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Of course it can be patented.
Sooo...the replacement screen on the Galaxy Note 2 is 96% the price of the whole thing?
I noticed a bunch of numbers increasing away from the center of the "home" button. The outer edges are marked 31.6. Assuming that these are millimeters, the width of the molding is therefore 63.2mm. The current iPhone 5s, for comparison, is 58.6mm wide. Also assuming that the schematic is proportional, I straighten the photo of the schematic (it was taken at a slight angle, but not too skewed) got the following measurements (+/-1.0 mm for accuracy):   Attribute...
 What is that? a VHS duplicator? 
 What else can they do? Product placement is product placement.
 I am have to agree on this one. If Amazon's steaming video (yes, I said steaming, as in steaming pile) is a deal breaker, he should have done some basic research (not hard to do, see Internet) before buying. Even if he's impulse buying at a retail store, he can look up the answer on his gigantic Samsung phone before entering the checkout line. We're not talking about finding out something esoteric, but a key feature. Some retail stores have the AppleTV connected and on...
All the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park were also real. I saw them move and eat people. No way that was faked.
Few points:Printer ink? Do people still print things? I thought we went digital as a culture, where things could be exchanged electronically. I even take paper invoices and checks I get and scan them for information archives. And Apple Stores will email your receipts. Ink jets and their consumables feel like an anachronism. I'm curious as to what people need to print these days.The salesperson is obviously not there to be the source of sage advice when it comes to tech; he...
New meaning to the term "Apple-powered."
"It's basically a hyperlink" is the new "it's just rounded rectangles." Not impressed. It's apologetics masquerading as elucidation.
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