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But I do appreciate copyists being called 'innovators', just because they are Google. No bad labels can stick to Google. They're made of Teflon.
We're actually ringing the dinner bell for the Google lickers to come out and play!
All Foxconn problems automatically become Apple problems in the press, even though Foxconn manufactures for lots of tech companies.
Maybe she can make Borg implants fashionable. A little color, a little design. Maybe a promotion with Bentley. Something to sell us on the idea of wearing that prosthetic eye replacement for surreptitious data collection is not so creepy.
Google is at the intersection of liberal arts and technology. /s
Looking outside the tech field for wearables? Where does Google management get such great ideas? Maybe Microsoft or Facebook?
I fail to see the point of your question. Do they need to prove they aren't toys and gadgets?
 It's a design goal for the iPhone.
 Watch this:
The video looks a lot like those corporate branding marketing pieces that companies shoot with some figurehead describing what makes the brand super awesome and passionate. Luxury brands started it, but now every big company is shooting videos like that. Eventually, it'll be overdone and cliche and marketing people will look for something else to copy.
New Posts  All Forums: