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With cable companies you have to know the right number to call. Call for sales and they'll answer that on the first ring.
My 2007 MacBook Pro. Too thick, too heavy. Hardly ever used the built-in optical drive. Small capacity removable battery didn't last long. I wish it was like a MacBook Air.My 2009 iPhone 3GS. Too thick. Way too thick, and terrible battery life. It failed under warranty, so I got it replaced and the replacement died not long after I upgraded to the iPhone 4, which was thinner and better made, but still too thick and brick-like. I like the iPhone 6. It's just right.My 2012...
I wonder why it took Target so long to adopt ApplePay, NFC for their retail operations. As of today they still do not.The ones nearest me have the upgraded pay terminals, but the NFC and even the smart chip reader isn't working, so all you can do is swipe the mag stripe reader. It's pathetic. You'd think if one company would jump on the security bandwagon, it would be Target.
Naysay much? Isn't it more accurate to think of it as Chile with the copper?
I just wish AI and the rest of the tech websites would stop paying attention to them, but their teardown are free publicity, and sites like AI get clicks for linking to them. It doesn't even matter whether their BOM estimates are accurate or not.
But it's only a story when it embarrasses Apple!
Heh. I plan to call them tomorrow about my Watch order. Joining the herd.
I remember that forum thread was pretty epic. There some trolls whose only defense of CurrenC was that credit card companies were greedy. As if QR codes was how consumers wanted to pay. In any case, too late for BB. I had stopped shopping their years ago.
Ok. Anything else?
They were before Steve died... /s
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