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 She seems to be thanking iCloud for the pizza and self-serve chocolate ice cream.
 Good practice run. You're now prepared for the real Fandroids. Battle stations: Sept 9 is around the corner.
 Stop blaming the victims when their privacy is breached. Apple, how could you?Now I'll only trust my secrets to Google. /s
Non-tech sites and social media are talking about how celebrity photos were "leaked" and focusing on the damage to the celebrities. Tech sites are yammering about an iCloud "hack" and excited about how it makes Apple look bad.
  Probably for some Samsung-fanboy stunt like this Verge shithead pulled at D11:It's one thing to ask Tim Cook to give us his point of view, but when you keep imposing your point of view (by asking rhetorically)--even to the point of interrupting while Tim is answering, it stops being journalism.
 It can run Microsoft Office. /s
Same old FUD:Walled garden Obsession with thinness Battery life (see also "obsession with non-removable batteries") Antennagate 2: antenna bands(TM) No 1080p Protruding lens ring iCloud hack But but but Edward Snowden Proprietary Lightning connector instead of non-reversible USB Micro-B No stereo speakers like HTC
Two-factor authentication + server-side intrusion detection. That's all I will say on the subject. Back on topic.
I think they have their heads stuck up their asses like every day. P.S., as of Monday morning, I noticed Ars Technica hasn't posted about it either, and they cover both tech and internet culture, which is how this "hack" got started (reddit, social media, etc). They may eventually mention it, but I wouldn't take it as a sign of any malfeasance. It is Labor Day in the US, where I think most of the AI writers are.
I thought he/she was referring to Apple's official web forums, but yeah, as far as making suggestions for "fixing" iTunes (or whatever) it should be sent to Apple's product feedback web submission form, rather than posted on one of their forum pages. I assume he/she is only posting here out of frustration. Something that Tim Cook mentioned at D10: when Apple users don't like something Apple does, they get mad at Apple. But when a Compaq customer is unhappy about Compaq,...
New Posts  All Forums: