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His business card says "Brand Engagement through Social Media Platforms".
 Wait, let me get this straight.So you saw the movie and that means your opinion is the only valid one and everyone else who hasn't seen the movie is a "whiner"? Right?But doesn't Roger Ebert also see the movies he reviews? Doesn't that make his opinion as valid as yours? But that's not what you're saying: you just slammed Roger Ebert for making a movie that "flopped abysmally", so for Roger Ebert to have a valid opinion, he has to be a commercially successful filmmaker...
I'd rather read the Isaacson biography.
Like all the concern trolls who post, "I love Apple, but let's be honest..."
Just wait until Microsoft launches Office for Xbox One. "Honestly. It works for work."
As a practical matter, a 17-year old should be finding way to pay for a $2000+ camera herself, or at least come up with a better plan than "asking for more expensive gifts"I personally think a 17-year old needs to start solving problems with, and living within resource constraints. It's a crucial skill.It also suggests that if it was her money, she might pick more modest equipment to learn photography with. I mean, if someone wants to learn to be a race car driver, Formula...
No, but AppleInsider acquired all of Apple's patent illustrations, apparently
It seems amateur hour is not over.
Really? Because they don't even have a "split screen" feature on the 27" iMac. What makes you think they would put it on a 12.9" screen?
Not in 2014. Samsung likes to "innovate" in 0.2-inch increments, in order to milk every last drop of "innovation" out of the phablet market.
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