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 I thought fat-cats had nicer watches 
Nothing is less believable.
This thread has completely derailed. As predicted.
 The mobile phone industry had nothing to worry about from the iPhone.Microsoft, Nokia, Palm, RIM. They predicted its doom right from the get go.This was the mindset of the time, seven years ago:
A real bookstore? Looks like Apple is backing the establishment against Amazon.  
 She had his baby, then he dumped her when the new model came out.
Designed in California. Made in Switzerland*. (*May contain up to 49% parts and sweat from China by cost)
I thought Samsung was number one and Apple was chasing Samsung, or is that just Wall St.'s version of reality? I'm confused. Why would the number one brand run attack ads on the number two brand? It's a well know rule of marketing that the number two brand attack the number one brand (for example the "Mac vs PC" ads have always been Apple's campaign, not Microsoft's, or "The Pepsi Challenge" was Pepsi's campaign, not Coke's). Why would Samsung perpetually compare itself to...
 The original iPhone is 7 years old. And it was capable of being used for 3 days (easily) between charges.
Chart full of specs. 
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