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Helping them sign up for creative cloud!
Apple and Adobe have traditionally collaborated. Apple licensed PostScript for their early LaserWriters, and Apple licenses DisplayPDF for OS X.
It was posted on TechCrunch.As for RAW support, Mac OS X supports RAW, so for example, it works in iPhoto.
Oh no. The 3 people still running Aperture will be heartbroken. The rest have "already moved to Lightroom" to be closer to Adobe, or are just stopping by to post the expected "Apple doesn't care about pros" meme.
Ulrich Hackenberg? Sounds like a made up name.
Reading about all the bullets I keep dodging by staying on iOS 6
Simple??? WTF??? That's way too many conditions!The simple simple answer is: analysts are right when you agree with them, wrong when you don't.
In GoogleWorld, you don't drive the car, the car drives you!Also in GoogleWorld, you don't see the ads, the ads see you!
That's not fair. Google Glass is supposed to be worn as a virginity keeper.
You're forgetting the self-esteem boost for geeks too embarrassed to show their inferior-spec 4.7" iPhone 6 in public. /s
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