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Celebration time!
I understand that a multi-year contract exists, so that would still be in effect for HP. And remember: HP used to sell iPods.
Sounds like an improvement.
And to think Phil wanted to fire TBWA...
How do you know that? I don't see anything on these cables that says "for iPhone 5.5 inch" other that what nowhereelse.fr claims it to be. If someone snaps a blurry picture of a large dark shape in the woods, do you believe the attached claim that it is Bigfoot?
My God it's happening. Just like the old gypsy woman said.
The iPhone 5c and 5s are selling very well: combined sales are up 12.7% from the year before.
More bad new for Blackberry
Well, then there should be no more excuses for Comcast taking 4 hours to stream a 2-hour movie from iTunes over a 18Mbps cable line any more...
 Kuo sent it to your gmail account?
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