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No, but AppleInsider acquired all of Apple's patent illustrations, apparently
It seems amateur hour is not over.
Really? Because they don't even have a "split screen" feature on the 27" iMac. What makes you think they would put it on a 12.9" screen?
Not in 2014. Samsung likes to "innovate" in 0.2-inch increments, in order to milk every last drop of "innovation" out of the phablet market.
The rumor mill worked very hard to fabricate this fantasy. Enjoy it!
I like how AppleInsider slaps their watermark on an image found in Apple's patent filing. I guess because they were the "first to discover" the image on a public patent database?
I believe that is the way auctions work, yes.
C'mon. The collectors edition TAM can still run Mac OS 9 for many generations.
Ironically, the first thing Bill Gates is going to load on it is Windows Vista.
That's not how Apple looks at it. They'll just sell a few more iPhone 5s' worldwide to make up the difference.
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