High Class.
 Actually, it's Sí se puede.
That is true. I don't think Apple enforces UI guidelines. It's why Microsoft apps look like Metro UI and Goog apps look like Lollipop. And some third party iOS apps look absolutely horrid, like they written by Visual Basic developers from an IT department.
And the people of North Korea believe they are free because they are not in a North Korean prison cell.http://m.imore.com/until-drm-dies-itunes-no-worse-lock-in-amazin-google-anyone-else
Christian Bailed.
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