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The thieves will arrive with rebreathers.
Or a sign that says: DRIVE SAFELY
Bill and Steve buried the hatchet long ago, so probably not.
If that's the plan of attack, what's the point of a metal security gate behind the glass? It just mars the appearance of the store when closed. An active security system is needed. How about claymores triggered by radar when it senses a large metal object approaching the window at speed? Or popup barriers like the ones in Watchdogs?
The trick is to make a lot of noise.
A 4.7", 5.5" and now a 5.6" model? Apple is turning into a certain Korean company who shall not be named. /s
The article is more click bait. I don't take it seriously.
McDonalds. Bleech. Time for yoga.
Not sure what problem that is supposed to solve.
A technicality.Are you aware that senior managers at large firms are often given the option to resign if they sign "don't badmouth the company" agreements? (Most just make no comment at all, like Scott Forstall). The media reported that Forstall was fired--even though Apple never said that. But his silence is no coincidence.So you are technically correct, and I know how important it is for you to split hairs . The original Reuters article didn't turn that into...
New Posts  All Forums: