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  Reportedly, there were even queues for the Galaxy S III today.    Pathetic.
  I expect an announcement earlier than September.
  I don't care one tiny bit about the color, logos, grill shape and other such superficial features. The overall size, shape, materials, and placement of functional features, is the only thing I consider design, the rest is makeup. I think these leaks show the core features sufficiently well. The only thing that matters now is WHEN the announcement will take place, not WHAT is shown.
  TV announcement expected to precede launch by 2-6 months?   Then it will be 2-6 months before never.
  Try "vastly improving an already winning design."   They've fixed exactly the parts that were broken (puny screen, glass back, proprietary charger).   Apple's design genius is alive and kicking.
Why would anyone with a 6 month old phone want to switch anyway?
I bet almost everyone is thinking that...
Different viewing angle, I suppose...
Looks legit to me. Wide screen display, insulated antenna, no glass on the back -- smart choices. An improvement over the current design, without deviating too much. Only length has been added, which is the dimension that tolerates most increase without affecting convenient one-hand operation.
Locking yourself into a contract for two years isn't what I call thinking ahead.
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