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  Uh, no, there's another event there two weeks later :-)
  It's not about what you can do with it, it's about what you can't.
The ultrabooks are very similar to the MBA, more than they need to be solely based on convergence, IMO. I still don't think there's a big chance of them getting sued solely based on things like the "wedge design". Here are two pictures from around 2004 to illustrate my point:  
$2.25 million? This is peanuts for Apple.   If Apple makes a $225 profit on each iPad  4G  Cellular sold, it only needs to sell 10 000  4G  Cellular units in Australia to make up for the marketing SNAFU. Considering that Australia's population is 0.326% of the world, and assuming a similar adoption rate of the iPad in Australia as worldwide in general, Apple probably sells close to 50 000 units in Australia in 3 months. Given that approximately 10% of the iPads sold...
        It seems to me that "lost sales" can be cured by money damages, so they aren't irreparable. Law Talkin' Guy is making a very compelling point against an injunction. As to damages, Apple should prove it actually lost sales because of this patent's use by Motorola, but last thing I heard was that it was selling every iPhone it ever made, and making them as fast as it could.
  Apple has more than 100 billion dollars. Apple doesn't need to ever attempt making maps or creating anything from scratch. When Apple needs a map, Apple can buy one.   Can you please paste the entire history of Apple's acquisitions related to maps once again? They are always as informative and entertaining as the first time. Thank you.
  The market as a whole is growing, so if Android grows at a slower rate it will lose market share. I also don't think dramatic changes in smartphones are necessary to effect change, there seems to be a fairly large irrational element of fashion in this industry...   Besides, going from roughly 5% to 20% in 4 years isn't turning the market upside down as you describe it. It doesn't seem that big of a deal at all -- Android went from 0 to 60% in the same amount of time,...
  In my opinion it is not justified to consider past growth rates as "empirical evidence". Clearly a rapidly growing Android will have to slow down after having reached over 60% market share, simply because there's no more place to grow, all other factors notwithstanding. OTOH, WP growth could become much faster once a certain critical mass is achieved, which could be IDC's justification for using the same CAGR -- they just seem unable to predict correctly the rate until...
New Posts  All Forums: