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 The difference here is that DED can back up what he says. Can you?Didn't think so.
You know, for all the haters calling this article "asinine" and/or dismissing DED as a writer, no one has attacked the source or facts presented in the article as inaccurate, slanted, or fiction. Not even even the smokescreen of FUD, which is frequently used to dilute anything they don't want to believe to be true. Wow. DED's got 'em right where he wants: cornered and writhing. 
 What's really funny are people who didn't read the article past the headline because they assumed DED was making up another anti-Android polemic. Except he's not making it up. This time there really is a wolf when DED cried "wolf!"
 AppleInsider doesn't understand the difference.
 How is he kidding? The information in this article was already reported days ago on other, more reputable websites. Search the web and you'll find it elsewhere, but without DED's name (and spin) attached to it. So if DED's opinion bothers you that much, there are plenty of other news sites; AppleInsider doesn't have an exclusive on anything.
Look at all the wonderful things you can do with a pocket-sized phone! These actors depict ordinary people, not the kind who need a larger screen and lots of specs to feel good about their elite tech purchases. I'm going to miss pocketable iPhones when they're gone… OTOH, they can bring back that Pixies song, "Gigantic" for the next iPhone. Should mean something different.  
 Weekend's not over yet in this time zone.
 LOL they're not clumsy.
The iPhone doesn't need a second screen. If it does, then maybe the iPhone is getting too big and unwieldy like the Android phablets, which needs a second screen on the wrist so you don't have to pull out your gigantic Galaxy Note 3 just to take a phone call. No really--that's the logic an Apple-hating friend of mine used to justify his Galaxy Gear! Never mind that he was adding more screens, more batteries to keep charged, and more future tech waste to keep from having to...
I'm going to assume that ************ is The Site Who Shall Not Be Named.And we all know which site that is anyway.
New Posts  All Forums: