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What would you know about what Apple users want?
Sounds like it. Make search part of the device experience.
TT has quietly slipped out the back door already.
The nice thing about Genius Bar appointments is that you know exactly when they will be.
I agree that they do a good job ranking relevant results for most searches, but I still don't like them. As for "amazing" other products, no, they do not.
I'm glad Google finally has a search engine bot because Apple needs competition. /s
Perhaps you prefer one of the other 800 pound gorillas: Microsoft, Google, Amazon, FaceBook...
Huh. And yet the government let the Beats acquisition go through?
What's really strange is that it worked before. I suppose this makes it official.
Dear customers,We're sorry Apple Pay worked in the past, and we are committed to decreasing your payment options. Thank you choosing The Home Depot!
New Posts  All Forums: