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It was rampant on those house flipping reality TV shows a few years back. The host would admonish the amateur house flipper who paid their building contractor the entire amount up front and found themselves waiting for them to show up on the first day of the project. Without fail. It's like a rule with contractors.I think Apple had contingent payments and from the sound of it, Apple paid most of their commitment to GTAT, with only the final payment withheld. And they were...
You know what happens when you pay your general contractor the entire amount up front? He won't show up on the first day of work. That's why you don't pay them in advance.
Ok, now they're crooks and liars.
Says the guy from the country that:Invented flightWent to the moonBuilt the first atomic bombCreated the first silicon microprocessorCreated the iPhone
you never presented hard evidence when asked. You just wait for "reports" to roll in insinuating maybe criminal activity and call them crooks and liars.
The PC is winning /s
The survey was for "smartwatch based payment" not specific to any brand.
Pixel density is not a competition. The ink jet printer manufacturers ran that into the ground a decade ago, and have been stale ever since.
Yes, Norway. That's what Finland calls itself these days.
 Desperate trolls call for desperate memes.
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