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Googs already made a Glass app for iPhone so iPhone users could become glassholes. I don't see why not make Android Wear compatible with the iPhone. I have no interest in Android Wear, but the Google-licking trolls that live in these forums would.
Whoa. The exactly moment of Sony's decline can be pinpointed to the release of this product.
It's only wrong when Apple wins it.
But but but
He said, without sarcasm.
At least there's less waste!
"Respond and adapt" is industry euphemism for "copy and paste." Especially if what Apple does is truly "disruptive."
The patent trolls who sue Apple should also get benefits or unionize.
>> Meh.
It's one of the few events you can attend where everybody is staring down at their phone, and it's totally normal.
New Posts  All Forums: