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The same arguments were posted about the introduction of the Lightning connector, when it replaced the 30-pin iPod Dock Connector. Except instead of "headphones" it was sound docks and charging cradles. Whining and complaining. Accusations of greed.
It's a phone, not a doorstop.
Sound quality was so last century.
Wonders who will pay to play at Samsung's Tizen World Developers Conference...?
"Crappy"? Who makes the most popular portable music player?
"Apple...affirmed to" = language to obfuscate who is "affirming." It's not Apple that is affirming this. AI does this all the time in their headlines.
The headphone jack takes up significant internal volume? Bitch, please. Everyone wants gigantic phones full of gigahertzes and HD's. /s
AppleInsider needs to stop using those fake fantasy product illustrations. They're always ludicrous. You don't know what they look like.
To be Apple's biggest market, the demand in China only needs to be bigger than the US. Apple doesn't have to have the most marketshare there, and they won't ever.Do you know that Western luxury products are HIGHLY sought after by China's emerging wealthy and middle class? Everything from Audi to Cadillac, Gucci to Burberry. Have you seen the big flagship Apple Stores with long lines of Chinese consumers waiting for the next iPhone?
Especially when Apple's largest market is going to be China.
New Posts  All Forums: