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  I think you're confused as to what my duty is.    For starters, why don't all the whiners who are too afraid that someone can call them on their bs check the definition of an Internet troll. To their surprise they may find out that a troll is not someone who fails to conform to groupthink; it's someone who posts off-topic with the sole purpose to disrupt normal on-topic discussion. Kind of like when someone posts specifically to attack another user without being provoked.
  We also have mods that, instead of giving an infraction to a poster that posts direct personal attacks and insults, and nothing on topic, would join in the name calling.   SMH.
In a conversation with Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs said “I finally cracked it” about the Apple TV business. “He very much wanted to do for television sets what he had done for computers, music players, and phones: make them simple and elegant,” Isaacson wrote in Steve Jobs' biography.
We were discussing lost sales, and damages therein, for the sake of understanding whether those damages can be cured. If those damages happened in the past then they can be equated with a sum of money and thus can be cured. In that case the infringing feature has been present in the past, and presumably caused said damages. Now, if you're talking about removing an infringing feature in the future, then you're assuming future damages.   I understand it's difficult to keep...
  What good is to Ai's business a member with one post per year, what do you think?
  Thanks ash, you've been very helpful.   In defense of the posters here, I'd like to point out that we're merely commenting on the article, which states already in the title "A broad patent issued to Apple on Tuesday for the MacBook Air's distinctive "teardrop" design may cause problems for Ultrabook makers hoping to replicate the sleek look and feel of Apple's thin-and-light laptop". So some of the confusion stems from there... Besides, several of us questioned that the...
  I don't think it works the way you described it; how can you sue over future damages? Motorola may decide to throw out the infringing feature any day... And, the "vast amount of money" in losses from a single patent should be proven. Apple may say they've lost a gazillion sales, but who's gonna believe them?   Apple's share wouldn't have been much different without Android -- the losers so far are Symbian, BB, Palm, Maemo, WP, and any mobile OS that was never heard...
  Yeah, that what I said as well. They won't be sued solely based on wedge design. If there are enough other similarities, those could be the reason. Of course, one could just as well emphasize on the differences, since design patents are necessarily very narrow. I don't know which argument would prevail.   A good way to decide if the designs are too similar is to hold up an ultrabook and a MBA in the air, and to ask the lawyers if they can tell the difference. If the...
  It wasn't. It was written which network the iPad was compatible with, yes. However, prior to being told by the court, Apple did not explicitly state that those American networks were the only ones where 4G worked. There's a subtle difference with a price tag of $2.25 million. Quit arguing and accept that you are wrong.
  That's not news.
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