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  It's interesting that there's no breakdown of iOS converts from Android vs Blackberry. Considering that the Android user base is growing, while Blackberry is shrinking, the ratio is likely to be heavily skewed towards Blackberry (that is, unless a large proportion of former BB users switch to Android and compensate for an equally large number of Android users switching to iOS).   Lumping together BB and Android defectors reminds me of how Apple together with Samsung is...
I could picture WP at 20% of the market even by 2014. Don't forget they won't be marketing only premium devices but also cheaper phones in the $200-$300 pre-paid range. This will surely go down well in Asia where Nokia still has a strong presence and where the biggest growth is expected. With HTC and Samsung also making WP phones, it seems feasible...
  I think so too. 3D maps is meh, but downloadable maps is huge. I have switched to Open Street Maps from Google Maps when on the go just for that; now maybe I will not have to keep two apps on my phone...
Someone in Korea is popping a bottle of bubbly on the news... US customers should hurry up to get what is probably the best phone on the market right now (looks and features combined), or they'll have to settle with a Samsung.    I wouldn't be surprised if HTC can get themselves out of a ban again, but it's unfortunate Apple takes it on the smaller guy. It seems that Apple wants Samsung to retain domination in the smartphone market by going against HTC and Motorola.
  Wouldn't LinkedIn integration make more sense to professionals than Facebook? LinkedIn has more than 160 million members worldwide, more than 60 million in the US (http://press.linkedin.com/about). While nowhere close to FB, it would appear to me that it would provide a better focus on quality rather than appeal to the masses.
Linux and Android have a common base and are making steps towards re-integration. Linux kernel was 3.3 released with merged Android code (http://www.engadget.com/2012/03/19/linux-kernel-3-3-merged-android-code/); Ubuntu is developing an Android-centric version (http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android).   Sorry for the interruption. Carry on explaining to each other the difference between thousands, millions, and billions.
  Don't you find it surprising that the $100 Lumia was more appealing than the $100 iPhone 4 though?
  Some sort of government, inevitably.   Clearly, not when I live alone on an island; however, in order to guarantee my ownership of land on another island: to provide the currency I used to purchase it, to take care of its inheritance after my death, to give justice during a dispute of ownership.
  That's nice, I suppose Sprint can use a hand...     Yeah, LEAP shareholders jumped with joy on the news.
  Well it isn't. Your link is from 2010, maybe that's why you'd reach this conclusion.   Background tasks in Android aren't necessarily suspended, they continue using CPU cycles as needed. There are also Services, which, once started, display an icon in the status bar and run all the time (GrooVe IP is one such app that I use constantly).
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