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Carriers must have realized that they will sell more phones under the Samsung Galaxy brand than under their own idiosyncratic brands.   Let's hope that with Samsung getting more brand recognition they will gain some self esteem and will imitate Apple less.
  The "Retina" branding surely is stretchy, if 163 ppi can be branded a "Retina display"... I didn't know the original iPhone had a Retina display too... /s
  No, I only attacked the forum fools. Any forum member who isn't a fool is excluded.
  Whom did I attack specifically?   There were at least three people in this thread that directly demonstrated lack of understanding of basic statistics concepts. Did I name any of them?   Or do people who've realized they've spoken with their rear end suddenly feel defensive?   The title of the article is total crap, nobody can draw conclusions based on the fluctuations of 0.2%, and most notably comScore didn't. AI published another flame-bait article, don't wonder why...
You're so hell-bent to convince yourself that there's malware in Android worth noting, but those apps that call or send premium messages are not and never were in Google Play. Obviously it is possible to write such an app for both Android and iOS, but it doesn't mean anyone actually installed it and got scammed.   As I said before, if you're so terrified from the big bad Android, by all means keep using what doesn't scare you.
  It is against forum rules to express my true opinion about the example you've given. Let's just say that if you think Somalia is the only alternative to the USA, you need to broaden your horizons.
  What makes you think that I would suggest "that comparing a bargain Android-based smartphone against the bargain iOS smartphone is unfair"? I have never done that and I was the one pointing out that one should compare equally expensive devices to begin with.   Malware is NOT an issue at all to the normal user. Nobody on the street talks about malware, there are no regular posts on the most vibrant Android forums that talk about everything else. Security application...
I think you're being too picky. You bought a cheap phone, you're having an isolated problem, take that with the vendor. Accusing Android as an OS is ludicrous. Have you never heard of iPhones rejecting the SIM card or asking for a SIM when operating on a CDMA network?   As to the malware, thanks for the link, but I wasn't able to find any of the apps on  Google Play. With more than 400 000 apps, you can get 2 that are fishy, but the threats are grossly exaggerated. If...
  I hadn't realized from your previous post that the card worked in other phones; that would of course rule out mechanical damage. It seems then that it's a problem with the software from O2 but not Android per se, since other SIMs work.     I disagree that it's fair to judge Android by the cheapest devices, but I agree that most people do so. It does work in Apple's favor, since many would fail to understand that going from a $200 to a $650 phone is what makes the...
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