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Relative to normal. After all, Apple products make great gifts.
To maximize google ad impressions, AppleInsider plans to regurg every Bloomberg story into 5 AppleInsider articles each. The articles will be padded with 85% boilerplate text that includes Dr. Dre's real name, Iovine's history with Steve Jobs, and Ming-chi Kuo's impressive track record.
I sometimes see the ads on my iPad or iPhone. AppleInsider is quite literally suckling at Google's tit. It's no wonder they serve up so much Android/Samsung love.
Smaller relative to the size of the screen. Probably an optical illusion?
In the absence of news from Apple, rumor sites fill the void with fanciful creations and speculations. This is the nature of the rumor industry.
Martin doesn't work for Apple, so you are likely to be disappointed.
But them google ad impressions won't serve themselves up.
Please. If they wanted to chase trends, they would make a smaller iPad and a bigger iPhone and someday a 6" phablet that replaces both and runs Android and is stuffed with geek-self-esteem-raising specs. /s
I've found music on YT because in a few minor cases, the song wasn't available anywhere else. But I'm pretty sure YT has to respond to DMCA take down requests from recording labels, so not quite sure why this is even a thing.
That would please the self-important tech pundits and Valley chinwags, but so would Apple making Android phablets. In other words, Apple's doesn't acquire companies to impress the pundits.
New Posts  All Forums: