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Apple's bands are really, really well made. I was impressed by the quality when I went to try on the Watch back in May. The sport band is still my everyday use band, but I was thinking getting a black stainless steel link bracelet to go with social events.
 Show me one person in these forums who has put Steve Jobs "neatly into the saint category."
 I'm not at all discouraging anyone from seeing this movie, but it is a pure character assassination piece, and Cue's comment about "mean spirited" is something I agree with. The list of people interviewed--or more accurately--the list of people interviewed PLUS those whose testimony was cribbed from archival interviews--sums up the whole problem with Alex Gibney's documentary, and why he said he reached the conclusion that Steve was a horrible person not worthy of the...
Don't knock it. IGZO would solve all of Apple's iPad sales woes. Those iPads would have to carry warning stickers telling users not to look at the screen for more than 5 minutes at a time, or risk eye damage from retinal orgasms.
You don't know me, so your completely erroneous presumptions will be excused.
So now I have a reason to set foot in a BMW dealership? I don't know. Speculation anyways. Apple partnered with Motorola to sell a phone + iPod hybrid, the Moto ROKR, but it was a pretty 'meh'. There was also "Apple + HP" branded iPods. What's the point? I don't think Apple has an appetite for co-branding. They'd rather make sure CarPlay is a thing against the Android horde. Why risk CarPlay adoption across all auto manufacturers by marrying and having a baby with BMW?
I stand corrected.
Personally waiting for class action because my Nike Air Jordans didn't make me a basketball star, as promoted by their advertising.
The rumor mill sometimes misses new products when Apple doesn't redesign the case. For example, the new iPod Touch, and the up-spec'd iPad 4 were both surprises that didn't leak earlier.
You'd be surprised how many people practice: buy optimistically, sell in a panic.
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