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  Don't worry. The tech pundits applaud the Google barge as innovative and Google has won points for trying to disrupt the status quo in retail. And they're going to give Google a "most innovative company of 2014" award for it. And techies will clamor for Apple to keep up.
 The purpose of the NFC chips on elite spec Android phones isn't for payment, but for bragging rights. The chips don't even have to work. It's enough to show up on a specs sheet.
 Even the Google barge?
I hope it's happening, I really do. The US credit card infrastructure has relied on mag stripe readers for too long, and card skimmers are rampant at unattended readers like gas pumps. Smartchip credit cards is something the US credit card industry could have moved to years ago (like Europe), but alas, they waited, and along comes Apple taking its sweet time… Hopefully it will offer a more secure payment option, if not also more convenient. But I agree that someone like...
 Isn't Apple design about simplicity, focus, and less-is-more?Or are those days over, now that they're chasing the Samsung kitchen-sink-desperation, "design by throwing spaghetti on the wall" phablet market?
 Bloorgh. I threw up a little in my mouth. Please god don't let the iWatch be more tech geek couture. If Woz wants to show it off next to the six other Android smart watches on his arm, Apple is doomed, do I need a /s at the end?
Breaking: the 5.5 inch iPhone will reportedly have a bigger and better NFC chip, topped with gold, sapphire, frankincense and myrrh.
Samsung fans have conveniently forgotten that, and they have erected a memory barrier against remembering so they can sleep at night.
Nonsense. All those celebrity iPhone users tweeting how much they love their Samsung products from their iPhone can't possibly be paid to say that. /s
Rabble rabble rabble
New Posts  All Forums: