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 Well, no.Mr. Stewart said John Browne was the first CEO to acknowledge being gay, and that other gay CEOs refuses to be named for his story.It was Simon Hobbs who thought it was common knowledge.
Why would Gary Oldman use an HTC One M8? It doesn't make sense.   More likely, it was the last update prior to the end of production.  
I think rumor fatigue is a bigger problem...
  Here's my homage to my favorite spelling error:  
 The original headline was about a Time Cook.Which I imagine is a chef who travels back in time from the future. But you are right that AppleInsider plays fast and loose with new, rumors, predictions, and opinions: it's all one unlabeled toxic hell stew of disinformation, bundled with Google Ads for profiteering.
You forget that Amazon only has power because consumers like you give it to them. Remember that the next time you choose to by from Amazon (or Wal-Mart for that matter) instead of the local business owners up and down High Street that you claim to lament for the destruction of. Those destroyed businesses wished people like you would buy from them instead. That's all it takes.
That's the spirit. Keep hope alive!
I don't see why. AppleInsider starts off by saying how reality is far less exciting than Apple fans' wildest speculations then goes on to give example of why. Why would coming back to reality be depressing? This isn't Willy Wonka's Sapphire Factory.
Oh, AI. Someday you might get to sit at the grown-ups table.
That's Tim's secret identity
New Posts  All Forums: