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Someone has to pick up the design mantle left by Steve. No better person than Ive.
An interesting counterpoint to those old posts from Fandroids who argued that eventually, the sheer number of Android devices out there would tip the developers' hand to develop for Android first. Android's high marketshare rides on the back of device and spec fragmentation, which is not attracting developers.
Who is "we"? Stop making things up.
It started a long time ago.
 Well you asked me a question, and I gave you an answer.So maybe I should be asking you "that's all you got?"
 I said Apple doesn't need evangelists like it's still 1996. Pay attention.
Good idea. You go first.
Apple doesn't need evangelists. It's no longer 1996.
False flag: disowned, disavowed.
Don't rationalize it.Apple streams FaceTime, iTunes Radio, iTunes previews, multi-gigabyte 1080p movies to AppleTV, and iTunes Music Match every day.Only trolls looking for a cheap shot will complain repeatedly about one failed live stream.
New Posts  All Forums: