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The alarm goes "developers developers developers!"And there are sweat stains under his armpits.
This is what we call a meme sandwich. A meme with another on top and one below it.
I have no idea what the tagline meant.
They're not hands-down faster than regular computers.
Probably another one of his many aliases
He had this whole "one more thing" speech prepared but scrapped it for "the rumor mill spoiled our surprise, but try to look delighted when I say 5K iMac."
From what I can gather reading up on the topic, it's all of the above: higher costs for transceiver chips and cables (compared to USB), Intel being persnickety about the TB vendors it would certify, and PC manufacturers' sensitivity to costs (given the low margin nature of that business). All conspired to result in low "natural" (read: "interest driven") adoption.There's a problem of market positioning. A common retort in tech threads says TB is never going to displace USB...
Yellow ones.
Which videos? The Live stream or the videos embedded in this article?
I hope the full interview will stimulate lot of interesting discussion on a variety of topics, but who am I kidding? It's going to be about one thing. And we all know what that is.
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