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Or false flag posts?Pro-Apple comments are a powerful troll attractant on the Internet.The lack of trolling suggests they are fake posts.
LOL. Somebody post that video!I think he had a dialing wand, and the voice prompt said to mash the keypad if he lost his dialing wand.
True.I'd rather they focus on something less flashy and more practical if they're swinging for the fences. A cure for cancer, for example.
Why doesn't Apple just design & sell its own controller?
Funny how Apple gets slammed for charitable donations as "wasting investors' money" while Google earns geek love for funding jet pack "research."I don't know how a jet pack could ever be made practical. Without wings for lift, a Thunderball-style jet pack has to expend fuel constantly to accelerate against gravity, just to hover in place.
I have agree. AI is using itself as the source (linking to itself, to an article citing Ming-chi Kuo as the source). "Apple is widely expected to" is a weasel phrase because the subject is not identified: who is expecting Apple to? You start a rumor, spread it around the web, then say, "Look! The web widely expects this! It must be true if everyone is expecting it!"
The MacBook Air comes in two sizes.So does the MacBook Pro.
It would hilarious if the final product looked different from these touted mockups. It has happened before.
Every major company copies Apple.FTFY
That's a very good question. I wish AppleInsider would dig into that, instead of the usual click bait editorials
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