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Is there proof the rumors did not originate from Samsung?
  My guess is that he was being offensive.     Gaming is only one use of the phone, and not a very wise thing to do on the performance edge if you value the other uses. Besides, at one point you should also consider how much you add to the gaming experience by calculation-intensive rendering.
Fixed it for you.
  Many people's lives are negatively affected by the complicated TV controls, it seems. I pity those people. They are probably also struggling with washing machines, microwaves, elevators, cars, ATMs, vending machines, not to speak of PCs... Let's hope Apple will put them out of their misery.
All cleared now:   http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303807404577435243849844450.html
First off, you're arguing with a ghost -- the user you're replying to is banned.   Second, GPU is relevant for some but not all tasks -- all depends on how you use your phone.   Third, mobile phones have reached a point when additional performance doesn't always translate in obvious improvements. For example, GPUs have been sufficiently powerful in all flagship devices in the past 6-9 months. True that some phones will have a framerate of 50 in a benchmark where the 4S...
  You'd be surprised how many people go to give talks with their MacBooks and forget the VGA adapter. Many projectors are still only equipped with a VGA input.   If everyone was using only Apple products (Keynotes, Apple hardware) then everything would just work. It's other people's preferences for diverse products that destroy compatibility and can render an expensive Apple product useless in specific situations.
  Eh, too obvious.
  Well it could easily be a national campaign, so the size of the queue at one store isn't telling.   We seem to share the sentiment that this behavior is pathetic, but we may differ in the details. While I find it pathetic that anyone would queue, you seem to be thrown off by the fact that there are too few people. Is that correct?       Yes I do, scroll up to my post #64. This wasn't in the UK by the way, it's in Singapore.
  If you read the red letters on the big poster, you'll find out that the first 1000 subscribers are promised accessories worth $240. So yes, there is an incentive for the people who queue. Samsung's motivation is less clear.
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