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The upcoming 6.5 inch model will have more Full HDs, three times the gigahertzes, give you a blow job in the parking lot, and make you king of the geeks. It will also have a negative bezel width so the screen is actually wider than the phone.
You can file a complaint with AppleInsider's photography and art department. Oh wait, they get their news and photos from other sites.
I think there are worse Stevenotes. Just search YouTube for his keynote mistakes. Someone has compiled the videos.The iPad announcement was one of the last times Steve was on hand to change the world. Twenty months later, he would resign as CEO.
Microsoft and Google are selling unified platforms. Apple is selling unified user experiences.
I agree. If I don't buy a 5.5 inch version, people will question my manhood and my Android friends will laugh at me. /s
The iPod Shuffle and the previous gen (clip-on) nano are already an example of a "wearable device."
It's nice having the same battery life whether your screen is mostly dark or mostly bright. iPhones users don't have to fret about these things.
I dunno but if they add an X button to that, they can call it PlayStation.
Someone in the forums said Apple made iOS 7 full of bright screens and colors because Android dare not go there for fear of draining their precious battery life by lighting up all those jumbo sized OLEDs.Looks like I was wrong! Google fell for it!
 I need a screen in my phone, my wrist, my car, and my eyewear.When Google runs out of places to put a screen and CPU, it means an end to Android.
New Posts  All Forums: